Sunday, July 31, 2011


So, it's X-Games weekend and we've already had the standard controversy about results. What seems strange is that it seems everyone's complaining about Daniel "Styleless" Dhers beating Dennis "Knows how to ride a bowl" Ennarson in Superpark, yet when Jamie "Knows how to ride a vert ramp super well" Bestwick beats trick ferrets people seem to complain about him winning 'yet again' just for going big, fast and smooth but not necessarily doing the most ground-breaking tricks. I don't really get that, but hey ho - here's a fairly boring video of people doing a lot of the same stuff on vert (as well as Jamie Bestwick going super high and super smooth), and some slightly more interesting stuff in the Superpark finals. You can theoretically watch the Street finals at midnight tonight here, but I'm not 100% sure that'll work...

Interesting how the most talked-about banger in the Vert category was that no-handed 900, last seen not that far off 10 years ago by a certain Mr. Hoffman. Progression...

For the record, I'm all about the lines and transfers Chase Hawk bangs out.


Magazines rule, Dig rules, this rules.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


So, here we are again. Another big gap in posts, another load of videos that were cool.

First up, Chad Kerley - hadn't really heard of him before, but it appears he's pretty good! Certainly good enough for the-company-formerly-known-as-Nike-6.0 to hook him up, which is saying something.

Sticking with shoe companies - this is the crash edit from the Osiris trip I posted before. Again, half cabs = danger danger.

Tenuous shoe company related - thought Shaun Hadlington was still on Orchid, but who knows? Not me. Anyway, Shaun's got an amazing style that's even better to see in person. This is his section from Rain Dogs and it's got some rad lines in it.

Can I keep this up? Vans have fully put out their Vans/Cult collaboration shoes, and here is Vans/Cult rider Chase Hawk doing some cool moves in the ridiculously good looking new concrete park in Austin. As if they needed more to ride over there?!

Apparently I can keep it up - Alex Donnachie rode for Lotek in this year's RideToGlory (that magazine's out now, and is well worth checking out for the DVD alone. Some awesome stuff in there, all the edits rule!), but here he is in an edit for Mutiny.

Still going - Ben Lewis hit up the Etnies 'TF' whilst over on a visit with Fit, here's a self-confessed 'dodgy iPhone edit'. Ben's also in RTG and also does good stuff. Not that surprising...

Still on Etnies - Brian Kachinsky has a new shoe out, a variation of the Jameson 2. Fairly... er... 'interesting' looking. Here's a video explaination of it, and some standard hefty riding from him too.

...and that's about it, really. I'd sort of feel bad posting up non-shoe-sponsor-related stuff even though that just seemed to pop out of nowhere. Coffee time...

EDIT: Actually, just remembered one. Must... find... connection... Darryl Tocco rides for Osiris and Aaron Smith (I think?) rides for DC. Here's a trademark "Never put out a bad edit" video from Kink of their latest sojourn to France.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Joel Nicholls Trowbo Street Edit

It's been a while since I've seen Joel. He was one of the first hard core street riders that visited the shop (many years back). When he moved to Southampton for his Uni studies, he ended up inspiring a whole load of local kids to run pegs and ride brakeless!

Here's a little edit he and his skater friends put together of some street spots in Trowbridge.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Double up.

Two edits today that are pretty much hit and runs as far as detailed posting goes from my end - time's tight I'm afraid! Osiris took some of their riders for a cruise around Arizona - sweet vid. Half cabs = danger danger.

Akin was someone who a lot of people spoke about when I lived in London but I didn't really ever get a chance to see him ride much. Fortunately, he's now hooked up by Superstar so we all get to see him now:

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Pijin Spoke Calculator gets a new home in "the cloud"

Firstly, let me apologise for the contents of this post. It's only for those with an interest in calculating spoke lengths... or those who like computing stuff. If neither apply to you, then you might as well stop reading here before I bore you to tears.

One of my jobs at Pijin is looking after all the computer related stuff. Around 4-5 years ago, I wrote a little tool to help calculate spoke lengths. It was only meant to help us out at the shop to save some time measuring rims and hubs. I thought it was useful and put it up online so anybody could use it if they wanted to (for free!).

So all I did was connect the server we had running underneath our counter to the shop's broadband router. Pretty primitive setup - and pretty slow bandwidth. Didn't really matter as it was only used to transfer some spoke lengths and not bandwidth hungry images/video.

This was all fine until a few weeks ago, when our accountant, Ollie (he is a menace), mistook the electrical mains switch for a light switch and abruptly cut the power to everything. This was too much for our poor old server to handle and fried the motherboard. Bye bye Pijin spoke calculator. People started calling up the shop and asking where it was - they had wheels to build and were annoyed at the spoke calculator being offline. We know a lot of people and other shops use the spoke calculator, so replacing the old server under the counter where it was always prone to having tea or coca-cola spilt on it was not really the best option.

The spoke calculator has now been moved to the 'amazon cloud'. In short, it's now hosted on the same infrastructure as Amazon (yes, the online bookstore), where the network connection is super fast and the hardware a little more protected and reliable.

Sorry for the outage, and thanks for using the Pijin spoke calculator!

Here is a pic of the retired server. You can just about see the coca-cola stains down the side of the white casing...

Monday, July 04, 2011

Sunday, July 03, 2011


A product update? Yes, yes indeed. Two stems from Odyssey - the Chase Hawk signature/designed/"Make this stem" Tomahawk, and also the Lincoln. Click here for more details on the Tomahawk, and don't click here for info on the Lincoln stem because there is no more info and you'll just end up on a Swede Mason Youtube video.

Also, if you ever wondered what went in to making a full bike, Chris Arriaga tells you more here.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Saturday Video Frenzy!

That's right - Saturday Video Frenzy time.

Tom Dugan is now riding for Fit. Joe Rich is cool with this. Mike Aitken is cool with this. Ergo, you should also be cool with this. Here's a sort of 'see you later alligator' edit Joe Rich did featuring Tom, Joe and Ruben Alcantara riding some crazy setups in Malaga, at the time for T-1.

Double header from the Etnies/DansComp tour - first up, this edit of the whole trip. Features Chase Dehart, Nathan Williams, Corey Martinez, Tony Hamlin and some other people here and there. That ender is sweet.

The Bakery also have a little edit from when that trip rolled through - I'm assuming I won't be able to embed it, so click here to watch it with the date over-laid over part of the video.

Randy Taylor footage is always good to see, especially after the past 12 months where he's been MIA for one reason or other. This edit is his getting back into things vid for Mutiny.

Dennis Enarson is ridiculous, as this video I saw over on the Props site shows. Just sayin'.

Lastly, another Defgrip exclusive, another cool video. Pretty much on a 100% record there - those guys rule. This time it's a Bobby Simmons video which features some good stuff. Manuals for miles - Link!

Riding time...

Friday, July 01, 2011

Local edit - Pirate Dan & Scott

Here's a little edit of Pirate Dan and Scott down at Chandlers Ford skatepark... credit to Leroy for filming and editting!

Some random facts:
  1. Dan's great grandfather was a famous pirate.
  2. Scott's bike weighs less than 20 pounds - and that's with a brake and gyro set up!

Alex Kennedy

I knew Alex Kennedy was good, but this good? When, and how? Style for miles...

This is filmed and edited by Rich Forne for Alex's Dig interview which is in the new issue - out now! Alex got the cover photo too - media coverage frenzy.