Friday, July 31, 2009


Forgot this entirely. Saw it up on Federal:

Worlds collide.

Even as recently as 2-3 years ago, the idea of Joe Rich having a big interview thing up on ESPN would've seemed pretty weird. I mean, having an editor from Dig - who in the past were never really all that keen on the whole X-Games, mega money, corporate sponsorship side of things - and Ride - who were also sort of along those lines - working at/for ESPN seems weird enough as it is, but bearing in mind how Joe Rich is viewed in the BMX world, and the general sentiments that people have towards T1, it just doesn't really make much sense...

...however, times change I suppose, so here's the Joe Rich Pro Spotlight. Even calling it a 'Pro Spotlight' for Joe ****ing Rich seems wrong!

Unrelated, but Josh Betley went to Europe again:

And Madera took a trip too.


So, the X-Games are in full swing. Check out Ride US's street qualifying video here, purely so you can see what some riders did and still didn't qualify, and also to see Garrett Reynolds do everything that everyone else did, but with either an additional 180° of spin, or with one more barspin (Or both).

They've got a park vid up too, but the music's utterly terrible, and it's the typical X-Games park routine, despite having an amazing course.

What isn't a terrible video though is the Let's Get Mystical trailer by Mutiny. Go here to read up about it. Sounds like it should be a pretty sweet video, and because they're hyping it at the end of it's production life it means less waiting too!

Now on Vimeo:

Mutiny Bikes "Let's Get Mystical" Trailer! from Mutiny Bikes on Vimeo.

In complete contrast to that Mutiny trailer, here's a different video...

EDIT - Which fully doesn't work?!

I shot a few photos of Scott Taylor yesterday for a bikecheck + riding photos thing for the Federal site. Click here to see his bike, and some surprisingly high tricks considering how hard those things are to ride...


Pretty much pulled a full-on ":-O" face throughout most of this video. I mean, that last trick... what? Awesome style!


Thursday, July 30, 2009


Joris Coulomb is a machine. Seen via Proper:

Eyes on the prize...

Staring down judges mid nac-nac? Still didn't win...

Spotted on Bikeguide, URL suggests it's the property of those fine dudes over at Defgrip?


New stuff time - firstly, the new Wave 3? Apparently so, according to TheComeUp. Seeing that tubing always reminds me how nice home-made crinkle-cut chips are...

Edit: According to Jim C, this is a prototype Funday with a different kind of toptube. Apparently that's not the only new feature on it.

Secondly, FBM have launched the rest of their 2010 completes - go here to see them. This is the Marauder, which looks sweeeeeet!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Nathan Tomsic

Spotted this strangely enough on the Streetphire board. Weird place to find a primarily park video? Regardless:

Little Edit i made :) - More BMX Videos

Verde rule.

Seriously, Verde rule. Nice-looking completes, nice-looking products (that are also legitimately good in their own right), and nice-looking web-videos:

Kevin Kiraly owns! Hadn't seen any Yeagle footage for a while, so that was a treat too.

What isn't a treat, and what isn't nice-looking, is this ridiculous press release from Duffs to announce Karl Poynter's now riding for them. They go on about their company make-over, yet they still haven't got the point...

Colony have a new frame out called the Gnarkill. Click that link for info.

Finally, Joe Simon and Mike Mastroni have a split interview kinda thing up on Ride, all about filming, editing and so on.



The second best BMX shop in the world (We all know who #1 is), ThePeople'sStore are producing a DVD, and here's the trailer. They've got some ridiculous riders on their team/in their area, so you know it's going to be good. Check how locked-in that nozzer is!

Wolfman appears to be upsetting people by running 2 pegs, 48 spoke wheels and 'not enough Macneil stickers' - it's amazing what people pick up on. Bikecheck's up here.

Saw this over on Defgrip - pretty snazzy online photobook thing by this dude. I'd put up some sample pics, but the blogger console doesn't appear to be working properly. Not ideal...

I put something up about it on Streetphire, and now Dig have their Repo from the Charles Prow jam. Worth a read.


