Thursday, July 16, 2009


All day, every day.

Saw over on the 'Phire that Segment have some T's out. And yes, yes they do. Click that link to behold. Ollie called this out as his favourite, and I'd agree.

As a result of them often having to use 'legit' music for videos, there were often times on Vital where the song selections would be pretty whack, and in time I just grew to associate Vital with cool riding videos with bad music. Fortunately, this one's better! Features some cool riding under blue, sunny skies, which makes me furiously envious.

Sean Morr and Tyler Finnigan in SoCal - More BMX Videos

Not as much awesome fakie stuff and ridiculously high hops as there were during his cool Props bio, but DefPaul still has Moves™.

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Ollie said...

glad you agree mark :) cheers for the streetphire drop