Sunday, August 31, 2008


Somewhere in the UK didn't have an all-rain summer. I'm officially jealous.

August in 50 frames per second from Dave King on Vimeo.

Most inane lyrics ever?

Derelict BMX...

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Now THAT's a trailer...

This video's gonna dominate, in much the same way that the just-too-wide-for-Blogger-posts Odyssey widget dominates the page layout of this here blog.

This isn't a trailer, but it is a new frame - straight from Tree's site to your eyes:

There's a hell of a lot of details here about the details of the frame, but yeah, geometry's pretty standard - 74.5° HA, 71° SA, 13.75" CS, 11.5" BB - but it does have some cool features. Let's just hope the price over here converts favourably.

Portsmouth Land Flat Jam

Yeah, so some of you may have seen the unusual flyer in Pijin recently promoting the Land Flat Jam in Southsea/Portsmouth this Sunday. Like me, at first, the word flat encourages your mind that it's a flat land or some weird long jump/jump to flat contest, but i'm pretty sure it'll be a proper good street jam, just like Southampton's own... So yeah, as the poster says, 12noon at the law court walls. If you don't know where the law court walls are, you are an idiot (they're near the train station...). See you there?

Friday, August 29, 2008

I stole a picture...

Stolen picture from
Big thanks to all the guys on the Seventies Up In Smoke Tour for visiting! :D

New Orchids/vids

Yet again, Orchid have released pics of a new shoe, the Midpoint. Looks pretty sweet to me - that classic skate-shoe mid-top look, but with a decent sole for BMX? Ching ching.

According to their site:

•Mid-top suede construction
•$60.00 suggested retail in USA
•Un-hate-able™ black/gum sole

Un-hate-able indeed - they seem to have their soles pretty dialled, in fairness.

Talking of dialled, things that Nike don't really seem to have dialled are their big, showy video releases. The stream of disappointed skaters leaving the London Nike SB video premiere were good comedy. But yeah, they've now put up the promo for their new BMX/6.0 (Whatever it's going to be called...) vid, and here it is:

(Unrelated, but the treasure hunt for the embed code for that vid was no fun.)

Hopefully this video's filming and editing will actually do justice to the awesomeness of Garrett Reynolds...

One good thing that Nike have done though (Apart from the awesome drinks, food and times in the Meet The Peoples jam in Cologne) is sponsor Liverpool's Harry Main. Sound dude, and ridiculously good. Definitely one of the highlights of an otherwise ridiculously boring/soul-destroying whip-whip-whip spine mini ramp comp in the Masters. But yeah, he's got a new web-vid up, some hefty maneuvers.

More BMX Videos >>

Lastly, spotted this over on Dig, the video that accompanies the BSD Roadtrip story in the new (That's #66) issue of Dig. Cover's below the vid, click here for the details of what's in 66. To quote Taliban, "I really didn't think they'd use that top fives." Awesome.

BSD summer roadtrip 08 from BSD on Vimeo.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nathan Williams bio.

There's a Nathan Williams bio up on the EXPN site (And yeah, it's actually a bio unlike the Props 68 "Bio"...), click here to see it and watch the video clip too, it's got some good stuff in it...

Steven Hamilton.

When Federal called their blog "Epic Hamilton Update, they really weren't lying... Click there for more.

Forgot this.

Remember that Marty dude who used to be famous for doing maaaaaaassive twists? Well, he's got a new little web-vid up on the Federal site.

Untitled from Matthew Caris on Vimeo.


You frickin' heard me! It didn't rain in Wales today! This is a pretty landmark occasion - I am not down with having double the amount of rain for August that we should've done. September is apparently going to be a "dry month": we'll see...

Anyway, lookit:

Pretty interesting behind the scenes Levis stuff. Corey Martinez is the man.

wethepeople : Jan Beckmann : Videorama from wethepeoplebikeco on Vimeo.

Another week, anotehr Videorama part from WTP (Who have a cool Industry feature in the latest Ride, courtesy of Will Jackson).

Lastly, Brad Simms has a signature frame in the works. How it took that long for Hoffman to get that ball rolling, I really don't know. Maybe they hadn't seen his Micreation video part yet or something? which reminds me, time to go watch that video...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Day in the life...

...of Dakota Roche and Eric Lichtenberger.

A Day In the Life with Dak and Eric from Lotek on Vimeo.

Niki Croft not only did some cool stuff at the Coventry jam and also on the first day of the Up In Smoke tour, he also does massive boosts that you can be alerted to by the Mutiny site.


