Friday, August 31, 2007

Flybikes Berlin Trip

Fly have put a video of their team riding in Berlin at the 2007 Rebel Jam up on Freecaster.

Not the most ground-breaking video you'll ever see, but it's still pretty sweet none the less. More people need to do the over-peg line that Sergio does on the spine mini...

Od ys he Odyssey news.

Spot the Odyssey video quote? Head over to Odyssey-vision on Youtube to see sections from it...

Odyssey news, much like Frijj milkshakes, are coming thick and fast this week, and today is no exception. We showed you the Vandero V2 hub not so long ago, but the complete wheels are now in stock at Odyssey HQ back, back in Cali, Cali. They look pretty good, and Padded Cell are just waiting for the all-clear from Odyssey to send the hubs out to shops (e.g. Pijin...). Keep an eye out!

Dig Issue 60 + Grounded.

Both are out in Pijin, and both are really good.

Dig #60 has a load of super good features in it, some sweet photography, and a relatively high Mark-content.

Grounded on the other hand features a 48-page book feat. photos and stories from their team riders, a load of bonus material, a cool Leaner Version with similar rider's sections grouped together in sets of 3, plus the 55minute or so long main feature. It really is too good, and at £9.99, it's cheap as hell. It's a classic, buy it!

Hoffman 2008 Preview - Chandlers Ford Rail-off?

Hoffman Bikes have a total list of every product they're doing for 2008. A slew of completes, a couple of new frames, a couple of old frames and a load of 74° head angles.


In local news - Chandlers Ford rail-off session, Friday night this week (Yes, that's today...)? Get involved.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Odyssey Director Forks - Out Now!

Odyssey's Director forks are finally out, and they look pretty good. Here are the details:

- New steerer tube and leg joint is stronger than conventional designs.
- Butted and tapered “direct” legs prevent rail and grind hang-ups.
- 10mm hollow integrated leg dropouts.
- 1 lb. 15.6 oz. (895.8g) with uncut 170mm steerer tube and pre-load bolt.
- 3/8” axle slots only.
- Rustproof finishing prior to powdercoating.
- Black and white (limited soon).

Tech-ity tech.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Just spotted these wee treats:

A-Ross, The Boss webvid on the FBM Site. (EDIT: Just re-watched this video, and yeah, fully amazing. Pretty high "Phwoar!" count.)

Corey Martinez, Nathan Williams and Dakota Roche Levis trip video thing. Expect the photos to be in Dig 61 or 62.

Dig 60 is out now, and best of all I'm in it, ha ha...

Primo Corey Martinez Video

Primo have released a new video of Corey Martinez on their Primo Myspace page.

That's it. No fancy puns, no scathing criticisms, just a pretty sweet video of a pretty amazing rider.

Nowhere near as cool as put-downs...

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Stolen and Fly 2008 stuff.

Stolen have joined the likes of Kink and Fit and have put up details for their completes for 2008. Featuring trend-friendly parts such as Odyssey Twisted PC pedals and Odyssey Aitken tyres, they're bound to be a big hit - especially seeing as most of the line feature full 4130-cromoly frames. The model pictured here in the Heater, which also answers the question of "Where did Baracuda's graphics guys end up?"...

Go to StolenBMX to check out the rest of the range.

Meanwhile, Fly have released a bit more product information. In true BMX industry fashion, everything they make is coming in a limited edition colour - for Fly, they've chosen a slightly unusual (for them) colour, red. Bit different to their usual pastel shade kinda stuff, but I'll leave all that talk of colour shades to Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen... Incidentally, Volvo do a metallic turqoise that'd be basically the best colour to paint your frame, ever.

Fly have also chosen to rinse Odyssey's teal market by making some turqoisey grips too. Get these Ruben grips and prepare to face a barrage of "Do those grips really match those Hazard Lites?"

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Odyssey JC Trailmix Pedals!

A while back, Odyssey put a post up on their site about new versions of the popular Jim Cielinski pedals - the JC Plastics and the Trailmix model. Well, the Trailmix is now officially in stock at Odyssey HQ. Featuring a slimmer body than the original pedals, no knurling on the body either, longer pins, a new 17mm hex section on the spindle (instead of a slim 15mm pedal spanner flat) - which means you can use most adjustables on it, all good! - and a couple of other improvements. Breeze over to Odyssey's Site to view more details:

Check out the photos:

Rumour has it these will be at distros in about 2 weeks, so expect them soon! They're only available in unsealed, black at first, but hell - they look damn good anyway!

