Saturday, September 27, 2008

I can't deal with Interbike...

So instead of posting up links to videos that tell you all about it, I'm going to do this:

RTRBTN 2.5: WORST CASE SCENARIO from james cox on Vimeo.

Watch it. The video, I mean. Not trying to be offensive.

RTRBTN is where it's at, as is Attila, where I saw it.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Lloyd Wright Informer Overspill

If you turn to page 132-ish of the new Ride, you'll spot an Informer for a Mr. Lloyd Wright. Now the mag's out, the overspill has been unleashed, so head over to Style43 to check out the photos that didn't make the cut (There's 8 or 9 there...).

So, yeah...

Um. The Levis DVD. Free with the next Dig. I almost literally can't wait, this trailer is so good:

Gonna make some early calls: Awesome sections from "The Usual Suspects". Dark horse of the video: Brett Walker...

But yeah, amazing trailer. So good I'm going to go and empty my bladder then go out for a ride!

Formby Jay = The Man

deviant knows from neil on Vimeo.

No joke. Full on The Formby Jay Show at the end. Also, best intro to a video pretty much ever.

Friday, September 19, 2008


Right, time to try and collate all the cool stuff I've seen over the past few days...

Firstly, the new Ride magazine (120) is sweet. The Vans DVD is pretty sweet, and it's got a pretty cool Informer piece in there, with a disappointing lack of photo credit. You win some; you lose some.

Talking of "Win", these dropouts:

And talking of "Lose", the lack of any kind of seat-clamp:

Genuinely "Signature" frame. Go over to WTP's site for more info on the Max and Mike signature frame...

Skavenger have a cool promo up on Defgrip that my computer hated, unless it's got some other reason why it was making life so hard to download/watch it...

FOCALPOINTBMX.COM from cooper b on Vimeo.

The first 30secs of this triggered flashbacks and put me into a panic attack as it reminded me so much of That Night in Harrow with That video... Fortunately, the rest of the vid totally dominated, so I posted it up here.

I know for a fact my brother Dan won't like that video, but at least it gives you a chance to see the kinds of awesomeness that are going to be in the Levis vid.

Similarly, this is the "Didn't make it in" obligatory webvid from the new Kink video, Safety First.

Kink "Safety First" UNUSED FOOTAGE from Kink Bike Co. on Vimeo.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


London's pretty hectic. As is moving into halls, riding a lot, and having very little down-time to access the interwebs.

Normal service will resume soon...

Monday, September 15, 2008

Err... new energy drink!

Just how do energy drink makers come up with names for their products? What inspired Redbull, Monster, Relentless and Rockstar?

If I had to name a drink, I would not name it...

Serious? Here's an empty can that was left at Pijin over the weekend.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Retribution is coming...

A new website, RTRBTN2.5 video coming out on the web soon, new T-shirt designs being shown - James Cox has plans.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Dew Tour details...

According to Ride, this is what Aitken pulled:

Mike Aitken: Nothing-to-turndown, nothing-to-no-footed can-can, nac-nac-to-turndown, no-footed can-can-to-turndown, 360 indown, 360 lookback, 360 one-footed downside tables, 360 x-up can-can, 360 one-footed table-to-lookback, and the raddest of them all: 360 topside can-can tiregrab. Did you get all of that? Insane.


But yeah, go here to see a pic or two. #24 = classic Aitken.

Oh, related news: Bestwick won Gold in Vert. All good.

Turning point

Somehow, judging at major comps just got legit - Mike Aitken won the Dew Tour's dirt comp last night. 360 cancan tyre grabs & Nac-nac to lookback vs. Double flips and Flipwhips. Good to see the judges get the point, unless this is just a plan to try and get actual BMXers interested in the Dew setup rather than just people watching the Extreme Channel? It's rad either way, seeing 'actual' riders get a decent amount of money and a share of the spotlight instead of trick ferrets is pretty sweet.