Holy moly, I am tired. But before I expire, Tom Arkus has an interview up by Vinyl about his Sunday hookup, and some other stuff. Words, people, riding:

Daniel Dhers dropped out a new trick - the "Cash Roll". He mentions in this video that he was happy he pulled it, and looks forward to doing it again. That definition of 'pulled' is pretty loose. Interesting how he describes learning to do the trick though - pretty stark contrast to learning new stuff on, say, street or trails...

Monday, July 27, 2009

The last few days...

Well, as a result of the Tim Lewis Live Text Update service I was getting I had a rough idea about the whole Ride to Glory gig, but a H-Man (Namedrop!) call on the way back from Leeds confirmed that WTP won this year. Good stuff. Go here for the legit coverage. Heard some interesting Jim C./Ben Hennon stuff, haha.

Anyways, as I mentioned, I was in Leeds for the Charles Prow "King For A Day" jam. Good times were had, and I think it was a great tribute to Charles. I put up some 'proper' words on the subject (and some photos) up here.

The day before, I ate a piece of fish that was as long as my forearm. All fish, right the way up the batter. Bangin'! I know, I know, I put it on my blog too, but it's a remarkable piece of food!

On the same weekend, P5 re-assessed whether Brighton Was Ready and held another jam. Ollie from Streetphire put this little edit together of the day.

In other news...

J.J. Palmere is back on Premium and back on your screens:

And finally, another video, courtesy of Madera, who took a trip to Memphis.

EDIT: Forgot to mention as well - I said a few days ago about Fly having proto plastic pedals - well, they do, as well as a new type of stem with a different way of clamping your forks, and some other little trinkets too, including a weird new rear hub that everyone kinda knows about anyway. Super precise info there, revel in it...

Friday, July 24, 2009

Genuinely stoked on being pumped?

Saw this on InTheGnar, ironically:

While we're talking about internet stuff, Where's Wally? Hint: Look right...


Daniel Dhers in a photo, doing a tailwhip?

But seriously, you need to click this link purely to see how high Dennis Enarson's flair is. To the moon!

In "Not gonna remember that URL" news, Cardinal have a web-video up on their site, "". Was "" taken or something?

As I said before, the Charles Prow jam is tomorrow. His local newspaper have a thing up online about it. Also, as I said, if you can make it - or don't have anything else to do - try and get there. It'll be well worth it, whether you knew the guy or not.

Ashley Charles has a "How do you plead?" feature up on the Union site. Good answers.

Seeing as it's kinda ironic in that that's talking about fashions and so on, here's Mike Mastroni's bike check.

Lastly, there've been a fair few park vids out today, but they're pretty much all the same. This one's a bit above the rest, so ch-ch-ch-ch-check it. Taking a wild guess,

Sam Marden 's Pittville Session - More BMX Videos


Well, looks like Fly have some plastic pedals in the works, unless they've got some kind of incredible translucent metal shenanigans going on with their Ruben pedals? Bikeguide notices these things!

The latest Let It Ride video from that big Vans thing was up on Woozy:

Pretty fun little BMXFU edit:

Other than that, the internet video world is reasonably barren. There are videos around, but nothing that great, so I'm sparing all of you!

Oh - the King For A Day Charles Prow jam is on tomorrow at Leeds, in Hyde Park. Kicking off at 1pm. If you can make it, go there. They're always good, and you've got nothing else to do*.

*Sweeping generalisation.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

That's how you do it...

Times like this you can tell that DC have the experience and knowledge of years of making shoes for stuff like skating. Releasing a shoe? Build up the hype, build up your presence, then release it at it's peak. Part two of that chain is made up of stuff like this video. Ridiculousness by Brad Simms.


Not only did I steal Dino's soul, but I'm also stealing some content from Ride US! First up is their 6th Range Of Motion video. One of the best things about roadtrips is messing people around when they're asleep. It literally never gets old, and even if you're the butt of the joke, you know it's only a matter of time 'til someone succumbs and you can get vicious revenge...

Secondly, X-Games (Or "X-Gaymes" to be message-board-fashionable) - practise makes perfect!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bits 'n' bobs.

Give-D have a cool edit up on Odyssey's site. Some really, really good riding in this, and a generally cool vibe.


Lotek have both an entirely new product line, but also a warranty page. Probably a first for a BMX shoe company? Either way, for those of you out there with hassles with Loteks, find your receipts and e-mail away.

