Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Street Joel update

Yep it's official. Not only did Joel's shiny new Fited frame arrive today, he's now on the 4Down team pages too!

Full bike check coming soon!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Intables : Carlos vs Slosh

Ok, I don't normally encourage competition between team mates but this just had to be done! This is not a battle of who has the tightest T-shirt or skinniest jeans... Much more important than that... Who has the best intables?

Is it Mr Slosh?

Or is it Mr Carlos?

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Slosh @ Kings Park

My third and last post of the evening (cor, this is hard work!)... some pics of Slosh riding King's Park. Credit to Mr Paul Howe and his camera!

Colony Bloody Oath Frame

You're in for one hell of a good Summer if you're looking for a new frame. Theres so much stuff coming out from so many companys. Colony's offering is the new Bloody Oath frame, which should be hitting the shops around July/August time.

So, what's special about this frame? The fact that it weighs only 4lbs will be more than enough to give all you weight freaks out there sweaty palms! How is this possible? Apparently, Colony are using some new kind of tubing which allows for a significant reduction in weight. Best to keep your eye on their website for further announcements. I just heard it all from Steve B at Shindig!

Retail price will be around £275 so better start saving the pennies!

Pijin is able to get it's own exclusive colour for the Bloody Oath. Maybe a 2 tone raw and orange finish? Or maybe something else? Give me some ideas please!

Also, new Colony Pivotal seats...

And finally, Shindig has managed to get hold of 50 of the new Colony brake levers (the light weight levers on display at Interbike). This is apparently part of a pre-production run for the top of the range Mirraco bike. No price yet, but one thing is for sure, they're gonna be expensive!

James Noyce Bike Check

Another candidate for the cleanest looking bike to come out of Pijin : James Noyce's MacNeil Bibi. Always immaculately clean. Not bad for someone with such a twisted sense of humour... you just need to check his blog entries on the Pijin MySpace to see what I mean...

FrameMacNeil Bibi
ForkOdyssey Pro Race Svelte
BarsFit Flow Mid
Bar EndsWethepeople titanium
StemFit S3
GripsWethepeople Defcon
Brake LeverOdyssey Monolever medium
SeatMacNeil SL
Seat PostMacNeil Stump
Seat ClampLoophole
Front WheelProfile mini hub with 10mm ti bolts, Odyssey 7KA rim
Back WheelProfile mini cassette 10T ti driver with ti bolts, Odyssey 7KA chrome rim
TyresFly Ruben
CranksProfile Race with titanium axle and titanium bolts
SprocketProfile Imperial 27T
ChainKMC 510HX
Bottom BracketMacNeil
PedalsShimano DX

Miller Frame

Mike Miller signature frame... 4.4lb??!! Yummy! Out end of Summer apparently...

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Fox Vid of Chase & Co on Dirt

Bit late to post this one as most of you will probably have seen this already... Thanks to Sam Barclay for pointing this one out on Saturday. A man of many talents, not only can he ride a kiddies bike and fix leaky plumbing, he even managed to fix our PC so that we could watch it! The vid drew in a crowd of just about every BMXer from Wickham, and serveral bouts of "oooouuuu"s and "aaaahhh"s! Enjoy.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Carlos' Mutiny Burlish

Some sparkling new Mutiny Burlish frames turned up on our doorstep 3 days ago. With a quoted weight of 4.8lbs and nice raw finish, the temptation was more than Carlos could resist... and yep, you guessed it. New bike time!

FrameMutiny Burlish 21"
ForkOdyssey Pro Race Svelte
HeadsetFSA Orbit CE
BarsOdyssey Civillian Svelte
Bar EndsFly
StemCoalition Povah
GripsOdyssey Team
Brake LeverOdyssey M2 Small
BrakeDemolition Vulcan
GyroOdyssey GTX-R
SeatMacNeil Capital
Seat PostMacNeil Stump
Front WheelProfile mini hub with 10mm ti bolts, Sun Rhyno Lite XL rim 28H
Back WheelProfile mini cassette 9T ti driver with ti axle, Odyssey 7KA chrome Rim 36H
TyresPrimo V-Monster
CranksProfile Race with titanium axle LHD
SprocketProfile Imperial 25T
ChainKMC Kool SL
Bottom BracketMutiny
PedalsPrimo Balance
PegsMacNeil titanium

Monday, April 02, 2007

Street Joel on 4Down UK Shop Team

So many people have the same names, it becomes very confusing. Hence at Pijin we prefix most peoples names with something more descriptive to try and reduce confusion. For example, the ones that spring to mind include 'Pretty' Joe, 'Farmer' Dan, 'Angry' Scott, 'Bone' Dave - all highly descriptive (except for 'Bone' perhaps - I still haven't figured out what that means)...

Well, the subject of this blog entry is about a certain Joel, prefix 'Street'. Yep, chances are you've probably bumped into 'Street' Joel if you've ever ridden Southampton street regularly. You might even have seen him riding with the DISSRM crew (at and not to be confused with the other Joel on there...).

Anyways, I'm still not entirely sure of the details... but the guys at 4Down Distribution called us the other day to let us know that they'd like Joel on their UK Shop Team to represent Fit and Animal! Now that is pretty awesome news! Keep an eye out for Joel on the streets of Southampton on his new Fited frame!

[Pic borrowed without permission from DISSRM blog!]