Thursday, December 30, 2010


Spectacular timing - you might have remembered me saying about the Substance zine/catalogue that 4Down put out. Well, if you were intrigued, then click below for the online version. The printed version's a 'nice object' as the artfags would say, so it if you're into it, get one!

Speaking of posts I made recently - I mentioned a few companies have re-up'd (as they put it) their old web videos from this year. Cult are doing the same, so here's their main promo video, and here's some info. Rob-o should've gone the whole hog and ended it with "ya herd" and kept it with the whole vibe of the company. The devil's in the detail...

Mike Mastroni is really good, and somehow manages to find the time between doing posts on TheComeUp to be all sponsored 'n' everything, and fully justify it too. This video goes to show that he's most definitely got the skills. Some tech stuff on some unusual objects which, when combined with sweet filming and editing, pretty much guarantee a good video. It's cool to see that Mike's more down the Tate Roskelley type of riding rather than sticking to fashion tricks on weird stuff - it's cool to see people really trying to use their bikes in a new way. With those two and Seamus McKeon the future's looking pretty good for some cool new footage.

In true ESPN making-BMX-mainstream-sport style: Tunney posted up this edit from Rohlfing. Said Rohlfing on the success of this video strategy: "Here are some crashes from 2010." This result means that Brett Rohlfing is now 5th in the league.

Lastly, for some reason videos just don't play smoothly on either Ride or Dig's websites (speaking of, I don't think I've really ever seen a bigger disparity between online and offline content/style than Dig's (and still speaking of, the new Dig is really good - go buy it!)). However, I know I like watching Dylan Smith's riding so hopefully this video will be good. If it isn't, apologies for letting it slip through the usually stringent vetting system.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mixed bag.

If you're a fan of incomplete photos of pro riders bikes, then it's almost like Christmas (2011) has come early, thanks to Mutiny and G-Sport.

If, however, you like cool videos showing what it's like to be part of a team and getting to travel the world and get scared by some guy in a boat, this one's for you (thanks to the ever-awesome Kink.

Lastly, Red Banks Jam? Be there!


Some awesome clips in this, that slow-mo 3 is sweeeeet. Very much keen on Tom Dugan's riding.


In full holiday mode now, woke up about an hour ago. Body clock like whaaaat...

Anyway - as I mentioned a week or two ago (when I also mentioned that I was going to do an Anthem 2 review (which I still intend to do, but need to watch it again before I can (and it's currently at my house in Blackpool (and I'm currently in Wales)))) Sean Burns is pretty out of hand. It still seems weird to talk about a Sean Burns web-edit, but I guess if you want to ride for a living your sponsors who don't really 'get' it are going to have some demands you'll have to live up to. Anyway, here's another Osiris edit. Ridiculous.

If you in any way like that video, you should definitely give the shop a call and grab yourself a copy of Anthem 2. So much good stuff in there, and his section's like the icing on an amazing tasty, diverse cake. I know that 'diverse cake' doesn't exactly sound like a good or appetizing thing, but it is.

Because months ago this was an exclusive, I don't know if this embed code's going to lead to anything once I hit the 'publish' button. Hopefully it will, but if there's not a triumph of hope over experience then you'll need to head over to United's website to check out the TCU x TIU edit they've just re-uploaded. They've been putting up some visual treats over the holidays anyway, so it may be worth you while clicking that link and having a lurk even if this embedding shenanigans works...

Speaking of cool bike companies re-uploading good videos, Mutiny have done exactly the same which allows you to go check out LGM, the Dunkerque videos, and all their other rad edits from this year. Essentially, the point I'm trying to make is that the weather sucks, it's the 28th December, you probably don't have much to do so you might as well stoke up some weather-directed anger at not being able to ride by watching some inspiring videos.

This comes with the new issue of Ride UK (which is worth buying), and being a fan of 'zine-type stuff I'm obviously a fan of this. It's just good, and it's also free. If I was Nigel Sylvester I'd probably end that with "You feel me?" or something, but I can pull that off even less than I can pull off asking for a 'barm cake' now I live up North. So I won't.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Season's Greetings...

