Friday, December 28, 2007

New Federal site.

Yeah, it's finally up! Only 2/3months late, but hey! It's a really sweet layout, which does require flash player to view. Loads of unseen photos in the team section, links to all the video's plus the trailer to the up-coming video, and all the new product info. Federal are really stepping the game up. Click here to view it.

Apparently, someone in the UK still wears Etnies.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

WTP - Andrew Jackson

New Videorama section up on WTP's site. But will it work for you?

Defgrip/Give D Xmas Edit

Sweet new Give D edit up on Defgrip - we officially need more 3-toboggans-to-fakies in videos. Fact.

And in life, to be fair.

Anyway, link: Shazam.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

New Primo video.

Instead of Primo making a DVD, they made this web vid titled "Strange Crew", and as they have a new website to come soon, this shows that Primo are stepping their game up.Click here to see.

Dan Lacey, Dakota Roche and Nathan Williams, infact, all of their clips are nuts!

Fareham Banks Jam


Eddie C grips.

I know they're nothing new, but thanks to Fat Alex for showing me this picture, he reminded me how much I want a set of these Mosh grips. YES PLEASE!
Oh, and I hope you all had a good christmas. I know I did :)

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone at Pijin, and everyone who supports Pijin!

Hope you all have a good holiday, hopefully see you guys down in Southampton some time soon.

*Insert pic of Dan doing the Llandrindod High School railhop in Santa hat that got cancelled 'cos it's rained every day for forever here*

Randy Taylor Overexposed part.

Interestingly, I once gave someone my copy of Overexposed to someone as a 'thankyou' for being a model for me for an art project. No joke.

I'm still gutted I don't own a copy of it, and fully intend to buy another soon. If you don't own a copy, watch Randy Taylor's part here, then go buy it.

From TCU.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Superstar UK Trip video

Black BMX have put this up on vimeo. It's of the Superstar team on a trip through the UK. It's dialled as there is a crankflip to footjam, smooth as butter.

Superstar UK trip from blackbmx on Vimeo.

It's not so dialled when you see the copius ammount of Indian givers though.

Saturday, December 22, 2007


...he's also got this webvid up on the Federal site:

Edd Allen interview.

Edd Allen, the man behind the Federal videos has an interview up on Defgrip.

Click here to read.

Cold hands.

Not cool.

Ricky Bates video, continuing Sputnic's quest to only have the fastest riders in the world on their team...

Props Year End '07 trailer. It's got the J.J. Garrett Palmere Reynolds bio in there, which pretty much makes it worth the money on it's own...

Friday, December 21, 2007

New United web vid.

This video was meant to be in the new Come up video that I think is dropping soon, but due to converting reasons, it's not going to be. It's stars Ricky Feather and Theo Simpson, both tailwhip master. Watch out for the Over - Smith - 180 clip, it's pretty clean!

Click this!

Oh, and becuase I am at it, here is a JJ Palmere video bike check (not Garret Reynolds!). His t-shirt is wiiiilllddd! I would embed it, but Vital is being gay.

Empire on Vimby.

Hanson Little's beard is safe.

Oh, and there is this Ian Schwartz bike check on Fat BMX. Click.

Neil vs. Formby Jay vid

Poached from Matty Lambert's Myspace, link up on in the News section.

Nang promo

Defgrip vid.

Defgrip page.


Short Fly web edit.

Check this out. It's a very short video of Fly bike's Javier Ortega (who's bloody tank!), Ruben, and Sergio Layos. The begining is pretty casual with the Spanish music, and Ruben and Javier's sleek style (e.g, tables, tables, and tables), then there is Sergio, he is sick. I love Sergio's style. Smoooooooooth.

Oh, and here is a picture of Jared Washinton's Federal Notorious. Im phsyced to see this as he has clear Odyssey PC's. May this mean they are nearer to production? (Consider he's not on Odyssey as I'm aware..) If they do get made, I'll be one happy child.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Mitch Yeates signature "Weaver" frame.

This kinda slipped me by - hit up Ride's site for the details...

Post 300 - SOBP Review!