Everyone's firing out 2010 completes, Verde are no exception.

Lightsinthewoods have an edit from NASS up, spotted on Proper:

And, according to the tabs I have left open on Firefox, that's a wrap!

Cassette Hub

Keep it reel yo.

Also ring us if you want a simple cassette. £149.99.

United completes.

We posted up the WTP completes a week or so ago, now United have posted up their's.

Click here to view!

The best website update ever.

The best website update ever, courtesy of Retribution. You need to check it out in full...


Recent high-profile frame snap #4?


Raul Ruiz has a little edit up for DC to show off their new BMX shoe. About time?

While we're talking new product - T1's new SFA has it's own page now!

4.5lb T1 frame?

In "New video" news:

Kriss Kyle, by Miles Rogoish:

Go to BNQT for more videos.

The idea of processed cheese on microchips is worrying.

Dakota Roche. Dakota Roche? Dakota Roche!

Levi's® Clip of the Week - Dakota Roche SoCal... - More BMX Videos

Eastern have a trailer out for their new video, but they've made it a lot of hassle to embed, and for a trailer that's not even that good I'm not going to bother. Just imagine little second long fragments of clips set to music you don't care about. Thaaaat's it.

Actually, to fully carry out my blogging duties, here it is. Warned you...

Lastly, TheComeUp have an interview with Rich Hirsch. Talks about what's going on with Fremont, Coast, etc...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


The North West of the UK has some amazing riders, who all seem to have remained fairly under the radar. The latest DVD to show their talents is The Wythenshawe Waltz. The premiere's later this month (Sunday 26th July at NoHo bar in Manchester from 9pm. NoHo, Stevenson Square, Northern Quarter, Manchester, M1 1FB, according to 4Down), so hopefully the DVD won't be too far behind.

This is gonna rule.

Oh, by the way - plenty more Ride To Glory updates on Ride!


Down at Exi yesterday, Dino was talking about a guy called Fathead, who apparently also won a pair of Lotek shoes at the last P5 jam up in Newcastle. I hadn't really heard of him before, but upon checking out Streetphire, I noticed Tom Kirkby had switched out the no longer working RTRBTN "Hitler" video for this new edit by Cleggy. It's rad, watch it!

No meat = bad back!

John put up some pics of the new WTP completes last week, but apparently they were a little premature. To set the record straight, Klaus over in Cologne has popped up a flipbook with more photos and plenty of details about the new line. Seriously dialled bikes, and I don't use that horrendously over-used word lightly. Click it to view full-screen, which is obviously recommended unless you're a Borrower or something.

I'd happily ride pretty much any one of the top end ones. Gone are the days of rubbish 1 piece cranks and 44t sprockets on all the completes around!

Dig have put up an edit of the NASS weekend by Sam Barrow. Click the NASS tag down below to scope out other edits from the weekend.

Dig had also put up this video of DK doing a Euro trip. Wasn't really that into the video, but Kachinsky footage is Kachinsky footage.

ESPN had posted up this 'exclusive' video of Kirk Shearer. First spotted Kirk's riding on TheComeUpBoard trying to twist El Toro. "Status set", apparently? Anyways, this edit's pretty fun, although after the "NAVY!" pre-roll ad, all I could think about was the Family Guy Navy song...

Random bit of other info - Kink's newest conquer-all rider Lloyd has now learnt flairs, meaning he's pretty much there on his quest to become one with Sean Sexitime. No idea if this'll work, but check the HD video here. Take it to the streets next!

Called it.

***Things I can't say.***

From a company like that to a company I have a lot of time for (Who happen to produce pretty much the best sprockets you'll ever need) - Tree. Posted their new straight-pull front hub before, and TheComeUp have posted up some shots of their new cassette. Techidy tech.

Hell of a lot of pretty cool stuff going on in that hub, no lie!

In "Company" news, been posting a couple of things about Mutant recently, and this is one of their team riders (Spotted on Dig):

Not testing the peg-guard out there!

Other news...

Chris Noble has put Level up online. Plenty of content by people who are pretty much the best at what they do. Check it out.

Posting this almost exclusively down to the way this guy (Poland's Colony's rider) looks exactly like Boiski?

Lastly, head over to RideUK for Ride To Glory updates. Tip of the hat to Tim for his gap-to-tooth. Progression session.