Orchid have got a photo up for colourway #2 of the Break Hi-top, this time it's blue 'n' black. Still not into high-tops, but some are, so yeah, here you go:

This is almost 99% unrelated to BMX, but yeah, sweet photos none the less. Spotted over on Defgrip, these are some of the best photos from the recent Beijing Olympics. Click here for Gallery 1, here for Gallery 2 and here for Gallery 3. They're well worth a browse!

2 new Joel Nicholls vids...

Sent to me on MSN by the man himself. Carlos and Slosh vid was testing out the slow-mo on the new cam, and the other one was testing out the new light, so don't expect to see ground-breaking levels of awesome, but they're cool vids none the less!

Carlos and Slosh from joel nicholls on Vimeo.

trowbridge night vid from joel nicholls on Vimeo.

Calling it early...

Alright - I'm going to go ahead and be potentially the first person to call this out as being a joke, but yeah, 2-Hip's new Groovetech Steering System is a joke. Surely. It's got to be? Ride have a write-up.

But yeah - a couple of points:

1. If you fall off and land on your bars, is it more preferable to have the bars shift slightly and not injure you, rather than thinking "Sweet, once I heal, I won't have to use a 6mm allen key to adjust my bar position!"

2. If you fall and your bike lands heavily on your bars or your front wheel, is it more preferable to have a bit of 'give' in the setup so your stem will allow them to move slightly (Not damaging them), rather than thinking "Sweet, although my bars and/or front wheel are now screwed, at least I wouldn't have to adjust my stem/bar position!"

3. Bearing in mind the vast differences in tolerances between BMX companies (Some forks, despite theoretically having the same diameter steerer as all the other forks, just can't accept Elementary stems), how long before the grooves on the fork steerer tube are machined slightly off, or similarly the grooves in the stem are machined slightly off, leading to a permanently skewed front wheel?

4. Stress risers in a fork's steerer tube? No thanks!

5. There are so many other points to be raised.

But yeah, I genuinely can't see this being a serious thing. If it is, then yeah, read the above points, but I'm fully expecting an S&M-style "Just for lulz, guise" post on the Ride site in the next few days.

As a side point, if you're sitting there thinking to yourself "Man, that looks like an awesome idea. My forks/bars slip in my stem all the time!" - buy a good stem.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Up In Smoke pics

Crazy bank holiday Monday. Some pics courtesy of Mr Pies.

Dan Lacey   Niki Croft

Mark Love   Mark Love

More pictures here.


Pretty much every time I see a Luna, I ask myself why I didn't get one instead of another Tierra...

But yeah, Bruno H and Stefan L are rad, here's proof!

Stefan Lantschner & Bruno Hoffmann Eastpak & WOOZYBMX Section from on Vimeo.

I <3 Mute!

And this is why:

Coventry Confrontation from ollie on Vimeo.

(EDIT: Mute's the dude who organised the jam, I'm not saying the music's rubbish, hah)

No wai!

An Odyssey Pivotal seat? Wellety wellety, bit of a change of plans there...

OdysseyBMX.comDaily WordDirect Link (Larger)

In un-related news: Plenty of Pijin pics here. By plenty, I mean one...

Monday, August 25, 2008

Loadsa randoms.

If you weren't there (And none of you Southampton dudes were from what I can remember), you fully missed out at Coventry Confrontation. Another P5 jam, another day of awesome spots, another day of awesome riding. Good times. It also included the best heckling of a security guard I've ever seen (*Hangs up mobile phone* "Your bosses at CVOne just told me that your jurisdiction doesn't extend to this point. What do you have to say to that?"). Don't mess with Scott The Punk! He and his friends will phones your boss...

In un-related news:

Props have the trailer for Road Fools 16 up on their site. The actual video itself is available to download now for $9.99 (aka £5.60-ish), and is pretty good. Some nuts riding, but no Crandall is a bit of a downer.

Speaking of trailers - Orlando's just finished another trailer for The Make 3, this time featuring Loz Taylor. That grind combo is swa-heet.

Loz Taylor the Make 3 add from the Make on Vimeo.

Give-D also have a trailer up for their video, but it's not really a particularly good trailer to watch, so you'll have to look for it yourselves! It shouldn't be too hard to find ;-) The end video should be awesome though, seeing as the Give D crew know how to make a sweet video. Theatrical trailers just don't do it for me...

