Friday, June 29, 2012

Tom Stretton - 2012 Prodcued by Jack Birtles

Nose manuals for days from Tom Stretton

Riding and filming with tom is always a pleasure! Sit back and enjoy the ever contagious smile of Tom Stretton!

Produced by Jack Birtles soundtrack - "I Left My Heart In San Fran Sisco - Bobby Womack"

Credit: Jack Birtles

Jodan Aleppo's Bike

Another one of our new family members has a bike check over on the Seventies site. Check out Aleppo's Federal Bikes profile!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Jonny Manzi Edit

Local shredder Jonny has a new edit, check it out!

Wizard of Aus : BMX and HARD knocks - PREMIERE

After getting a wicked wrist injury, Corey turns the tables and celebrates his birthday in style...twice! After being on the sidelines watching his BMX crew seriously handle their own, he is excited as ever to get back on the bike.

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Ryan Nyquist: Hand Injury and Recovery

Ryan discusses the hand injury that kept him down for the better part of this past year, building a new bike, getting back to riding, and much more. Be ready for a few nasty surgery shots...

Ryan Nyquist: Hand Injury and Recovery - More BMX Videos

Credit: Marc Donahue

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Oliver Jones's Federal Washington

Another recent member of our family has a few snaps of his new bike over on the Seventies site check it out!

The Jon "Froot" Bike Check

Jon may have broken something else on his sweet new Sunday set-up by the time you read this but at least we got some pictures to show you guys before that happens!

As I mentioned on our latest edit we are working on a team page so get ready to see some more pictures, full bike check, edits and full profiles with all our riders.

Dean Cueson - Welcome to Radio Bikes

Dean Cueson is back boys and girls!

Dean Cueson is back to doing what he does best on Radio Bikes. Special thanks to the guys at Unit 23.

Filmed and Edited by Will Evans

Credit: Will Evans

Shane Weston Éclat 'Moon Grip' Promo

Wow be ready to watch one of the best promo edits ever!

A while ago we started working on a different kind of grip, but we wanted to make something a little more special than the standard flange design. We were experimenting with rubber compounds and grip patterns when Shane got involved and told us he’d be really into a flangeless grip with a symmetrical shape that had a bigger, chunky grip pattern. The circular grip design was underway, but everything dropped into place when we added a sand-blasted texture to the grip. Suddenly they weren’t circles any more, but craters on the surface of the moon! Shane was really into it and so the Moon grip was born. 

As this grip had such a unique look there was no way we could use our normal bar end with it. So, with Shane we worked up a design which blended perfectly into the style and shape of the grip and the rest is history.

The final compound is a really soft 23° durameter, high quality Kraton rubber. It’s both soft and comfy but at the same time feels sticky with loads of grip. At 150mm long it looks awesome on a wider bar, and the tighter 19mm internal diameter means there’s plenty of life in them too! This is the first product in the Shane Weston series, expect something really special in 2012.

Filmed and edited by Nathan Williams 

For more info check

Credit: wemakethings


Semi-local and style cat Mike Miller may be out of the contest scene a bit but it's obvious that he is still one of the best riders out there without a doubt!

 Credit: Woozy

Day With Brett Banasiewicz BMXing in South Bend

Brett Banasiewicz has been blowing up all over BMX for the past couple of years, but did you know for the past couple of weeks he has been blazing on a dirtbike? Spend an entire Day With Brett Banasiewicz as he brings you along for a trip to the dirtbike track and then into The Kitchen for some of what he does best! Credit: Alli

Josh Betley - Lights and Outlets

Josh Betley and filmer Ryan Galvan ended up with a badass light kit, but no generator. So, what'd they do? Searched out spots with power outlets! The spots were definitely limiting, but they made the best of it over the course of a couple sessions.

Film / Edit - Ryan Galvan

Monday, June 25, 2012

Stay Strong Trail Jam

Stephen Murray threw a huge trail jam in his backyard to break in the new jumps built by Adam Aloise and his crew. Hundreds of people showed up to support Stephen and rove that BMX dirt is alive and well in Riverside. Riders include Seth Murray, Corey Bohan, Drew Bezanson, Nick and Sean Tarrant, Anthony and Ronnie Napolitan, Big Daddy, Hucker, Kris Fox, Joey Cordova, Luke Parslow, Ricky Moseley, Tj Ellis, Heath Pinter, Brandon Dosch, Seth Klinger, Zack Warden, Cory Nastazio, Colton Satterfield, Ryan Guettler, Jack Fahey, Daniel Chiarelli, Jadin Covert, Ben Wallace, Adam Aloise, Barry Nobles, Todd Lyons, Dylan Stark, Jourdan Barba, Justin and Todd Spriet, Danny Josa, Jake Kinney, Brian Johnson, Fernando Sabat, Andre Ellison and more.