Oh, and I've got a pretty bad cold coming on, and there's been someone staying at my house who had swine flu. Drama.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Looks like Dominik's enjoying his new camera. Heard a filmer yesterday saying how they're worried that cameras like the 5D are going to start taking over. Perhaps, perhaps. However, what's also important to take away from this video is just how good Stefan Lantschner is at riding bikes. The guy's bike control is nuts!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


The dudes over at Barend have put up their '04 video, Give It Back. Ideal.

As a bonus, if you head over to their Vimeo channel, you can check their '03 video Petrol Money out.


First up is a video by Miles Rogoish of the Worlds. Can see how it'd be annoying for someone to not wear a helmet after being told, but getting "The Heavies" out to try and lay down the law seems ridiculous. Otherwise, some awesome riding!

Go to BNQT for more videos.

Seeeeecondly, this features the best skater snake I've seen in some time, and bearing in mind I live right next to a busy skatepark now, that's saying something. I like to think of that as being part of the justice I still need to hand out to the skaters at a certain concrete skatepark in London. Snaked 4 times riding the bowl once. Do one!

Thirdly, this is Day 4 of the Range Of Motion videos. Posted up about this before, here's the continuation.


This is from the dudes over at SJBMX. Crisp and clean - sweet!

Can't wait to see more from them in future.

Also, that park: Hell yeah.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sales technique...

Maybe something like this needs to be used at Pijin?


This video's reasonably self explanatory?

I'm assuming the reason they didn't drop a half-packer to child-molestation was because they were representing the 'glory years', rather than his later life?

One last thing...

...entirely forgot to post Rich Wilson/Forne's edit of the NASS Street finals. Put the 'ambient' edit up before, so here's what's essentially part two:



A cross-over post from another blog, with details of what's going on at Pijin? Mind-killer. Anyways, Netley's got some very reasonably priced T's on the go (£8 a pop, with free badges 'n' stickers? Hells yeah) which you can either get through him direct or from the shop. Blacks only go down to medium now, but there are smalls in white and yellow.

It's an interesting project, and I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes next. Good luck dude!

This is a video of a trip to Montreal by the dudes at Niagara St that features some spots I really wouldn't mind riding, a cool vibe, and a manual to 360 down a stairset that I didn't for one second actually think was going to go round. You'll see what I mean...

Mike King's been busy in Germany - not only getting that Mr. Watkinson video out, but also this trip edit too. Much like my earlier statement that I'm not allowing people to post videos with Tanwalls in 'til I get some, I'm also going to have to respectfully ask that no-one else goes on trips, makes cool edits and puts them online 'til I get a chance to head off somewhere. Feels like forever since I last went on a trip!

Speaking of people not going on trips, Harry Main - get well soon!


Last night, we were at his house and his dog pooped in the living room, and even Mat Hoffman gets to clean up poop, ya know?

Friday, July 17, 2009


Dig put up another cool Refresh edit yesterday, some "Solid riding", as they say.

Chris Harrison's got a cool little "Rapid Response" thing over on Dig too.

I didn't really realise just how big the Fly team is, but yeah, pretty big! This is a cool edit of their whole crew riding the Worlds. Kevin K should've won the spine comp purely for dropping out the coping tyre slide thing, Taj style. I love those!

The controversial Mutant Bike company have another 'new idea' out, the peguard. Essentially, a peg with a built-in guard that appears to have a few flaws. The reasoning they give on the site such as "Hub guards are not simple to assemble and too large for its functionally" (Really? How?) and so on seems pretty debatable, and I'm fairly sure the lack of compatibility, limiting it's lifespan by having one point to grind on (Not the only peg like that, I know, but that doesn't make it good) and having a guard that could potentially bend upwards into the hub/spokes doesn't really count in it's favour either. I'm just still amazed that they're planning on releasing that frame with that seatpost setup (Apologies to the anonymous commenter who was unhappy I only listed 5 bad points with it, apparently that's not 'backing it up' enough)...

Don't get me wrong, some of their products are nice, but some of them just make no sense whatsoever.

