Sunday, March 30, 2008

Chilko Bars Web Promo from Jared on Vimeo.

BG is on fire...

Jaumell Campbell has a bike-check up with some fresh Macneil componentry on their site.

Joe Simon has an interview up on Crossroads.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

New Shadow stem.

TheShadowConspiracy have released pics of their updated Attack stem - ideal if you wanna raise your bars up a notch...

50mm reach, Metric bolts, and just over 286g.

Friday, March 28, 2008

So, Eclat.

Yet more pages of awesomeness full of Eclat stuff, check 'em out here: Zen Distro.

Might wanna get a book or something while you wait for that to load.

To summarise: It's all good. All good.

One better.

So yeah, my right-click button works again: Woo. So here is the A.Bike Co. promo I mentioned last post:

Alex Kennedy.

Aside from getting dubious tattoos from James Smith, Alex Kennedy also happens to pwn on a BMX, and as a result, Fit have put him on flow through 4Down. Kudos to him, and good luck with it all. Video of him up on the Aversion site, who should have their new Tetris inspired T's out soon...

Oh. The new Metal video is done, so expect that in the UK in the near future.

EDIT: Click on the 4down link up there and you should find the Animal promo from the excellent Insight vid on their Media page.

Joel's bike...

Hey dudes, not really BMX-related as such, but seeing as Joel both rides/lives in Soton and owns a BMX, it counts:

"Just had my bike stolen from college (locked up with 2 locks to a bike lock handrail thing). It is a Specialized P2 Brown Alloy 2008. I had it stolen from Tauntons college. If any of you do see it then please contact me! I know its a long shot but I know a few of you are from Southampton or would ride Southampton."

So yeah, keep your eyes peeled, and check out whatever bike you see underneath the next pikey who does some sort of sit-down-wheelie combo past you.

Just rinsed this photo from Specialized's site, may or may not give you a clue what to look for:

Oooh, me too!

Fly have thrown their hat (sombrero?) into the plastic seat arena with this variation on their Fino seat:

New stuff. Uno seat. By david on March 28, 2008

Ruben had this idea of a 1 piece seat about 1 year and a half ago. since then we have been working with our seat maker to achieve the exact structure and material that we wanted. Another difficult and long project. Our plan was to show it to you when we receive the final samples for all the riders, in a few weeks, but looks like once again, having a project in process for a long time is not safe these days. So here it is.
Our main goal with this seat where to have a strong but nice structure. I think we came with a really clean one. The material is another important thing. It´s not just plastic. But we´ll tell you about this a bit later. here are the photos of the last sample. We´ll show you the final one with the final colors hopefully at the end of april. It will be available on late summer. We are so excited about this project! Hope you like it!

It's pretty straight-forward.

If you definitely want to win a load of spam e-mails, and maybe win some Alchemy pegs, there's a competition on TheComeUp for you.

If you definitely want to see Dakota Roche punch himself in the face and do a ridiculously big air off a flatbank, click on the trophy in the Brighton Ain't ReadY apartment.

New Fit Aitken t-shirt.

Yes, I'm just as disappointed there's no Aitken/Bacon reference as you are.

New Sunday bars.

Sunday have released some new bars.

Sunday is proud to announce that we will be offering a new bar that is equivalent to a Triumph, but with 4 degrees of upsweep. It will be named the Forumph. Why give a Triumph bar with 3 more degrees of upsweep a totally different name? Well, Triumph height is 8" at the ends while this new bar measures in at 8.32". Weird!

That's what I was saying! So what's the bar height if you cut them down a few inches? What about if I have a bar height of 8.32, but with no upsweep? Or if I have 8 degrees of upsweep on a Triumph, won't they be 8.5" tall? Isn't this all confusing? Well that's how BMX measure its bars.

Kinda stating the obvious I guess, but yeah, there you go. Just remember they'll feel a little higher than Triumphs, but don't think of them as being like 8.32" high versions of the Lumberjacks or anything like that.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Oh yeah, and...

Seen trailer. Awesomeness.

Two new vids.

I'd been waiting for this one since his BMXUnion interview, and finally, the Josh Betley/Drew Hasselton vid is up on Vital. Some pretty hot lines in there, check the ender...

I once heard someone say "If the dude's wearing gloves, it ain't street". Weighing in for the defence is this video from Data. No, not the dude from Star Trek. I'm also pretty sure Carlos is lurking in the background of one shot, but what do I know.

Dry Spell

This is a promo from the dudes Up North, and as you can imagine, I'm pretty into that *SPOILER*3 up the 4-set*SPOILER*.