Name: Stoked On Being Pumped
Editor: Joe Simon
Running time: Main feature - approx. 30mins
Price: £6.99 (Regular quality) or £27.99 (Blu-Ray)

S.O.B.P. Trailer:

S.O.B.P. Z-roll footage (Defgrip Exclusive)

Since Gaz and Joe took over Mutiny, it's been pretty clear that they want to make sure they do everything just right. From re-designing the graphics/feel of the company from the ground up, to creating some of the best new frames and products out there, they've achieved that goal.

Similarly, when it came to making their video, they didn't cut any corners. Starting off by making sure that quality-wise it was going to be 100%, they've been filming exclusively with HD cameras (The lower quality SD footage they gathered before is available in a mix in the Bonus section - nice touch!). They've also flown the majority of their team to be out with them in Austin and the US, so Matt Roe, Niki Croft, Josh Bedford and some others have been getting all jet-set for the vid. They even set up a website just for the vid: Pro!

However, BMX history is littered with companies who threw all the resources they had at making a decent video, and failed spectacularly (Naming no names...). Fortunately, Mutiny haven't.

The video follows a pretty loose format, with a seamless flow between mix sections and rider sections. It feels similar to the Lotek Mixtape, in a good way. The one thing you notice watching it through though is that this isn't a banger-filled vid - although they do drop some - but it seems to be out more to give you the vibe of the company itself, which I personally think is a pretty cool way of going about business. Most of their team have featured in a good few videos before (ranging from Voices to V-Club: Overexposed, from Chill Bro to Grounded), so we know they've all got talent, but this video's about more than that. Because of this, it seems to be more of a 'feel good' video. Again, I mean that in a good way! I usually rate how good videos are by how much they make me want to ride, but S.O.B.P. made me want to ride, but much more. The summery feeling from the Texan sunshine that pervades through the video makes you dream of it being summer again (Not being -3°C and damp); it makes you want to travel around more; it makes you want to just chill out with friends.

So to recap all that - if you're looking for non-stop tricks, you're probably looking in the wrong place. If you didn't 'get' the T1 You Get What You Get video, you probably won't 'get' this either, and that's a shame. A lot of the time it seems people try to just shut out anything in BMX apart from the riding itself, when there's so much more available - amazing places, people and situations that you'll experience, and Stoked On Being Pumped really gets those points across well, despite featuring amazing riding from the likes of Matt Roe, Niki Croft, Ryan Smith, Justin Simpson and several others. I only hope Hanson Little's wrists and ankles felt as good as I did after watching the vid!

All in all, the editing, music, riding and vibe from the Mutiny vid is perfect. Yes, it's not all that long and yes, it's not all the latest tricks from around the world, but it's just a good, honest video that really sums up what Mutiny is about, which for me, is the whole point of a team video.

Randy Taylor Ride cover

I wouldn't jump them straight?

08 Burlish.

I'd heard from Carlos about Niki Croft riding some new Mutiny frame that was "scary light". Well, I looked on Mutiny's site only for my Matt Roe(who has the best part ever in SOBP) update, until this little piece popped up.

This is Josh Bedford's bike. The frame is a Burlish which has been 420 baked (basically in other words heat treated) and now weighs in under 4.5lbs. Mutiny didn't really seem as though they wanted to reveal much, but I'm going to assume that nothing has changed geometrically. Oh, but they did but this picture up of the seat stay bridge. Sweeeeet!

New Pijin ads.

The new Pijin Ads are up on the Pijin Myspace (And, as a result, up on MYspace). Go check 'em out, then go buy the respective magazines!

(If these don't work, blame Blogger/Myspace!)

Pijin Christmas Meal

Uh, we had our Christmas meal this evening, which was cool. Tried some squid or something as well, I thought it was an onion ring - I have to say, it wasn't bad! Anyway, sorry Carlos, you knew it was coming...


So yeah. Vids.

More X-Games Street.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Seshin '08 products.

