Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I mentioned Craig Passero and Mike Mastroni's sections from the OSS video, and now Alex Platt's section is up. The dude's pretty crazy, and it was interesting to read a bit more back story on it. Worth a read and a watch, get clickin'.

Lastly, 'cos I'm in a rush tonight, here's a compilation of clips for Federal from Dan Lacey. Bangers bangers bangers. That smith->nose manual->drop in->bars is still amazingly nice.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Drew Bezanson, eh?

The only thing bigger than the moves in that was that embed code. Jesus H. Christ that scared the hell out of me when that popped up. Speaking of rubbish embedding, oh look - the Sunday player. I used to - for some reason - think I wasn't really keen on Alex Magellan's riding, but this video set that straight. Cool style, cool outlook, cool moves. Cool.

I CtrlC+CtrlV'd that content, but I definitely won't be doing that with this Ben Hittle interview, and this Chase Dehart interview, both of which are pretty cool.

As a result of seeing that Ben Hittle interview I lurked TheKinkHouse site and saw this pretty amazing Sean Sexton edit. I'd argue that those moves were oppo rather than switch, but tomato/tomato, right? Way to use an audio joke in a text-based piece eh.

Lastly, yet another awesome video from Mathias Dandois. Seeing as street seems to generally take some cues from flat, it'll be interesting to see what people make of this...

Thursday, January 20, 2011


In all honesty, I don't really know much about Amity, but it still seems strange that "Lil Tammy" is riding for them. All good though I guess 'cos it means we get to see more footage of American Butlin (not going to stop saying that), which is always good. 180 no handers out of grinds? Really?

In fairly massive contrast, here's a video from long-time Animal dude Lino G. Not the biggest stuff in the world, but it's still super tech!

Planning on watching this when I get home, but it's Defgrip so you basically know it's going to be good. The History of Oakley.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Biiiiig laaaad

Confusing. Just saw this over on Defgrip, checked the Vimeo page to see how old it was and it's 23 days old. Bleurgh. Pesky "private" to "public" changes throwing dates out the window...

Anyway, all that matters is that this is yet another cool video by Rich Forne, featuring some rad dudes in the form of Jason Phelan, Olly Evans and Pete Sawyer. You also get some classic Biiiiig Laaaaad action at the start. Bonus.

Gran Canaria's been pretty big in the skating world this year (well, 2010 but you know what I mean) so I was sort of expecting to see something from there in BMX soon. All good from my point of view, certainly beats seeing people rinsing the same old spots in Barca!

Good news.

This is the best thing I've heard in a pretty long time. All that is (well, was) good about Ride now getting to do their own thing. Can't wait to see where it goes! I could pretty much just read George Marshall/Benson articles all day long - and look at their awesome photography too - so this comes as a pleasant surprise. To be fair I love reading Banners' stuff too, that Ian Schwartz interview was awesome as was the Canada trip write-up...

Press release type thing ironically over on TheComeUp.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


After a few days absence, here's a bit of a round-up of the things I thought were good this week:

May remember me saying earlier in the week: "Something that did come from TheComeUp is this - the intro to OSS "Football", and the first section by Mr. Rory Ellis. Tune! Very much looking forward to Craig Passero and Mastroni's sections in that." Well, here is Craig Passero's section, and it lived up to my expectations!

George Marshall is one of the best BMX photographers in the UK (if not the world, to be fair), and so it's always good to see new content from him - this time over on Defgrip.

A couple of pieces I spotted on Facebook again - firstly a couple of videos linked up by WTP's loose cannon in London Tim Lewis. Both of these videos are edited by Mr. Consistent, Duncan Lloyd, and feature some cool riding from a variety of known and lesser known London names, as well as a section from Merlin. Rad dudes the lot of 'em.

Dyno posted this up too advertising KISBikeCo's - who Dyno's been riding for for a while now - latest frame, the Spark.

Back to more people-I-don't-know based stuff - Floyd, one of Cult's team riders, put up this edit earlier in the week. Pretty cool edit!

Speaking of cool edits, Tom Davis is getting pretty serious these days.

I hadn't really seen much of Kyle Hart's riding before, but just knew he was a pretty loose dude. Turns out he's got the skills too, though. Nollie 5 and oppo 3 rail hops = choice.

Lastly, as I sit here listening to the rain smashing into my window, here's a bit of a Q&A with Bas Keep who's currently living it up in Austin, Texas. Click here to read that, then lurk the Twitter feed embedded in the page to see things like this photo Dakota Roche posted up to show the winter they're dealing with over in Cali. Jealous...

Friday, January 14, 2011


...teal, eh?

Or "Smurfskinwall" if you want to get that old school style nomenclature. That's Farmer Dan's piece, by the way, stolen straight from the FaceyB.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Some time later...

So, it's been a while. Saw a bunch of cool stuff I didn't get a chance to post, so here's a sort of fragmented recap on things I thought were good/interesting.

ESPN had a bit of an Empire related frenzy this week (well, not really) - firstly a 'house check' with Chase Hawk showing how riding bicycle well can make you enough money to get amongst it in a piiiiimp apartment, and secondly with a catch-up with Tom from Empire about Dave Parrick who's currently throwing together the new Empire video. Confused? You will be. The last ESPN piece I was going to mention was this interview with Chase Dehart. Seems like a pretty straight-up kinda person which is good to see in this day and age. Seeing as that's a load of text-related posts which will interest about 2% of the readership of this blog, here's some moving pictures and sounds.

