Sunday, August 27, 2006

Pijin Custom Bike No.2 ?

Metal Rebel ContenderThe money is no object Pijin bike got sold within a week of being built. Didn't even have time to take some pics and post on this blog... which is a shame as it was simply the best bike Pijin has built so far. So how do we top that one? We've just managed to get in the Metal Rebel Contender frame which we have been waiting months for. Definitely worth the wait... Carlos should be building it up on Tuesday unless Jingles decides to buy it before then (you know you want it James!).

Integrated seat clampLightning dropout
It tips our scales at 5.02lb which is slightly less than the manufacturer's quoted weights (must be a first!). Has lightning streaks cut out of the dropouts the integrated seat clamp means there is hardly any seat tube protruding from the top tube - be good for those who really like to slam their seat down. Look out for our custom build in the shop window. Should be on display with 2 other custom builds. We're getting one from Profile Racing. Should be a Mulville frame decked out with the best Profile bits. And Steve from Shindig is doing a custom build using a Take Ivy frame with Drive parts...

Backyard qualifiers up in Bristol today. Good luck to Carlos, Jake, Slosh, Farmer Dan, Tom (little Slosh), Alex (little Joe) and everybody else who is entering!

Last bit of news for today is that Carlos bought a pair of girls jeans from H&M yesterday. Oh dear...

Pretty Joe in Sugar Magazine!

Joe has always been the pretty boy of Pijin. His presence on Saturdays always seems to attract the emo girls into the shop - it's the hair that does it everyime! Now he gets his own monthly column in Sugar Magazine! He's already been to a photo shoot up in London, so expect to see his column appear in the next issue. So grab your sister's copy of Sugar to see what it's all about! Can't wait. xxx LOL

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Pijin website back online!

Our website has been down for over a week now. Just to reassure everyone that Pijin is alive and well. I've just not had time to fix it as I've been tied down with my other job. Anyways, the problem was due to a faulty router to our server... A nice girlie gave me a brand spanking new one for free this morning which I got promptly installed and running - so everything is working again. Yay!

THQ websiteHave spent the last 6 months away from Pijin (during weekdays) but I should be returning back in October. Been helping with a new website for THQ Games which went live yesterday! Just a few more bits to do and I will be a free man again! No more long days looking at the computer screen... just building bikes and wheels. Bliss! :)

Monday, August 14, 2006

Shirley Warren Jam Sunday 20th August

Hmm... been lazy on the blog updates again. Didn't know what to write. Slosh suggested writing one titled "Slosh kills Emerald Weapon!"... I might write that one later... keep checking back!

So what's happening this week then? Here goes...

The annual Shirley Warren Jam is happening this Sunday. Good luck to everyone entering! You might even win a prize donated by us. :) Haven't decided what to give yet though...

We're in the process of building 2 Pijin custom bikes at the moment. One is a high end money doesn't matter bike and the other is gonna be a bit more affordable. Been arguing with Carlos and James about what parts to put on... in the end, we had to resort to pulling votes out of a hat. Pictures coming soon once we've managed to build them up!