Sunday, October 31, 2010


If you're goof, you might as well make it count! Case in point - tooth to cranks to 180?

Dyno, for Scattered.


TheMake are adding more riders to their line-up, and this time's it's Paul Horan. A pretty cool vid, no-footed cans are always good to see!

Josh Betley continues to improve:

Tom Blyth does likewise:

And lastly - grip wars! Eclat's Ashley Charles (plus bars (that are 10° backsweep according to Ashley, 11.5° according to Eclat, and 10° according to the graphics) vs. United's Nathan Williams...

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Did my usual BMXFeed lap just now, and having sprayed open a load of tabs suddenly started hearing an advert for Calgon. I couldn't work out where it was coming from as all the pages were legit BMX sites and there were no pop-ups anywhere. Then I spotted a fun little auto-playing advert on TheComeUp, along with another advert about how I should apparently eat beef or lamb during the week. I think I prefered the way over the top skating-related adverts on there compared to weak, day-time TV style adverts about things I don't care about. Money's money though I guess? While I'm on the subject of skating, the new John Motta Bangin' is amazing.

More from Mutiny - this time, an out-takes video from their latest series.

They've also updated their site, so go check it out!

Oh, and continuing the theme of 'things I forgot' (at least one per day), here's a Matt Priest video I meant to put up yesterday.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Right, so this might not work. I'll preface it with that.

Hopefully, what you can see above is the awesome 'zine that Rich Forne put together about the Dunkerque trip that I posted up yesterday. If the above doesn't work, hit up Mutiny's site. It's well worth reading!

You might notice as well how the video's really good to watch - nicely filmed, works really well together? Might also spot how the photos look cool too? Well, that's sort of what happens if you get people who specialise in doing things to do them. A while back BMX photographers started getting sort of replaced by just 'people with a camera', and it seems Vans are stepping it up with the new Let It Ride video "Bro cam project". I don't know if there's a seperate 'proper' video to go with this, but I'd certainly hope so. If not, maybe we should progress this whole idea along and stop frame designers and product engineers from doing new products, and just get people who can draw a semi-accurate picture of a BMX part to design them? I mean, you know, all it really is is drawing stuff, right?

Lastly, something I forgot to post yesterday - Kriss Kyle keeps getting better...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

No... energy...

I'm super tired and can't really think enough to string sentences together properly, so here are two cool videos - one from Mutiny, and one from Rob Ridge.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Chicken and Shaun...

Another cool video from some cool people - Chicken and Shaun livened up all the P5 jams I met them at, and also let me crash in their house one night which was 100% preferable to ending up almost falling in canals with Lloyd. AAAAAAAnyways, this was over on the Make site and has some nice lines in it. Bonus points for 0:23-0:27 too...

The Count.

My summer in Newcastle last year was awesome for a variety of reasons - one of those reasons being The Count. Rad dude, funny as hell to be around but capable of dropping hammers as and when it's required. This is a vid he's put together of spare footage left over from the summer.

Rinsed from Streetphire!

Friday, October 22, 2010

"Wah wah"

If you're not a fan of videos that aren't a total, back-to-back string of massive bangers, you are not going to be a fan of this post. Some slightly 'different' videos today, starting with the video I watched every day for about a month after I first got it, the Train Trip video that appeared on a copy of Dig (Issue 79 out now!) I got ages ago. There's actually a cool little write-up on Mike O's Blog about it, so check that out while you wait for the video to load!

While we're talking Joe Rich, he currently has a bike-check up on T-1's site.

Continuing the cool videos theme, This Is United is ridonkulous, and if you haven't seen it yet you're letting yourself down spectacularly. Call the shop and get amongst it. James Cox was the man at the helm, and he's got a pretty lengthy video interview up courtesy of BMXMDB. I rode with James just after he'd first quit his job to work for 4Down, and it's amazing to see how he's gone from what his situation was back then to what he's doing these days. Anyone who gives you a load of sweets 'for the road' is a rad dude in my book, and James fully qualifies for that.

While James was pretty awake and alert for that video, Nathan Williams isn't for this fairly weird interview with Dakota Roche.