Some pretty good Christmas treats came out yesterday from Sunday, Fly, and Subrosa. Sunday decided to get a whole load of Santa suits and everyone on their Pro and Flow teams (and even their company members) to get rad. As Jim C says:

“That’s right Santa gets rad! Well, maybe just everyone over here at Sunday gets rad in Santa suits. The whole main team, flow team and employees can be seen shredding in this video. This was such a fun video to make. People really love Santa. Numerous times random people stopped to get there photos taken with Santa, snap photos of Santa riding or just got a smile on there face because they got to see Santa. There was even a 4 year old boy who was so stoked to ride with Santa, who was played by Gary Young at the time. Everyone here at Sunday would like to wish you a merry Christmas and happy holiday!”

Fly's past few videos have been dece, and Tres is no different. Some great riding from a pretty wide selection of riders, you're almost guaranteed to find something you'll like (even some streety grindy-grindy action).

Just like she said, it's a lengthy beast so you might wanna grab some left-overs from yesterday, something to drink and full screen that beaut...

As an additional thing - after a bit of a lurk on the Fly site, I spotted this interview with Stefan Lantschner. Love watching him ride, and it's cool to get a bit more of a background. Some sweet videos on that page too, so go have an explore even if you're got the reading attention span of a foetus. As a side note - Stefan and Kevin Kalkoff had pretty much my 2 favourite sections in the whole video. Stefan's one of the only people I've ever seen hit Wapping wallride anywhere near as good as Joe Fox (who's got a cool interview in RideUK)), high praise indeed! Kevin K has also come on a lot in the past few videos I've seen of him. It's interesting how Fly's team have spread out/branched out now so they've got such a wide range of riders. All good.

Lahsaan Kobza has both a pretty amazing name, and now a contract for the Subrosa Pro team. All good. Defgrip have the exclusive.

Not from Christmas, but I fully forgot to post it before - Lloyd and The Artist Formerly Known As Bombhead doing things at Seventies.

Friday, December 24, 2010


Cool, so it's basically Christmas (somehow - doesn't feel like it?!), so hope you all have a good one.

As a potentially last post of the year (depending on how things go), here's a couple of recent video highlights.

Etnies team is really good, and in this video (click the link to view it) it really shows. Some awesome lines at some awesome spots with some awesome weather. Jealous.

Speaking of teams - Seamus McKeon is now on Subrosa's Skeleton Crew. Definitely deserves it, good to see innovative people getting rewarded (even if the song isn't as innovative as the riding (oh yeah, made a song-stealing reference (went there (brackets)))...

Whilst we're still mentioning teams, to make up for it seeming like they haven't had a new web-edit from their team riders in a while, Federal have put up a 'best of' Derek Strickland video.

And laaaastly, a secret session with Ben Murphy.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010


This is why skateparks suck. Check out how bored that kid is in the back of the shot. I sympathise with you dude.

Not even the longest one. No cigar there...

Monday, December 20, 2010

Dave Young.

This was over on Streetphire but it deserves to be shown around a bit. To summarise it a bit, the guy behind Mixellanous and Regions, Richard Smith, directed a documentary about NE legend Dave Young. Pretty interesting to hear that side of life.


I find it pretty interesting that on the same day that "Next big thing" (according to the cover of Ride) Alex Coleborn drops this Shootin.It edit, the embedded video of Ruben below popped up. I don't mean that in a disrespectful way to Alex or anything because the guy's clearly got ability, but just watching Ruben ride, and talking about riding, you just know he's BMX and in it for the long haul. Effortless style, moves that you just know would've felt super nice to pull (as in the move itself being the fun part, rather than the fun part coming afterwards knowing you'd done some superdoublewhopper combo), a refreshing view on spots to ride and so on - it's just what BMX really means. The fact the guy's still this good when so many have burst into the spotlight then faded away, and although I hate to use the phrase, the way he's still 'relevant' to today's riding - the whole gap-to-wallride tip that everyone's been on recently has got to be attributed to his section in Grounded unless there just happens to be a massive coincidence - is cool, but the way that he's still coming up with new stuff that's a lot more creative and innovative than almost anyone else out there is awesome. Being able to do that after not being able to ride properly for the past 5 years, and having a year that he describes as being that bad, is so good. Long live Ruben. And yeah, there's the trademark hip tabez in there too. Enjoy...

More BMX Videos >>

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Hidden X Liberty, or Liberty X Hidden? The video's definitely from Hidden, but judging from Liberty X's last chart entry, they're pretty 'hidden' now too...