Matt Roe welcome edit

Flybikes videographer Lee Turner got to hang out with Matt for a day to film his welcome edit. This video has a nice chilled vibe and looks like they were lucky enough to have the UK produce some nice weather. Song : "Shake Shake Shake" by Bronze Radio Return

 Credit: IMG TV

Power Hour: Ryan Guettler at Sheep Hills

Ryan doesn't let a few hard crashes and a whole lot of blood keep him from destroying legendary Sheep Hills in sixty minutes.

Credit: Ryan Galvan

Power Hour: Ryan Guettler at Sheep Hills - More BMX Videos

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Oliver Jones is a badman!

Oliver Jones is one of our newest family members and although this edit is awesome it doesn't do his riding much justice. Enjoy!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Welcome to the family Jordan Aleppo and Oliver Jones

Here is our day edit at Our House featuring our new shop riders Joran Aleppo, Oliver Jones and Jon Root. We are super happy with all our team riders and now that the team has grown we just can't wait to get the full team page done and start filming edits together.

Thanks for watching!

Welcome to the family Jordan Aleppo and Oliver Jones from Carlos Gomez on Vimeo.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Index Ink: Chris Childs

Chris and Liam Crivellaro filmed this at Pawtucket skatepark and his ramps. 
Filmed/Edited: Liam Crivellaro
Music: " Wild " The Naked And The Famous
Filmed With: Canon T2i, Canon Vixia HF M30, Rokinon Fisheye, 18-55 canon lens, Bescor LED light, Bogan Tripod
Edit In: Final Cut Pro

Credit: Liam Crivellaro

Monster Energy Welcomes Dan Lacey

Dan Lacey is the newest addition to the Monster UK BMX team and he made the trek over the pond to the beautiful streets of SoCal for his welcome edit. Dan joins his Monster teammate, Dakota Roche, as well as the Cinema team for a week of sunshine and riding in paradise.. Welcome to the team DAN LACEY!

Credit: Monster Energy

Stay Strong: Anthony Watkinson and Co. at House Park

A while back, Stay Strong's Anthony Watkinson, Brandon Kitson and Adam Aloise were all in Austin. I hooke dup for a session with Watkinson at the infamous House Park and Nick Steben was kind enough to shoot over a few clips of Adam and Brandon, some additional clips provided by Adam too. Also featuring a quick clip of Matt Priest.

Filmed on a Panasonic HMC-40, Canon 550D, Canon 60D with Canon 50mm f/1.8, Sigma 10mm fisheye and Tamron 28-200mm lenses. Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects CS5 by Mike King for Stay Strong.

Credit: Mike King

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Rob Darden - Arnette BMX 2012

Arnette sent Rob down to Texas to get some sun filled days of riding and filming before the heat of summer kicked in. From the streets of Austin to the trails of San Antonio it's easy to see why Rob is considered one of the best all around riders in BMX.

Rob Darden - Arnette BMX 2012 from Arnette on Vimeo.

Filming/Editing: Terrell Gordy

Additional Filming: Dan Foley

Friday, June 15, 2012

Jon Root: A Day at Motion

After destroying a whole bike in a day Jon Root hucked his way into our shop team! We are very happy to have him and we hope to film many edits together.
You'll see this boy repping the shop at NASS so make sure you are there.

Jon Root: A Day at Motion from Greg Childs on Vimeo.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Premium UK - Cornwall Weekend Trip 2012

The Premium UK guys hit up Cornwall on a quick weekend trip. Riders: Jordan Waters, Brad McNicol, Mole, Joe Gould, Luke Fairey, Rob Andrews and guest Ryan Dawkins. Filmed and edited by Nick Armstrong Good times!

Credit: Premium UK

Wizard of Aus : Bringing it Back to Brisbane, AU - Episode 4

Corey Bohan heads back home to Brisbane, Australia where he meets up with his old mates Robbo and Wolfmann who bring him back to his element with BMX bikes at their old park and nostaligic stories.

Then it's off in a Nissan Skyline GTR to the Unit headquarters for work on his signature line, while unwittingly causing a slight distraction to some in the process.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

SE Bikes at Woodward Tahoe

Kris Fox and Pat "Big Daddy" Laughlin roadtripped up to Lake Tahoe this past weekend to check out the grand opening of the new Woodward Tahoe facility. Nate Wessel and his crew built a unique indoor concrete flow plaza that Kris and Pat both destroyed in their own ways.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

NASS Qualifiers, Bristol

Local camera wizard Greg Childs took some snaps this weekend at the NASS Qualifiers in Bristol.

Check out more photos here.

Massive shout out to Declan Brooks for taking first place and Jon Root for placing 3rd!

