Friday, January 29, 2010

Your name here.

I posted the London section from One More Brew up a while back, but after some negative comments Ollie decided to let the terrorists win and take down the video. Dario's section has been uploaded too, and appears to be here to stay so hopefully this won't lead to a confusing post where there's a big 'Video not available' in it...

Tunney put up a "Ten Reasons You Should Pay Attention To Flatland" (with the 11th presumably being "Because Red Bull's money says you should", judging from the exclusively Red Bull photos in there) feature, click here to see if you agree.

Cult are keeping themselves in the media spotlight with this Chase Dehart edit. Only short, but that last combo's sweet. Cult seem to be going at the PR thing in a fairly pro, skateboarding-esque way. More power to them, I guess...

Now for two things that are completely different - a pretty cool interview with Sandy Carson (That I saw over on United), and this cool old school photo feature that I saw over on Volume.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hunger strikes.

I am ravenous, so this is going to be necessarily brief.

I could watch Steven Hamilton videos all day, and in my youth I have done. However, I don't remember watching this before until it flashed up on Dig today. From The Day Is Over, some amazing riding that's 6 years old but almost everyone reading this would be really happy to have done themselves. (EDIT: Apparently this was originally uploaded by Federal, so kudos to them)

The Cult hype juggernaut rolls on:

I watched this video immediately after watching the WTP video, and really didn't feel the need to post it. I wasn't really into it, especially after seeing that vid, but as people have different opinions to me, here it is. Mark Webb, Sunny Side Up:

I'm now also cold and ravenous, typing on someone else's weirdly laid out keyboard, so I'm gone. Ta-ta.

Mark's Tedious Link?

In an old interview, Eddie Cleveland replied to the question "What would you change about yourself?" with "Bigger feet and hair like a white man." Well, Eddie has another interview up, and because I have larger feet, I missed out on getting the awesome pair of Etnies from TK Maxx my house-mate got by having undersized feet. Speaking of Etnies, the Odyssey X Etnies shoe is out - click that link to check it. How's that for editorial link-up? Pretty damn fine, if I say so myself.

One of my favourite web-videos from last year was a Give-D edit of the San Diego locals with some kind of remix of Born To Be Wild as the sound-track - Albert Mercado and Hoang Tran were stand-outs in that vid, and now Albert Mercado has a new little skatepark edit I spotted on the Kink site, and Hoang Tran has some lines in the latest Tuesdays With Miles I saw on TheComeUp.

Time for some photos methinks - first up, some awesome photos by Rob Dolecki (I shouldn't need to put 'awesome' before 'photos' there, bearing in mind Rob Dolecki hasn't ever seemingly shot a bad one) on Dig from a recent Banks Jam, and then some photos of Mike Hoder in a "The new flipbook" style thing on S&M.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bike check 1, 2, 1, 2.

Well, I got a new frame last weekend, so here it is. Nice and boring looking, but rides amazingly! Many thanks to John and Dave for their help with it all.

Respray imminent.

In related news: You all want an A2B - buy mine...

Couple of edits.

Lunchtime video sessions? Yep.

CheltBMX have a new little edit out. Controversial song-swiping action? There's a much better song lurking on The XX's album that no-one's used yet...

Spotted this War Of The Roses jam video over on RideUK:

Proving they've still got a good team, Fit have a Blue Falcon check up.

I'd just like to point out that no-one in the world deserves to have a crash like this first one. Dead sailor whips never look like fun. From TCU, from Vital.

Monday, January 25, 2010

On a roll.

Already signed in when I go to make a blog post? That never happens! Anyways, here's a bunch of stuff that caught my eye today:

FBM sort of re-posted the Tom Blyth web-edit that came out late last year. It's an awesome vid, and it'd be rude not to re-post it, so here it is!

Speaking of old videos, this is 4 days or so old but I only got a chance to watch it yesterday. You've no doubt seen it elsewhere, but... well... handle it, I guess. From Mutiny.

