Wednesday, October 31, 2007

He did a *what*?

Got to Southbank yesterday, and this was all everyone was talking about...

Monday, October 29, 2007

News like WHAT

OK, so, it's been a little slack here of late. A birthday, lots of riding, and some coursework deadlines meant it's been pretty hectic, so here's a bunch of stuff to make up for it.

All the new FEDERAL stuff is in Pijin. I would've linked to their site, but what's the point?

S&M have released the final photos of the LTF, and it really is LTF. Tapered stays, Swiss dropouts, "swaged" seat-tube and a whole bunch of other stuff mean it weighs in at 4.2lbs. I'm no expert, but that ain't much. Comes in 20.5", 20.75" & 21", 75° head angle and 13.65" stays.

With the Fit/S&M technology cross-overs from the past, and the way that - for example - the LTF shares the same seat-tube as the Dehart, could we also be looking at the S4?

Dan Foley is now on Simple 'cos of this:

Tree have some new bars out.

"The specs on the bars are:
-8” tall
-27” wide
-12 degrees backsweep
-available in a choice of 4 degrees upsweep or 1 degree upsweep
-they weigh 26 oz.

Also both Tree bars will be sold separately from the barends from now on. We decided if someone wanted our bars but already had barends that they liked then they could just buy the bars. And if they wanted to get the barends then they can get them with the bars at the same time.

-Available in black or white.
-11 butted handlebar
-Made of 4130 heat treated chromoly tubing
-Pre-threaded for use with Tree Barends. Will also work with other brands of barends.
-Higher tolerance degrees of bends over most common bars
–Can be cut down to minimum of 24.25” wide if they are cut down skinnier the barends will not work."

To quote Tree.

Aversion have a new Mike Miller video out:

The guy who has Chase Hawk's style now also has matching Chase Hawk style music (See: Fitlife, Chill Bro). In fairness though, that 3 to fakie is properly good.

Mike Aitken's Odyssey part from 2003 or something like that is out on the Odyssey-Vision site too. Speaking of, hopefully IMG will get stocks flowing soon...

Lastly, the needlessly sourest BMX company on Earth, Bicycle Union, have some sweet new products coming out, incl. hubs and bars. Coming into the country next week, theoretically.

Hit up 4Down for the specs.

That's it from me, I'm off to hit up Cantelowes...

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Yet more videos?

Someone in Southampton (Yes, I mean you Dan - you've already got the trampoline...) needs to do this to their house. Gotta love Beringer.

4Down have put up Trailer #2 for their Summer of Madness video. Here's the Youtube shonky-quality version, or you can go to Streetphire's Vimeo account and view it in marginally better quality there.

If you go on Streetphire's Vimeo account, you can also view the GiveD vid that I may or may not have posted up here recently (no memory...).

Fit have apparently let their work experience guy do the super detailed diagrams for their new Cleveland and Dehart frames.

I mean c'mon...

Lastly, Vital have a new Levis "Clip of the Week" (They need to get a Harry Hill's TV Burp style voiceover for that) featuring Dakota Roche, and for all those out there who said "Surely Levis can't keep coming out with new webvids every week?", I guess you're partially right.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Joel Nicholls on camera!

Here's a little vid of our favourite trowbo rider. I know street machine Joel has been getting the camera out lately for his next DVD project... so until that's finished, here's a preview of whats to come!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Some Video

Just thought I'd post this lil video 'cause I like the music and I wanna ride a concrete park right about now. They're cool.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Sundays new frame, with no paint and stuff

Free Stuff Part 2.

Continuing with the "Free stuff" blitz...

Well, it's OK with them, so here it is - Attila have put Hit The Switch, their first full length video, up for download/viewing on GoogleVideo. Head to their Media page to see that and a bunch of other stuff...

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Something completely different...

Free stuff is good. Potentially free stuff is also good.

Radiohead are releasing their new album in the next few weeks, and should you wish to you can pre-order a copy of it. However, in their label-less state, they've chosen to let you download their new album now. The interesting part is when you get to the "View Basket" page, and you get confronted with the message that you choose the price. That's right - you can pay as much or as little as you want. Personally, I gave them a bit of money purely because OK Computer is pure awesomeness, but even so, if you're not super keen, download it for free and see what you think?
Something actually happening in the BMX world? :-O

Last Friday, I got the chance to cruise over (trek) to Earl's Court to go to the Cycle Show 2007. Aside from a whole load of fancy looking all-singing, all-dancing, all-bouncy mountainbikes, some crazy carbon-fibre directional road cranks, and the opportunity to beat a certain WTP/Carhartt/Lotek rider by over 1/4 mile in a 1 mile long race (pwn3d) on some ulra high tech virtual turbo-trainers, I got to check out the new WTP product on their very fancy, very expensive stand. No doubt the photos will emerge soon of the distro bike, a full-build consisting of WTP's finest parts built onto a fluoro green Lo-Fi frame (fluoro green and white = awesome), but sufficed to say, unless you see it in real life you won't get how nice it is. Apparently quite a lot of people were pretty interested in buying one, so Chris @ Hotwheels is planning on putting the squeeze on WTP's bosses to try and get them to make it into a proper complete bike, to sit in their range nicely above the Phoenix.