Photo from Fit.

Eclat have released this pic of their new seat/seatpost combo, the Complex seat:

From Tunney:

We've been working on this for a while now and did not want to release it until all of the kinks were worked out. Introducing the éclat Complex seat and seatpost combo. The Complex seat and post combo is constructed of a one-piece plastic core which forms the seat and post. Surrounded by the plastic core on the post is an alloy sleeve which insures that the post is not crushed when you clamp it down in the frame. Designed exclusively by éclat, the complex seat and post combo is available in two options, regular and padded, along with an assortment of colors. The design is patent pending, the seat molding is reinforced and you'll be able to knock a few extra ounces off your bike. And of course, if the Complex seat/post combo isn't your thing, you can always take precious time away from riding to blog about it... éclat will be at Interbike. Stop by the booth (#5367) and say hi.

Hopefully they'll release a pic of it on a bike soon to get an idea of what angle it sits at. Seeing as you aren't gonna be adjusting it, I'd have thought it was pretty important...

Lastly, go here to see just how unlucky Jimmy Levan is.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hell yes!

Just clocked this over on the Orchid site - a really, really cool video of the latest P5 jam, Cov Confrontation. This edit ruuules! Wolvo jam later in September!

[Project5] Coventry Confrontation from Seventies Distribution on Vimeo.

Tom Davis edit

This guy was at the first P5 jam in Leicester earlier in the year, and surprised everyone by sending a twist off a pretty burly set of stairs. He's just put this edit up, and although it's not the latest steadycam-HD-full-on-production, it's still pretty rad, and the banger's... well... a bit of a banger, haha.

Milton Keynes And Stoke Plaza from Tom Davis on Vimeo.

It also reminds me how much I need to go ride Stoke Plaza.

Like my mother always said...

"Honesty is the best policy", which apparently the guys over at Colony agree with as well, judging from the name of their new hubset, the Clone hubs:

No prizes for guessing why...

As we're talking new products, Lotek have taken their logo and vulcanised model sole pattern and applied it to a Primo blank grip, creating this:

Rich Hirsch also has some new product one from Fremont - go here if that interests you. Just as a teaser, here are the brand new Chase Dehart jeans, which are apparently slightly tweaked Nightwolf jeans (Looser fit, basically).

Odyssey have also put up a quick update on their site to let everyone know about their new parts that are out:

Info. To save you a bit of time though, it's just stickers, preload bolts for their forks (that you'll need for when you (inevitably) strip your current one because of how soft the metal is), and Lumberjacks in rancid colours...

In case you were in any doubt about their completes range, Fit have put this up on their site:

Makes sense to me, I guess?

In other complete bike related news, United have totally revamped their site, and put up all their new bits 'n' bobs, including the '09 completes. They've got a Podcast setup now so you can get all their latest videos easily downloaded to your iTunes, a mailing list to help you enter some of their online comps, and much, much more - go check it out, there's loads of content on there (And it looks sweet!).

In semi-related news, if you see a vid on their site, chances are it'll have been edited by James Cox - check out a rescue mission he was recently involved in over on Dig. Very darying.

At the 2008 Masters Spine Pro Finals, everyone was sessioning the ramp during practise apart from one man (Technically, "Man" is stretching the definition a little, as that should be probably be "Bear-man" or "Beast") - Dave Osato. Instead of getting involved in all the early-doors psyching out that all the other guys were wasting their time with, Dave just chilled on the deck, then when his run came, unleashed some ridiculous tricks that no-one else even attempted. He's got a Videorama coming for WTP soon, but for now, a BNQT video will do:

While we're talking videos, Mutiny have a new vid up of George Boyd and Ryan Smith that you can check out here. Good stuff.