Heard of Seshin? If that's a no, then it's the company Jared Chilko left Fit for... Idiot? Maybe. Well here is there 08 line up, including an Ian Schwartz-esque frame which has a built-in pivital post, removable lugs and all that jazz. Also coming out is their Chilko bars which are practically Glams, the best bars in the world.I'm not sure whether they actually have a distributor in the U.K, but, I'm sure you'd be able to ship on in from Canada if you really wanted to. Oh, and I like their catalogue picked grips... Not.

Sputnic video

Tony Neyer made this video for Sputnic, and it's pretty sweet. I'd go to lenth of calling a relaxing watch, but it's background can't really back that point up...

Was that actually Eddie Clevlands bike in my last post? It says it was, but Fat BMX isn't agreeing with me. Click here to see why...

Oh, and finally, if you head over here to the Odyssey, you'll get to find out which 5 limited edition JC pedals were Jim Cielencki's favourite. None of them were mine...

Chill Bro quote, product pic.

To quote that kid from the start of Scerbo's part on Chill Bro:


A 23t, fullguard sprocket.

I'll just let that sit in your head for a bit.

Ridiculousness. How can you make something that small, with a guard on it?!

I bet there are more out there, before people start commenting, but I just happened to spot it in the Products section, so bite me ;-)

Pijin "Ready, Steady, Cook" team?

The BBC's "Ready, Steady, Cook!" program had a contestant called John Pang on today.

No joke.

In a similar "No joke" way, here is Harry Main performing a "Street flair". Whether that's because he's doing it on a "street quarter" or whether it's street because it's blatantly going to flat, I'm not sure.

In other news: No Front Teeth is still really, really good.

Dubai X-Games - EC's bike.

Browsing the internet, I cam across a video from the latest Dubai X-Games on Vital. It's a street course, with, suprisngly, street riders. These actual street riders are the likes of Ian Scwartz, Edwin Delerosa, Van Homan, and Aaron Ross. It's a sick video, and I must say, I love Aaron Ross' up ledge smith to whip off. It's unreal!

Click here because Vital's embeding is being gay.

Oh, and I also came across of Eddie Clevland's bike with his new frame. Danggg son!

on the subject of terrible one (see post below)
joe now has a Q&A thread up on the come up board......
go ask the best bike rider in the world* anything you want to know about history and/or terrible one in general. the guy has more caps then anyone else, rides everything better than anyone else, is a super nice guy and just basically kick ass at everything he does.
id put 'n/h' here comeupstyleyyy mate but i am fully homo* for joe rich

josh rich is god*.

*it's been proven!
*f/h = fully homo
*he can do anything he wants


'08 Barcodes.

No, not a post about boring shop admin ;-)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sunday - Atlanta montage

After seeing Mark's amount of posts, I thought it was necessary to post atleast one blog tonight, haha. So after sneeking round on the internet, I came across this Sunday bikes video. It's just a few old clips of Mike Hoder, Vinnie Sammon and Karl Poynter from a trip to Atlanta. It's right up the street for all you street demons, Carlos! (See the Pijin advert in the new ride! Ha)


"Why didn't you do them in one post?"


4Down online catalogue - sweet photos, vids 'n' ppppproddy!

Uprail. What.

Chase Dee'aaaaaaaart (Official London pronounciation) bikecheck, by Chase Dee'aaaaaaaaaaart himself.

Out now!



Who will you be covering for the January video?
It will be mainly Scott Ditchburn, Ben Lewis, Bengo, Harry Main and Jason Phelan.


That is part of the Ride interview with Matty Lambert regarding Video 1.

Having seen Ben Lewis ride "in real lyf", and having seen how awesome he was in the 4Down DVD, I can't really wait to see how good it's gonna be when he gets properly filmed by someone (i.e. Big Matty L who is properly talented and knows exactly how they want things to work out in the final production (No offence to James's 4Down editing skills, but it's a different kinda video).

I'd just like to point out it's going to be free. Free, and containing footage from Scotty D too. What!

Cheap shot.

Bike checks. Pretty much the blogging equivalent of the Indian Giver.

Nang looks pretty awesome... buy it ;-)

RRP of £11.99 is pretty good considering how long they've been filming for this, the work they've been putting in, and how epic it's gonna be. Fo realz!

It's also got the nicest DVD cover I've seen in a while?

