Sunday, July 30, 2006

Slosh rides America!

Mr Slosh recently went across the pond to ride some parks in the USA with fellow Totton local Matt Watson. As well as wowing the Americans with their style, they also tested their English accents on the unsuspecting American girlies...

You might have seen these pics already on Slosh's MySpace... but here they are posted again for the benefit of the sensible people without MySpace.

Photos taken by Matt Watson

Wanna be trendy? Smaller is better?

As with just about everything in this world, trends come and go. Right now, the trendy BMXers are all wearing super tight (girls?!) jeans and T-shirts. Is it just for looks? Or does it actually serve a purpose? Sometimes it's hard to tell. I guess having super tight jeans means you'll never have them chewed up by your sprocket and chain...

Go back a few years and nobody was ever worried about weight. Things seemed to have changed a bit since then, and there are probably just as many weight freaks out there as your girl jeans loving rider. Someone said to me a few weeks back that he'd yet to see a Pijin bike that wasn't light... I guess that statement is probably true... As can be seen from the table below, most of us are running biscuit sized gearing... It saves weight... it's nice and small so there's loads of clearance and you don't have to worry too much about bashing your sprocket up... But is smaller better? Maybe... but the downside is that making things smaller and lighter places more stress on the components. Things will wear out or fail before their larger counter parts. There's no real answer to what's best. You decide for yourself! (I really wouldn't recommend wearing girls jeans... they hurt too much!)

Gearing T-shirtsJeans
Carlos 25-9super tightmens - tight
James 27-10tightmens
Dave28-10super tightmens - tight
Slosh28-10super super tight mens

Jake's very chewed up 25T sprocket...
Jake's chewed up 25T sprocket

Farmer Dan's 2T (originally 9T) titanium driver...
Dan's mashed up 9T ti driver

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Curly's bike check

Curly and his ear ringOkay... it's pretty hard not to have a good bike when you work in a bike shop... you have all the latest gear sitting under your nose, it's just too tempting not to take a few bits every now and again. I guess Carlos spends more time in Pijin than anyone else (even me!) so it's understandable that he finds it a little harder to keep the same part on his bike for more than a couple of months without changing to something better. Slut! So what has he got now? He's been a bit slow out of the starting block this month... and got himself a new Simple Enigma frame (but only after Greg, Ryan, Scot and Scott (Angry) got theirs first...).

Too bad he can't ride it though... ankle injury should mean 5 weeks of no riding! He'll just have to make do with polishing it up over the next few weeks... Oh well, at least he has a new Profile mini cassette hub body in purple coming tomorrow. Rebuilding his wheel should keep him from wanting to ride his bike for a couple of hours at least...

Curly's bikeCurly's bike yet again!

FrameSimple Enigma 20.8"
ForkOdyssey 41 Thermal Pro Race Svelte
HeadsetFSA Orbit CE
BarsOdyssey Civillian Svelte
Bar EndsFly
StemCoalition Povah
GripsOdyssey Team
Brake LeverOdyssey M2 Small
BrakeFly with Koolstop dual compound BMX pads
GyroOdyssey GTX-R
Gyro CablesOdyssey M2 top cable, Snafu astroglide lower twin cables.
SeatMacNeil Capital
Seat PostMacNeil
Seat ClampProfile Slim Jim purple
Front WheelProfile blue mini hub 36H with ti bolts, Primo Balance rim
Back WheelProfile mini cassette LHD 9T ti driver & axle, Odyssey 7K-A Rim
TyresFront - KHE Premium Street, Rear - Primo v-Monster 1.95"
CranksProfile Race LHD with titanium axle
SprocketProfile Imperial 25T purple
ChainKMC Kool SL
Bottom BracketFly Spanish
PedalsPrimo Balance Magnesium
PegsProfile Alutanium
ModsCut down seat post

Disclaimer : The contents of this bike check are accurate at time of writing, but no doubt will have changed by the time you read this!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Another Saturday in Pijin...

Gay poseIs it a coincidence that they have the same hair styles? Tom and Alex try to emulate the Pretty Joe & Slosh poses... see the likeness?

Will's nose ringWill gets the biggest nose ring ever! (Which got promptly eaten after the picture got taken. Yuk!)

On the floorTom showing Will some love on the Pijin floor...

Bruised but not beatenMr Barclay had a nasty fall at Barend... must be those new bars that he got!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sprite Urban Games 2006

32°C at the Sprite Urban Games on Clapham Common. Sat in the blaring sun watching the Pro Street Comp early afternoon. Now I know what a sun ripened tomato feels like!

Left the SLR camera at home this year so no good photos to show... the little pocket digital camera wasn't really up to the job so I really didn't take many pics at all. It's no fun seeing all the action through a view finder!

Riding was absolutely amazing this year! Flip-whips, flairs, 720s, 360 double whips, front flips, double whip taps... big tricks, big style... it was all there somewhere today. Can't really describe what happened... my words just wouldn't do justice to the riding. You just had to be there!


Read this in the paper while on the bog today... is this for real? It did appear in the credible paper that is the Sun so maybe skank like this does exist in real life?

Pretty quiet in Pijin today... I guess most people are out and about enjoying the sunshine! Had the odd mountain biker and crying girl to deal with... but that's nothing out of the ordinary!