Friday, July 03, 2009


Andalucia Part Three from FoxHeadInc on Vimeo.

Seriously, watch watch watch! This video is awesome. Chase Hawk is too good, and Ruben's the boy. Bonus G. Byrnes footage too. But yeah, slow-mo, well-ridden trails is always a treat. Probably has the best 'riding trails' vibe out of any video I've seen recently, can sorta get a sense for what it'd be like especially seeing Chase pumping through it in ultra slow-mo. Those twists too, hot damn. That 3 one foot can was sweeeet. WATCH THIS VIDEO. I'm pretty sure this was filmed and edited by Joe Rich, so massive tip of the hat to him 'cos the whole Andalucia series has been awesome. Click the 'Fox' tag below to check the rest out.

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