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Pijin cut

Next time you go to the barbers, ask for the "Pijin cut"! Lil Christian did...

See: "Flippant"


Eddie Cleveland signature (VansHalfcab)Loteks, anyone?

How about Flypaper (Not made by Fly...) pedals to go with 'em?

Ever felt your rim-tape's weighing you down? So did these dudes.

Wanna see my bike?

There you go.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

4Down Summer of Madness Review

Name: 4Down Summer of Madness
Editor: James Cox
Running time: Main feature - approx. 35mins
Price: £5.99

Having been lucky enough to have an opportunity to check out a rough draft on Summer of Madness at James Cox's house, I sort of knew what to expect from the finished product, but I was still excited to see how it would turn out. Having been with the Fit team on their London leg of their tour, I was also interested to see how the ridiculousness of what they got up to would translate onto the video.

You know how much effort has gone into a video when even the menu select screen looks cool and has a little video featurette that you actually want to watch. The actual video itself though kicks of with a little edit of Boyley, which I thought was quite a nice touch. It's almost reminiscent of how Animal drop in clips of Tiseo, but in this case it's all the more relevant as Boyley's riding is still good even though it's a few years old.

After that tribute is a random montage of clips of crashes, people kicking back in a session and some of the general randomness that happens out on the road. This smoothly switches into a nice little cut of riding from various people on the DVD to give you a bit more of a feel of who's doing what. You also get to see Owain Clegg's ACL get marmalised - not cool!

The first actual section of the video is devoted to the S&M team's trip. Kicking off with a ridiculously held ice to tap by Donnacha Carroll, there's a good mix of riding here from the flow of Lima (Although he's got more than just "Flow" in his trick-bag; the 180 up a block to half-cab off to manual-180 off the end of the ledge he started from was tech, and smooth as hell), to the street-ness of James Newrick, to the old school/new school mix of Amos Burke to Joe Fox's generally high levels of awesomeness (culminating with a table down a whole load of stairs).

All the riders on this section earn their keep, especially editor James Cox, who was on a strict "No filming!" regime by Dean Hearne to make sure he got clips going into the vid. And clips he did - you do one, he'll do it double. This includes double barspins on banks and even off a ledge (I think? So fast!) to double footjamwhips that look mental. I don't get how you can take your foot off your front wheel with it pointing straight down a bank, and not have it move? Either way, James gets it done.

The section flows nicely, with a good pick of music and a choice selection of bangers. The filler:killer ratio is spot-on too, with the mixing of general roadtrip vibe stuff tying in nicely with all the general riding that goes on. The S&M trip draws to a close nicely with a good-sized banger from Donnacha - I was amazed he didn't die, one inch forward would've been brutal. I'll say no more!

After that section, it goes over to the Rebel Jam trip that features most of the UK FBM team with a mix of some of the Metal team too. This means you get another variety of riders, with the whole spectrum of riding covered from Tom Blyth's rail killing and general street tech to Josh Elkington flowing round parks pretty much smoother than anyone else can. There's another dose of the old school here courtesy of Fids, which mixes with the newer style of Ross Tanner and Co. well. Steve Crandall and Ryan Metro make it over from across the pond too.

The riding is generally good in this section, although compared to the trick-fest of the following Fit section and the previous S&M section, it seems a bit empty at times. That's not to say that there's a shortage of amazing, stand-out tricks (Tom Blyth's opening G-turn over a pretty long jumpbox, and the manual-tap-to-360-off on a concrete block being prime examples), but it's not as relentless as the other sections. There's still a good amount of riding to be had in there though, and the editing again holds the section together well. Caleb Kilby seems a little more in control these days, and as a direct result is now fully dominating whatever people put in front of him. One of the highlight clips is probably a ridiculous gap to manual (I think there was contact anyway?), which is promptly followed by a "F**k!" from trip photog Steve Bancroft. Timing.

After that section's done, there's a small Fit section from Scott Edgworth dominating some dirt. This section screams "Summer!" as loudly as it can, with clear blue skies and a bright, sunny look to all the clips. It's a really light section, with some pretty heavy riding. Ever since seeing his section in No Front Teeth I've liked his riding, so it was cool to get a more up to date dose, even if it did give me some pretty big summer withdrawal symptoms.