Equally, I spotted this over on the Animal site - a trailer for a new video, Status Quo. Pretty ironic title as it seems to share the same sort of riding style, editing style and music as most NYC vids, but hey, they're usually pretty good so there's no harm done:

While we're talking about NYC street vids, here's one by Skinny for - randomly - Alphanumeric. I can only remember them from THPS2. That was a sweet game... Here's the vid.

Lastly - something completely different. From the "grimey" streets of New York to the sound of waves crashing on the beach at Fistral Bay during the recent Boardmasters, courtesy of Vans/Freecaster:

WTP's continuation of greatness.

Just saw this up on the WTP site. Those guys really are rad, I can't really begin to explain how cool everyone at the People's Store and WTP were when we were over there. Anyway, cool vid about a cool a photo!

In other WTP news, there are a couple of photos of the '09 Elektro frame up here. Looking good, can't wait to see stuff like the '09 Lo-Fi too!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hot diggidy.

That's not much?

Neither is that...

Plenty more expensive lightweight trinkets from EuroBike up here.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Two good videos.

Does exactly what it says on the tin? ;-)

Sixties Remake from BJ Wolfe on Vimeo.

Thought this was pretty sweet, clocked over on TCU.

Lastly - judging from most of the Levis weekly videos, I assumed that the DVD was going to be full of awful music that was blatantly either available for free or hella cheap as a licensed track so they could use it on either a web-vid or DVD, as Levis are pretty big so they'd need to consider it. Fortunately, on the awesome new Nathan Williams video they've found something decent!

Again - this is scrap footage, that DVD is going to be nuts (As long as Corey, Dakota and Nathan don't Primo Levis).

WTP 'stuff'.

WTP have shown some pics on their site of their new proto Supreme cassette, including the ability to, to quote Blazin' Squad, flip reverse it and run it as a LHD or RHD hub:

In WTP-related news, Chester Blacksmith has an online Disposable feature up on Dig - go there to check out his new sig frame, read a brief Q'n'A, and see some exclusive Eclat stuff too!


Which is more futile?

10m dive into 30cm of water?


A 22" wheeled BMX?

Monday, September 08, 2008

Demolition Concorde forks?

Chris Doyle has a new set of forks out, named after the dated airliner that was eventually pulled from active service when it burst into flames and crashed into a hotel and killed a load of people.


Hopefully there'll be fewer catastrophic failures with these forks than their namesake.

Full 100% 4130 CR-MO // tapered Legs // one piece steerer // fork leg slot for peg clearance // offset: 32mm // weight: 31.7 oz.


From the Flintstones...?




Australia trip part two from Flybikes on Vimeo.


More BMX Videos >>

Subrosa's '09 range.

Go here, and good luck. I got to the first complete and it tried killing my computer. Hmmph.

Sneaky Edit: Works for me now, and I'm feeling the look of that Alameda frame, and I have no idea why...

How smooth?

Pretty damn, considering that's a 180 flip over a spine.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

19.85lb complete?

What the hell?

Frames look pretty stunning either way - cleeeean finish! Go here to check out both the frames and the completes.

Not so keen on the lack of a chainstay brace though:

Lotek in Bogota.

Worth a watch!

Bogota from Lotek on Vimeo.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Friday, September 05, 2008

____ Cockpit seat

Guess who makes this new seat, that comes in both Pivotal and 8mm, Cromo railed versions?

100% more Avalanches content always a good thing.

That Boy Needs Therapy from Dave King on Vimeo.

T.C.U. | Fat

Ride Need You

Seeing as there are quite a few budding photographers, filmers and the like who read this (Well, I assume so. 400 people a day, means there's likely to be someone who likes wielding a camera), this might be useful info for you guys:

Ride needs you!

Getting your photos up on a 'proper' site is approx. 4,000% better than getting a "Nice Capture! XXX" comment on Flickr, or "U look buff in dis" comment on Myspace. Just as a hint ;-)


The WeThePeople RideToGlory AlternateEdit by Matty L is now up on their Videorama page. Acronymalicious. But yeah, it's a really good video and well, well worth a watch.