It's always kinda seemed to me that Lotek had the fashion kinda riders, but Vans had the awesome, under-rated riders. This video goes some way to proving that - the second part of their Cali Bro tour. Pretty long, might wanna load this beaut up for a bit first.

I know what you're thinking - rain, in the North East? Best believe. Here's a vid from some people I'd not really heard of before in this guise, the TuWheelsCo. Bit of a roadtrip edit, featuring some intriguing spots!

Lastly, just saw this over on Dig - Tonash Goodyear's edit of the building of the Nike 6.0 Tunnel Jam. Really nicely filmed and edited with a pretty cool tune - not much in the way of riding, but those three plus points outweigh that!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

New products

One's a new video, one's a new stem, both are pretty trails orientated though. Firstly, the new Mike Aitken stem from Fit. Enduro, anyone?

Lastly, here's the trailer for Derelict's new DVD, from Dave King. I really hated hearing this song repeatedly on Radio One yesterday, but it kinda works with this edit:


9 hours of driving. 2 hours of bike setup. 0.5 hours of riding. That ratio is wrong. Regardless, was cool to see everyone at Pijin again!

Speaking of 'cool to see', it was cool to see the new home page at Streetphire - you really, really need to check that out. There's a "How it was made" article up on there too with other photos of other stuff, go check it out right now!

Once you've done that, head over to the Partners In Crime site for some pretty awesome trailers for the various team videos that are going to start going up as of next week. They're all worth a watch, so get preloading.

Friday, January 22, 2010


I remember seeing a clip of Chase Hawk doing a 360 to manual on the T-1 ramp in You Get What You Get (You need to see this vid if you haven't) and thinking it was amazing, turns out he's got them awesome and indeed brakeless according to this new video from Nuno.

Saw this video over on Deluxe, and it's amazing! Haven't seen anything like it before, looks like such a fun session. Top marks to those who put spade to dirt to make them.

Seventies have a cool 'team' video up where they show some of the shoots for their new catalogues 'n' stuff - some old footage that people won't have seen yet, and some more recent stuff. Fun fact - when Niki does the whip on the bank to 180 off, then high fives a Shelter worker, he got her number. Seeing Niki work his magic on her was amazing, like putty in his hand.

Saw this on the Fly site when I was looking for the not particularly interesting video of Kevin Porter putting a tube on his bike, but got reminded about it by TCU - here's a bikecheck with Stefan Lantschner, featuring a frame I was nearly going to buy tomorrow. So near, yet so far. In related news, see all you Southampton dudes tomorrow!

Time to poo, gotta run.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Just a quickie...

Got a bit more work to do, so stealing some time!

First up, Mark Noble has interviewed BuildTheWoods creator Homer for ESPN. Unsurprisingly, it's a pretty good interview - check it out ESPN now!

There's an article on a trip to Malta in the new Ride, and now have an accompanying video with it:

Orchid have put up a cool little video of some dudes riding an outdoor park, and in related Orchid news, Van Homan's epic interview is now in it's third stage.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hell yes!

The gap to wallride at the end of this video has been called out by one or two people in the past, and I've been there when someone's eyed it up previously. It's pretty massive, and I remember at the time sort of hoping they wouldn't do it because that way I wouldn't have to shoot a photo of them killing themselves. Anyway, Jason Phelan is an absolute monster whether it's gaps to wallride or [censored], so it's not too surprising he nailed it. While we're talking of nailing things, Rich Wilson nailed the edit, which is itself 'Very Rich Wilson' in it's style - not that that's a bad thing. Enough talking anyway, check it out. Trailer for a series:

I'm still waiting for my body to decide whether it's going to make me throw up for eating gone-off vegetable stir fry or not, so nighty night...

Vans Euro America Global

Forgot to post this too, but it's good enough to warrant it's own post - the Vans Euro team riding some incredibly sunny and nice looking spots in California. Massively jealous, seeing as I'm about to go ride street in cold, dark Blackburn.

Bruno Hoffmann. Damn.

Ride posted it up...

Ride UK day?