RideUS are planning a follow-up to the awesomeness that was Insight, in the form of "Range Of Motion". To quote their release:
The Concept
Four riders who are well-rounded, able, and astounding on anything you put in front of them—Dennis Enarson, Tony Hamlin, Sergio Layos, and Dave Dillewaard.
Take those four riders on three trips focusing on each type of riding. Trip number one, a park trip up in the Great Northwest, has already gone down. A dirt trip up in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York is going on at this very moment. And a street trip along the California coast will go down about a month from now.
Now add in four more shredders on each trip that specialize, if you will, in what we’ll be riding that trip. Drew Bezanson, Simon Tabron, Darin Read, and newbie Ryan Wert went up to Oregon to ride cement. Cory Nastazio, Adam Baker, Mike “Hucker” Clark, and Luke Parslow are with us right now in the Northeast. And Aaron Ross, Garrett Reynolds, Sean Sexton, and Rob Wise will be with us in Cali.

...and this is a video from their first trails trip. Serious business!

Retribution have their Owl T's available now, and also have this Saturday Shenanigans video up. Controversial! They say they got it from an "Undisclosed location" but I'm fairly certain I know who made that...

Tony Watkinson rode for 20 minutes after the Worlds, and Mike King documented.

Morgan Wade has something to say, to quote the title of Ride's old Chase Hawk interview.

Random one, but Ani- er, I mean "A. Bike Co." have some wax out. Street dawg approved?

But for now, everyone needs to look below this post and check out again how insanely good those WTP completes are. My my!

Wethepeople 2010 Bikes

It's another 5 months and 14 days before we reach the year 2010, right?

Anyways, here's some pre-production pictures of the 2010 range of Wethepeople bikes. I've seen specs/pictures of other 2010 bikes but Wethepeople seem to be just that little bit better than the rest of the field.

So what's new compared to last year? This time round we see the inclusion of half link chains, splatterings of Eclat parts on the higher up models. Also the use of a nylon bottom bracket! So rather than having heavy bearings, you get a nylon bush instead? Not sure how well that will hold up but this is something Diamondback and KHE will be speccing on their 2010 bikes too.

The Zodiac model gets a pivotal seat post built into the frame... kinda like the Sunday Ian Schwartz or Mutiny Cosmotron frames...

The top of the range Envy gets a "polymer cassette" - whatever that is?

Well... these should be arriving in Pijin around middle of August early September 2009! You have a month to start saving those pennies...

Seed 16" £259.99
Wethepeople 2010 Seed 16inch BMX Wethepeople 2010 Seed 16inch BMX

Arcade 18" £279.99
Wethepeople 2010 Arcade 18inch BMX Wethepeople 2010 Arcade 18inch BMX

Arcade £279.99
Wethepeople 2010 Arcade BMX Wethepeople 2010 Arcade BMX

Justice £319.99
Wethepeople 2010 Justice BMX Wethepeople 2010 Justice BMX

Reason £329.99
Wethepeople 2010 Reason BMX Wethepeople 2010 Reason BMX

Crysis £379.99
Wethepeople 2010 Crysis BMX Wethepeople 2010 Crysis BMX

Versus £399.99
Wethepeople 2010 Versus BMX Wethepeople 2010 Versus BMX

Trust £439.99
Wethepeople 2010 Trust BMX Wethepeople 2010 Trust BMX

Zodiac £499.00
Wethepeople 2010 Zodiac BMX Wethepeople 2010 Zodiac BMX

Volta £599.99
Wethepeople 2010 Volta BMX Wethepeople 2010 Volta BMX

Envy £749.99
Wethepeople 2010 Envy BMX

Avenue £439.99
Wethepeople 2010 Avenue Cruiser

Note: The 4Seasons is nowhere to be seen... :(

R.I.P. Charles Prow

I don't know how well known he was to people reading this, but Leeds rider Charles Prow has sadly died whilst working construction for part of Madonna's tour in France. Streetphire and LS6 have more info.

R.I.P. Charles, and condolences to his friends and family.

EDIT: Also, to anyone who was planning on going to tomorrow's Hyde Park jam in Leeds, that jam has been postponed to a later date.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tree front brake edit.

Some good stuff in here, although there's something about nose-manuals, hang-5s and G-turns that look kinda whack with a front brake with how good people are doing them brakeless nowadays. Regardless, there's some cool stuff in it. Treeeeee.

