Sunday, March 19, 2006

Saturday lunges

Charlie popped by for a visit to get some new bars. Bought along his newly built up Kink Freebird pimped out with lots of ti parts. Had us all dribbling! (over the bike and not Charlie)

Slosh dropped by to teach Pretty Joe how to lunge. Aparently, it's the pose that gets all the girls! What do you reckon?

And finally, Carlos joins the tight jean brigade. Looks like fashion has got the better of him. He ain't running no knee pads under those Levi's....

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Another injury!

It's been a week since the last blog entry because I've been away working during the week (but back at weekends). Carlos will be running the show for the next 3 months with the assistance of Pijin newbie Dave.

Jake and James Bruza came by first thing in the morning, armed with packets of Maltesers to pelt at me and Pretty Joe. They quickly left after they ran out of ammunition...

It wasn't long before Jake came back though, he'd done his ankle in and could hardly walk... yet another injury to the Pijin team! Oh well, it just means Jake will have to spend less time on his bike, and more time on MySpace...

Jake, all that eating is making your ankle fat!

New MySpace pose...

Farmer Dan posing with his new Aviators

Pretty Joe gets some new wheels. Can you spot Jake in the picture?

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Pretty Joe's Bike

A pretty boy needs a pretty bike! Joe has decided to paint some bright yellow flowers on to his Sputnic, to be a bit more in touch with his feminine side. I hope you like the picture! Too bad Pretty Joe was feeling a bit camera shy today so no pics to post...

Mr Slosh hurt his ankle at Bristol on Thurday night. Hope he gets well soon!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Slosh's hidden talent

I was away from Pijin HQ for most of the day... having to spend most of the morning with the accountant, seeing the shopping centre manager about rent (argh! it's gone up!) and finally a bank manager trying to save me some money (do they really exist or am I imagining things)?

Carlos was left in charge and got pretty stressed. Having to answer the phone, serve the customers in the shop and try to build 4 wheels before the end of the day!

Lucky Slosh was around to help. He's discovered his potential of being a warehouse packer at last. If you ordered from us today, chances are that it had been lovingly wrapped up and sent out by Slosh!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Get well soon Farmer Dan!

Got a call from a very tired Carlos this morning... "Can I start a bit later today? I only got home at 6am this morning..."

Farmer Dan had a bit of an accident at Bristol last night. The hospital had to stitch his face back up and he's had a few teeth knocked out of place. Get well soon Farmer Dan! No doubt we'll see you back on your bike soon...

Fenlon's underpants

Carlos was kept pretty busy today - lots and lots of wheels to build!

Steve Bancroft, Phil Aller & Robin Fenlon decided to check out Pijin for the first time today! Robin dropped his jeans to try on some kneepads in the corner... little did he know that he was directly under the CCTV camera. Too bad it wasn't switched on at the time or I'd post a pic here for all you Fenlon fans out there!