Friday, December 28, 2012

Getting Awesome Ep. 6

Ryan Nyquist and Seth Klinger set out to tame three cement parks in one day throughout Northern California. The guys kick things off with a solid session in Scott's Valley before making their way to the Jim Keeffe Skatepark in Ben Lomond, CA. Nestled up in the trees, Ryan and Seth cruise the uncrowded transitions. Finally it's on to Menlo Park for the afternoon session. With big walls and plenty of cement, this spot is a perfect way to cap the day. Big airs, barspins, and even some doubles before dark. That's a wrap!

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Dennis Enarson, A Week with MarkIt BMX Crew, The Alli Show

Dennis Enarson rides on point, his BMX style is an example of hard work and how it pays off. Ride with Enarson and San Diego's Markit BMX Crew for some motorhome adventures. Enarson and crew travel from spot to spot and get down in the streets for week of fun times without a team agenda. See how Dennis Enarson lives on the road in this Alli Show.

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BMX Competition on the Moon? - Red Bull Ramparanoia 2012

Ben Hennon won Red Bull Ramparanoia, the BMX competition held in the Campo de Piedra Pomez (Pumice field), located in Catamarca, Argentina, 4000 meters above sea level. The riders were forced to adapt to the demanding elevation and heat, trying to ride a bike on a surface that had never been explored by a BMX athlete before.

Want more?
Watch the action clip:

Shadow Conspiracy - Year End 2012 Edit

Man, 2012 was insane. From the good ol' US of A, to Germany, and from skateparks to the streets, the Shadow team killed it.
Check out this compilation of our favorite clips from the year.

Credit: Shadow Conspiracy

Monday, December 24, 2012


Get your self a sweet Demolition/Markit seat here.


Most of the crew and a few of our homies shred some skateparks around California and end up in Mexico for this months APOCALYPTIC MARKIT MIX. Featuring Connor Lodes, Mike Jonas, Ronnie Napolitan, Christian Rigal, Chad Kerley, and Dennis Enarson.

Homie clips from Steve Woodward, Bill Macpherson, Ryan Nyquist, Big Daddy, Gary Young and Ryan Olson.

Filmed/Edited By: Christian Rigal
Music: Tame Impala- Apocalypse Dreams

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Peep Game- Anthony Watkinson Part

Anthony Watkinson has left DK Bicycles but has also put this amazing edit together! Definitely worth watching

We didn't start filming in hopes of filming a video part, but over the past four months we've done some traveling and filming together and this is what came of it.
I'm beyond psyched on how it came out and glad I got to show this side of him (no homo),

Filmed & Edited By: Steve Croteau
Additional Filming: Dan Diehl, Garrett Reynolds & Tony Ennis
you bastards

Joe-tek Seat Promo

Watch our bad-ass team riders Jordan Aleppo and Oliver Jones shred for Joe-Tek!

Get your self a Joe-Tek seat here.

Joe-tek Seat Promo from Seventies Distribution on Vimeo.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

BSD 'Living for the City' Part Two

More BSD action from the streets of Glasgow...

For more from ' Living for the City' go to

Filmed and edited by Dave Sowerby.

BSD 'Living for the City' Part Two from BSD on Vimeo.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bruno Hoffmann BMX Sessions - Back to Berlin Streets - Ep 2

The Bruno Hoffmann project: "Back to Berlin Streets". For 2 months, Bruno Hoffmann explored the city of Berlin in search of the best BMX street spots. In the second episode, Bruno meets up with fellow riders Matthias Dandois, Anthony Perrin, Mario Waffenschmidt, Dennis Kicza, and the Slayer crew to ride some of the best places Berlin has to offer.

Previous Episode: 

Stay tuned for Episode 3!

Experience the world of Red Bull like you have never seen it before. With the best action sports clips on the web and YouTube exclusive series, prepare for your "stoke factor" to be at an all time high.

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2012 Hog Jam at Motion Ramp Park

Declan Brooks, Harry Main, Ryan Taylor, Josh Crosswell, Ash Douglas, Jack Watts, Aaron Nicholson, and more shred Motion Ramp Park in Bristol, UK at the 2012 Hog Jam.