Continuing the weird video vibe, TheKinkHouse have this edit of Aaron Smith showing his room setup, then a bit of riding at the end as a bonus.

Totally different, and more focussed on the riding is the last of SkullCandy and their "3 days in the desert" video. Some really good stuff in this, interesting to see people making the most of some pretty unusual (but pretty awesome!) spots.

...and with that, I'm off to put a new air filter in my car. Head torches = the best.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Keeping up appearances...

Super busy the past few days, so apologies for the lack of updates. Fortunately, whilst I've been doing other stuff, Tony Hamlin and his girlfriend put this edit together. Questionable sentence in retrospect, but hey ho. Always rad to see more footage from him!

From Kink.

Monday, October 18, 2010


...was so into singing Purpl's praises I completely forgot about Bruno Hofffffmannnnnn's bikecheck that appeared today. 17. That good. I mean, really...


I've seen a fair few Facebook updates regarding this since the weekend, and I'm more than a little aggrieved I didn't go. To compound that, Purpl have made a Purpl30 about it. It's pretty awesome seeing a BMX company acknowledging there's a hell of a lot more interesting stuff going on in the BMX world than the latest fizz-bang whirly-bird manoeuvre one of your team riders has done.

Edwin appears to be pretty dece with a camera - pleasantly surprised.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Streetphire (ex?) lurker Mark Larkin did some bicycle related manoeuvres for Will Evans, who then made this sweet edit. That ender wallride has some frightening peg-interaction-of-death connotations!


The DUB/Carhartt London jam went down today, hitting up a few different spots to previous jam routes. RideUK designer Chris Gordon described it as not as much fun as gardening, but looking at the video I'd probably beg to differ...

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Dyno's been super good for the longest time now, and companies are finally starting to get wise to it. This is an edit for KIS from Dyno, and demonstrates some of his rad skills. Add him on Facebook and get ready for some rapid statusing...

Oh my god...



Mathias Dandois was featured in the new Odyssey print catalogue, and is now officially part of their Flatware line. The dude's got a rad style, definitely one of my favourite flatlanders to watch!

Damo and Dave King put together this trails edit for Amity which features all the usual wiggles you'd expect:

...and sticking with the trails theme is the better-late-than-never Oakley Trails Champs video. I could watch Mulville for days.

I still don't really get the whole deal with the new Props online/offline/sections up here/sections up there business, but it does mean that this Deven Ferrer video is online which is handy. Stepping up the rail-ride game!

It's funny how some videos just make you want to ride - there's just that vibe about them that just makes you want to go out for a pedal around. This edit from Craig Passero/TCU using up some old footage before getting back on it with the new camera very much makes me want to ride, which is what I'm now going to do.

Friday, October 15, 2010


That's right, the lesser spotted evening-home-blog. Chase Dehart has come up with some pretty cool moves in his time, and inspired a hell of a lot of people, so it's cool to see that he appears to have a reasonably sound head on his shoulders. I don't usually read many of the Rapid Response features on Dig because a lot of BMXers don't really seem to have much to say, so it was cool to read Chase's replies.

Next level.

If you want to check the new WTP completes out in quite some detail, get amongst it.

Kink have put up a new video from their Kink House:

Caleb Quanbeck's welcome edit to Hoffman has now dropped - trademark smoothness and bangin' nozzers:

Cult posted up the Golden State of Mind video again - definitely worth posting again!

Super expensive headphone manufacturer SkullCandy got some of their US team together to put out an edit. This is it. Rob Wise is too good...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

American content.

Strictly American today, although it does feature American Butlin aka Tammy Jane. I swear they were seperated at birth...

All the stuff in this is cool, but the first hop-manny is insane. Huuuuge.

Lastly, some good riders at some good spots.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I've got a copy of the old Macneil DVD (Pre-San to Van) at home, and I haven't once sat through the entire thing without muting it simply because the music was that shockingly poor on it. Although I wasn't really feeling the first 8 minutes or so of music in this, and that Placebo track is the biggest buzz-kill since Barrymore found that dude in his pool, the rest of the video is cool. Some awesome riding by potentially one of the most unknown and under-rated 'teams' out there.

Relief, and a bonus.