Speaking of RTG, head over to Ride UK's site to check out all the vids from the DVD and vote on your favourite. I'm going to be more than a little surprised if the winner isn't either Fit or WTP, for the record.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Chain of events.

Well, saw this vid on >FBM, after Crandall saw it on 4Down, resulting in you seeing it here.

CheltBMX Summer 2008 (correct aspect ratio) from Chris Hill-Scott on Vimeo.

Awesome riding, awesome spots, awesome scene, awesome video. Good times.

"It's Or-kid"

No joke. Someone actually asked me where I got my "Or-chids" (Like Orchard, but not) when I was at South Bank once.

In related news, new brown Porter V1 colourway. Expect to see V2 soon.

I think they need to basically just make every model they do in brown, with a black and white colourway too, and they'd be set.

I know you're thinking "Hmm, Mark usually posts at 4am. Why on Earth is he posting this up at early o'clock in the morning?" Well, the reason is is that I was thinking to myself "Man, I wonder what Niels Thanild rides these days", to the extent that I couldn't actually sleep. Luckily, I came down to the computer and found that Fat have a Bikecheck up with Niels T.

Note: The previous story may not be 100% accurate.


When's Pijin going to get one of these puppies in eh?

What the hell?

That's some kinda weird tan:

Spotted on the Aversion Blog, along with a cool new video of a night sesh. Go there, watch it!

EDIT: One thing I forgot to say - I'll often be lurking about online, then think "Man, I haven't checked the Aversion site in time", then go there and there'll be a new vid up. Whether that means that Louis either has some awesome kind of telepathic ability, or whether they just update their site a lot, I don't really know...

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

TCUB comes good.

Surprisingly, some people (apart from the Pro Q&A dudes, obviously) on TheComeUpBoard ride. They also ride pretty damn well, as this shows:

David Grant Summer 08 from dbg765 on Vimeo.

Glam vids?

Mutiny have released the pics 'n' specs of their V2 Glam bars, and here they are:

New Shape per Roeys request for 09, 420 Baked and a extra inch of width.

* Rise: 8.125"
* Width: 29"
* Backsweep: 12 degree
* Upsweep: 1 degree
* Weight: Paint: 1.5 lb
* Colors: Black, Baron Black, Roost Red, Matte Gold

Lastly, two new vids - first one up is from Ride from Day 8 of the Up In Smoke Tour (Click here for Day 8 pics...):

The next up is the Primo Promo - when Corey Martinez, Dakota Roche and Nathan Williams left their team I was left with a bit of doubt in my mind as to how good this video would actually be, but it looks like it's gonna be dece:

"NICE TRY" first promo from PRIMO on Vimeo.

Wheres wally?

I has been lurking-

Nice Mk5...

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Brighton Ain't Ready premiere

Well, it's been a long time in the making, but the Brighton Ain't Ready video is aaaaaaalmost ready:

Brighton Ain't Ready! DVD Trailer . . . from Seventies Distribution on Vimeo.

And here are the details of the premiere:

Spotted on Defgrip!

BAR - Sweeeeeeet.

Here's the trailer for the Brighton Ain't Ready video, which I can't wait for. It's gonna be sooooo sick!

Brighton Ain't Ready! DVD Trailer . . . from Seventies Distribution on Vimeo.

Dakota Roche Levis Clips

These didn't make the cut for the DVD. I'll let you think about what that means for his actual part...

Daddy-Vision Part 12.

Aw yeah.

LS6 continuation of awesomeness.

LS6BMX weekend in the midlands from Ls6bmx on Vimeo.

Maaaaan, I really wanna ride at that bank/stairset spot. Too good! Midlands is the new Austin, TX?

Unrelated, go to the Beloe site to see what Nathan Williams went and did to himself...

This deserves a watch, and I guess this sorta does too. Online lucky dip, aw yeah.