Profile in Alicante, Spain

US Profile rider Mark Mulville joins European teammates Louis Smith and Phil Aller in a riding
adventure around Alicante, Spain.

Profile in Alicante, Spain - More BMX Videos

Credit: Profile Racing

ART#8 : UK's Xfest, Barcelona Holidays, Fise 2012

Hey guys it's summer time ! On this third opus of ArtBmxMag video we take you on a tour from shity british weather to shinny Barcelona and finally land at the Fise for a quick-banger-trick-check-list of what happened there. Barcelona Holidays was the plan B alternative to the rainy attempt of a dirt tour following the X-Fest and the muddy Lords of Dirt "jam" in UK (thanks the beautiful english weather) Once again this is more of relax and chilled video edit on what you're going to get if you buy the next issue of Art Bmx Magazine #8. Filmed & edited by JC Pieri on a 5d MK III. additional Footage by Christian Van Hanja Featured riders: Cory Nastazio, Rob Darden, Tj Elis, Patrick Guimez, Lluis & Andreu Lacondeguy, Mark Webb, Pat Casey, Daniel Dhers, Daniel Sandoval, Ryan taylor, Kevin Perazza, Brett Banasiewicz , Todd Meyn, Aj Anaya, Alex Coleborn, Glenn Slayer, JB Peytavit, Jack Watts, Jack Clark, And many many more...

Credit: Art

Monday, June 11, 2012

Woodward Tahoe Grand Opening

Ryan Nyquist, Drew Bezanson, Dakota Roche, Big Daddy, Josh Betley, Kris Fox, and more throw down hot moves at Woodward's newest facility.

Woodward Tahoe Grand Opening - More BMX Videos
Credit: Vital BMX

Fit - Van In China

Watch Van and Stew venture into the urban jungle of Shanghai and Homanate it like only Van can.

Filmed & Edited by: Stew Johnson Credit: FITBIKECO.

Friday, June 08, 2012

The Colony BMX Team's West Coast Invasion

When the entire Colony BMX Team -- Ryan Guettler, Chris Courtenay, Jourdan Barba, Bobbie Altiser, Cooper Brownlee, Alex Hiam, Tom Stretton, Peta Shepherd, and Clint Millar -- descended on a park near Crooked World, we took the opportunity to get a very special episode of "Calling The Shots." Check out for more about their West Coast road trip. Filmed by Chris Long.

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DK Bicycles Park Session

Right before the guys set off for the Ohio to Austin roadtrip, we got a quick session in at the DK warehouse. With Anthony Watkinson, Chris Childs and Brian Hunt all under the same roof, it seemed only right to capture what went down.

Check it out and be sure to re-watch the Ohio to Austin trip video - Filmed on a Canon 550D and Panasonic HMC-40. Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 by Mike King for DK Bicycles

Music: Ghettosocks - Out For Treats taken from the album 'Treat Of The Day', available on iTunes -

Credit: DK

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Volume Bikes: Broc Raiford Welcome Edit.

Filmed & Edited by Mike Mastroni Song: DJ Paul Ft. 2 Chainz - "Cocky (remix)" Shot in Phoenix, Tempe, & Scottsdale Arizona.

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Credit: 180 Distribution

Nasty Dawg "Chillin" 2012 Summer Edit

Cory Nastazio Flows Down in SO Cal and AZ Trails. The man still has skills!

Nasty Dawg "Chillin" 2012 Summer Edit - More BMX Videos

Credit: Issuez Inc

BMX STREET STATION 2012 - Official video

BMX STREET STATION is a contest in Lyon (France) which is taking place in front of the train station. For the 3rd edition, the contest were more open with 2 contest, a box and a street contest. Few of the best riders in the world was there as Ben WALLACE, Jason PHELAN, Paul RYAN, Ale BARBERO, Cam WHITE, Pete SAWYER, Daniel TUNTE, Daniel WEDEMEIJER, Steve Mc CANN,...

Filmed and edited by Hadrien PICARD. Credit: LA Rage

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Anthony Watkinson Back @ Rampworx

Anthony has been away in America for the past 8 months and this started as filming a few random clips when he got back home and it turned into this. This was filmed over 4 sessions through a week.

Filmed on a Canon 600d, 50mm 1.8, Samyang 8mm.
Song: Rakim - Guess Who's Back

Credit: Dylan Coltman

Verde #outeast part 1

The Verde team hits Ed's Bike shop in Vineland, NJ for the 4th annual Ed's Games. After a fun day hanging out with the locals we rode JD Whitehead's backyard pool, then went to a rodeo with Van Homan.

Starring the Verde team: Tony Neyer, Dave Thompson, Drew York, Biz and many more...

Credit: Verde Bikes

BMX dirt session with Luke Parslow and Colton Satterfield

Quick film shoot at Luke Parslows house with Colton Satterfield