After we wave goodbye to the sun in Scott's section, we get to say hello to the at-times rain-filled Fit UK section.

The Fit section kicks off with potentially the most chilled person I've ever met, Scotty Ditchburn. In the interview on Ride's site a while back, James Cox mentioned about how Ben Lewis and Scotty D were on a producing mission (as evidenced by them both getting at least two clips at a soaking wet St.Pauls just to make up the numbers), and Scotty's pretty much got himself a full rider section in the Fit section. There's a different vibe to the Fit sections from the rest of the video, although there's still the roadtrip footage, it's got a much more focussed feel, which I'd say pretty well matched just how on it the team was. Still up for having a laugh, but tempering that with a desire to ride their bikes properly. Scotty does a ridiculous amount of amazing stuff in his section so I won't trick list, but yeah, hammers!

Cleggy and Owain Clegg have a split-section of sorts next, with some tech riding and lines from Cleggy, then some Cantelowes shredding and misc. London footage from Owain. Some of Clegg's spinning lines in this section just don't make sense. At all.

London-transplants Marv and Benson have the next split-section, with some tech grind lines from each of them, and some looooong manual-lines from Benson.

Last up is Ben Lewis (use this knowledge!). Ben's riding was pretty ridiculous when he was in London, and this trend continued throughout the trip. Despite being one of the quietest people when everyone was riding, to use the cliche, his riding did the talking. For example, his banger-line was filmed at a sports court in Hackney, and in between attempts he just sat there, looking at the floor. All of a sudden he'd get up, pedal as hard as he could, then just try it. Pretty amazing, even if it must've been stressing filmers Dean and Ben out when they got no notice that the trick was about to go down.

Similarly to Scotty, Ben has pretty much a full video-part in this section. It's fully justified, and there's a big mix of riding from Ben, from super-tech manual-to-gap-to-nose-manual-180 lines, to tech grind combos to a manual-to-180 that's so big it actually offended me. Just you watch the vid. You'll see what I mean. The only downside for Ben's section for me was the lack of bump stuff he was doing (If you saw the webvids that popped up online during the trip, you couldn't help but be impressed by them), but having had them rinsed online beforehand I guess they may have lost their use-ability in the final cut. His section is still a great ender to the video though, and it's a treat to watch.

The credits section is filled with the mandatory messing around clips, and failed lines, and is backed by some Ian Morris approved music. It's a nice way to wind down after the hectic last Fit section though, and again lets you realise just how cool a summer it must've been for Dean & Co., despite the stresses of getting almost an entire trip rained off (S&M) to having to battle to get footage of people (4down random team mix), to getting kicked out of literally every spot for an entire 8 hours (Fit London leg, day 3).

As well as the main video though, there's a couple of nice bonus extras - the Unused Footage montage is a cool little edit, and the 4Down comp edits are pretty rad too. There's also an... "Interesting" Amos Burke Cribs section, but you'll have to purchase the vid for that 'cos there's no way people would put that online...

All-in-all, this is a really, really good DVD. Considering how hard it is getting the clips on a roadtrip (when you've got your riding time split up by travelling, bad weather, spot-finding, chilling, etc.), James has done an excellent job of piecing together a video that really shows just how good all the riders are, whilst still getting across a great roadtrip vibe. It's not a full-on banger-fest, but it's still a great video to watch none-the-less. It certainly gets you thinking of long summer days instead of short, dark, wet wintery rubbish, and gives you motivation to want to ride so you'll be in top form for the sunny days that the good ol' British summertime should provide for us in 2008 - let's face it, it owes us one...

Friday, December 14, 2007

Summer of Fit DVD review.


I could probably leave this review purely at that, and it would get across the point quite nicely. However, this isn't a perfect world, so I won't...

Let's just cover some of the bare facts here regarding Summer of Fit.