Meant to post these over the relevant days they came up on the site, but I've been busy either at work or being ill, so I've not really had much of a chance... Anyway, 2010 wallpapers, an awesome Photobooth with Benson and a Preview of their new issue (which features the third Informer I've had photos in with no photo credit, haha - in related news, it's of Pete Greaves who also has the riding photo for the Queens Banks article. No coverage for forever, then 2 articles in a month, steady progress).

There were a couple of videos I was going to watch today, but they were generally park based and after watching the pretty cool Range Of Motion at lunchtime I can't really handle watching anyone ride any more transitioned items for a day or two.

EDIT: I suck - here's a Mike Saavedra 'Day in the life' I got round to watching that was pretty cool. Dude has a nice car, and a hat my housemate would be fully in approval of.

Saw this over on Deluxe.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tick, tock...

Man, nothing has been happening. I was almost going to put up a post about someone I don't really know/care much about moving to a team I don't really know/care much about, but I couldn't bring myself to it. Fortunately, Mike Miller decided to solve his winter boredom and my posting boredom at a stroke by being awesome at riding skateparks. When the weather's bad, I don't just ride indoor parks, I even post videos of them too...

Oh, and that was from Dig.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Albert Mercado, plus more!

First up is a video by Justin Kosman that I saw on Kink of Albert Mercado. Pretty weird, but kinda cool.

Go to for more videos.

As the 'other', here's the 'other' part of Van Homan's interview on LeastMost. Makes for interesting reading.


If you wanna check out the new Sunday Third Wave frame, click around below:

View this at!

Nathan Williams is ridiculously good. The music in this video is ridiculously bad. Regardless, he does some rad tricks in it so it's definitely worth a watch, just maybe on mute? Saw this on Ride UK.

George Ramirez has been getting progressively better and better, and here's his latest vid - a Props ad for Fit.

Defgrip have been running a Nike 6.0 comp, and some entries are in. Some good stuff in there, go here to check out some cool artwork.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Well whaddaya know?

With my wireless plan I get 12am-9am free, and usually it's dog slow. Tonight, however, it's on fire!

Couple of quick vids before some sleep and the resume of the daily grind - first up, Part Two of Ian Schwartz's part in the Sunday video. Click his label for P1.

Ian Schwartz, Part 2 from

Lastly, this banger of an edit from Charlie Jobling of Mat Roe and Robbo. Those two can't actually ever have a bad edit between them - fact. So good! I mentioned liking the smaller things like little hip tweaks, well, Mat Roe has a bunch of cool ways of going over a spine. It's the little things...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I suck.

Forgot about two things - Adam's got a parts company, and Davey Watson is now doing a series of webvideos of surplus footage for Brunch. Here it be, which I saw over on ye olde Federal site.


One of the things I like seeing most in videos is people going really fast over hips and doing those little tweaks. I don't know what it is about them, but they're awesome, and there's one to demonstrate in this Bicycle Union video. Lots of other rad riding too, give it a peep.

I don't really know much about the LeastMost apart from 3 things: They're now in BMXFeed, the term "Shreditorial" made me cringe so hard I almost inverted my face, and they have a Van Homan interview on their site with this accompanying Props Bio.

There have been more rumours of indoor parks near or in Southampton than the number of flat tyres I got last year. However, this one looks a little more serious - click over to Ride's site for the info! £1.4m...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Pijin exclusive:

I just ate a chocolate pudding.

Woozy exclusive:

A pretty cool video of Bruno Hoffmann and some other dude called Tom Slayer? Stefan Lantschner gets involved too, and also edited it. Click.

TCU exclusive:

Ashley Charles is now on United, and the Come Up have a video.

Craig Passero exclusive:

Complete ownership of the bars to manny to bars.

Monday, January 11, 2010


Man, it's cold. Had the sketchiest drive in to work - people being unable to drive and spinning in front of you makes it a bit more lively.

Anyways, as it's winter, here's some winter riding. It's weird, it's just quite... odd looking back at this video. It was good, but sorta not at the same time, hence me looking cold and tired in the background of a lot of shots. No love for winter.

From Streetphire.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fun time.

