Wednesday, June 27, 2007

4down site update, and get a free A Bike Co seat clamp!

Head over to 4down's site and not only will you get to check out their sweet new lay-out, but you can check out a cool web-vid of the Attila Off The Field jam as well as get the chance to win one of 100 A Bike Co seat clamps. Best be quick!

An older video of Garrett Reynolds, including the worst half-cab bars I've ever seen:

Critical? Yes.

How steep is this nose manual?

Monday, June 25, 2007

Stephen Murray - Get well soon!

It takes something like this to make me realise how lucky I am. How lucky we all are.

Stephen Murray crashed badly on a double flip attempt on the Dew Tour last Friday. He ended up breaking 3 vertebrae and damaging his spinal chord - a career ending injury.

So spare some thought for Stephen and his family.

Hope you get well soon and make a full recovery!,15737,1636876,00.html

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Happy Birthday Carlos!

Happy Birthday Carlos! Our shop manager has now reached the grand old age of 19... Yep, so after over 2 years of service, we decided he deserved some chocolate cake and a packet of birthday balloons. :D

Empire of Dirt coverage.

Next time I'm doing some writing, want to call something 'really good' in a different way and can't find my thesaurus, I'll know where to go.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Videos 'n' complainings.

New jobs suck. Really badly. I had no idea that people could actually live in the sort of conditions they've left the flats that I've had to clean in, but they can, so there we go...

As Netley said, Empire of Dirt didn't go down this weekend. However, there's still some footage around from it, so, for example, rag over to BMXOnline and scope some of it out.

Other than that, MirraCo have put a half hour long webvideo up. You can get a downloadable link from a bunch of places, but they did nothing for me, so Vital it is.


Whilst we're talking about videos on Vital, check out the Levis ad on there (click here for a direct link), feat. Corey Martinez, Anthony Napolitan, Jamie Bestwick and Morgan Wade. No matter what else you see in that video, it'll be that grind to 180 out that T-Nez does that you'll be talking about afterwards, guaranteed. If you disagree, voice your opinion in the comments box, but be fully aware you'll be totally wrong.

BlackBMX has another cool edit up online.

Ian Schwartz is a pretty well-known rider these days, specifically for his unique pegless, brakeless, freecoaster-ed up innovative riding. It hasn't always been that way though - check out this old section of Ian's from A Day Late and a Dollar Short. Steven Hamilton's section is kicking around online too, pretty nutty...

Lastly - if you like artwork/drawing/graff/artistic stuff, head over to WeThePeople's site for a chance to get your stuff shown in an art gallery, and get a custom seat...

Sunday, June 17, 2007

well EOD was rained off but im sure you all already know that. a pretty rad party went down thou on the fri night. all provided by red bull. it was a blast.

we had a pre-EOD bash at bar end trails on thurs eve. chill sesh and a BBQ. here's a random pic of that

jingles table step up

ermm, although EOD was cancelled, kye's trails (decoy) were dry enough to ride. all the pro's hit up that place, BF, darin read, doyle, all the big shots. it was sweet. i took some snaps so wen i get the films back later on in the week ill post one or two.
all ill say is brain foster, one handed 360 tables and a jump nearing a good 25-26ft long......

oh yeah also...... prior to the rains which fvcked the event, gary young made it all the way through the course on his very first run. INSANE. just wait till you see pics and videos of the course i guess

ok im done. l8

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Totally photo-less post.

Time for a non-visually interesting post.

Chase Dehart has left Lotek, although not for another shoe company?

Ride US has a video of a game of B.I.K.E. between Nathan Williams, Joe Vee and Josh Betley, one of the nicest people I've ever met. Go here to view it.

Fit have a new Rasta video up here.

And lastly, some of you know who Smoker Dave is, and as a result may have heard about his ill-health recently - here's an update posted by his wife:

"Davey, is diagnosed with lymphoma cancer. We’re still waiting for result to see if it spread throughout his bones. The cancer isn’t life threatening and is treatable, so that’s good news. He just got surgery yesterday to remove 7” (that’s right Jimmy James, I said 7 inches) of his small intestines which were clogged with lymphoma. He’s seems to be doing OK, but then again he’s heavily drugged up. Right now he’s going through chemotherapy to shrink his tumor. Hopefully everything goes as the doctors have planned because I really do miss him here at home."

Here's hoping he pulls through.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

ermmmm, trying to think of stuff to say that hasnt been said already........ news wise....

i guess empire of dirt is this weekend, super strong attendance. stew johnson is over filming it for props so all can see it, he was in london over the weekend with bicycle union's john dye. go peep that site. its good!
john has one of the best spots going in the uk, dubbed 'the spot'. i hit it up over the weekend and all i can say is WOW. hips and quarters galore!

erhhh, i dunno what else, ashley charles will be back on his bike any day now and his signature bars, unfortunatly not called ' the prince charles bar', will be out in a month or so. i belive they're called the lock stock bar.
here is a pic of ash i shot earlier on in the year....

ash @ some banks in poole.........

ermm, dead end bike Co. might be blowing up soon, clothing line shortley with help from square one..... head tubes for frames coming from solid....... stems and bars or something in production. could be good. they just hooked up lima's riding buddy 'pipe' up which is neat.

