Saturday, July 11, 2009


...I'm tired. Lesson: Don't start drinking early on an empty stomach, in a city you're not used to.

Anyways, before I crash out - Sunday have put out this edit for their Triumph bars. Could've abbreviated it to "Exactly like Slams, but a shade lighter", but hey ho. Some cool clips anyway, and it again gives me a chance to point out how awesome Ian Schwartz' section is on that DVD. Seriously, it's actually cut out seperate from the rest in it's own little .m4v video file so I can bust out the Nano and watch it wherever, whenever. Too good.

Chase Dehart has apparently found out that unlike me, he can actually wear a hat, and is now doing so. Equally, compared to his first media appearances, he's learnt to be a bit more outspoken. All good. Stay Fit #9:

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