Dry Spell Promo from Mr T on Vimeo.


Jim Seal-kinky is apparently actually amazingly fine. Well, apart from some fun sounding ailment that requires those two casts to be worn at night, so no, pedal grind fans: your hero is fine.


Forgot to add this last night, could've been ahead of the internet game! Such is life.

Josh Bedford bikecheck, go and check out what you need to spec your bike out with to ride Devvy Green so well, and get a banger of a part in Tomorrow We Work.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Chase Hawk bikecheck

Odyssey put up a new Chase Hawk bikecheck. Kinda weird how I don't think I've ever really seen a bike of his that made me think "I want". C'est la vie:

frame-The Hawk. 20.5"
fork- Odyssey Classic Race fork
bars- Odyssey LumberJack
stem- Fit
headset- integrated
lever- None
saddle- Odyssey Aitken, Grey reverse Denim with Red stitching(coming soon!)
seatpost- Fit
clamp- integrated
F wheel- Vandero 2 w/ Hazard Lite rim
R wheel- Odyssey V3 Cassette, lhd w/ Hazard Lite rim
spokes- Odyssey aftermarket
sprocket- 31t Fit
cranks- Wombolts. 175, lhd
chain- generic
pedals- Odyssey Twisted pc
brake- None
tires- Odyssey Path, Klyte (20x2.1) rear/ Aitken, 2.25 Klyte front
pegs- None (Plegs when there are pegs)
cable- None
grips- ruben
barends- Par Ends

Jim C marmalized.

Jim Seal-kinky managed to break both of his legs walking down stairs. See Dig for the slightly elongated story.

Profile have a new webvid up that's alright. Mulville's bike looks weird every time I see it, he makes Slam-esque bars look gigantic?

Lastly, Shadow have some new clothes for you to buy/not buy/end up on the £10 T-shirt Sale Rack Spectacular.

New Colony/UGP bits.

Colony have released some details about two (well, technically 3-5 I suppose) new items they're putting onto the market by June-ish:

Here we have the first sneak peaks of Liam Fahy-Hampton’s Hell Stallion forks to go along with his signature frame due out mid this year. These forks feature full heat treated Colonized tubing with weight saving drop outs. They are CNC’d from 6mm down to 5mm with an offset of 30mm. 10mm or 14mm drop outs will be on offer.

The fork legs are tapered from 31.8mm down to 25.4mm & use extra thick tubing for strength around the drop outs for all the peg tricks Liam likes to do. Weight of these ones are 895grams & they will come with our no questions asked LIFETIME warranty.

Expect them out in kit form with the Hell Stallion frame, Official stem & one of our headsets in June this year. You will be able to get them seperately in August.

Bloody Oath LTD Completes.
There are only 75 of these being produced so be quick. The following countries will have limited stocks of these unique bikes.

Australia (40), USA (20), UK (5) Russia (4), New Zealand (2), Latvia (3) & Japan (1)

Depending on where you live on the planet the bikes will arrive in these countries in the next few weeks.

Crazy High Spec!
*Frame: Colony Bloody Oath Full Post Heat Treated Colonized CrMo 21”TT 13.75” rear, 75º HA, 71º ST, MID BB, Integrated HS Removable gyro tabs and built-in seat clamp. Smaller diameter tubing all round with slimline dropouts. 4.29lbs frame.
*Forks: Colony Official V3 full heat-treated CrMo with 3/8” dropouts.
*Brakes (rear): Dia-Comp CNC Alloy.
*Brake lever (right): Colony Transformer normal bend.
*Cable: Linear slick
*Headset: Colony Integrated.
*Stem: Colony Official stem, 7075 T6 CNC.
*Handlebars: Colony Bloody Oath bars. Full CrMo heat-treated.
*Grips: Wethepeople Rhombus.
*Barends: Colony Konka.
*Sprocket: Colony Official 25t CNC 7075 T6.
*Crankset: Colony, 3 piece, 48 splined with sealed MID BB.
*Chain: KMC
*Pedals: Wellgo MG-1 sealed, magnesium.
*Rims: Alex Supra Beta 36h (Black front, Chrome rear).
*Tyres: Primo Dirt Monster/V Monster (2.1 front, 1.9 rear).
*Spokes: Black stainless steel.
*Hubs: Front – Wethepeople Supreme(bolt style) 3/8”.
Rear – Wethepeople Supreme Q-Lite cassette with 9t.
*Pegs: Colony OneWay Peg™ 3/8” and 14mm (1 x each).
*Seat: Colony Pivotal™ Mid seat.
*Seatpost: Colony Pivotal™ Stump Alloy.
*Weight : TBC but expected around approx 10.3kgs or 22.66lbs out of the box.
*Colourway: Metallic Black frame, fork & bars with Black parts.
Note: Final specs may change slightly

In un-related news, UGP have made the worst looking hoody in history:

In yet further un-related news, Defgrip/TheComeUp have done a new collab. vid, of Spam. Click here to check that one out.