I'd had to sign out of this account and sign into another one quickly whilst writing that last post, and had forgotten to re-sign in. Thought I'd lost the whole thing, glad I hadn't. I'm lazy and repetition = bad.

Anyway, forgot to put this in the last post - generally, product information from manufacturers is about as interesting as watching nitro-cellulose coloured lacquer dry on an aluminium frame (which it never seems to, properly), but this is actually interesting and almost got an audible "aaaah" from me. G-Sport George knows what's up, and what is currently up is the Birdcage rim.


Every time I hear the name Joss Fenn I always, despite his name being different, think it's my old friend Joss from Southbank. As a result, I alway think "No way, cool!" and then watch the video. Over time, I've learnt that although he's not who I think he is, Joss Fenn's videos are worth watching in any case. Couple his riding with the cool editing from Purpl, and you get a cool Purpl30. Speaking of editing, Mike King gets his own Purpl30 too where you get to see him use one of those weird-yet-good mouse (mice? mouses?) things, edit some clips, and show he's part of the Dell Massif. RPRZNT.

Mutiny posted this video of Grant C and Brandon H (can never really remember how to spell this surname. Good thing I don't work for ESPN or someone like that where you have to do the whole "I'M A PRO SPORTS REPORTER!" thing of refering to people by their surname only...). I'm also posting it, purely because you really need to check out how incredibly casual Hoerres' (did it) barspin down the 2-set is at 1:32. I mean, I know it's only a 2-set, but it just looks so good and I don't really know why. You'll see.

Lastly, this is a Mark Webb video so you should probably know what to expect, but the frontie onto the building thing's pretty cool.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Niki Croft is a rad dude, so it sucks that this happened to him...

As some people are aware Niki had a very bad crash at the Cycle Show London on Sunday. He hit his head hard and was rushed to hospital. Because of the severity of his injures the doctors felt it necessary to put him into an induced coma so he could not increase his injures by moving while they ran tests on his brain and neck. On Sunday night all initial scans showed he had no bleads in his brain and no neck damage so the doctors started to bring him round. He was supposed to come round within 2 hours but for unknown reasons he did not wake up for nearly 20 hours. Yesterday he was awake for no more than 2 hours and this was a real concern to the doctors. thankfully today he has improved drastically and has been able to return to Hastings. He has made amazing progress considering his accident was on Sunday. Although this will not be a lightning quick recovery I am confident he will make a full recovery. Anyone who knows Niki knows he is one of the most determined people you can meet, and he is fighting hard.
Anyone who wants to send Niki a message please email me and I will print them out for him to read, as this is much better for him than staring at a screen.

Thanks to everyone who’s called and sent messages already


Get well soon dude!

Seeing as I mentioned 'rad dude', here are another 1 - 2 - 3.


If you want to see, amongst other things, a cat drop in on a quarter, Mark Love drop the trademark back-rail fuf then oppo back-rail fuf, and Davey Watson do some sort of impossible manny-180 business, then this Federal Soulatour video is for you...

Federal aren't the only people who've been on a jaunt recently - Sunday have been at it too, up in Canada. Good riders + interesting spots = good video.

Monday, October 11, 2010


Funnily enough, I just cased the back wheel of my road bike (yeah, yeah...) riding from my car to my house and got a savage pinch flat. Sucks to be me.

In case-related news, the new Case is out. Considering there's been a few "street riders are scum of the earth/street isn't real BMX"* opinion-based pieces in there before, no doubt some of the more ardent followers aren't going to be feeling the cover. Still, it's cool to see a slightly more balanced output.

Plus, as we all know:

Anyways, the new layout looks really cool - check that out over on Defgrip. Seems like the design is maturing with the content = all good in my book!

Purely because it's not an incredibly weak bite of TheBerrics, I'm posting this particular jam/comp vid and not a couple of videos of others that have surfaced recently. Tyrone looks a hell of a lot like in this, I noticed. Probably because I don't think I've ever actually seen him when he's not riding, maybe...

*Slight exaggeration, but not far from the truth...

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Oh noes, skateboarding!

Yeah, well, it's good. Alright? The Get Busy Living videos are all worth watching, whether it's the full video or just the 'Episodes'. Free, rad content.

