Thursday, July 02, 2009

Standards are slipping...

First off, I'd just like to start this with a big thanks to Liam from over on Bikeguide for the help with the song from the last post - for anyone else who cares, it's The Redneck Manifesto - The Dillon Family Dancers. Top stuff. Thanks again dude!

Spotted this little video over on InTheGnar, but a quick interwebs search shows that it's been on virtually every BMX media site. PijinBlog - delivering you the best BMX stuff on the web just after you've seen it before.

Wore my Shitluck T today for the first time in forever, and it just so happens that a Shitluck put a webvid out today. For one horrifying moment I thought Cameron Wood had done a hang 5 in this video, but then realised it wasn't him and he got elevated back to being in my Top 5 Favourite Riders list...


It seems the more I ride, the shorter my attention span gets for web videos. I mean, apart from that Shitluck vid I've been struggling to really pay much attention to a lot of videos I've tried watching today, which is why - in the interest of honesty - I haven't even bothered looking at this video yet. I don't usually like to post videos I haven't watched because, unlike some BMX blogging types, I only want to post stuff I'm into. This blog is representing the best BMX shop in the UK, so I'd like to make sure the stuff I put on here is the best too. Anyway, without further ado, the 17 minute long "Re-Session Tour" video. Like I said - didn't watch it, but I can't really imagine it'd be that bad, so if you've got some time to kill, get amongst it! I've got pictures of Profile products to cut out in Photoshop, so I'm outta here! (You'll get 'em tomorrow, Carlos!)

Ten Pack Re-Session Tour Eastern Canada Stops from Presence Bmx on Vimeo.

Actually - before I go - think I missed this earlier. The Artist Formerly Known As Bombhead now has an exclusive video up on Ride. Ch-ch-ch-ch-check it!

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Nick Ferreira said...

hahahaha, "then he was elevated to my top 5 riders list"