As we all know, X is the Roman Numeral for 10, and while we're talking numbers, here's the trailer for Tres, which goes live on Fly's site on the 24th December. Gonna be worth it!

Lastly, if you're finding it hard to sleep tonight, just put this video of Mike Hoder getting a hair-cut on. Weirdest video ever...

Saw that over on S&M's site, or 'SandM' depending on if you go from real names or URL names.

Alex Kennedy

...rips. You'd have thought someone could've hooked him up with some new bars seeing as he was at the warehouse, unless it's just my rubbishy eyes making his bars look super bent?

Interesting to see how The Berrics Effect is hitting the BMX world though. I'm into it. Seeing as we're talking Seventies, Bruno Hoffmann is now on Federal having left WTP recently. I just realised I didn't actually mention that before, so apologies if that came as a shock. Some people seem to be super into all that side of things, so sorry for not breaking that to you gently. Hopefully this farewell edit will soothe the pain.

While I'm remembering things I didn't post, this is Chicken's section from The Make's Rain Dogs video. Beast.

Saw that over at Streetphire by the way!

Because I don't exactly have the Pijin Blog Viewer Demographic Data to hand I don't really know how much you people like to read more full-on industry-tech stuff, but if - like me - you do, there's an interesting interview over on Ride US with John Povah about the future for Etnies. I think pretty much everyone who's ridden brakeless and has had to buy a pair of shoes has at some point though about how cool it'd be to have a dual compound brakeless shoe, and considering the amount of rider owned shoe companies out there I'm pretty amazed no-one's actually done it earlier. I guess it's a lot easier to snake Vans than having to come up with some totally new bits 'n' pieces... Anyway, biting aside, some cool stuff on show.

Friday, December 17, 2010


No time!

Triple angled ender = you know it's legit:


Stijn Staal = you know it's legit:


Curved wallrides on axle height walls = you know it's legit:


Amazing mid-ice body compression = you know it's legit:


Monday, December 13, 2010


So - at work today, the post comes in, and there happens to be a copy of Anthem II in it. Wellity wellity. That video. I'm going to do a proper stand-alone post about it tomorrow (hopefully), so in the mean-time I'll just say that you very much need to hit up the the shop and get a copy sorted for yourselves before they run out.

Back to the usual internet business in hand, Kink can also drop out the "Even our flow team kicks ass" line that another company used before, as their 'am' team gets some riding done as part the of the Jetlagged video project type affair. Some really cool riding in this - Ben Hittle, Albert Mercado, Lil Jon, etc. are involved which is all you really need to know.

For those of you weaned on the Internet and as a direct result have a 90sec long attention span and a refusal to deal with polysyllabic words, the following two nuggets of info won't appeal - you should look away now.

For the rest of you, click here to read a little interview with Etnies main designer with some cool info about a new brakeless-orientated shoe coming out from them, and click here to read a bit about Brad Simms and also bear witness to a photo of a completely ridiculous hop.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Don't read this, read that \/

OK, so here's the deal. Bay66 is a pretty fun skatepark, and it's also not a million miles away from Southampton. Driving there's not really a big deal, getting the train there's pretty easy, etc. I know I met a bunch of (former, seeing as none of them are there any more?) Southampton locals there before, so it's definitely do-able. It's covered over, it's got a range of stuff and it's usually a good time. However, some toolbags think that for some reason a skatepark "doesn't serve the needs of the local youths" whereas a bangin' garden centre and office block would. Er, right.

This is obviously not ideal, and in that winter's here it's always nice to keep options open for skateparks. If you're a full on park nibbler then I guess you can extend that to all year round.

TL:DR - some people want to close Bay66. This isn't cool. Although it's not much, a petition can at least show some support, so click here and show your feelings.

If you haven't been to Bay66 yet, you might want to hurry it up...

Christ alive...

Here's the trailer for the new RoadFools.

I've seen people get off lighter after being stabbed than Josh Eilken (I think...) gets off after that crash.


A constantly detereorating home net connection has made watching web videos a fairly punishing experience lately, with a lot of waiting for often little reward (when videos allegedly load all the way after aaaaaages, but only play the first 10secs...). Fortunately, some that have made it worthwhile are coming up:

This is a video for Mutiny. I don't know if they've ever made a bad web video, and this isn't changing that. Some reet good riding liiiike.