Credit: Chris Wilmshurst

2012 Hog Jam at Motion Ramp Park - More BMX Videos

FFWDBMX: Our House Sessions

Filmed over two chilled evening sessions. Featuring: Oli Jones, Ben Hennon, Jordan Aleppo, Mad Jon, Oli Shields, Bas Keep.

FFWDBMX: Our House Sessions from Mike King on Vimeo.

Filmed and edited by Mike King on a Panasonic HMC-150 and Opteka 0.3x Titanium Series Fisheye for Fast Forward BMX

Song: Mafia Lights - Love Lust

Shout out to Seventies Distribution, this place is awesome!

Monster Energy Insight Series - Ben Wallace

Ben Wallace is not a golfer but he does have a fun life. After being nominated for the Nora Cup dirt rider of the year 2012 he took a flight out to the states to hang out with friends, ride a little and just soak up the sun.

Here's an insight into Ben's life.

Credit: Monster Energy

Friday, December 14, 2012

Mirraco Must See: Andy Buckworth

A barrel roll hand plant?! Whatever mate...

Mirraco Must See: Andy Buckworth - More BMX Videos

Skullcandy BMX - Island Fever

I am not even jealous... Oh wait! I really am.
This edit features bad ass riding from Hucker, Drew B. and the man Rob Wise. Enjoy

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ashley Douglas for KIS Bike Co

Ashley Douglas puts in the work around the UK for Kis Bike Co. Ashley loves combo tricks and tech park riding and his riding just gets wilder with every session.

Shot on Canon 600D and Canon 5D Mk ii Lenses: Canon 24-105mm f/4, 35mm f/1.8, 15mm f/2.8 and Samyang 8mm f/3.5

Music: Eleventh Hour - Apollo Brown

Ashley Douglas for KIS Bike Co from Itty Mathew on Vimeo.

Mike Gray - Joyride 150

I am very impressed by this kid, he goes big, doesn't have those silly mouth guards, doesn't seem to do an excise amount of footjams (if any at all on this edit) and I can see a bit of Dennis Enarson and Drew B. combined in his riding which is never a bad sign!

With a weeks full of filming at Joyride 150 local Mike Gray puts in a ton of work! Surrounded by all the homies everybody was throwing down.

Riders: Mike Gray, Brandon Webster, Pj Cavaliere, Eric Favot, Kwabena Karikari, Corey Walsh, Bryan Sciuk.

Filmed/Edited: Justin Browne

Song: "Jay Z - Feelin' It" (Instrumental)

Diamondback BMX
Index Ink
Freegun Underwear

Big thanks to everyone at Joyride 150 as well for all the early mornings and late nights!

The Guettler Tour

Ryan Guettler put together a group of his close friends to go on a trip to Tucson Arizona riders list from; Pat Casey - Tj Ellis - Kevin Peraza - Larry Edgar - Victor Salazar

The Guettler Tour from Casey McPerry on Vimeo.

Sponsored by: Ethika, Monster,  Vans, Colony, Hookit, Protec

Produced By: Ryan Guettler
Filmed By: Dylan Pfohl, Casey McPerry
Edited By: Casey McPerry

Music By: Animal - The House of the Rising Sun
The Joy Formidable - The Greatest Light is the Greatest Shade

Watch the Teaser

Ryan Nyquist & Seth Klinger: Getting Awesome Ep. 5

X Games BMX gold medalist Ryan Nyquist is always on the lookout for new tricks. In this episode he turns to buddy Seth Klinger to learn the stylish Turndown. Straight from the Freedom 40 Trails in Santa Cruz, California, Seth explains the basics and how to really focus on tucking those bars right into your lap. Ryan gets the hang of it pretty quick after one crucial equipment change out. You won't believe what was holding him back from really locking these in. Check back alternating Tuesdays for more Getting Awesome.

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Disco Stu - A Day in the Life

I've watched this at least once a day for the last three days and it still makes me laugh! You must watch this.

Disco Stu - A Day in the Life from dsab on Vimeo.

