Monday, July 29, 2013


From Boston to Bethlehem.. the deadman team hits the bone road to film for a yet to be titled DVD. Along the way Dean Dickinson managed to put together this Tour Video. Consisting of Colt Fake, Sean Burns, Lee Hopkins, Albie Bennett, Kert Petersel, Chris Crawford, Dirt Ron, Waffle, Dean Dickinson, and Party Management.

KILLED BY BONE DETH TOUR from Bone Deth Video WasteLand on Vimeo.

Music provided by killed by death records

'dont hide your hate' by FILTH
'alle tellar' by the Lost Kids

Profile Summer Mix

Over Spring and into Summer, we got together with Mark Mulville, Chad Degroot, Mike Meister, and Wade Lajlar to put together this montage.

Shot laterally across the state of Florida (Tampa-Orlando) during a handful of sessions, these clips capture a Florida before the blazing heat and humidity made day sessions almost impossible.


Profile Summer Mix from Profile Racing on Vimeo.

Song: Tronical - White Nights
Filmed by: Brett Rohlfing

Friday, July 26, 2013

Shadow Conspiracy - Woodward Week

Drew Bezanson. That's all

Shadow Conspiracy - Woodward Week from Shadow Conspiracy on Vimeo.

Simone Barraco, Drew Bezanson, Trey Jones, Ben Hucke, and the newly recruited Mark Burnett headed Northeast to hang out with the Week 7 Woodward campers. In between product tosses and autograph signing's, the crew managed to absolutely DESTROY the many parks Camp has to offer. Enjoy!

Big thanks to the entire Woodward Staff, Darin Hazel, Michael Bennet, and all the Week 7 campers!

Filmed and Edited by Ryan Chadwick

Music: Grand Piano
"America's America"
America's America

Josh Harrington - The Stray Frame Promo

Holy crap!!!

Josh Harrington's edits always make my jaw drop and I bet that if for some strange reason you disagree with me you won't be after watching the ender to this edit!

Josh Harrington - The Stray Frame Promo from Premium Products on Vimeo.

The Premium "Stray" is the third version of Josh Harrington's signature frame series. Like versions 1 and 2, this frame is designed with the taller rider in mind. Josh is larger than life, on and off the bike, and his custom geometry is a reflection of that. Available in 21" and 21.25" top tubes, the Stray has a 14.25" chain-stay, and a 9" stand-over. So, if you're in the 6' ballpark, and ride rails, trails or park - The Stray is for you. Frame weight is 4lbs 12oz, and is currently available in matte blood red only.

Josh really went in on this video with clips that include his crazy RideBMX cover shot and the final clip blew all of our minds and I'm sure yours too. Josh hit that first try just before midday and it was the first clip on the Premium catalog trip. What a way to start a trip!

To see more of Josh and his Premium Stray frame visit

Filmed By Dan Foley, Rick Scott, Angie Marino and Terrell Gordy

Terrell Gordy
This promo edit features Corey Martinez, Nathan Williams and Geoff Slattery. Check it out its worth a watch!

Click here is you like this new colour ways

Dean Cueson At Joyride 150

Justen Soule makes some awesome edits and this one featuring UK rider Dean Cueson sure is one to watch!

Dean Cueson At Joyride 150 from Justen Soule on Vimeo.

Dean took a trip over to Canada to ride
Joyride 150 with Drew Bezanson. In just a couple days of filming he managed to go way too high on everything and get some solid things done for the camera.

Filmed & Edited by: Justen Soule

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Federal BMX Stevie Churchill 2013

Stevie Churchill spent a few weeks in the UK after being in Barcelona with the rest of the crew to film this welcome edit. Filmed around Brighton, London and Canterbury.

Filmed by Mike King

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hanging Foul w/ Corey Bohan - SEASON PREMIERE - Red Bull Roast It

All Episodes: From the creators of last year's "Corey Bohan, Wizard of Aus" comes the follow up season, "Corey Bohan, Hanging Foul." In this premiere episode, Corey Bohan travels to New Zealand for the Red Bull "Roast It" Jam at the legendary Gorge Road trails park in Queenstown.

Corey is joined by Mike "Hucker" Clark, Anthony Napolitan, Luke Parslow, and many of the top BMX dirt riders in the world. Get a behind the scenes look as Corey and the top pro's take in the epic New Zealand surroundings and the Gorge Parks amazing re-designed trails.

Tune in every other MONDAY to travel with Corey on his next global adventure!

