Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happier stuff...

ESPN had this video up today, well worth checking out. Yeah, yeah, he's goof - but so what, the riding's awesome!

Awesome on ESPN is another of Mark Noble's awesome series of interviews with various movers and shakers in the BMX industry, this time is the "Part two" of his interview with Profile. Click, read, learn.

Props have a new video out soon, #73. Still using that same title sequence, troopers.

Rich Wilson's first job since getting the Nike gig was to document NASS, which he duly did. Here's the 'non riding' edit that I saw on Ride's site:

"Lil Jon" took time out from being a mediocre rapper to do a web-video for Sun-Ringle:

I've been mentioning the whole BMX media thing quite a lot recently, and how I'm pretty sure there's change in the air - perhaps this is the first sign? According to TheComeUp:

Alex Raban sent over this day edit of Ian Munro shredding a school. Apparently it was supposed to be a “paid for” exclusive edit on a site, but it got turned down because the riding wasn’t up to par.

I wasn't particularly keen on it anyway, but it's interesting that that's how sites are operating these days. Point of the web-edit's apparently been missed?


Anonymous said...

what's the problem? photographers get paid for photos in a magazine, why shouldn't someone get paid to make an edit for a website?

Unknown said...

Filmers not getting paid to edit videos wasn't the point I was making.

Also, I wouldn't really say offline photography payment was comparable with online video payment. You could flip that round and say that the majority of people making DVDs are getting paid for doing it, yet most photographers who have their work online aren't - especially for stuff like magazine overspill?

Anyways, yeah, payment wasn't what I was talking about.