All the 2008 stuff is looking pretty amazing, and will be well worth a look when it drops (in T-minus 1 week, to Hotwheels). Their frames especially are truly amazing, some really, really neat touches (splined/fluted seat-tube type setup - like those splined headset-spacers - to save weight but still have your seat held in place), and some amazing Magma heat-treatment mean that that proto frame on the BMXOnline site from aaaaaaages ago is now a reality. Let's just talk weight for a second - the Elektro, Tobias Wicke's signature frame, weighs in at 4.46lbs (speaking of Tobias, head over to WTP's MySpace page and check out the Props Bio on him - machine!), David Potato's frame The Chief tips the scales at 4.46lbs, and the super nice Lo-Fi comes in at - you guessed it - 4.46lbs. Any frame that can survive the onslaught of Osato, Wicke and Gaertig - to name but a few - has gotta be pretty tough, so combine that with those weights and we're talking sweet. If you're not digging the whole lower-slung, lower-weight thing, the Phoenix and Ovoid frames are still kicking about with a few tweaks here and there.

In Southampton news, as I write this, Pijin Shop Team Rider Joel Nicholls is currently topless, being photographed and filmed by Mr. Miyagi in a "Former Boys Club" in Walthamstowe.

Here's the Act Like You Know trailer.

act like you know trailer from jason jendre on Vimeo.

Give-D have boshed another video up on Defgrip, and here it be. Right-click/Save Target As that bad-boy, watch it and think "Damn, this Beach Boys version is weak."

Lastly, another "Uh-oh, it's Craaaaanmer" time - the man behind the frame now being ridden by Mr. "Lotek's Won't Sell" (that one's for you, Joel) has managed to top the levels of sketchiness he once set himself. Let me just say that when Joel and I watched it last night, we actually both went "Urgh! Rancid!" when we saw it happen. I don't know what the hell's going on with the video hosting for it, but you've basically gotta make the trek over to TheComeUp's Myspace to view the hideousness. It just ain't street.

Honestly lastly - Circle Tour Malaga vid status: all good.

I'm off to call Mr. Pang. Reverse drivers bloooow...

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Post 200/Summer of Fit premiere.

Summer of Fit premiere, at Hastings on the 20th October sound good?

Be there or be John and have work...

Friday, October 12, 2007

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

KP gets married.

O.G. NibbleTech master Kevin Porter got married during Interbike, so best wishes to him and his new wife.

Wearing your signature shoe to your wedding: Pro.

More photos of the Interbike trip and K.P.'s wedding on

Summer of Fit?

I don't know whether it's out yet or not (I didn't think it was...), but the fine people over at 4down have popped up some info on the Summer of Fit DVD that Rob-o and the other guys at Fit have been working towards for the past few months. Click here to go check it out.

Lotek, Fremont & Sunday

There's been various rumblings in The Industry about Rich Hirsch's newest project, Fremont, and now - at last - you can check out the designs for yourself. Following - as you'd expect - a relatively similar line to the recent Lotek collection, they're most definitely not your usual BMX designs. Whether the designs are both different AND good enough to silence the critics, and those who claim that Hirsch's Fremont brand is too close in both logo, appearance and product range to skate company Altamont remains to be seen. Head over to to check out both the Fremont products and Lotek's new line.

Following on from the video review of the new Sunday frames from Interbike that John put up, Sunday owner Jim Cielinski has put up a list of photos and product details for the 2008 frame.

Head over to Sunday's new site to check out more photos and details on the frame. Expect them to be around in the first few months of next year, along with the Ian Schwartz pro model, featuring integrated Pivotal post!

This Love

I don't think I have yet expressed my love for the Simple Eject hub



Sunday, October 07, 2007

London's Calling...

Fresh from delicately building up his shiny new bike, Street Joel headed up to the Big Smoke with Trowbo local, Butlin.

In the period between Joel arriving and Butlin arriving (at Paddington, a 20min, hectic rush hour ride from Waterloo), we did a quick little bike check of Joel's 4down and Pijin aided setup. Click that pic and find out what makes Joel able to bust out style-y 3's at 5am...

Just for kicks, here are some of the "Didn't make the cut" photos from the weekend. Expect to see the others dotted about the place soon.

Some sort of sword of Damocles type manual pad setup?

Joe Nipples filming sesh.

Not what it was supposed to be...

Hectic back-of-bench-nose-manual. Taking a risk.

Pure Myspace.

Expect to see the fruits of our collective labour when Joel's webvid drops. From the stuff the champ got done this weekend, it should be good.

Right now, I'm coming to the end of a weekend of 10hr+ riding days, 5:30am bedtimes and 12pm wake-up calls, so I'm ready to drop.

3 hour lecture on photographic rhetoric tomorrow at 10.

Not cool.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

S&M Beringer XLT Bars?

Or so I thought.

Turns out they ran out of stickers, so the last few LT bars have the XLT stickers on like these. Beringer XLTs will be out some time next year! In the meantime come and grab a set of exclusive bars...

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Mutiny Video

Mutiny have been threatening us with a new video for some time now, and here's the trailer website for it,

Should be a cracker.

Expect a big DISSRM News blog with all the info from Interbike, should mean you can check it all out without having to mess the formatting up for this blog...

Oh, and...

Odyssey Lum4erjacks. No thanks.

New Fit trailer!

The 4down Summer of Madness tour is all done and dusted now, and following some hectic hours at the editors' table, Dean Hearne & Co. have the first trailer for our viewing, featuring the pretty awesome Fit tour. The stuff I saw happen was pretty nuts, and it seems the level of rad-itude was pretty consistent throughout the trip, so judging from how good this trailer is, the vid's gonna be nuts! Two other tours to add on the vid too, gonna be hot!

Monday, October 01, 2007

New Profile Racing Europe site!

Profile Racing Europe have a new site. Looks like Kung and Adi have been hard at work... looks very nice indeed.

Rather than just being an online catalogue of parts, Profile Racing Europe have included a genuinely helpful tech section which contains a guide explaining how to put your hubs back together properly. Contrary to what most people think, it does not involve hitting with a mallet! The thought makes me squirm everytime... (I think some people should be banned from using mallets.)

Go check it out!