1. Dakota Roche.
2. Mike Aitken.
3. Chase Dehart.
4. Chase Hawk.
5. Tom White.
6. Edwin.
7.0 The.
7.5 Rascats.
8. Eddie Cleveland.
9. Van Homan.
10. Everyone else on Fit.

I am well aware that I have basically just listed the majority of the Fit pro team, and that's the point I'm trying to get across. These people are the movers and shakers of the BMX world. These are the people who set the trends that everyone else follows. As a result, any new footage from any one of these people (except for two) is always a good thing. When it's "So new, you saw photos of that session 2 weeks ago online", you know it's fresh.

The video starts off in what struck me as a stereotypically Fit way. Mike Aitken blasts a substantial gap at a picturesque school from a bank over 498 rails (Count 'em), followed by Dakota Roche doing a sweet tech bank line, and Van Homan doing a bars over a rail. This pretty much sets the tone for the video: The Fit team doing what we know they do best.

Van Homan, Dakota Roche and Mike Aitken own this video. Chase Dehart gets an honourable mention purely because of just how good his little section is in there, but those three names in bold at the start of this paragraph basically sum it all up. On a post-it note attached to my copy of the DVD, there was a scrawled note that simply said "Dak's 5! Awesome!", and until you see the video you're just going to have to take our word for it. I think I actually shouted "WHAT" when he dropped it. Someone probably wept. Either way, it's that good. Van Homan destroys the majority of the rails in the entire US continent. Up-rail to opp whip off? Massive gap to second stage ice followed by the same line, but to manual down the rail? He's just an animal. And of course Mike Aitken is Mike Aitken - taking footplant trickery to a new level, and doing probably the best Ruben parody since Grounded got released to end the video.

The other riders on the trip also shine through with the sort of quality you'd expect from any Fit team member, although unfortunately Chase Hawk appeared to be nursing a wrist injury meaning no "to the moon!" boosts off 3" high curb-cuts in this video.

So, with the riders and riding covered, what about the editing 'n' stuff?

Well, the music selection, I'd say, is better than Fitlife (apart from the one song that seems fully out of place, but you'll see what I mean when you buy your copy of it. *ahem*). There's a good mix here from modern hip-hop to the standard old school selection, up to modern rock type stuff. I should be a CD reviewer. Either way, there's a good mix that really help change the pace of the video nicely. The only downside is that at times it feels very much like a mixtape, with the music suddenly ending as the spot changes, and so on. This isn't all that bad though, as I'll get to next. Unlike previous videos I've seen (Macneil's DVD being the key example of this), I didn't once feel the need to mute the video, and I did actively try and find the names of one or two of the songs after. For me, that's good music choice.

"But Mark, what did you mean with "This isn't all that bad?"?" Well, the editing on this video isn't amazing. We're definitely not talking (love it or loathe it) Grounded quality, but bearing in mind this was - as the name suggests - filmed over one long summer, largely in the form of a beasting roadtrip, it still stands up well by itself. Equally, this video really, really made me want to go out on my little bike, which is again the sign of a good video in my books. There were about a million things that it made me want to try (again, Dak's 5), and this is a good thing. This really is one of the most progressive BMX teams around now, and this video is a great snapshot of their talent at this point in time, subtley reminding you that right now, while you're reading this review, somewhere in the world Mike Aitken is going to be fastplanting a rail, Dak is probably going to be doing a sweet hop whip, Chase D is going to be throwing the official Nicest Barspins in BMX, and the Rascats will probably be the Rascats.

This is the perfect "Before you ride" fodder, which, in this harsh winter, is just what you/I/we need. As a result, I can't really recommend it highly enough.

For more of Mike Aitken, check out the new web-vid further down the page or on

Forever delayed - The Season Roadtrip DVD Review.

Yes, I'm aware I just shamefully ripped the Manic Street Preacher's Greatest Hits album name, but the remixes CD was so awful I feel no remorse.

N. E. Way.

Season Roadtrip trailer:

The Season Roadtrip DVD isn't the sort of DVD I'd usually have picked up. I tend to be fairly stuck in my ways when it comes to DVD purchases, so unless it's a UK street vid, or features some fairly well-known riders, I'm more inclined to keep my hard-earned money to spend on key essentials, such as food and Federal Thins. With this in mind, it was with some trepidation that I gently opened my erratic CD drawer (it killed my copy of Voices, no mercy) on my computer and let POWERDVD do it's thing.