Federal are also running a comp to win one of their new freecoasters - send a video clip of you to the guys at Seventies to win. Go to the Seventies site for more details too.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Jamie Bestwick Sessions vid.

Jamie Bestwick Sessions @

Memories of the Clicked 8 "Sessions" come flooding back...

Anyway, this is a different kind of "Sessions" video - this time it's from those guys over at Levis BMX. You don't clean up with gold at every major vert comp in a season without being on top of your game, and Bestwick is at the moment. Just watch the vid!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Pijin tech guides...?

That's right, you heard me!

Number One is about freecoasters. Get involved, read it, service your's, make it feel better.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Shirley Warren Jam Tomorrow!

Just a late reminder that it's the annual Shirley Warren jam tomorrow. So make sure you head down to Shirley for what could be the last Warren Jam ever? Who knows...

Will anybody knock local "Little Leigh" off the top spot this year?

Friday, August 17, 2007

Marty Meanur... Meana... Meenahan?, of "Massive 360s" fame has just popped up with a new video for Federal, edited by the incredibly sound Tom Finch. Federal's new freecoaster has just dropped, and the 1066 frame is due out soon, so it seems they're upping their game these days. Anyways, here it is:

Untitled from finchy and Vimeo.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fly Tierra frames - (almost) out now!

The long-awaited new frame from Fly, the Tierra (Kevin Porter's sig. frame and parts), has finally reached the production stage. Distros in the far East have got their hands on them already, meaning that those of us further west should get them soon enough. With pretty "Out there" geometry such as a 13.25" back end and a 75deg head angle, coupled with the smallest dropouts and seat-tube on any frame around at the moment, the Tierra is sure to court controversy when it hits our shores.

If you've seen the Empire DVD (And you should've done...), you'll have seen both Dylan Smith and KP riding their's, so you can get an idea of what they'll look like.

The toptubes are supposed to be 21", 20.6" and 20.1" (or 19.8", depending on who you believe...), and prices are tentatively set at around £199.99 according to online gossip, but wait for some concrete facts on those before you set your heart on one. They'll be offered in a few colours too, incl. this olive green, baby blue and no doubt some other sweet colours that Fly specialise in.

First person to get one and run a slammed Stump post wins*!

*Prize: Bad posture...

Subrosa Completes

Following on from their nice range of bits 'n' bobs to complete your BMX, Subrosa are now offering a full bike for you. Starting off with a good range of bikes covering everything from 18" kids bikes to 24" cruisers to a top-of-the-line street bike, Subrosa should have you covered:

"Ryan Sher signature Complete Bike
Aftermarket Frame / Fork / Bar
4130 CroMo Double Butted Frame
4130 CroMo Double Butted Fork
4130 CroMo 13 Butted 8" Bars
Shadow Attack Stem
Shadow Torrid Cranks
Shadow Lighter Gear 25T
Shadow Interlock V2 Chain
Shadow Rant V2 Cassette Hub 9T
Shadow Rant Front Hub
2 Shadow Lil Ones pegs
Shadow Roto Rims
Shadow Alfred Seat Clamp
Shadow Undertaker Tires
Shadow Umbra Seatpost
Subrosa Alameda Grips"

"Custom design Frame / Fork / Bar
100% 4130 CroMo Frame/Fork/Handlebars
Intergrated Headset
Sealed Bearing Mid Bottom Bracket
Tubular 3pc.CroMo Cranks
25-9 Micro Gearing
48H / 14mm Sealed Cassette Hub
Shadow Interlock V2 Chain
36H Sealed 3/8 Front Hub
Alloy Rims
2 pegs
Custom Subrosa Seat
Shadow Finger Banger Grips
Shadow Tires
Shadow Alfred Seatpost Clamp"

"Custom designed Frame / Fork / Bar
100% 4130 CroMo Frame/Fork/Handlebars
Intergrated Headset
Sealed Bearing Mid Bottom Bracket
Tubular 3pc.CroMo Cranks
25-9 Micro Gearing
48H / 14mm Sealed Cassette Hub
Shadow Interlock V2 Chain
36H Sealed 3/8 Front Hub
Alloy Rims
2 pegs
Custom Subrosa Seat
Shadow Finger Banger Grips
Shadow Belter Tires
Shadow Alfred Seatpost Clamp"

"Custom Designed Frame / Fork / Bar
4130 CroMo Main Frame
Intergrated Headset
Mid Bottom Bracket
Tubular 3pc.CroMo Cranks
Authentic Skyway Tuff Mags
Super Wide 24 x 2.3 Tires
Shadow Interlock V2 Chain
Custom Subrosa Seat
Shadow Finger Banger Grips"

(There's also a non-Tuff version too)

Monday, August 13, 2007

Street vs. Tweak.