Seeing as we're talking about videos, if you've been within earshot of me you'll have probably heard me talking about how sweet the new 2x4 vid is. It's £12.99 (I'm pretty sure?) and is available from Pijin now, and is definitely one of the better videos that have been released this past few months. If you don't believe me, click here to read Brett ROFLing's review of it.

Jimmy Levan has been hit by a car, breaking his femur which has meant he needs a metal rod in his leg. Sucks to be him, seeing as he's still recovering (I'd imagine?) from that crash filming for Electronical. Hopefully he'll be up 'n' at 'em ASAP - no-one deserves that much bad luck!

Lastly - Eclat have been promising awesomeness since day one, and have finally delivered - check out their brand frickin' new site and see just how good that parts line looks. Daaaaayum! The hubs/pedals/rims look sweeeeeeet. Well worth checking out! Do it!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Reminder : Seventies Up In Smoke Tour

Just a quick reminder that the Seventies Up In Smoke Tour starts tomorrow (Bank holiday Monday).

First stop will be Pijin, at around 1pm, followed by Hoglands/Street session. So, get your bike and come visit Pijin tomorrow!

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Eddie Cleveland has a built-in Pivotal post and a Pivotal ECCD seat.

Best stock up on the Pivotal setups!


Earlier, I linked to the new Cosmotron frame from Mutiny - here, in video format, are more details (And riding!) from Randy Taylor about his frame, the Loosefer.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Stijn left-over clips

Just spotted this during my afternoon lurk on Bikeguide - Stijn Staal has produced some pretty sweet vids in the past, and this left-over footage edit is grand:

Leftover freecoaster footage from Stijn on Vimeo.

Mutiny Cosmotron!

The release of Mat Roe's signature frame, the Cosmotron, is less than a month away, so to celebrate Mutiny have released this 'web-ad', and put the frame details up on their site:
* Mat Roe Signature frame
* 420 baked post heat treated front triangle
* Material: 4130 Sanko chromoly, double butted toptube
* Top Tube: 20.8", 21.2" frame
* Chain stay: 13" to 13.5
* Head Tube: 74.5
* Seat Tube: 68 degrees
* Stand over center of BB to top of seat tube 9.25"
* BB Style: Mid
* BB Height: 11.6"
* Dropouts: heat treated 5mm
* Weight: 4.9 lbs based on a 21.2" frame
* Extra: Removable brake mounts, extra wide chain and seat stays
for wide tire clearance, swaged seat tube with pivotal mount,
ovalized chain stays to help prevent denting, Custom shaped down tube
to help prevent denting, Inner Dropout/stay junction is flattened to
help clearance for slammed wheel with hub guard, Tiny
dropouts, Engraved Mutiny Badge on the head tube and stamped seat
stay caps, rustproof coating
* Color: Roost Red

There are also some overspill photos from the ad shoot, so click here to see 'em.


Sweet Slam City Skates edit, found it on Defgrip. All good though, click here to download/view it.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

More videos.

Trails and park, again?

SuperBmx-Live For Today-On the Road Part 1 from Superfly on Vimeo.

And lastly, saw this on TCU (Navaz, the guy who made says it's alright for it to be online now...) - it's an amazing DVD, and no doubt there are a couple left in the shop, so if you like what you see but wanna get to see it in uber high quality, with all the extras easily accessible and so on, give the shop a call! Left/Right:

That's the first time I've embedded a Google Video in almost literally forever.

Lloyd edit.

He's got an Informer in the coming issue of Ride, but for now, here's another day edit (sans me, this time) from James Smith over at Style43 of Lloyd Wright. Feebz->Manny->Whip: Serious.

Lloyd Wright Day Edit 2.0 20/08/08 from S43 on Vimeo.


Is that how you spell it?

But yeah, BBC have got a bunch of videos up on the iPlayer of the racing. I'm not usually super keen on racing, unless I'm actually riding one of the tracks (Super fun, no joke), but some of the racing's been pretty entertaining so far. It's worth it purely for the commentary too.

Click here to check out the latest highlights video, then lurk around the rest of the iPlayer site for the rest...


Is that how you spell it?

catty woods from janis on Vimeo.

Click here to read more about how the awesome Catty Woods trails may potentially get torn down...

Fit '09 completes.

Sneaky peek photos have arisen on, of all places, a South African BMX messageboard. Random. Anyway, the gist of it is this:
Fit are now doing their usual Street, Park and Trails bikes, and in each range there'll be 3 different levels - Pro, Mid and Entry (Similar to what they're like currently). However, instead of giving them 'normal' bike names, they're now 'Signature' completes. So, there's the Homan PRK range, the Aitken TRL range and the Edwin STR range.