Front Brake Magic 2 from andy chapman on Vimeo.

Free shoes?

Give it a pop....

If you luck out on that and don't win either due to sheer stupidity in not getting the answer right, or just because you weren't lucky enough to win, you can still buy all those shoes at the best BMX shop around.


All day, every day.

Saw over on the 'Phire that Segment have some T's out. And yes, yes they do. Click that link to behold. Ollie called this out as his favourite, and I'd agree.

As a result of them often having to use 'legit' music for videos, there were often times on Vital where the song selections would be pretty whack, and in time I just grew to associate Vital with cool riding videos with bad music. Fortunately, this one's better! Features some cool riding under blue, sunny skies, which makes me furiously envious.

Sean Morr and Tyler Finnigan in SoCal - More BMX Videos

Not as much awesome fakie stuff and ridiculously high hops as there were during his cool Props bio, but DefPaul still has Moves™.


We can do this:

Yet no-one's really made a decent freecoaster yet...

(On the time-line for that vid, click the weird little icon to go to the countdown...)


Looks like Ride have some fairly justifiable issues to talk about on their site. From my own experiences of being in Cologne during the Masters last year, there were plenty of drunk people being fully annoying, making tools of themselves and getting BMXers kicked out of shops and bars, and - you guessed it - they were all from the UK too (Not that they were any of the people involved in that video, or the "Blame List" in the comments).

Ride have also put up the teams for next week's Ride To Glory, which are:

Shadow Conspiracy

TM: Darryl Charles
Niki Croft, Owain Clegg, Paul Ryan, Scott Ditchburn
Guest: Ricky Bates (USA)
Video: Carlie Jobling
Photog: Hman


TM: Jim Celinski (USA)
Joe Cox, Fraggle, Mike Taylor, Warren Daniel
Guest: Aaron Ross (USA)
Video: Tonash Goodyear
Photog: Walter Pieringer (USA)


TM: Jon Taylor
Bas Keep, Ben Hennon, Matt Priest, Scott Edgworth
Guest: Ty Morrow (USA)
Video: Matty Lambert
Photog: Daniel Benson


TM: Craig Stevens
Liam Eltham, Leo Forte, Phil Aller, Martyn Tambling
Guest: Jeff Klugiewicz (USA)
Video: James Harrison
Photog: Steve Bancroft


TM: Chris McArdle
Jason Phelan, Farren Downs, Will Jackson, Teddy Lewis
Guest: Bruno Hoffman (Germany)
Video: James Smith
Photo: Nathan Beddows

I'd put my money on it either being Shadow or Sunday, but last year's winners WTP might be in with a shout? Who knows. Speaking of, here is their video from last year's comp, and here's the rest. Just as a health warning, you're probably going to have to watch in the region of just under 2 minutes of pre-rolls if you watch all those videos, so you might want to have a pillow nearby that you can punch/stab to relieve the rage that'll build up...

I wonder what people think they get out of the deal when they remove the 'embed' tag from Vimeo videos? Really upping the chances of distributing their videos, which is the whole point of web-videos? If people are messing around with letting people watch their videos, I'm going to mess around with directing people to their sites. This video was apparently for 1664.

Happier stuff...

ESPN had this video up today, well worth checking out. Yeah, yeah, he's goof - but so what, the riding's awesome!

Awesome on ESPN is another of Mark Noble's awesome series of interviews with various movers and shakers in the BMX industry, this time is the "Part two" of his interview with Profile. Click, read, learn.

Props have a new video out soon, #73. Still using that same title sequence, troopers.

Rich Wilson's first job since getting the Nike gig was to document NASS, which he duly did. Here's the 'non riding' edit that I saw on Ride's site:

"Lil Jon" took time out from being a mediocre rapper to do a web-video for Sun-Ringle:

I've been mentioning the whole BMX media thing quite a lot recently, and how I'm pretty sure there's change in the air - perhaps this is the first sign? According to TheComeUp:

Alex Raban sent over this day edit of Ian Munro shredding a school. Apparently it was supposed to be a “paid for” exclusive edit on a site, but it got turned down because the riding wasn’t up to par.