Join dsab superstar Disco Stu as he takes you through a hilarious day in his less than average life. Awesome park and street riding as always from Disco, plus more than a few twists n turns along the way. This is NOT your average, snore fest BMX day in the life. Try it and see... - @teamdsab

Music: Kickstart My Heart - Motley Crue

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Parking Up at Motion Ramp Park

A true testament to how insane park riding in the UK is right now. Aaron Nicholson, Josh Crosswell, Jack Watts, Angus Gough, and Declan Brooks. Bangers!

Credit: Chris Wilmshurst

Parking Up at Motion Ramp Park - More BMX Videos

Martyn Tambling 2012

If you are looking for a footjam, a flair or a cashroll you probably won't be interested on this edit but now... If you are looking for a creative, refreshing, cool edit this is it!

Martyn Tambling 2012 from Verde Bikes on Vimeo.

Originally we hoped to shoot this edit in around three months but this proved easier said then done; finding days where Martyn was free for exploring spots proved rather difficult in between being a husband, father, site foreman and TM for the Verde UK Team amongst other side projects he does. This alongside the atrocious British weather meant that this web edit took us a little over a year to complete.

Martyn likes to keep off the beaten track and seems to get a kick out of sneaking around in places we shouldn’t be; often a days riding can be as much about the adventuring and overcoming obstacles as it can be about the riding itself. This project saw us visit boat yards, drop slides, full pipes, reservoirs and more and some spots proved successful while others proved less productive. However every location included a sense of exploration and discovery and a hope of finding that hidden gem, hopefully this is just the start of many more adventures to come!

Filmed & Edited by Ryan Hallett

Monday, December 10, 2012

Tony Campos' Backyard with Nyquist & Betley

Tony has a badass backyard ramp setup in San Francisco and Ryan Nyquist and Josh Betley joined him to shred it.

Credit: Vital BMX

Tony Campos' Backyard with Nyquist & Betley - More BMX Videos

BMX Sessions in Germany - Back to Berlin Streets - Ep 1

The Bruno Hoffmann project: "Back to Berlin Streets". For 2 months, Bruno Hoffmann explored the city of Berlin in search of the best BMX street spots. He met up with fellow riders Matthias Dandois and Anthony Perrin, where the trio successfully took the BMX scene in Berlin to a new level.

Stay tuned for Episode 2!

Get your self Bruno's signature frame here!


Dois dias de filmagens intensas, com o piloto profissional de Bmx Leandro Moreira, também conhecido como " Overall" , nos Trails mais respeitados de São Paulo.
Two days of intense filming, at the most respected Trails of São Paulo, with Pro BMX Rider Leandro Moreira, "Overall"


Agradecimentos | Thanks to:

Produção, Filmagem e Edição | Production, Film and Edit: Felipe Correa


Chris Childs individual part from the Ohio to ATX trip late summer. Childs. Is. Wild.

Video and Edit by - Mike King

Credit: DK Bicycle Co

Fast Forward BMX: Jack Clark

Boy am I stoked on this one! Hugest thanks to Luke Duffy and Jack Clark for filming this bangin' FFWDBMX Exclusive! This was filmed mostly over the course of a few days so it's pretty easy to see that Jack is easily one of the most progressive skatepark riders in the U.K. right now.
This video also marks Jack's departure with his long term frame sponsor via Scoop Distribution, DK Bicycles.
Jack is still killing it for Vocal and would like to say a huge thanks to Mason and everyone at Scoop for everything they did. We'll have some more news on Jack very soon indeed! So watch this space! Filmed and edited by Luke Duffy on a Canon 550D for Fast Forward BMX.
You can check out Luke's clothing company at:
Check out:

Credit: Luke Duffy

Friday, December 07, 2012

Heart&Soul Daniel Sandoval 2012

I'm normally not very interested in this style of riding but this kid right now represents the meaning of progression!
He can sure do tech variations and big gnarly tricks without any troubles.
This edit is quite literally filled with bangers that will make your jaw drop. Enjoy

Filmed, edited, and graphics by Adam Sims
Any questions? Contact

Song: imagine dragons - radioactive

Follow us on social media @daniel_sandovalbmx @adambsims

Four Down Park Sessions #2 - Ben Lewis

Sit back, relax and take in the effortless flow of Ben Lewis during a winter session at the 4Down Park. You'll need to watch carefully, Ben's riding is that tech it's easy to miss a thing or two, what a beast, enjoy. Thanks to Etnies for the support.