These are the 3 top of the range bikes from each line, click here to see all the others.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Muuuuuuch betteeeer.

Linked to a BikeBiz 'article' (Loose term...) about the new WTP forks, but they've now put them up on their site so go here for genuine, legitimate, actual information about them...

More stuff?

Stolen have come up with a pretty sweet new Pivotal "Me no like clamps" setup, the "S.I.C." post. Click here for more. Sufficed to say, it's a cool idea that people are probably going to try and rip off asap. Will it work out? They seem to think so...

Orchid have released pics of a new high-top Break model, and that Niki Croft is, in some ways unsurprisingly, back on Orchid. Niki also has a cool interview up on Streetphire, which is where I taxed this sweet photo from:

Speaking of... well, in a way, Street - Coventry Confrontation, this weekend, Transport Museum @ 12! Do it, you won't regret it. This jam's going to also feature 100% more Ditchburn and 100% less kickers 'n' height poles. Should be fun.

Speaking of Fun, Kink have been embarking on a roadtrip (Their roadtrip section in Props 68 is rad), and have been updating their site with a gazillion pics a day here. Check out how close the train got to hitting them!


Just because it's so ridiculous to make some sort of Flash flip-book for a seatclamp, here you all are:

OdysseyBMX.comDaily WordDirect Link (Larger)

Faaaaantastic. I'd suggest skipping the seatclamp bit (My 'unstrippable' Mr Clampy stripped instantly :() and going straight to the previously-mentioned-on-here Chase Hawk vid. Do it, you won't regret it!

BMXUnion have put up what I'd classify as their best interview yet up, and surprisingly (Bearing in mind the sort of people they usually 'interview'), it's with Josh Bedford. Click here to read the interview, and see his part from Voices and the newest Mutiny web-vid.

Oh, and it's now officially internet-legal to say that Sean Burns is riding for Eclat. No more unhappy e-mails in my Inbox.

70s 7UP In Smoke Tour

So be here monday.

Got link?

BikeBiz have a pic up of a new dropout for forks that WTP are playing with...

Whenever I think about Ride To Glory, I just remember that "RIDE TAE F**KING GLORY!" kid from the start of Volume's edit. Anyway, Ride have some photo-overspill stuff from Proper's trip here.

Boyley Jam coverage.

Will this work?

Who knows! Firefox is hella weird at the moment.

Hopefully, this'll be a video of Dan Foley, who rides for Simple...

park edit from Dan on Vimeo.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

'Summer' edit?

Apparently, there was some summer somewhere in the UK this year?

Summer 08 from Ls6bmx on Vimeo.

As always, the LS6 dudes deliver. From SP. Second Streetphire video rinse of the day? Cheers dudes ;-)

Sweet Jesus.

Spotted over on Dig:

Hoffman have released their '09 range of Completes (As did WTP on their site a few weeks ago in case you missed it - they're pretty rad!), and have a downloadable catalogue on their site here, which is where this photo of a mental wallride gap by Brad Simms is poached from. Daaaaayum.

All of which begs the question...

...if they're his signature bar, why aren't they made the width Nathan Williams runs them at?

'phire! 'phire!

Pour on water...

But yeah, found this video over on Streetphire courtesy of Mr. H-Man, and it's pretty damn fine:

Magic Flashlights from Mike Benson on Vimeo.

Oh, and yeah, "We want more park" dude - it's snowboarding: Denied.

Cleggy: We salute you.

Well, Ride featured on their site yesterday this Alone T-shirt that apparently didn't find favour with one Mr. Rowlands, prompting this reply:

Cleggy is the people's champion.

Oh me oh my.

Pretty stereotypical street edit, so apologies to any park dudes.

Many pegs, offensive rapping, no brakes, plenty of grinds.

Federal Bikes - Jared Washington Edit from Federal BMX on Vimeo.

Oh, and a freecoaster?

This, however, is a little more park-friendly. I saw this on the Macneil site in the middle of a trip so I didn't get a chance to post it, then totally forgot about it 'til I saw it on TCU just now again and it reminded me to post it. Sweet vid ahoy.

And the results are in...

Orchid have announced which of their shoes are to be re-issued:

I'm going to go ahead and assume that all 109 votes for the Wiz red-leather model were probably from Wiz himself.

