Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Chris Wilmshurst has popped up with this 20 minute mix of a bunch of riders, filmed over the past 6 months.

2009 Mix Tape from Chris Wilmshurst on Vimeo.

As he says:

Presenting the 2009 Mix tape.
This contains footage of all the riders i have filmed since january. It is a bit rushed but I hope you enjoy.

All filmed and edited by me.

Riders in order of sections:
Rich Phillips, Rob Phillips, and Canon Si Split
Ed Williams
Shaun Hadlington & Alex Bathurst Split
Robbie Woolhouse, Ben mason, Harry nash, Dan Allington Split section
Gary Meusz, Ryan Taylor, Josh Cox Split
James Mulka
Will Watling

Bikeguide lurking pays off!

EDIT: Oh, and "FIRST!" or whatever everyone says these days...

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