Lastly, Streetphire have got an interview up with Chad Shack who looks completely different to what he looked like on the Over The Pond tour...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Eclat? Eclat.

Go here to read more, I don't much fancy typing it again!

Big L, Matty Lambert, has fired out his new video, NonStop. You can see the video on Mpora's pretty god-awful player ("High quality!", er, no?) on Streetphire's awesome homepage, or right-click here and save it in the much more palatable Quicktime fo'mat.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Colony webvid.

Surprisingly good, although after seeing Liam Fahy-Hampton learn flairs after _ goes, you kinda lose a bit of respect for the rest of 'em?


Friday, March 21, 2008

Summer of Awesome?

Fit have just put up a pretty amazing team webvid which certainly 'ticks all the boxes', to quote every bike review in Ride magazine.

Right click Here to save that to your iPizzle, or go to, then WebVids to do the same thing...


Somehow, in between me making the last post, and putting Summer of Fit onto Dan's iPod, Rich Hirsch decided the winner of the Lotek comp...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

So yeah, X-Games. What...

Apparently, Vert is the latest X-Games (Or "X-Gaymes" for you Bikeguiders) 'discipline' to be dropped by the 'geniuses' who run the show. Rumour has it the Street BMX is here to stay, as well as Super Park?

Super Gay...

In unrelated news: Rich Hirsch has blogged the entries to the Lotek T comp on Defgrip. Pretty easy to seperate the wheat from the chaff in that one, methinks.

'ere's a bit of 'arry Maaain for yer:

More BMX Videos >>

Hero worship, a little?

Joris Coulomb in Strasbourg from Proper Bike Co on Vimeo.

Yeah Garrett!

If you want to get a sneak preview of Electronical, the new Odyssey video, IMG are running 4 seemingly randomly placed premieres. The nearest to you Southampton dudes is at Pagham, just East of Portsmouth.

Apparently there's no train station at Pagham, and the nearest is Chichester meaning you'd have to leave the premiere basically as it started (Which is at 8pm, NEXT TUESDAY), so start talking people into how great it'd be to drive you to the premiere now...

Brighton Ain't Ready

Dakota Roche is the latest rider to get the Bike check treatment over at Brighton Ain't Ready, along with a frightening "Clip of the day". Pop?

Give-D San Fran edit.

Give D have produced another video in tandem with Defgrip, and here it is.

Click here to download, and here to check out the site + photos.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Some light reading...

The Taipei Bike Show has just finished, and there's been some good news (New products!) but some bad news too. I spotted this on BG (I think?), but then saw it again on Dig, but basically it concerns the price rises for a lot of the products in BMX that may come into force some time in the next year.


It's not a particularly long piece, but it'll hopefully open people's eyes to the reason that prices may rise in the coming year, and that it's not just because John wants a yacht to park up in Southampton Marina...

Om nom nom nom

Thorntons Chocolate: Check.

Free: Check.

Get Involved!

Blogging is fun.

Attila Gangbangers vid, you get to see half the team that our Joel rode to victory with...

Go Here to check out Fly's new Pantera.

And lastly, go Here to check out Liam Fahy-Hampton's bike.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Hell yes...

Just spotted over on Dig's site that Shred or Die have uploaded Steven Hamilton's Trafaelio section up. I literally used to watch this every time before I went out riding. I guess if I'd had Can I Eat I'd have watched that too, but Dan had that...

First person to say what "Trafaelio" means in the Comments box wins.

In the likely event that that link doesn't work, go here. Seriously:

United have a bunch of videos/photos (largely the latter...) up on their site from the Rampworx jam.

Oh, and while we're on the video subject, if you click here you'll see that Ride Insight is officially in stock. According to Joel, Dak's section is "really ****ing good", or words to that effect. Truth.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Lotek details.

BrightonAin'tReady have the new "Mark Approved" line of Loteks for Spring/Summer. All about those Coastals...

Late - Profile hub colours.

Yet another "totally forgot about this" news item: Profile are now rocking Forest Green hubs. Mmm.

