Monday, November 28, 2011

Cinema & Fiend In Tulsa Edit

CINEMA x FIEND in Tulsa from Cinema Wheel Co. on Vimeo.

Ondra Slez Edit

For the ones out there that haven't heard much from Ondra Slez I'm telling you he is awesome!

Ondra Slez from Robert Roszbeck on Vimeo.

3 Years Of Flatmatters

Our homie Effraim Catlow posted this sweet edit earlier today and had some words to say about the 3 years of Flatmatters. Congrats man!

It’s crazy how time flies, three years of flatmatters today! A lot has changed for me in those three years, back when I started flatmatters, the site was attempt to keep up with the daily goings on in flatland, to provide motivation to all the riders out there worldwide. I remember thinking one day, theres not much online flatland wise on a day to day basis, it’s time to do something rather than bitch about it!
Nowadays I’m proud to say I feel I have contributed in some way towards modern day flatland, and give people somewhere they know they can visit and see daily updates, some times when your so close to something, it doesn’t seem great, but what is great is that there a new videos, and news about flatland almost daily, I guess it comes down to aesthetics, you like some things, you dislike others. But I try to present them in the hope they motivate someone out there.

Hope you enjoy the special anniversary edit!


Friday, November 25, 2011

Chad Kerley S.D Park Edit

Wow once again Chad Kerley killed it! Only last week I couldn't stop going on about how good his video part on The Hunt was and now this?! This guy is unstoppable. Chad Kerley is your boy!

Chad Kerley Premium S.D Park 2011 from Premium Products on Vimeo.

RIP Dane Searls

I was lucky enough to watch this dude kill Empire Of Dirt in Devon years ago and I can tell you that BMX lost a flipping good rider and a nice guy. Such a shame! RIP.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Props Owned Trailer

I previously posted a couple of teasers for this video and I'm telling you guys now this is the last one. Because hopefully Props Owned "fingers crossed" will be here sometime next week!
I'm personally very excited to watch Ireland's Pride Jason Phelan, all around smiling killer Drew Bazanson, Premium's styler Dan Foley, Madera's Tom Villareal and Alex Mallagan.

A Day In The Life Of Ruben Alcantara

Ruben will always be No1. I hope to have half of that bike control that only Ruben has when I get to his age!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Flat & Street Rev. Soul BMX Edit

This is just incredible, well worth watching!

SOUL VID’ / FLAT & STREET REVOLUTION from Soul Bmx Magazine on Vimeo.

“It was inevitable, using the same environment, flat and street would connect one day and create a new evolution (a revolution ?) of bmx riding. After legends like Dave Voelker, Paul Osicka, Chad De Groot, Akira Okamura or even Steve Hamilton for his nosemanual, the world best flatlander Matthias Dandois wanted to explore new horizons and transfer his incredible skills to the streets, creating a new style of riding. Close witness of this, we (soulbmxmag) wanted to associate the other french bmx genius Florent Soulas, and Guillaume Le Goff (aka libellule) a super tech back wheel street rider from paris to make an article in soul #72 where the guys explain this new thing and also in this beautiful (i think) video from our unique Hadrien Picard who is showing the hard working and talented french connection in some incredible and never seen moves.”

Daniel Juchatz Edit

55DSL DANIEL JUCHATZ "my sport my love my town" from Bommel on Vimeo.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Shadow Welcomes Daniel Wedemeijer To The Team

Shadow is happy to welcome Daniel Wedemeijer to the family. Daniel is hooked up through Soul Cycle in Amsterdam and we couldn't be more stoked. This edit was filmed in between traveling Europe winning every contest he enters. Enjoy! Filmed and Edited by Tom Lammerse

Telekom Playgrounds Berlin 2011

Harry Main killed it and got a well deserved 1st place! Congrats man.

Brett took the 2nd place.

More BMX Videos

And 3rd place went to Mark Webb.


Jared is the man!

2011 Etnies King Of The Skatepark

Got to love that little kid on the Vans T-Shirt ha ha ha. He should of won the contest!

The Etnies King of the Skatepark contest happened this weekend and we are very psyched to announce that Broc Raiford took home the win for Street Open and Tom Dugan blasted over everyone in the High Air portion. Watch the video above from Ride BMX for all the action.