Fortunately, I put my vote down for my Second-Best-Pair-Of-Riding-Shoes-Ever, the brown Vandever 1's. Score. Unfortunately The-Best-Pair-Of-Riding-Shoes-Ever, the synthetic Duvals, weren't in the running. Weak.

Monday, August 18, 2008


Pretty sweet video about Empire, with some cool riding at the end. Like I said a while back, the Superman needs to become the new trick of '08...

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hitting the key areas.

The whole Dashboard setup's changed, me no likey!

AAAAAnyway, Warren Jam today - virtually everyone I know from vaguely well to pretty-damn-well in Southampton was there, which was rad, even if Joel Nicholls was working hard/hardly working in Toys'R'Us. As you do?

Dan and I left before the finals, but watched all the qualifiers. Pretty nuts seeing how good some dudes have got now - I can still remember when a lot of the dudes whipping (pronounce the H in it, daresya) abouts the place were still styling nibbly airs and doing little footjams, now they're doing serious moves. Good times! Either way, no real results info, and no real Pikeys Vs. BMXers info either, although the noticeably older pikey kids seemed to leave when we did...

But yeah, in the non-Southampton BMX world:

Sweet new Aversion video. Note for the anonymous commenter who wants more park: This video is purely park and trails, although you do see Vince Mayne lying on a harsh concrete ledge (that looks like Chris Souter would probably grind on it) for a few seconds, so if that offends your delicate park/trails riding sensibilities then you might want to fast-forward past the middle of the vid.

Sweet new Mutiny video. Note for the anonymous commenter who wants more park: There's approx. 48 secs of street in this vid, about 34% of the vid. Part of that 48secs is something on street that's got a quickcrete trannie with coping on it, so I guess it's your call if that's real 'street' or pretty much 'park'? If it's 'park' for you, then I guess knock about 5-6 secs off the previous street estimate time.

BMXfeed now has a purple exclaimation mark after it's name?

That's pretty much it for now. 3 1/2hr drive home from Soton just finished, checking my mail, then heading to bed. Hopefully you all made the most of the reasonably dry weekend, looks like this week's gonna be turds!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


From WTP - Jason Phelan's a hero, and James Smith is worrying.

wethepeople Ride To Glory tour 08 from wethepeople on Vimeo.

Anyway, if you're a subscriber to Ride, like me, you'll have noticed the disappointing lack of Ride To Glory DVD (Rest of the issue's rad, by the way). Well, fear ye not 'cos they're on their way, according to Ride's site.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Gusset: Ahead of the game?

Never thought I'd say that, but hey. Turns out that, for a change, Fit are way behind the times:

I thought Limited Edition Pink (Sorry, I mean 'Fuschia') products died out yeeeeeeears ago. On the plus side, any fluoro pink Bastard grips and tyres any shops have in stock should fly out the doors.

Chase Hawk edit

There's fancy...
EDIT: Better than his part in Electronical?

The 2x4 Video...

The 2x4 video is both in stock and properly amazing. Everything Randy Brown did amazed me. Same goes for Chase Dehart and Van Homan. It's an amazing video, go buy it!

It's come in stock so recently it's not on the site yet, so call 023 8033 6777 to pick a copy up. It's well worth it!

WTP Feline tyres?

Maybe that's what they should've been called. Get home from the skatepark (Sweet 70mile drive, gotta love being local), and find my cat pretty much molesting my WTP Feelin' tyres:

8 out of 10 cats prefer a kevlar bead.

In non-Mark related news, Fly have gone and done it again...

Click that link up there to find out why getting a new frame's gonna be hassle in the near future (Again... remember Mid/US/Spanish/Euro battles?).

It's Orchid's 5th anniversary soon, and to celebrate, they're re-making some of their classic shoes (Disappointing, there's no Synthetic or white/green Duval shoes in there. *tsk tsk*). You get to choose which, out of these:

They're re-making 5 of these shoes, so head over to and tell 'em which ones you like.

Tate Roskelley's "That's It!" part...

I LOVE that boy

(see marks post)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Tate Roskelley's "That's It!" part...

50:50 - That's It is probably one of the best BMX videos you could buy right now. The general level of riding is nuuuuuuts, there's a massive variety of riding, it features Mike Aitken for a start, and it's just a really, really good video.

To tempt you into buying it even more, Defgrip have put online Tate Roskelley's part. Tate's relatively unknown so far, but I'd imagine that'll change soon.

Click here to check out Defgrip and here to download the part.

RIP Farmer Dan's car...