Whilst I found loading videos a punishing experience, I'd imagine it wasn't anywhere near as punishing as being part of Tate Roskelley's bike is for his front tyre.

Tate's new Volume Drifter frame is out now, giving me a little more hope that BMX is rewarding the right people.

Another front tyre punisher is Karl Poynter, who's section from Into The Void is now up online. I don't know if that made sense grammatically, and Premiere's making me want to punch walls out at the moment so we're going to have to roll with it.

My new favourite rider American Butlin (aka Tammy) has put up a sweet remix of some of his older clips with some newer stuff too. So good!

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Cool video on Friday?

Notice how last Friday I made a 'cool video Friday' post? Well, turns out that - courtesy of some power-lurking on Facebook there's going to be a 'cool video Friday' this Friday at the shop in the form of an Anthem II showing. I know how good that video's going to be. You know how good that video's going to be. If it wasn't a 6 hour drive to get there I'd be all over that, so if you have a less than 6 hour drive to get there you really should be going there. Even if it's not for you, do it for me.

Speaking of Facebook lurking, it also allowed me to see this gem from what I'm going to call the Case-book page - a sweet exclusive edit from Vinyl which features a song with what sounds like the line "Come back baby/I'll bust you up".

Just in case that doesn't work, if you click that link up there then yours is the Earth and everything that's in it, to quote Rudyard Kipling fully out of context.

Whilst we're taking stuff out of context, I also got a glimpse of this courtesy of Facebook. If you're a TLC fan, look away now.

Unbeknownst to me, Shadow have been uploading Into The Void, with this week's section being the Chase Dehart/Dave Rytell split. It's a pretty bold section in that instead of music, Shadow decided to apparently just loop some white noise, but it does feature some Chase Dehart footage in his techidy-tech peak (you know, back when the tech:burly ratio was much more in favour of the tech) which is always good to see.

This also leads me to wonder whether Shadow will try and replicate their 'hidden sections' thing when they post the video online by hosting the videos on some obscure website that you'll only ever find when someone on BikeGuide happens to stumble across it.

For some reason, videos on Ride's site never seem to play properly for me. I know Dyno told me he was supposed to be heading to Ramp City soon and that I should get amongst it, so I'm effectively posting this here so I can actually watch it and see if he went. Because of that, I have no idea how good this video is, so I'll need to place it in some sort of quarantine state:



And that's about that, I think. I just realised the 'autosaved at' thing says 22:20, which means I need to not be on here any more.

EDIT: Turned out that Scattered edit was actually cool. Bonus! Fair play for whoever it was who delivered the most clearly annunciated "Wa-hoo" ever at the end too.


Cult update their website pretty much all the time with bits of info about their team riders, often accompanied with cool photos. Today is no exception, with Trey Jones doing a pretty rad manoeuvre - click here to view it.

Kink have put up their Euro Jetlagged video. Lloyd's got some bangers in this, as does pretty much everyone. Plenty of general drunken debauchery, but some good riding too!

More info's come out on the... er... 'interesting' Aitken gloves - those brown ones could actually be made of human faeces and they'd still sell like hot cakes. Check 'em here. If you like your gloves less camp, you're also covered.

Sunday continue to have a good team and a bad video player - here's a combination of those facts:

I don't think I posted it yesterday, but the second Lotek Mixtape video is going live now. This is the first section featuring David Grant and Craig Passero, rad stunts galore.

In 'Cool ender' news:

Proper's new video 'Picture Box' looks like it should be pretty cool:

...and that's pretty much it.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Wait, what?

"Look at the nipples on that dog" is a quality phrase. This whole video's cool though, but what else would you really expect from a video posted on the FBM site?

In related cool site/cool video news, a new Defgrip exclusive, this time featuring Timmy Theus. Click here for that.

Brad Simms. What else needs to be said? Well, in the context of this video it should also be mentioned that Travis Sexsmith is really good too, but still. High hops galore.

Courtesy of TheSet.

Lastly, it has no relevance to anyone in the UK, but this is a really, really good idea.

Friday, December 03, 2010

Cool video Friday?

Seems to be.

Kink are operating a strict 'one in one out' team member policy it seems, so out with the old (Lil Jon) and in with the new (Chad Osbourn). Style for miles.