Well, when snow means you can't ride your normal bike, but that doesn't mean you can't ride any type of bike. This thing rules! Front ski has suspension so it levels off a bit more when you're riding it, but means you can jump it and land a bit sketchy if you have to. Awesome.

I can't remember if I put it up before (I hope I did...), but Sunday have put up Part 1 of Ian Schwartz's section from Up, Up and Away. The second part is pure bangers, this is just pure tech. All good.

Ian Schwartz, Part 1 from

Lastly, TheComeUp has a new video from Chase Dehart, Randy Brown and others. The song is awful and the quality's not much better, but it's pretty much worth watching just for a bump 3 that Randy Brown does about 3/4 of the way in. Click here.

Friday, January 08, 2010


Well, tonight I was the second coldest I've ever been, and again it was related to BMX (First was in Leeds, filming for the Lorenzo Reid edit that came out years ago). Rampworx, lots of people, and not much fun. I really can't deal with indoor parks at all. Who tries to learn footjam whips on flat in the middle of one of the busiest parts of the park, then sits at the bottom of a roll-in to catch their breath? Really? Anyway...

Yet another post about Cult - I boshed a link up to their website earlier, but failed to point out all their swanky new product up on there. The frames look/sound pretty rad, it'll be interesting to see how they ultimately turn out. Here's one of them:

On my not-particularly-often-used Blogger feed, I happened to spot a new post from Nick Ferreira about the new AM:PM video. Here's the trailer, video's out now (theoretically!):

How awesome is this? Pretty damn awesome, that's how awesome. But seriously - it's really good! Some style cues from the recent Carhartt edit by Rich Forne maybe? In any case, if you haven't ridden in a pair of Half Cabs you haven't lived.

No doubt if you're a trails rider it's probably a little thin on the ground inspiration-wise at the moment - not exactly ideal digging conditions I'd imagine (not that I'd know?). Dig have put up another Refresh edit, this time a trails feature. Feast your eyes...

I hate just ending posts because it's kinda poor form, but I don't really have any more to say.


Conflict of interest?

Interesting how a company can link to videos like Zeitgeist and stuff like that with some fairly outwardly religious dudes on their team. Probably reading too much into that... but yeah, I'm still pretty interested to see how it all works out in the long run. Into Adam Roye's graphics and the like, and it seems to be a bit different to the 'normal' BMX company vibe which can only be a good thing. Saw this on TCU anyway:

Longer video soon!

Unrelated, but Banners' '09 highlights are up on Ride.

Last up is a trailer for the Mystic BMX video that I saw over on Defgrip. Observe!

Actually, the proper 'last' thing for this lunchtime is a part from "The dude from Safety First", Josh Shaw.

Thursday, January 07, 2010


Saw this on Streetphire, who saw it on NoMeatBalls. SBR RPRZNT. Seriously, all the dudes who ride Sunderland are ridiculously good. Every now and again they'd show up at random spots in Newcastle and generally be super good, and this video shows it!


The video sandwich? A video first, this time a quick round up of some stuff from '09 from Kevin Porter for Vinyl:

Now some text - this time, courtesy of Jeff Z. I mentioned the awesome interview he did with Ian Schwartz for RideUS, and now the cool photos from that interview are up with a more up-to-date interview with Ian about his plans for the future. He's got some pretty interesting stuff to say, and as someone from a primarily farming community when I was young, it's interesting to read about someone who - like me - liked riding, but is now being drawn back there - unlike me. Well worth a read, and the photos are pretty amazing too (by everyone's standards too, not just 'Good for Ride US' which can sometimes be the case...).

Lastly, a video - this time from TCU from what I can tell, but it's featuring Bobby Simmons who's now on Cult. The guy's got an... interesting style. I kinda like it, but at the same time it's a little odd. Still, ch-ch-ch-ch-check it.


Apparently Ashley Charles is off WTP. Didn't see that coming!

Unrelated (obviously), but Defgrip have a 'Best of 2009' feature up. Bearing in mind Defgrip is good anyway, you know their 'best of' is going to be good. Click here for part 1, and here for part 2. The Empire photogallery is a good one, and the Tunnel Jam gallery was one I hadn't seen before but was pretty sweet!