I wasn't entirely unfamiliar with the Season crew prior to the video. Cory Jarman was known to me as "That guy with the really small bike" (remember the Blackeye Bikes sig frame with fist-length seat-tube?), Eben was known to me just from other videos and seeing his sig. Stolen frame, and the other riders had popped up recently in the pretty TNT PerspectivesBMX mixtape (Which you can see at the bottom of this post).

The beginning of the video follows a fairly similar path to the RoadFools videos, with a chance to work out just how you really pronounce "Merkle" as the entire team introduce themselves (all 15 of 'em or something ridiculous!). Having done the introductions, they move swiftly onto riding, and there's a wide variety of styles on offer. From tech grind-grind stuff to burly gaps, from front brake trickery to ridiculous fakie stuff (wait for that fakie manual along a manual pad to fakie whip off). As it's a roadtrip video, the editor Bud Dickman (no, really), has spliced in a healthy amount of bro-cam/chill footage in there to give you a bit of a vibe of the roadtrip. Cory Jarman comes across as being a particularly weird individual in this, but it's all good.

Without giving away too many spoilers, quite a few hammers get dropped in this vid. For a relatively short trip, a relatively large amount of serious things got done, and with the mix in of the bro footage, it has a good feeling to it in general. In terms of watchability, it's not really a 5 minute vid you bang on to get in the mood to go and ride, it's more of a wet, cold night's "What can I watch?" film.

The best part about the video though is the fact that instead of just having the one roadtrip video on it, you can view each individual rider's riding in their own split-section in the Bonus menu. This is a pretty cool idea, so if you want to understand how Troy Merkle or Dave Thomson get rad in detail, you can just hit up their section and check it out fully. Effectively, two-for-the-price-of-one - I'm in.

Overall, this is a 'nice' video. It's nothing stand-out special, but at the same time, there's enough good stuff in there to justify it's place in your DVD collection. I for one am glad I've got a copy of it, and it's opened my eyes to the world of video possibilities out there I may have previously dismissed.

Check out the Perspectives vid below (and the trailer up top!) to check out what the riders in the Season vid are like, then hit up the Shop and buy yourself a copy of the DVD!

Finally managed to get online - Taj 4 Giant

AFter an hour of attempts, here it is.

Taj Mihellich, formerly of T1 (If anyone knows where I can get an o.g. T1 t-shirt, holla!) fame and fortune (well...) has switched allegiances to Giant. He was previously riding for himself + Ody, but now is under his main sponsor of Giant.

"Why?" you may ask yourself? Well, hit up Ride US's site to check out what's what, and probably - like me - draw a conclusion of "Ah, fair enough."

New Mike Aitken video

Fit bike co have put up a new and pretty sweet edit up of Mike Aitken with left over footage from the new 50/50bmx video I'm yet to see any reviews of/copies in the UK.

Click here!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Awesome Subrosa trip vid/pics!

Potentially the best URL ever made:

Didn't even do a fancy hyperlink. That's how good.

I'd just like to take this opportunity to give Hoang Tran's ender the official "Hot damn!" treatment.

I'm so tired.

But at least my essay's done in time.

Proper UK roadtrip. Save target as.


Sunday, December 09, 2007

New Dissrm Video / Top Gear

Seriously out of the blue this evening, Southampton/Trowbridges shared Joel Nicholls shocked me with a new Dissrm web edit release. Joel's made a few videos in the past, but since ''Dazed'', there hasn't been a big selection of riders in them. The clips are filmed from areas such as Southampton, Bristol, London and loads more and has local riders and riders from the areas already mentioned. He tells me that "the next one will be done when everyone gets on it, and i start filming again because im cleaned outa footage now, so we gotta start filming for the new vid and if i get enuff crazy shit there will be a dvd, and everything else will be web mix and promo, like the trowbo crimbo park vid and opening (if its finished over christmas)". So, check it out, and anticipate the next one.