Not the most professional of posts, and probably not earning my "perks" at Pijin, but so what - Street vs. Tweak went off today.

If you weren't there, you sorely missed out. Massive thanks to all the people who turned up from pretty much everywhere around the UK and made this jam as good as it was, and a massive(r) thanks to Dave for getting his act together and somehow managing to create an amazing jam in the time it usually takes me to get ready to go ride Southbank.

Some brief highlights to keep y'all interested 'til the media types fill half the internet up with photos:
Bars and a half at MFI Banks?
Side-saddle stair launch at the Double 7's?
Decades at 'Ashley Charles'?
Windowsill ledge-ride at Hoglands 3?
Gap to second stage ice at Hoglands street?
Flips at Hoglands?
5-tap to footjam, clean as you like, Hoglands again?
Wheelie races at MFI Banks?
Pedal-destroying "Down-low" riding at MFI?


Saturday, August 11, 2007

New stuff/Street vs. Tweak!

Well, the new Profile bits 'n' bobs have dropped in Pijin, and they're looking pretty sweet. Carlos, being the modern, metrosexual, thoughtful guy that he is, has also ordered in pretty much everything else that Profile do in purple too, so if you wanna go the whole nine yards and get your bike way past the Southampton scene minimum of 5 colour-coded parts on your bike, rejoice - now's the time!

Also in stock are the new Kink bits 'n' pieces (incl. those sweet full builds we showed you a while back, as well as the pretty neat SL style Kink seats), as are some of the new Macneil products - especially the Macneil Bibi frames, which are selling out fast. I think Carlos said that 7 had been ordered in, and in 48 hours they've sold 2, which is pretty good progress! If you want one, get involved - fast!

Speaking of fast - Street vs. Tweak ( has gathered so much momentum it's led industry insiders to label it "Freakin' sweet". Big boxes of product have arrived from the frankly awesome people at 4down, Padded Cell, UnderTheHat, Pijin and soon United amongst others (OK, I forgot the other names...), so if you turn up and ride, you're pretty likely to find yourself the recipient of a spot-prize. Apparently you won't be getting one for the MFI Banks Carpark Wheelie Competition, due to reports of insider dealings. *ahem*

Either way, get yourself down to MFI Banks (See the Myspazz page for details of locations 'n' postcodes 'n' stuff to tap into your Satnav, if that's your thing...) for about 12-1 on SUNDAY, and we'll get this show on the road. The hop-comp/limbo-comp and high-jump setup (For the Ashley Charles rail setup) has been created by the hands of "Myspace" Dan, so that's at least two or three pieces of goooood comedy heading our way.

Get down there. Street's looking pretty well represented, but the Tweakers seem to be thin on the ground - if you think you've got what it takes to wiggle your way around the streets in a Chase Hawk-ish manner, get down and r-r-r-r-represent.

There's video and photographic coverage going down, but if you wanna document stuff, feel free to get your kit out...

See you there!

(P.S. Unofficial SvT warm-up street ride, tomorrow. Get in touch with "Myspace", Street Joel or one of the Usuals to get in on it - not Carlos though, who's gonna be rep'ing at the Newquay Rip Curl surf weekend on the mini, if someone there's got a long ol' 8mm and a spare tube...)

Friday, August 03, 2007

Profile go purple!

I remember when purple was all the rage back in the early 90s...

The next batch of limited edition Profile cranks are... PURPLE! Give us a call if you want a set! :D

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Part 1 of the Mosh Video, now online!

Blitz your way over to and check out the first part of their new monthly video feature, this month feat. Mike Ardelean, Jackson Ratima, and Ian Schwartz. Some pretty sweet lines in this video, Ian's part just purely made me wanna go out and ride...