Rapid fire.

I have no time, but I now have a wireless internet dongle so it should be all good for posting at home now. Ideal!

Anyway, Chase Hawk interview that may interest some. Apparently Robbie's interview is up tomorrow, then the trailer the day after. Adam's putting in the work. Speaking of Adam's working, Adam Roye is still doing Cult 'zine, which is awesome news! In related zine news, the new Holeshot is out, and it's pretty fine. Get some...

I'm a pretty big fan of Tom Perry (click his label for some vids), and he's now got a bike check on Odyssey. Colour matching parts with your hair - good effort?

Proper have a new copper colourway out, check out their site for the new range. Got 'em in 20", 20.6", 21" and 21.2". Some new colourways on the bars too, go lookit!

Lastly, for all your photographers out there, I think Howies are doing a photo comp with Dig, but Dig's site isn't playing ball. From what my Mum tells me (don't ask), details are in the back of the latest issue.

No videos? No.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

A few more things...

Apparently some kid in America wanted to one-up Randy Taylor's ridiculo-whip, and has taken it to a 21-set. Sounds like a bit of a character from Adam's post, but hey ho, can't win 'em all:

I could've sworn I saw this video a few days ago, but I'm guessing that's impossible. Still, a very similar vid... eerie. Anyway, this is Grant Castelluzzo doing some pretty interesting moves with a pretty fruity Italian sounding name which should probably be some kind of bonus combo multiplier, meaning everything is actually twice as good as it is...

Phil Aller seems to be one of those 'sponsored people'. You don't really see much from him, but you sorta know he's sponsored, and just sort of assume he's good. He's now switched from what I would've thought would've been a reasonable setup at KHE with his signature bike series to Stolen Bikes. 'Frying pan' and 'fire' immediately spring into my mind. Regardless, hopefully it all works out for him.

I'm posting this purely 'cos of the thread the needle tree gap. Literally just 'cos of that (Well, I've not watched it all yet, but that was something out of the ordinary which is a 'once in a blue moon' sort of eventuality with online webvideos, so I thought I'd better mention it).

That was from Tempered Bikes in case you didn't notice.

I'm now off to go home to stick pins into some voodoo dolls representing the DVLA, Royal Mail and all of their employees (If you work for Royal Mail or the DVLA then obviously I don't mean you (Unless you're as bad at your job as all of your colleagues appear to be, in which case... well... I do)).

Webvid Day?

So, couple of videos up today. First off, Dakota Roche has banged out an edit at a park in the US of A for Cult. In related news, turns out the Cult 'zine is still going, which rules!

Ashley Charles quite often seems to get overlooked by people as he's not a big, in your face sponsored pro dude, but he's still ridiculously good. I mean, just watch this video. Winner. This was for Eclat.

UK street, aw yeah. This is a 'To Flat' edit from the P5/Dub street jam in London (although technically Scotty D doesn't really go 'to flat' on that ledge ride...), which features an ender that was featured as an ender for the old Carhartt jam from years ago. Still a ridiculous trick though, you really have to go there to get an idea of how gigantic that set is, and how bad the run-out is.

Put up a part from a video called 'Gotta Blast' a few days ago - turns out it was an old Shook video. Here's a few more bits from it:

Mentioned yesterday the news about Ian Schwartz GTFO of the BMX pro world. Adam from TheComeUp did a bit of a retrospective that has some of his old videos on it, click here to see that. This is his part from the Sunday video though. Too good.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Brad Simms.

Brad Simms has been one of my favourite riders for a while now, and seeing the stuff he does in this video just reinforces that. How can he hop that high?! Anyways, check out that vid then click the Brad Simms label below to see his recent web-vid and the accompanying interview.


Just spotted this on Facebook. Pretty cool, relaxed video of a guy called 'Tilgner' who rides for Lotek through All-Ride.

width='640' height='360' name='Soulbmx' align='middle'

EDIT: That doesn't seem to work too well... Click here!