Also, 4Down have released their "Substance #3" video, filmed in Iceland. Cool riding, cool editing, cool filming, cool temperatures.

Staff took all their ridiculously good riders on a bit of a trip. Unsurprising, the riding is really, really good.

Lastly, if you go to China, watch out for those cross-roads, yeah?

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Snow joke.

A flurry of video activity, ho ho ho.

But yeah - Ashley Charles has a new video out today that's... unusual. Bit of a weird one, but any footage of him's always good!

In related "Good to see riding from them" video news, Ride posted Aitken's section from the Electronical video today. Seem to remember I posted it up here relatively recently, but still, it's cool...

Also, Sunday put up a new edit from Lee Dennis today. The guy does some cool stuff, so as you'd expect this is a pretty good video.

Lastly, Banned 3 was ridiculous, and from this section of Banned 4 that video is nuts too. I basically got to the end of Rickey Bates' section and realised it needed to be put up here, and so... er... here it is.

Monday, November 29, 2010


Just throwing this out there, but Frijj chocolate brownie milk shake + a mug + a microwave + 2mins or so = tasty beverage. That is all.

As mentioned previously, wah wah wah I'm busy wah wah wah - I know I keep saying it, but it's true dammit! As a result of that, here are some now slightly 'dated' videos in this 50-edits-a-day BMX culture, but are still pretty amazing anyway.

Pete Sawyer now rides for WTP as well as the usual 'fun', and this is a video of him made by Will Evans. Syntax failure there. I only ever post good videos (Fact!), so I don't really need to point out that this one's a bit of a belter, but I will anyway: This video's a bit of a belter.

In very much related belting news, it's not often you get people capable of throwing down moves on street, dirt and park. I know some people make a big deal out of 'being an all-rounder' and 'being able to ride anything in front of you' and all that, but after spending a surprisingly hectic Thursday trying to not punch out snaking scum at Corby, I'm fully not fussed about being able to do styley footjam variations on quarters. However, Georgy Doremus, who rides for Subrosa, has obviously not let some snaking kids put him off (I guess being a bit of a meathead helps in that sense?) riding park pretty well, not to mention street and a big ol' dirt ender. "Big ol' dirt ender" sort of came out wrong there, but hey ho.

Speaking of dirt, I hear that part of being allowed to dig trails is being able to talk at length about how dirt is the root of BMX - well, sort of, but here's the more accurate root, a bit of Bicycle Motocross Racing courtesy of Clicked. The tags on there lead me to believe he's clipped in, which to me just screams out 'karma'. It's pretty amazing how long he holds that body position for. Having dead sailored jumps that were minor compared to that I know how rubbish that 'Time slowing down/This is going to cane' feeling is, so multiply that by a million and that must be along the lines of how that one felt.

Hey! You know what's really not interesting at all? Sponsorship news: That's what. That's precisely why this is all you're getting from me about how two big name riders are now going to be given free shoes by alternative companies while suckers like you and me have to pay for the privilege of not tearing our feet apart on pedal pins.

I was all set to end on that note (partly prompted by the fact my TKMaxx specials are all but dead after 3 months of service), then a quick website lap reminded me I'd entirely forgotten to post the Shadow roadtrip. The riding is as good as the weather looks in this.

Toodle pip.

EDIT: Late addition again was this edit from The Kink House featuring some gentlemen lying down.

Still weirds me out seeing Lloyd in videos like this...

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Bleurgh. Long days in work = less time to update: Apologies all round. A quick lunch-time update:

WTP's new parts are now live on their site. Go check 'em out, they're sweet!

Phil Aller threw together some left-over clips as a little Profile edit. Short 'n' sweet.

Subrosa have a video up on Defgrip to go along with their Disposed feature on there. Every time I saw Miles Rogoish ride I was half expecting to see an E.T. in every clip, but there's a few less in this video than recently. Some cool riding in it!

This was posted by Paolo over on the Dig site. Paolo pretty much always posts cool, interesting stuff and this is no exception. Gotta be a pretty sweet job doing this sort of thing!

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Spotted this today too, from Bertie Buck. Some cool lines in this, and some rad filming...


Some thanks are owed to a couple of websites for the awesome videos you're about to behold - Stranger for the Craig Passero "You really need to watch this now" edit, Osiris for the Miles Rogoish "Marmite ETs" edit, and BMXUnion for putting up this interview with Lloyd Wright and also posting up an old Dig edit featuring him and some of the rest of the Kink team. Muy bueno!