Died on the M4 after a valiant attempt at reaching the most-overcrowded Newport park session I've ever seen...

But yeah, vids:

Joe and Titch trail session from Blackbmx on Vimeo.

According to Segment, TRAILS IS SHOUTING, but I'm hoping they're only shouting for the superman to become the official move of '08. Moar.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

whats up suck its


random pic

alex kennedy pedal feeb from aversion trip from like april or something


The rumour mill's on overtime.

This is Harry Main's signature complete from KHE, and if the rumours are to be believed, frame only it weighs 3.1lbs. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Dario Mix

This is a web-edit from Dario, from TCU. Gets good towards the end!

Mix Part from Dario Demarco on Vimeo.

*Bang* *Bang* *Bang*

Apparently, if KHE Reverse bearings don't want to come out of your hub, they pretty much won't until you break out The Enforcer.

Big Daddy has gone up in my books even more by calling Garrett Reynolds a "Stinking jew". Good comedy. If you click down in their videos, you can also check out all their trip webvids. There's some good stuff in there...

Lastly, Simple have got some new stuff coming out.

Click here to see it. Simple's stuff is always pretty popular, and with good reason, so expect to see a lot of these parts all over the place in a few weeks/months...

32 minutes old.

So pretty new, really.

Chris Z B-Roll AOTC Teaser from cbcoombs on Vimeo.

Sometimes I wonder why some people run freecoasters, but that point aside, this is a sweet vid.

Actually, the other point I wanted to make was that I'm pretty sure there are, at the present moment, more head-bands in use in BMX than pegs.

At a guess,

I'd say that this pleased Netley.


Nope, I don't know why it did that post below either. C'est la vie!

My trip is now over, I've just driven 400 miles in 7 hours (Including Red Bull and coffee stops, and the accompanying "I really need a toilet" stops), and regular updates should be starting again soon. AAAAAAAAAnyway, on with the show:

Seeing as there are quite a few park dudes who read this:

Channel 4Down BMX :: Drew Bezanson Rampworx Session from Channel 4Down on Vimeo.

Pretty. Frickin'. Sweet.

In video-related and "frickin' sweet" related news, my brother Dan informs me the 2x4 video is really good. May have to invest in a copy there!

In... well... un-related news, Chase Hawk has a bikecheck up on Odyssey, in the sense that there are pictures of his bike there:

For any of you people out there who are wielding cameras, if you're looking for inspiration, pretty-damn-awesome Austin, TX photographer Devon Hutchins has a bunch of new photos on his new site.

Laaaaastly, if you're bored, the SPRFLS Friday Quiz is up - I'd just like to draw attention to how ridiculously awesome that WTP complete is.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

[Insert Generic Big Bar Title]

[Insert Generic 32inch Wide Bar Joke]

[Insert Generic "Woe is BMX" Quote]

[Insert Generic "I'm going to quit if I see anyone run these" Quote]

[Insert Generic Mark Quote e.g.: "But really, who cares? If they're on someone else's bike, apart from taking up more room on the deck of a ramp/boot of a car/bikerack, who actually cares?"]


Me me me me me.

My Federal/KHE coaster broke, so it's back to cassettes for a while. Dammit.

So yeah...

...potentially some of the worst signature model shoes made have now been 'updated', but unless the sole is one of the 'updated' parts, what's the point? Seriously. (Edit: Just saw on Defgrip that the soles are apparently 'twice as hard so they should last twice as long'. That'll be 20 rides before they're totally worn out then...)

In a similar vein, unless Tree have managed to make straight-pull spokes that aren't a total hassle to build/true/tighten, then this hub's semi-redundant even if it looks nice:

Click here for looooooads more pics/info/specs. As a quick note to Carlos - you can only lace these 5 cross according to their site. Have fun ;-)

Monday, August 04, 2008

Quick update.

In the midst of a rain-soaked, largely driving-based 'riding' roadtrip. So far the only thing that's been consistent every day are that Lloyd and Taliban have swum in the sea or a river every day of the trip. Oh, and I've also driven at least 100 miles every day. We've ridden once or twice. *sigh*

Anyway, yeah, quick news updates:

New WTP completes, these are going to be everywhere.

Horse Faced Killah won the X-Games Street comp, Van Homan got second and Sean Sexton got third. Ride had a sweet vid up of it. Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?! They also have a SRS BIZNIZ edit of Nathan Williams and Shane Weston.

Orchid have a preview up of the new Vandever shoe. Not bad, not bad.

So yeah, time to go buy some food and spray my bike...