Experience the world of Red Bull like you have never seen it before. With the best action sports clips on the web and YouTube exclusive series, prepare for your "stoke factor" to be at an all time high.

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ben Lewis in Poland

I still don't understand why there is spanish music playing throughout this edit but still a good watch!

Ben hits up BmxCamp, AveBMX, and rides a few street spots around Warsaw. The first minute or so of this is Ben completely destroying some grind boxes and it's truly amazing. Definitely one of the best at what he does in the world...

Credit: AveBmx

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

FFWDBMX: NASS 2013 Pro Park Finals

I know that I've already posted a NASS edit but this shows different angles and shots of the course plus is Mike King!!! Everyone loves that guy.

FFWDBMX: NASS 2013 Pro Park Finals from Mike King on Vimeo.

Enough barspins, whips and spins to make you dizzy.. Or maybe that's just me...

Highlights from the Pro Park Finals at NASS 2013.
Filmed and edited by Mike King Additional filming by Sam Cunningham.

Song: Icona Pop - I Don't Care

Remote Control Barspin Bike Invention! Getting (Super) Awesome With Ryan Nyquist Ep. 20

Ryan Nyquist sets out to invent the first ever spring-loaded spinning BMX handlebars. In an attempt to mechanize BMX barspins, Ryan along with his brother Shea, take several interesting approaches including a coiled spring, pyrotechnics, and a cordless grinder, but it's the combination of a direct drive pully system and a motorcycle starter battery operated by a remote control that really gets Ryan's handlebars spinning on their own. The end result is Ryan pulling off two unassisted barspins—a BMX first! Hell yeah!

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Kris Fox's "Road to Recovery"

I'm stoked to see Kris Fox back on his bike and I'm also stoked on BMX moving forward into more cinematic edits like this!

Kris Fox's "Road to Recovery" from SE Bikes on Vimeo.

Back in November, SE Bikes shredder Kris Fox tore his ACL and banged his knee up pretty good. In this "Road to Recovery" video, Kris goes over everything from his injury, his motivation to get back on a bike, his future, and ending it with some crazy stylish riding at the Vans skatepark. So sit back, relax, and join Kris on a 7 month journey back to having fun on his bike.

Film/Edit: Dylan Pfohl
Songs: Explosions in the Sky - Your Hand in Mine
M83 - We Own The Sky

Éclat Natives Part 3: Darryl Tocco

Darryl Tocco shares his views of what is life as a professional BMX rider. Darryl has to be one of the nicest "Pros" that I have personally met in my life, real nice approachable person with a positive outlook on life. BMX now days needs more riders like this dude!

When you say the name Darryl Tocco, you think of a few things; PRO bike rider, accomplished filmmaker and world class air miler. Darryl is also the perfect candidate to discuss and open up to what he thinks about BMX in general, the internet and growing up inside a BMX industry as both a pro rider and a film maker.

Natives Part 3 explores in brief the background of Darryl Tocco, it also verges on his likes and dislikes in BMX. He also does what he does every single day; riding his bike.

Filmed by Scott Macmenamin
Directed by Paul Robinson
Additional filming/riding clips: Jay Roe, Dan Coller, Walter Pieringer, Brett Tocco
Produced by Eclat BMX

Part 4: Chester Blacksmith coming soon.

Simone Barraco - Ecuador Adventure

After a freak accident sidelined Seth Kimbrough the day before his flight, it was up to Simone Barraco and TM Ryan Chadwick to make the most of Quito, Ecuador on their own. Battling altitude sickness, highly unpredictable weather, and a travel schedule that would wear anyone out, the crew powered through and came away with this brand new Shadow edit.

Simone Barraco - Ecuador Adventure from Shadow Conspiracy on Vimeo.

A huge thanks go out to all the Ecuador locals, Marco and his family from Zona Extrema, Fernando De La Torre and Carolina Donoso, and the Ministerio del Deporte!

Filmed and Edited by Ryan Chadwick

David Satori + Evan Fraser

Track: Amphibian Circuits
from the "dirtwire" album
Availalbe at:

NASS 2013 Park Finals

NASS this year seemed to be a bit quite comparing to previous years but the riders still delivered! And so did Chris Wilmshurt with this edit, Enjoy

NASS 2013 Park Finals - More BMX Videos

Bangers from one of the UK's biggest contests of 2013 featuring Alex Coleborn, Logan Martin, Greg Illingworth, Mike Curley, Matt Priest, and more. Ever see a flairwhip to no hander before? Credit: Chris Wilmshurst

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Stevie Churchill Welcome to Eclat

He may have real bad wind 24/7 but this guy is a true G. And also kills it on a bike! Enjoy

Welcome to Eclat Stevie Churchill from wemakethings on Vimeo.