I wasn't particularly keen on it anyway, but it's interesting that that's how sites are operating these days. Point of the web-edit's apparently been missed?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Now, when I saw that this video was to describe a frame's seat clamping system, I was skeptical prior to even clicking play. A seat clamp clamps your seat post. It generally does this through you tightening a bolt. How much more complicated than that could it be? And if your seat clamp system needs an explanatory video, maybe that tells you you should re-design it?

I should've known prior to clicking play as well that the seat in question was probably going to be slammed, meaning that whatever clamping system it required wouldn't have to be that good in any case, and so it was no surprise when it was indeed a slammed seat.

At this point, it's probably best to let you watch the video so you can get the point of it all.

Yeah, what were they thinking? I'd been told from a few people via e-mail I was being too critical on here and being a sourpuss and all that, but honestly, this isn't a unique system, and it's not even a good one. Firstly, the "Bolt your seat into your frame" idea has been around for a while. I went to Farnborough skatepark and out of the 15 or so people there, I was the only one with a normal seat-clamp. Everyone else had a bolted in post to varying degrees of sophistication and accuracy. Regardless of that though, what about people - like, for example, me - who don't have access to a vice and a power-drill? I thought the days of having to mess around using industrial tools to piece your bike together were over, but apparently not. Making someone have to drill a product to be able to run it on your frame is ridiculous.

This whole 'locked in' idea that everyone seems to get for stuff like seatposts, stems, forks and bars is also a really, really bad one. George French wrote about it at length in a Ride tech column a while back, but essentially, a bit of give in your bike is a good thing. If you fall off and your, say, stem/forks are locked together, if you hit yourself into your bars there's going to be no give. Instead of the stem twisting on the forks and giving you a bit of a cushioned impact, it's full force (Unless you bend your bars - how can that be a 'good' thing?). The same goes for your seat. I've taken a seat to the leg before, and even with a bit of give it still hurt and still tweaked my seat a bit. If it had been totally locked in, the bruised calf I got would've been a lot worse. Equally, my seat would've probably been a bit worse off too. I'm pretty sure everyone's seen a "Gonzo" Pivotal seat - it's even such a recognised problem that Eclat have named their seat that theoretically reduces the problem in it's honour - so having your seat taking the full force of any impact isn't really a great idea, is it?

Anyway, that's probably enough. For those tuning in for news 'n' stuff, that's coming up next. Apologies for the superfluous nature of this post!

Vinny's face dot jpeg

Pretty accurate summary. This is what you can expect to happen to your face when your frame does one. From Aversion.

Yet more Nathan Williams...

Might remember the Nathan Williams bikecheck I linked to before? Well, Dig have now made it official, so if you want to see a slightly expanded spec list with the same photo, go there...


As an antidote to all this overly light-weight ridiculousness, T1 have put up a photo of the Solid-made Garrett Byrnes Barcode, with rumours of a regular Solid-made Barcode in the pipeline too.

To be honest, without that seat-stay/top-tube junction that was so good even Haro copied it, it's not really a Barcode in my eyes, but it's still a step in the right direction!

Unrelated, but I was just on my Twitter account doing some promo for my other blog when I spotted a new Scott Ditchburn edit on the Ride site.

Shut. Down.


Speaking of...

Speaking of the whole 'light bikes' thing, "Impurity Bikes" have taken the mantle for "The scariest stem I've ever seen":

"Designed to be the lightest BMX stem out there at 180g"

I'd just like you, the reader, to take the time to check out the video of Shaun Hadlington taking one for the team. Now, although that's the front end entirely coming off, it's a fairly accurate representation of what would happen if you snapped a stem. That classic no time to think, "Oh dear" style of crash where one minute you're fine and the next you're really not.

I really hope this whole thing is a massive joke - the way they've done the descriptions on their site would suggest it is, but there is a lot of work going into this hoax if it is one. Riding videos, team bios ("Favourite trick: Footjam whips and barspins"), product shots, etc. I still sincerely hope it is a joke though.

Go here to check out all their products (Including a 3.9lb steel frame. No mention of butted tubing. Frightening.). I hoped with UKBikeCo seemingly not being around any more (if rumours are to be believed) we could achieve some sort of equilibrium with companies where product quality and strength became integral to design, but apparently that's still not on the cards.

Russ, I hope you're reading this somewhere...