Bonus points go to whoever can work out which rider's catchphrase the title of this post is - hint: featured in this post...

Friday, November 19, 2010

Dean Cueson joins Radio Bikes

The new Radio Bikes brand was created by the guys at Wethepeople to cater for the entry level end of the market. Having already signed Morgan Wade to head the team, they've also just recruited Dean Cueson...

Dean cueson radio bikes from jason phelan on Vimeo.


5 cool videos = combo bonus.

Lloyd is getting even better. Some serious bidnaz from over at TheKinkHouse.

In related "People I know from London who're really good" video news, Billy from Brixton is rad. X-ride to twizzler was dynamite. <- Went there.

I made mention of that Eastpak edit that Stefan Lantschner did a day or two ago - this is a new edit of Simone Barracco for Shadow that Stefan's filmed and edited. Really feeling it. Some cool lines, nice views, nice angles and generally good vibes. Kid's got skilled.

Danger's now on TheTrip, and this is his intro video. That beasty three near the end of the video - my my...

Lastly, I sorta liked this video but was a bit here nor there - however, I'm posting it for the perfect 540 air. I mean really, outside of Jamie Bestwick and a vert ramp, they don't get much better than that.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Remember a while back I said:

"A while back BMX photographers started getting sort of replaced by just 'people with a camera', and it seems Vans are stepping it up with the new Let It Ride video "Bro cam project". I don't know if there's a seperate 'proper' video to go with this, but I'd certainly hope so. If not, maybe we should progress this whole idea along and stop frame designers and product engineers from doing new products, and just get people who can draw a semi-accurate picture of a BMX part to design them? I mean, you know, all it really is is drawing stuff, right?"

Well, here's an Eastpak video that's a bit old now but I hadn't seen 'til now.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


To quote the Pixies, 'Where is my mind?'

Hopefully sleep will make things make sense. We'll see. Those videos are good though, I'm aware of that even though I wasn't aware of how to manoeuvre a car earlier.

Off topic.

Not BMX, but still pretty cool anyway.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


So good.


This is really, really good, and I'm now going to bed. TheMake are doing it right.

Go and check out the Make site now, some awesome stuff on there. I don't think you'd find "Jeff has decided to leave to go and ride for Eastern…. Maybe Eastern is a lot cooler in America than it is in England!" on any other company's website...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

End of an era?

Might be reading into this a little, but is Banners leaving the editors role at Ride?

We'll see, I guess...

More Millsy footage again, from yet more Federal content. All good!

Being the Ying to Seventies Yang, here's 4Down's video promoting Corey Martinez new frame, the Beacon.

Lastly, Vocal is the latest parts company to spring up from a distro, this time from Scoop. Product info on their site...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Visual treats.

Millsy has a pretty rad video part up from Federal, who have also put up a rad Barcelona video too. Some awesome riding in both of these. Great vibe, and really makes me want to be riding somewhere warmer tonight...

Following up on the awesome vibes shenanigans is Ben Hucke, who's had this fun little edit go up online.

Lastly, any Ben Hittle video is a good thing in my book, even when it's from an older DVD part (in this case, TheComeUp DVD).

Friday, November 05, 2010

Snooze you lose.

Well, missed out 2 days of posting stuff and totally forgot everything I wanted to post. Failing.

This is the end of the Sun-Ringle roadtrip footage milk-a-thon that's been going on. Pretty good stuff in there.

FBM are also purveyors of good stuff, and to celebrate the launch of Anthem II they've launched a Ltd. Ed. frame. Click here for more.

United's roadtrip video from Canada is also pretty much out - here's the trailer for that.

Lastly, HoleShot 8 is out - more info on that here!

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Anthem 2...

Well, this ought to be good?

Some fresh content over on the Anthem site.

Think I forgot to post this before, but the Red Bull Trick or Treat jam looked pretty cool:

In other 'Things looking cool' news, the new C.R.E.A.M. frame from WTP looks pretty good - more info here and here. Andrew Jackson is awesome, so that frame's pretty well deserved!

For some quality pigeon handling technique, check out this video of Mutiny's Continental version of Brazel (in-joke), Rubio.

