Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Hello again.

Yeah, been a while. This weekend was full of riding, fun times and general merriment, none of which involved online things, so not much blog activitititititity.

A quick look at the BMX fashion forecast: Headbands are still in, and ETs are most definitely on their way in. Couple cut-off skinny jeans, a headband and an ET and you're set for this summer's look. Unrelated to that but related to the video - I've been so tempted to grab a hang-5er's rear peg before, but I knew that would happen. I'm too nice.

Tim tells me I've been overly harsh recently, so I'll try and tone it down.

Anyways, Luke Peeters (With 3 E's) is now on United, as is Boiski. However, Boiski didn't get a 'Welcome to the Team' edit - favouritism!

Apparently they have bios and stuff on the United site, but I didn't really care enough to find out. I'm sure 90% of the Internet's word is true enough.

Shadow have some new clothing out, go check it on their site in some flip-book somewhere (They're still not good - even Russ agrees!).

FBM inform me that Mickey Marshall is no longer riding for them, they have a new Exodus prototype (Ironically named - fair play for that!), and that people around the world are still willing to put the time in to make awesome birthday cakes:

For those of you who can't imagine what a crinkly tube looks like inside (Kinda like the outside, but inside), Sunday have the answer!

Shola have some proto fork photos up (In conjunction with Brucey/KHE? Who knows) - that logo's dangerously close to the edge of the bottom of the steerer tube bit? (Tech term.)

Dig have been utterly pounding the Facebook News Feed today, which happened to include this gem - the Tom Blyth Sturdy Wrists. Old Dig is rad, film is rad, Tom B is rad. Rad^3!

Dennis Enarson has a Day In The Life Of video up somewhere, but I have almost no idea where I watched it or even what player it was on. All I can remember is he lives pretty close to the Mexican border, enjoys eating Mexican food, had a shoulder surgery the day after the riding was filmed, and looks exactly like both of his parents. I suppose in a way that's all you need to know?

On my 'Quick last check!' BMX news scour, happened to stumble upon this video of Mark Mulville - always a pleasure, never a chore.

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