Tony and the Kink Pillar Cranks

Good enough for Tony, good enough for anyone! Get your Kink Pillar Cranks

United Downtime DVD Trailer

Here is the trailer for our new Dvd ‘Downtime’ which will be available free with The Albion BMX Magazine Issue 5 on Dec 1st.

As well as this it will posted online for free on Dec 25th and available from our iTunes podcast at the same time (yep, that’s right Christmas Day, think of it as our gift to everyone)

Here is some more info about this project, and who you can expect to see in this video:

‘Between mid January and the end of June 2011, following the release of our most recent full length DVD ‘This Is United’, we rented a small vacation apartment in Huntington Beach.

During this time, team riders from our pro, am and world teams flew out to visit, ride, relax, film some clips and soak up some of that Californian lifestyle.’

Nathan Williams, Ryan Lloyd, Corey Martinez, Alex Valentino, Ashley Charles, Ryan Metro, Luke Peeters, Geoff Slattery, Roy Van Kempen, Dan Boiski, Jimmy Rushmore, Christian Rigal, Kye Forte, Leo Forte, Dean Hearne.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Cult Tyres

We have them in stock right now. Come on in and get your set in black/black or black with tan walls!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Corey Martinez Welcome To Etnies Edit

United and Etnies's badman Corey Martinez killing it!

Untitled from Carlos Gomez on Vimeo.

Susuki Nine Knights 2011

I know this isn't BMX but credit should be given to these guys! This edit really did impress me and I really don't know when Mountain Bikers learnt to loosen up but it sure looks like they have been watching us BMXERS more recently.
Now the question is why are Red Bull investing so much more money into everything else other than BMX?

Chris Courtney's 10 Clips

Chris Courtney woooo! This guy is soooo good

Tony Neyer's Welcome To Verde

Influenced by Twitter once again I really felt like I had to post this and I must admit Tony Neyer did a pretty good job!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Demolition Northwest Roadtrip Edit

This edit was out on the Demolition site yesterday but I just couldn't resist to post it. You just can't mess with the team that in my opinion is one of the best out there!

Demolition Parts: Northwest Roadtrip from 180 Distribution on Vimeo.

Red Bull Most Wanted 2011

MENTAL! Worth watching for sure, good to see Britain's Talent Sebastian Keep.

United & Etnies Colab Products Edit

Keep your eyes peeled boys and girls, all the United & Etnies goodies will be here with us soon!

etnies x United from etnies on Vimeo.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Luke Towey On Stereo Bikes


StereoBikes Welcome To The Team Luke Towey from SAM BARROW on Vimeo.

Premium's Sean Ricany

Holly crap!!! This little kid is mentally good... Damn kids!!!

Sean Ricany Premium Bio from Premium Products on Vimeo.

This video was filmed over two days on the recent Premium mid west road trip. Sean may be just 16 years of age but he can ride a bike likes he’s been Pro for years. Sean can be a little turd at times, but we still love him! Welcome to Premium Pro Sean.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

DC UK Team in Pennsylvania

These trails look so good!
Filmed and edited by our home slice Cal, sweet job man!

Harry Main's Monster Edit (Old)

I know this is old but I'm still am far more impressed with this than the recent Coleborn edit and I just can't work out why?!
Thanks Broken Back Christian for reminding me how good Harry Main is!

Jon Root @ Corby

Jon Root, yes he may be a bit of a tool and yes he may loose a debit card a day but you just don't understand how much bike control this 8 foot giant has! See for your self.

Monday, November 07, 2011

Ecalt Lab Roll

This kid ain't scared! Watch the ender and you'll be more than impressed.

Iz Eclat from Veesh on Vimeo.

So IZ sent through this edit he has been working on now for a week or two, dialled as ever and riding some pretty amazing spots. Cali is a dream. Big thanks to Veesh who filmed it.

Dave Dillaward at CX-Games


Demolition Parts: Dave Dillewaard At CX-Games from 180 Distribution on Vimeo.

Friday, November 04, 2011

Mutiny Batle Los Angeles

Mutiny just released an edit of a 10 day trip to the L.A area with Brandon Hoerres, George Boyd, Andy Martinez, Matt Roe and Justin Simpson. This is so good; Mutiny and Joe Simon doing what they do best!

Battle Los Angeles from Mutiny Bikes on Vimeo.