Oh yeah - another Red Bull edit I just remembered about (and should probably put up by the other Red Bull comp edit above? Meh) - the Most Wanted comp from Austin. The BMX boards are lit up with talk of Kevin Porter doing a line someone else couldn't do - it's a comp, handle it. You don't ride comps to have a relaxing, fun time - that's what actual riding is for (seeing as KP split the money with the other guy anyway, it really isn't important).

Monday, November 01, 2010

Sunday, October 31, 2010


If you're goof, you might as well make it count! Case in point - tooth to cranks to 180?

Dyno, for Scattered.


TheMake are adding more riders to their line-up, and this time's it's Paul Horan. A pretty cool vid, no-footed cans are always good to see!

Josh Betley continues to improve:

Tom Blyth does likewise:

And lastly - grip wars! Eclat's Ashley Charles (plus bars (that are 10° backsweep according to Ashley, 11.5° according to Eclat, and 10° according to the graphics) vs. United's Nathan Williams...

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Did my usual BMXFeed lap just now, and having sprayed open a load of tabs suddenly started hearing an advert for Calgon. I couldn't work out where it was coming from as all the pages were legit BMX sites and there were no pop-ups anywhere. Then I spotted a fun little auto-playing advert on TheComeUp, along with another advert about how I should apparently eat beef or lamb during the week. I think I prefered the way over the top skating-related adverts on there compared to weak, day-time TV style adverts about things I don't care about. Money's money though I guess? While I'm on the subject of skating, the new John Motta Bangin' is amazing.

More from Mutiny - this time, an out-takes video from their latest series.

They've also updated their site, so go check it out!

Oh, and continuing the theme of 'things I forgot' (at least one per day), here's a Matt Priest video I meant to put up yesterday.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Right, so this might not work. I'll preface it with that.

Hopefully, what you can see above is the awesome 'zine that Rich Forne put together about the Dunkerque trip that I posted up yesterday. If the above doesn't work, hit up Mutiny's site. It's well worth reading!

You might notice as well how the video's really good to watch - nicely filmed, works really well together? Might also spot how the photos look cool too? Well, that's sort of what happens if you get people who specialise in doing things to do them. A while back BMX photographers started getting sort of replaced by just 'people with a camera', and it seems Vans are stepping it up with the new Let It Ride video "Bro cam project". I don't know if there's a seperate 'proper' video to go with this, but I'd certainly hope so. If not, maybe we should progress this whole idea along and stop frame designers and product engineers from doing new products, and just get people who can draw a semi-accurate picture of a BMX part to design them? I mean, you know, all it really is is drawing stuff, right?

Lastly, something I forgot to post yesterday - Kriss Kyle keeps getting better...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

No... energy...

I'm super tired and can't really think enough to string sentences together properly, so here are two cool videos - one from Mutiny, and one from Rob Ridge.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Chicken and Shaun...

Another cool video from some cool people - Chicken and Shaun livened up all the P5 jams I met them at, and also let me crash in their house one night which was 100% preferable to ending up almost falling in canals with Lloyd. AAAAAAAnyways, this was over on the Make site and has some nice lines in it. Bonus points for 0:23-0:27 too...

The Count.

My summer in Newcastle last year was awesome for a variety of reasons - one of those reasons being The Count. Rad dude, funny as hell to be around but capable of dropping hammers as and when it's required. This is a vid he's put together of spare footage left over from the summer.

Rinsed from Streetphire!

Friday, October 22, 2010

"Wah wah"

If you're not a fan of videos that aren't a total, back-to-back string of massive bangers, you are not going to be a fan of this post. Some slightly 'different' videos today, starting with the video I watched every day for about a month after I first got it, the Train Trip video that appeared on a copy of Dig (Issue 79 out now!) I got ages ago. There's actually a cool little write-up on Mike O's Blog about it, so check that out while you wait for the video to load!

While we're talking Joe Rich, he currently has a bike-check up on T-1's site.

Continuing the cool videos theme, This Is United is ridonkulous, and if you haven't seen it yet you're letting yourself down spectacularly. Call the shop and get amongst it. James Cox was the man at the helm, and he's got a pretty lengthy video interview up courtesy of BMXMDB. I rode with James just after he'd first quit his job to work for 4Down, and it's amazing to see how he's gone from what his situation was back then to what he's doing these days. Anyone who gives you a load of sweets 'for the road' is a rad dude in my book, and James fully qualifies for that.