Click here!

In other news, if you have been watching Top Gear this evening, you should've seen a race between Sebastian Keep and a Fiat 500. Well, obviously Seb won whilst doing some pretty sick gaps and stunts. If you didn't see it, either watch the mid-week repeat or look on youtube or something. Seriously, it was nuts!

Joe Cox Interview.

A pretty sweet read, an interview with Joe Cox about 'Tomorrow We Work' from Defgrip. I seriously can't wait until this comes out now! Click here.

Mutiny Z-Roll Footage

After watching Mutiny's new video 'Stoked on being pumped' I think it lived up, or even out-did my expectations. Well to better themselves even more, they've released some extra 'Z-Roll' footage, which again has some pretty sick riding in it. So click this and watch some sick riding and editing.

Also, Lotek have made there website annoyingly 'christmasy', and as if it wasn't annoying enough...

And finally, Slosh got an 08 New Deal and some new Macneil Blazer forks which have some sweet cut outs in them. It's looking clean!

Tomorrow We Work promo

Pretty intense!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Jason Enns vid!

Demolition have a sweet Jason Enns video up, with some proper new stuff in it. Double-peg to over-tooth, on the same rail? Good stuff!


Vimby have put up a video of Wolfman "aka Tim Harvey", check it out!

Also BMXFactor have an Aaron Ross bike check and mini interview up. His bike is erm... How can it be put. BRIGHT! Ha.

And finally, freecoaster genius Karl Poynter is on Beloe Footwear. Don't ask me who they are, I don't either!

Eddie Cleveland and Chase Dehart frames.

Final (ish...) details up on Fit. Not keen on the S, M, L, XL toptube sizing, but there we go.


Sizes: S, M, L, XL
Backend length: 13.65"
Head-tube angle: 75
Seat-tube angle: 71
BB height: 11.8"
BB style: Mid
Axle size: 14mm
Brake mounts: 990 or none
Gyro tabs: w/990 mounts
Weight: 4.8lbs

• Chase Dehart signature model
• 100% Sanko butted and heat treated tubing
• Externally machined head tube and BB shell
• Tapered top tube, seat stays, and seat tube
• Massive tire clearance
• Integrated seat clamp
• Available January 2008


Sizes: S, M, L, XL
Backend length: 13.65"
Head-tube angle: 75
Seat-tube angle: 69
BB height: 11.8"
BB style: Mid
Axle size: 14mm
Brake mounts: 990 or none
Gyro tabs: w/990 mounts
Weight: 4.8lbs

• Eddie Cleveland signature model
• 100% Sanko butted and heat treated tubing
• Low, light, and laid back Eddie street geometry
• Lowest standover height of any Fit frame
• Externally machined head tube and BB shell
• Tapered seat stays, internally fluted seat tube
• Ridiculously tiny dropouts
• Massive tire clearance
• Integrated seat clamp
• Available January 2008

Tomorrow We Work progress...

End of January! Hell yeah!

Anyways, here's the Defgrip feature, and here's the full vid:

Friday, December 07, 2007

Mark Web Interview...

"Seems like I've been falling off my bike a lot lately" says Mark Webb.

Check out his MySpace page for the latest interview... and awesome footage from Southsea the day before he broke his back.

Get well soon Mark!

Sweet new Luc Legrand WTP vid.

WTP are putting up weekly webvids (always a favourite...), and here's the first of French nutbar Luc Legrand. Click!

Randy Brown LDTV part.

Pretty cool Randy Brown vid on Little Devil's site...


Seriously, so good...

Carlos has some way to go...


frame: standard 250L 20.5
fork: s&m race XLT
bars: 3 amigos
stem: series 3 with 7075 bolts
headset: chris king
grips: odi longnecks
cranks: shimano XTR m960
bb: XTR
pedals: wellgo mg-1
chain: kmc superlite
wheelset: custom profile with 20h front, 24h rear, rhynolites, marwi ti spokes, alloy nips, ti bolts anodized blue
tires: khe folding park front 2.1, rear 1.9
seat: senior kevlar
post: thomson 27.0, drilled and jb welded in