Four Down Park Sessions #2 - Ben Lewis from Channel 4Down on Vimeo.

Song: Fire The Facts
Artist: Life
Album: Outside Looking In
Support the artist here:

'The 4Down park is an invite only facility in Hastings, UK built by 4Down in conjunction with Etnies. The park aims to give back to the local scene, team riders, friends, family and special guests.'

Jason Phelan @ Unit 23

Peter Adam visited Jason at his new home Unit 23 last week. Enjoy :)

Jason Phelan @ Unit 23 from CSG UK on Vimeo.

Matt Nordstrom Fall edit

My name is Matt and I'm 15 and Ive been having fun filming this over the past couple months and filmed in Austin and Keller Texas.

Matt Nordstrom Fall edit from mattbmx440 on Vimeo.

Filmed by Ben Allen, Kyle Davenport, Nick Makuch and Ben Silver.
Couldn't do it withought you dudes.
Music: Dream Lover by Bobby Darin

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

2012 Snow Ballin' Jam

Harry Main, Declan Brooks, Anthony McGuirk, Chance Brejnakowski, Brad McNicol and more killing Transgression Skatepark in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Credit: Chris Wilmshurst

2012 Snow Ballin' Jam - More BMX Videos

Welcome To The Team Timmy Theus

I don't know how I nearly missed out on posting this edit... This dude is amazing!
Watch him float every hop making lines look steezy as they come

Welcome To The Team Timmy Theus from Tree Bicycle Co. on Vimeo.

I don't know where to start with Timmy, he just get's it. He's up for about anything, he's smart, motivated, maintains a positive outlook, and has a level head on his shoulders. That makes him good company. He's also really good on his bike and has a casual style with a lot of speed, pop, and skill. Good company makes bike riding better, and when you come a cross a guy like Timmy you want to get them involved with what you're doing. We're really happy to be making Timmy an official part of the tribe. We'd also like to give thanks to Timothy Hyde, Dave Leep, and Tony Loconte for tossing some of their footage into the mix to get this edit wrapped up.

Song: Curtis Mayfield (Don't Worry) If There's a Hell Below, We're All Gonna Go

Credit: Tree Bicycle Co.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Seventies Summer Tour 2012

Featuring: Matt Roe, Vince Mayne, Shaun Hadlington, James Cunningham, Phil Demattia, Ben Hennon and Joss Fenn.

Filmed and edited by Mike King

Seventies Summer Tour 2012 from Seventies Distribution on Vimeo.

Monday, December 03, 2012

Power Hour: Leon Perkins

Rampworx local Leon Perkins gives it all he's got for one hour. High speed shredding, huge gaps, spins both ways, and plenty of other madness!

Credit: Chris Wilmshurst

Power Hour: Leon Perkins - More BMX Videos


Matthias Dandois seeking for new spot. VLNC is a small collection of creative minds raised by the experience of life and shaped by our passions. Each one of these minds has its own skillset and personality, but we all strive for quality and an enjoyable working process.

Matthias DANDOIS X VLNC from kevin calvez on Vimeo.

Here's some of our work:

Filming: Kevin CALVEZ and Jeremie CARRERE from VLNC
Editing: Kevin CALVEZ
Music "Outro" from M83

Josh Perry: After Hours At Rye Airfield

Josh was back home for a little while. So we decided to get together at Rye Airfield, in New Hampshire and get some filming done! Hope You Enjoy!

Josh Perry: After Hours At Rye Airfield from Liam Crivellaro on Vimeo.

Music: The Submarines "1940 (Amplive Remix)"
Filmed/Edited: Liam Crivellaro
Filmed With: Fisheye Angles: Canon 60D, Rokinon Fisheye, Eazyhandle
Edited In: Final Cut Pro X
Long lens Angles: Canon T2i, 18-55, Bogen Tripod, Bescor LED


I wished that I could load this edit with the BF line on our website but due to the rude language I can't... Gutted really. Enjoy!