Well, looks like Ian Schwartz is upping sticks and leaving the 'pro' BMX world according to this post on the Sunday site. "Retirement" makes it sound a bit dramatic, but it is a shame that there's going to be less chance of seeing more riding from him. His part in the Sunday DVD was pretty awesome - a little long, but jam-packed with original riding at original spots. Always a good combo, and not one that many people seem capable of achieving or working towards. Anyway, click that previous link to see what's up and why he's 'leaving', then click here to read his TCU interview. It's a pity there's no online version of his Ride US interview as it was fully awesome, with some surprisingly good photos and editorial from Ride US. It was pretty rare in that his Ride US interview was almost better than his Ride UK interview, which is a combo that doesn't happen often... 'cos this is awesome, watch it - from Defgrip.

Speaking of Defgrip, I mentioned the new Dig yesterday - Defgrip now have some more info on it here.

Lastly - J.J. Palmiere has been a bit off the radar recently 'cos of a blown knee. He's starting to get back on it now, and here's a webvid for Premium, that is effectively a warning shot to show how good his Deadline section's going to be.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Teasers 'n' B-rolls?

Vans have done some tour (that I think they did updates for a while back, maybe?) that's now gonna be in RideUK next issue (In magazine news, Photo Issue of Dig out now - doesn't take a genius to work out there's probably going to be a reasonable amount of Ricky Adam shots in there, which means there's going to be a reasonable amount of awesome photos at the very least). There's going to be an 'exclusive' video on the Ride site when the issue drops, so sit tight. Plenty of big guns in it, watch out!

Everyone in the 'media' seems to be buzzing over Let's Get Mystical, but I'm not really convinced. It's reasonably good, but having watched it after watching Attention Stalybridge and The Wythenshawe Waltz and a few other awesome videos, it just seemed fairly protracted and most definitely more filler than killer. I can appreciate the more artsy sorta videos there, and definitely have no problem with them, but it just didn't really do it for me like Stoked On Being Pumped (ironically) did. Anyways, here's some B-roll stuff, which kinda gives you a reasonable taster of what it's like to watch.

New Fly site.

Fly have a new site, with plenty of new info on all their shiny new stuff. Go 'n' have a look!

Saturday, January 02, 2010


It's weird how some videos work. This video doesn't really have staggering, jaw-dropping riding in it (not that the riding is bad or anything!), yet it really makes me want to go out for a ride. Especially annoying 'cos it's still snowing...

Spotted it by some guy on Bikeguide - kudos to you, whoever you are!

Stranger than fiction?

Well, there's been some rumblings from the Cult camp recently, and I happened to spot a photo of a prototype Stranger frame (Rich Hirsch's new setup) on BG earlier - apparently it's go time for new companies.

Anyways, TCU posted up a link to the Lotek site where Rich has a few photos up of his bike. Looks pretty good...

Snow. Gaaah!

Seriously, I'm fully over this snow gig. There's just no point to it...

Anyway, there's a lot of point to this Midwest Mixtape. Featuring a lot of riders you wanna watch, and Tony Neyer doing a pretty good Ty Morrow impression - you'll see what I mean. Some good tunes and some good riding. Almost hit my skatepark limit in it, but that outdoor ramshackled skatepark actually looked pretty fun so that helped.

New year, new stuff.

Well, don't know about you, but I celebrated the new year by buying some car insurance, then going and buying a 2 litre turbo diesel in racing green from a now defunct UK car manufacturer. Good times.

Anyways, couple of photo related things popped up on the internets over the past few days - Luke Towey got a Rapid Response feature up on Dig which has a bunch of interesting photos shot by Mr. Fred Murray, and that gives me an excuse to post up the video of him again:

Secondly, Jeff Z (nope, couldn't be bothered remembering how many 'i's there were in his name, in a very similar way to my approach to writing Jim Sealkinky's real name) has an autophoto up on Defgrip. Go and look at it, nooow!

Seeing as it's neither raining nor snowing, I'm going to make the most of a dry spell to try and work off some of the cake I've eaten recently. Ta ta!