time for another pic?

this is everyones favourite short stocky bastard wickham will. here he is actin 'a' fool at bar end.

it turns out no one in southampton actually rides bikes any more, myself and castle rode hoglands once or twice last week with no sign of anyone else......... thurs was cool, one or two others there, didnt get there names though so there we go.
spekaing of castle and myself, we are of fto america in just over 2 weeks, new york, philadelphia and pittsburgh, for a month. so expect a killa update upon my return, if not the odd one or two whilst im out there. should be goood.

i cant spell

cant think what else is new either!
ermm, there is a street jam and video premiere going down in leeds on sat 23rd june that cleggy of attilla is sorting. should be good. there is also a trails jam in leeds that weekend but thats top secret unless you're in the know. i however, am working all weekend so shall not be attending either. LIVID!

random pic.....

wickham will again, random rail in chandlers ford back in march i think.

runing out of things to say seriosuly now. go have fun. drink lots or whatver. i know slosh will be sluggin 'em back!


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

S&M LTF and an Interesting Fact™

Interesting Fact™: IcedTea with Lemon tastes rubbish.

And on to the real news: Here are some sneak peeks at the S&M LTF frame. You may remember the spy shots on Grindstate a while ago from the Bob Scerbo bike check - well, here are some more detailed shots taken by Grant at BSD from down at the RedBull Empire of Dirt event.

This frame looks to have even more attention to detail than the LAF did, so be sure to keep an eye out for when this one drops. Rumour has it it's even just under 4lbs? What?

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Mark Webb is from a different planet...

Ok, so this happened a few weeks ago (FISE, France) and some of you might have seen it already. But I still think it deserves a post for those of you who have yet to witness the recent genius of Mark Webb! Just how does anybody do things like this??

FLAIR to MANUAL to 180!

You might have seen Mike Spinner do this on the resi-ramp... but Mark Webb goes one better and does it on a REAL ramp! 360 triple whippy! Clean.

Now I'm just waiting for the head to head battle between Mr Mark and Scotty Cranmer at the Suzuki BMX Masters in Cologne in just over a months time... that's gonna be one hell of a contest!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Colony Transformer Lever

I have a few more details to share on the Colony Transformer levers. These are landing in the UK at the end of this month (June) and initially will only be available for the right hand side. Only for those of you with a very fat wallet and an incurable craving for light weight CNC machined parts. The RRP for this lever is a whopping £49.99! Ouch!

Full specs as follows :
  • Full CNC machined precision lever.
  • Super lightweight at 65 grams each!!!
  • No cable ferrule to strip out or bend when using single cable.
  • Special non-threaded ferrule to be used with all gyro cables.
  • No sharp edges.
  • Replaceable brass bushing.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

New Mutiny Hubguard

Last year Mutiny released the Hub-buddy, and this year they've decided to one-up themselves by creating the Hub-buddy V2.0. The nice feature about this model is that not only is it a hell of a lot lighter (92g!), the shape means that if you run pegs and you grind, you'll get pushed away from the hub onto the peg/dropout (so as to keep away from the spokes even more), but also if you're pegless, the little flat space gives you a bit more to stall on. Ideal! Mutiny keep coming up with great little ideas, let's hope it continues.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Federal Paris Vid

It's good to see another free high quality vid online. Yep, this time Federal have put together a vid of a little riding trip in Paris! Enjoy.

Thanks to Pies for supplying the link!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

A post John didn't beat me to...

Woo! Found something that when I come here to check if it's up, it hasn't been put online yet! After a hectic week I'm just getting back in the swing of things...

Anyway, Chase Hawk recently went on a tour to South Africa and took a travel-log. Whilst out there too, he, Mike Aitken and the other guys on the trip gave their bikes away to some of the kids out in S.A. (Turns out that Chase gave away a set of prototype Trailmix pedals on his, so yeah, just regular Jim C's on his bike at the moment...), and as a result, they've had new bikes sorted from their sponsors. This is Chase's.

And the specs:

frame-The Hawk. 20.5"
fork- Odyssey Classic Race fork
bars- Odyssey LumberJack
stem- Fit
headset- integrated
lever- None
saddle- Odyssey Aitken
seatpost- Fit
clamp- integrated
F wheel- M-7 (GSPORT Marmoset w/ 7K-A rim)
R wheel- Odyssey Csst, 36, lhd w/ 7K-A rim
spokes- Odyssey
sprocket- 31t Aminal
cranks- Wombolts. 175
chain- generic
pedals- Odyssey JC sealed/Mag
brake- None
tires- Odyssey Path, Plyte (20x2.1) rear/ Aitken, 2.125 knobby front
pegs- Jpeg Lighter
cable- None
grips- ruben
barends- Par Ends

While we're at it, Ruben's got a bikecheck up on the RideUS site, so go here to check that out. Ruben's 32?

Friday, June 01, 2007

Padded Cell UK Road Trip Video

Nice of the guys at Padded Cell to put their UK Road Trip Tour on Google Video. Yep, this is not some dodgy video ripped off a forth coming DVD - its actually legit and free. Deserves a pat on the back methinks. Enjoy!

[Tip: Click on the link above and download Google Movie player, and download the video - it's much better quality!]