Watching how ridiculous awesome that footage looks also reminded me about Defgrip's camera feature. A pretty good read, 'specially if you're into all things video.

Lastly, from Mutiny, is a video that I didn't really get, but was amused by.


Usual weirdness from Erik Elstran - all good though!

I have a feeling I neglected to post this when it originally dropped, but hey ho - the new Get Used To It video looks like it should be pretty cool:

Speaking of 'pretty cool', Pete's reply of "Take a hike, Spielberg" to a negative commenter on TheComeUp is definitely one of the best rebuttals I've seen on a BMX site. While I'm talking about TheComeUp, those BallParkFranks adverts need to go. I've got about 12 tabs open at the moment, so the race to find which tab was randomly autoplaying Dave Mirra talking about things I don't care about wasn't much fun. That's not even mentioning the massive skating adverts all round the page too. Matador nailing that targeted advertising. Oh, wait...

This was up a while ago, but it got re-posted by Cult and is worth watching again.

This is a Caleb Quanbeck video which obviously means it's going to contain at least one ridiculous nose manual, but this one luckily contains two.

Having been stuck in bed the past few days, I'm going to go and resume my marathon BBC iPlayer session. Woke at 8am, watched the end of the F1, watched the end of the MotoGP, then smashed through the Commonwealth Games coverage. I am so bored.

Saturday, October 09, 2010


Three people I like watching ride putting videos out on the same day? Ching.

Bonus fact: Pete's car does 666 miles on one tank of fuel.

Just to keep people happy:

1, 2, 3.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Cough cough.

Just been using some tinted lacquer in the next room, and that + a cold = bad times in a respiratory sense. Not cool.

What is cool is going online and finding a Cinema promo up. Chase Dehart, Garrett Reynolds, Corey Martinez, Sean Sexton, Nathan Williams? Mm-hmm.

Now - if someone named their contest and had the phrase "Street" in there, you'd expect some street, wouldn't you? Well, apparently not...

Monday, October 04, 2010


Not Mixellaneous, although that vid was awesome...

Speaking of 'awesome vids', there's some cool stuff from Purpl that I hadn't spotted previously, namely their "Purpl30" features with Dan Paley and Thomas Pratt - one features some cool riding, the other features some cool 'stuff'. Interesting range of content though, always a treat.

Totally unrelated, but inbetween writing the first bit of that and finding the embed codes, I watched the final of the The Battle At The Berrics and seeing Paul Rodriguez turn on God mode about 3/4 of the way through was out of hand. Shut-down!

Speaking of TheBerrics, and also BrightonAin'tReady (which we weren't, I suppose), Kink have created a new 'project' for themselves in the form of The Kink House. Essentially a brand specific version of B.A.R., it also gives Lloyd Wright an awesome opportunity to escape the winter and hit up Cali. Jealous?

California related is this video from Defgrip, feat. Timmy Theus and Kevin Porter. I appreciate the way that every time I see a K.P. edit he does something that I think would be pretty fun to learn. It's obviously not the be-all and end-all of content for web-edits or even riding in general, but it's nice to see instead of the usual "+1" school of riding-related thought.

Ben Lewis scored the latest Fit UK ad, and this is the Ride UK video about how it happened. I sincerely hope I never see another video with those type of transition/layered clips ever again. I mean that.

In total contrast to pretty much everything else in this (that's generally been about clean brand identities, warm sunny weather and all that sorta jazz), here's a video of Jersey riding his signature BSD frame up in Aberdeen. Barca and California it ain't, but he still gets the job done.

Lastly, before I go and try and clean some of the Nitromors burns from earlier frame-stripping, apparently I Wanna Live got 'leaked' online. I'd strongly recommend going and looking at how awesome some of the sections in that video are, then I'd recommend giving the shop a call and buying a copy, thus supporting the company that brought that video to you in the first place, the best BMX shop in the UK who are giving you the opportunity to own it, and also getting to enjoy what's a really, really good video in the quality it deserves. Pirate copies just aren't the same. I don't wanna get all "FACT" on you or anything, but it's cool being able to watch videos in the way they were intended. Also helps when your house-share happens to also comprise of a beasting flatscreen HD TV...