Kink are not only almost homeless, but are also in possession of some ridiculously talented riders. This video highlights this.

I spotted this over on Clicked who spotted it on Vinyl (which means, Mr. Anonymous Commenter from before, that I didn't 'just copy it from TCU or Vital'...). Clint Reynolds is one stylish dude, and is yet another reason to buy Anthem 2. Just saying.

Something that did come from TheComeUp is this - the intro to OSS "Football", and the first section by Mr. Rory Ellis. Tune! Very much looking forward to Craig Passero and Mastroni's sections in that.

Lastly, one for you filming geeks - a 1000fps edit that isn't someone nibbling a park. Bruno's got a crazy way of doing things!

Seeing as no-one (apart from Woozy) use it any more, it's mental seeing the embed code for Youtube now having been so used to the new slim-line Vimeo code.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Bold claims.

I'd be willing to go so far as to say that this video is actually better than any video Odyssey have done before (yes, including Electronical). Literally too good. Lots of amazing moves in this, although Hoang Tran's 74,000mph 180 over the end of the rail down a set was ridiculous. Tom Perry and Tom Dugan have some hot lines in this too.


I didn't check the length of that video before I started watching it, and every time it faded to black I thought it was the end, and was then pleasantly surprised when it kicked in again.

Dig have posted up their covers from the year, click here to view.

In related magazine news, Ride US put up this interview with Dakota Roche, Josh Harrington and Brian Kachinsky about rail moves. X-Up toothy hangers, eeeeeeh?

While we're talking new rail tech, here's the pretty sweet "Welcome to the team" edit by Christian Rigal for new sponsors United.

This isn't really 'new' any more, but Johnny Devlin's section from Into The Void is still nuts.

These are new though - filmed in Tokyo for Carhartt, Stefan Lantschner and Eduards Zunda hit up some shiny new spots that are previously un-touched by BMX, and although it's not necessarily cutting edge stuff it's still cool to see good riding on fresh, interesting setups.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Compare and contrast...

One's a video from a major company showcasing the riding of some of the best known riders on the planet, with travel budgets, pro salaries, appearance fees, etc., and one's a lo-fi video filmed by some guy from Sheffield to document some riding with his friends. Interesting to see which one had the biggest effect on the BMX world though. I wish my copy of Voices still worked...

I can still pretty clearly remember getting home, seeing my copy of Voices had come then how it felt watching it for the first time. Game changer.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Tunney vision?

It's almost a Tunney Tuesday (although it isn't in that this was all posted on Monday, I'm just posting it on a Tuesday 'cos I had loads to do today) - Defgrip got together with ex-Dig/current-ESPN writer, rider and general font of knowledge Brian Tunney to create one of the more interesting BMX-related interviews I've read online. Click here to read through it, here for Brian's 'personal' site, and here for his predictions for 2011. There aren't that many people out there who have been as involved in all levels of BMX as Tunney has over such a sustained period of time, so it gives things a little more depth and interest compared to the usual lashed together Q&A type stuff with whoever happens to be flavour of the month that appears on various sites from time to time.

Ever since I first got linked to an old episode of Buttery Ass Mondays I've been pretty much hooked on TheBerrics, so it's interesting to see a video from Cult filmed in there. It's weird not seeing the setup being filmed in the usual Berrics style, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Some cool lines go down and everyone appears to be having a fun time which is what it's all about. Seeing a car/van full of 'big name pros' getting so visibly excited about going and riding somewhere is good to see, at least they're appreciating the opportunity!

One person who very much appreciated the benefits of being a 'pro' rider - to the extent where he stepped down from the pro team as he apparently didn't feel able to live up to his side of things due to his study commitments (you can read an interview with him here about it, and also get to see a super nice photo of a rail-ride to whip) - was and is Eli Platt, who's section from the Into The Void video went up today. He's also got some choice clips in Anthem II, don'tcha know.

Monday, January 03, 2011

My oh my.

Potentially the best street skating I've ever seen.

Lurked by Netley originally.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Cavalcade of awesomeness?

You betcha! First off, an amazing edit from Kink featuring footage from the Kink House. Considering they're on 'flow', Lloyd and Ben Hittle absolutely rule in this. Some super good riding in it and a cool edit, so set aside some time to check it out. Right now.

Continuing the 'Best of 2010' web videos shenanigans, Defgrip have just put up this collection of their exclusive edits from the past year. Some really great videos in there (naturally), too many to feasibly list.

Cult have continued uploading their edits from the year, so check out their Interbike promo here and click over to their site to see more.

Ricky Adam has also got involved with posting up year-end recaps, this time a slideshow of his favourite shots of the past year. Ricky's one of the best out there so it's cool to see more of his work. RickyAdamPhoto is where you need to navigate to to see more.

That's quite a lot to be getting on with, so get it all assimilated then use it as some inspiration for tomorrow if you're lucky enough to be getting the day off thanks to that bank holiday...