Some of you may have noticed a mysterious ?? in the team section over the last month or so. Well, were happy and hyped as hell to announce the addition of Stevie Churchill to the PRO team. Stevie has come along way over the years and we've all watched him turn into an amazing bike rider. Our team is important on many levels, not just as a group of riders, but as a group of like minded friends - Stevie fits the bill basically. As soon as Stevie got his first box of parts from us he hit up the local park and put down a few lines on his new set up. Stevie is working on a longer welcome edit as we speak.

Filmed and Edited By Scotty Mcmenamin

Monday, July 08, 2013

BMX l Hawaii l Catch Us If You Can #3

Here is the third episode of "Catch us if you can" that took place in Hawaii, USA, with Arthur Dietrich & JC Pieri. Subscribe here for daily X-Treme Videos:

In this third episod of 'Catch us if you can' . We were in two Hawaiian island which are Ohau and Kauai. We rode bowl and street and trust us Hawaii is better than paradise itself! Stay tuned for the next episode in Mexico

Xtreme Video

Directed, filmed & edited by JC Pieri

Project manager
Arthur Dietrich

Arthur Dietrich, JC Pieri.

Free with you
Aidan Laverty Jon Cotton
Atmos 299 - Epic cinematic - pop- UPPM France

Thanks to
Sponsors: Pull-in Underwear / Harley Davidson / Aliencable / G-Shock
Pierre Husser, alejandro and Chambers Daniel.

XTreme Video features awesome extreme sports all over the world!

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Here's Kevin Kiraly newest video for Macneil to promote his signature Varsity frame which you can see here: He obviously kills it and does about a million wild things, so wild I won't even bother to name them off. Kevin also has a part in the Deadline video which should be out soon. How is this dude not in X Games anyway?

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Check out some other videos of Kevin Kiraly on our blog: 

His other Macneil x TCU Video:

Kevin in Australia: 

Kevin and Dillon Lloyd in Europe:


Thursday, July 04, 2013

Sean Kelly - One way or the other

Ali Hutchinson has been stacking clips with Sean for a little while and here's the result. Sean getting his Danny Hickerson on with all sorts of oppositeness.

Filmed and edited by Ali Hutchinson.

Song is "What makes a good man?" by The Heavy

Sean Kelly - One way or the other from IMG TV on Vimeo.

Josh Matthews 2013

Its been a year or so since I last filmed josh, now 16 years old he is throwing down some pretty big moves.... Watch this and you will see what I mean!

Artist: Trojan Horse
Song: "Superminx"
Film and editing: Greg Phillips

Devon Smillie for The Come Up BMX

Devon Smillie is one of the dopest young BMX riders and this new edit that he filmed with Francis Castro for is proof of how good he is.
Hope you guys enjoy this one!






Monday, July 01, 2013

Pat Casey Haro Lineage promo

Shot and edited by
Music by Angels and Airwaves
The Score Evolved Reel 1: Diary 

Support the Artist and Buy on iTunes here:

Pat Casey Haro Lineage promo from Haro Bikes on Vimeo.

Venture Further - South East Asia Trip (Devon Smillie, Brad Simms, Jason Phelan, JB Peytavit, David Budko) - Part 2: Malaysia

In the beginning of the year, Further flew Devon Smillie, Brad Simms, Jason Phelan, JB Peytavit and David Budko to South East Asia. 3 weeks, 3 countries (Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia) and 5 riders who have never been on a trip together...

After Singapore the guys crossed the border into Malaysia to check out South East Asia's only dirt spot, one of the region's best parks, plenty of street spots as well as a big cave with lots of smelly shoes and a waterfall...what more could you wish for?! Check it out! We hope you like it!

Filmed and edited by Philip Kölsch
Title design by Christoph Roos

Venture Further - South East Asia Trip (Devon Smillie, Brad Simms, Jason Phelan, JB Peytavit, David Budko) - Part 2: Malaysia from Venture Further on Vimeo.

BLNTD presents Tammy McCarley - Behind the Scenes

While filming the original BLNTD presents: Tammy McCarley with Snow Globe Studios we caught some second angles and snagged a line that was not featured in the original mini documentary. Here's a brief look behind the scenes in the making of BLNTD presents: Tammy McCarley.

Film/Edit: Chi Hom

BLNTD presents Tammy McCarley - Behind the Scenes from Blunted Athletics on Vimeo.