While James was pretty awake and alert for that video, Nathan Williams isn't for this fairly weird interview with Dakota Roche.

Continuing the weird video vibe, TheKinkHouse have this edit of Aaron Smith showing his room setup, then a bit of riding at the end as a bonus.

Totally different, and more focussed on the riding is the last of SkullCandy and their "3 days in the desert" video. Some really good stuff in this, interesting to see people making the most of some pretty unusual (but pretty awesome!) spots.

...and with that, I'm off to put a new air filter in my car. Head torches = the best.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Keeping up appearances...

Super busy the past few days, so apologies for the lack of updates. Fortunately, whilst I've been doing other stuff, Tony Hamlin and his girlfriend put this edit together. Questionable sentence in retrospect, but hey ho. Always rad to see more footage from him!

From Kink.

Monday, October 18, 2010


...was so into singing Purpl's praises I completely forgot about Bruno Hofffffmannnnnn's bikecheck that appeared today. 17. That good. I mean, really...


I've seen a fair few Facebook updates regarding this since the weekend, and I'm more than a little aggrieved I didn't go. To compound that, Purpl have made a Purpl30 about it. It's pretty awesome seeing a BMX company acknowledging there's a hell of a lot more interesting stuff going on in the BMX world than the latest fizz-bang whirly-bird manoeuvre one of your team riders has done.

Edwin appears to be pretty dece with a camera - pleasantly surprised.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Streetphire (ex?) lurker Mark Larkin did some bicycle related manoeuvres for Will Evans, who then made this sweet edit. That ender wallride has some frightening peg-interaction-of-death connotations!


The DUB/Carhartt London jam went down today, hitting up a few different spots to previous jam routes. RideUK designer Chris Gordon described it as not as much fun as gardening, but looking at the video I'd probably beg to differ...

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Dyno's been super good for the longest time now, and companies are finally starting to get wise to it. This is an edit for KIS from Dyno, and demonstrates some of his rad skills. Add him on Facebook and get ready for some rapid statusing...

Oh my god...



Mathias Dandois was featured in the new Odyssey print catalogue, and is now officially part of their Flatware line. The dude's got a rad style, definitely one of my favourite flatlanders to watch!

Damo and Dave King put together this trails edit for Amity which features all the usual wiggles you'd expect:

...and sticking with the trails theme is the better-late-than-never Oakley Trails Champs video. I could watch Mulville for days.

I still don't really get the whole deal with the new Props online/offline/sections up here/sections up there business, but it does mean that this Deven Ferrer video is online which is handy. Stepping up the rail-ride game!

It's funny how some videos just make you want to ride - there's just that vibe about them that just makes you want to go out for a pedal around. This edit from Craig Passero/TCU using up some old footage before getting back on it with the new camera very much makes me want to ride, which is what I'm now going to do.

Friday, October 15, 2010


That's right, the lesser spotted evening-home-blog. Chase Dehart has come up with some pretty cool moves in his time, and inspired a hell of a lot of people, so it's cool to see that he appears to have a reasonably sound head on his shoulders. I don't usually read many of the Rapid Response features on Dig because a lot of BMXers don't really seem to have much to say, so it was cool to read Chase's replies.

Next level.

If you want to check the new WTP completes out in quite some detail, get amongst it.

Kink have put up a new video from their Kink House:

Caleb Quanbeck's welcome edit to Hoffman has now dropped - trademark smoothness and bangin' nozzers:

Cult posted up the Golden State of Mind video again - definitely worth posting again!

Super expensive headphone manufacturer SkullCandy got some of their US team together to put out an edit. This is it. Rob Wise is too good...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

American content.

Strictly American today, although it does feature American Butlin aka Tammy Jane. I swear they were seperated at birth...

All the stuff in this is cool, but the first hop-manny is insane. Huuuuge.

Lastly, some good riders at some good spots.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I've got a copy of the old Macneil DVD (Pre-San to Van) at home, and I haven't once sat through the entire thing without muting it simply because the music was that shockingly poor on it. Although I wasn't really feeling the first 8 minutes or so of music in this, and that Placebo track is the biggest buzz-kill since Barrymore found that dude in his pool, the rest of the video is cool. Some awesome riding by potentially one of the most unknown and under-rated 'teams' out there.