Oh my word

Dan Lacey is a hero for that grindbox line. Lotek vid from B.A.R., who are currently housing Dakota "Insight section - What?!" Roche.

Happened to spy a copy of Ride UK today, and of course it's the Photo issue - good stuff indeed. Speaking of Ride, Ride US have a new issue out featuring Karl Poynter doing the most unexpected thing ever?

The Crammer has a new bikecheck up on Staff...

In semi-related news, I just read a rumour that Bike Park has been dropped from the X-Games? If not, never mind, if "Yes", you read it here first I guess... Not sure if I believe it, but who knows?

Odyssey have dropped some photos of their new Senior 2 seat, here's the deets:

"I guess we never explained some of our newer items when they came in. First up: Senior 2. We basically did a mild re-design to make the Senior 2 slightly larger(black)that the Senior(white) to better bridge the gap between the Junior and the Aitken. Previously the Senior shared the JR mold. Now it has its own.

The material and size made it kinda messy attaching the top to the base of the seat(white seat). The Senior 2 addresses the union of top and bottom much cleaner(black seat).

And here's some info on their new pads:

The Slim by Four is our newest brakepad. The best structural integrity of a brake pad this small and simple. Multiple compounds will be available, including Black, Red, and Clear. Black is available now, and is stock on the newest Evolver EVO II.

And that's that. I got back from an awesome ride just before making this post, so I'm off to sleep. So. Tired. Right. Now.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Bicycle Union seat and Billy from Brixton...

The Union have a new Pivotal setup out, usual SL + Stump combo, but with a slightly different cover. Spotted over on Ride UK.

Lastly, if you were at Street Vs. Tweak you'll no doubt remember the dude on the white bike with a wild style - well, that was Billy from Brixton, who now has a new webvid up. Enjoy...

This video is so damn awkward...

No joke...

I spy with my little eye...

Something beginning with P?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ooh, and...

Cory Jarman features heavily in the new Season Bikes web video. I think I've already said enough in the past about his bike, but probably haven't said anything about his boring as hell riding style? Only joking.

Or am I?

Saw 'em yesterday when I happened to be browsing, and got reminded of them again today, but the Fremont line of clothes has been updated on their site.

Primo bits 'n' pieces.

Courtesy of BrightonAin'tReady, Primo and Volume rider Nate Moroshan has a bikecheck online, which means you can check out stuff like this plastic sprocket guard, and the Nathan Williams slim seat. Head over there for more pics.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

BMX related stuff.

If you ride a bike anywhere in a built-up area, take this test.

New Videorama up, for a Japanese dude who's name I can barely spell, let alone even try and pronounce...

BLKINBCN'08 from blackbmx on Vimeo.

All good.

Mutiny have some new photos up.

2-Hip have some new stuff going on, but at the end of the day it's still 2-Hip.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Tomorrow We Work.

Tomorrow We Work is probably the best thing you'll ever see.

Just to let you know.

Almost worth the lead-up to 2 days of pure stress to finish the uni work I kiiiinda missed doing to go to the premiere.

So good...

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Keep rollin'

Even if this weather is crap! Ha.

In other news, Fit have a new Chase Hawk web edit. It's pretty ratty, like himself. Click here!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Odyssey Race Forks Creative Suite 2

Sorry, I meant Odyssey Race Forks CS2, the updated Classic Race forks.

Baaaasically, you now need "one less piece on your bike", which appears to be the hot ticket in BMX right now.

Karl Quentin Poynter video up on TheLastPeople. It may/may not be good, I can't watch it for some reason...

Jake Seeley edit.

This is pretty cool: Jake Seeley (From: Defgrip)


Best half-cab bars ever? Yes.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Challengers to the Twisted PC pedals? Primo hope so.

Ride have the details...

*cough*NAMEDROP*cough* Taliban Tom, one of 2-Hip's UK riders told me he was expecting to receive a Jarrod Allen signature frame some time soon, and now they've announced the details of the frame up on their site. Looks pretty fly...

Eddie Cleveland does the best footjam whip ever on the Lotek site to celebrate the launch of his signature shoe, the Coastal. Ch-ch-check it out.

Saturday, March 01, 2008


50/50 bmx have pictures of Aitken's S3.5 up! Oh my days, it's too nice. Updated with oval tubing, tapered seat stays and removable brake lugs, I can imagine this being the next big thing on Bikeguide. Also, check out the Nightwolf Aitken seat. Actually looks quite nice on a build.

Click here for a few more photos.