Friday, July 30, 2010


Jeez, this ender's pretty damn precise! Doing those brakeless is literally all good.

First person to do one on a backrail on a quarter wins life.

Jason Owens, aka "That dude from Safety First", has a pretty cool webvid up on the Kink site.

In total contrast, X-Games is going on at the moment. Gary Young won the prelims/eliminator/whatever the hell the thing is that isn't the final of the Park comp. Haven't really seen/heard who's done what else over there, and until I see the highlights video I'm not that fussed...

Those two vids are from ESPN and Ride US. If you want to see Tunney do some sports writing, click here. Would've been fairly unimaginable about 5-6 years ago...

Lastly - Mat Hoffman is rad. This video contains Mat Hoffman and is also therefore rad.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Totally forgot to put this in when I first put the post live.

The whole "Lil _____" nickname thing has irritated me in what's a fairly irrational way for a while now, so almost purely down to that I hadn't really checked out this video until just now. I'm glad I did though, because the riding is out of hand. There's something about the 180 point of a well-thrown truck that just looks absolutely amazing. It's hard to explain what I mean, but hopefully to those of you who understand you'll appreciate it too...

No doubt all the tools who complain about sponsorship changes (e.g. "Oh, Dakota Roche left Fit when he had a signature frame and then left Lotek when he got a signature shoe too") are going to be all over this, but Dan Lacey is now off Lotek. Inside knowledge: I usually fully manually type everything when I'm doing a link like that - the whole a href biz, the bold tags, the name, then the closing tags. As a result, it gives me a little time to think absentmindedly as I type them, and I was so uninterested in that snippet of news that I almost stopped typing mid-way through it. Either way, apparently Dan's using Vans at the moment which is both pleasant in a rhyming sense but is also an indicator of good taste as Vans shoes are absolutely awesome. The TNT4s have been keeping my feet intact and dry for the past few months (taking over duty from the Half Cab), and they're pretty much the best shoe out there. Assuming of course you buy shoes based on their performance advantages and a preference for understated style rather than purchasing requirements being "Gigantic" and "Gawdy".

If you, like me, can't believe that a paragraph about shoes was just spawned from a snippet of news that even I didn't care about, well... there we go. Maybe watch this to take your mind off things.

Check that full circle out too re: the first and last rider names. Editing prowess, yo!


In random "People I know in videos" news, Vince Mayne and Duncan Lloyd have both had videos out in the past few days. Vinnie's video is for Coalition, and Duncan's is just for fun. Federal must've hooked him up with a fresh setup recently though, seems weird seeing him on anything other than an all-purple chav-attracter setup! I'd also like to take this opportunity to point out that Duncan's one of the soundest people I've ever met in BMX, and also possesses the key to infinite 1-time manual 180s. Experience shows, and I'd wager that pretty much everything in this video was pulled first go...

Incidentally, Duncan's video is full of pretty much all my favourite spots in London. I'd very much like to ride them again. Exploration for the win and all that.

In sort of related news, Aversion also have a new video out.

In... well... not related news (in pretty much any way), there's an interesting video of Chase Hawk booting around the X-Games park course. This is what all park courses should be like.

Lastly, the next bit of the Golden State Of Mind tour is now up!

Apparently Mutiny have decided to put Let's Get Mystical online. Seems strange, but there we are I guess - if you decide this is your kind of thing and you appreciate high quality footage, then give the shop a call and grab yourself a copy on DVD and check it out on the screen for which it was intended...

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Brad Simms

Monster. Might as well keep your mouse handy - you'll be wanting to rewind some of this.

Brad Simms - Call it Scrapin' - More BMX Videos

You'll probably also be wanting to mute it too...

Anyway - if you haven't noticed, there's a lot of super cheap Eclat/WeThePeople/more stuff on sale at the shop. Might as well get some shiny new stuff to make the most of the rest of summer...

Friday, July 23, 2010


When I saw this rad Jason Phelan edit I thought he was trying to no-foot can over a rail. This needs to be done. No-foot cans are one of the few style tricks that haven't been assimilated and raped by the masses (less E.T.s, more cans!): this needs to begin. Anyway, enough of my opinions:

As a form of public service announcement, Ben Green has edited together this Coalition edit of Dan Paley to inform you he can do awesome, flowy lines, but that he can also never be your woman.

It's now sunny, work is over, I'm going riding. Bye...

X-Games Park w/Gary Young

This setup looks amazing, and bearing in mind that's me (fairly well documented loathing of skateparks), that's saying something...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Kevin Bacon game

You should have heard of the Kevin Bacon game before, and if not, Google it. This is like the Kevin Bacon game, but this time it's about Chase Hawk, and cool stuff that was posted by others today.

Chase Hawk interview.

Fox Golden State of Mind Tour (also feat. Chase Hawk).

The Empire Trailer.

A Mutiny/Villij/Robbo edit by Rich Forne, with riding from Robbo who rides a lot like Chase Hawk.

Although it got glossed over earlier in this post, that over-to-pegs-to-over on the kinked rail that Danny Hickerson does is awesome.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Forgot to say...

...the new Ride To Glory DVD is really good, and well worth getting hold of via the usual beg/borrow/steal methods. Although preferably not stealing.

Unintented speech.

Even though I know he didn't mean it like that, I still like to imagine Van Homan talking about himself in the 3rd person where he says "He always brought the jokes to The Van on any Fit trip." in the Fit/Edwin retrospective. Tom White is also off Fit, but didn't get a big photo feature thing. Controversial...

Monday, July 19, 2010

Ben Hittle/Kink

Saw this cool edit on the Kink site. Bearing in mind how good their team was, how good this video is, and how long they were on the road for, that DVD should be a beast...

Sunday, July 18, 2010


The winner of the Standby Barcelona comp, followed by an awesome video I saw on Defgrip by Nahyouritemate.

Filmed in a day, eh?

Serious business. Things to note: How awesome the pegs to manny 180 is. How high the oppo 180 over the rail is popped. How casual the roof-drop gets done.

As a side note, it amuses me that people seem to be riled over the fact Dakota Roche is now riding for Vans instead of Lotek (when Lotek themselves copied several models of Vans shoes in the first place?), and also that Dakota Roche drinks at Starbucks. Businesses don't become globally successful for no reason.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Video overload!

Coupla bits.

3rd in the Nike comp went to the USA:

2nd went to the UK.

No pressure on the winners to justify it then, haha.

Shadow have gone on a trip recently.

United's video is going to be rad:

Vinyl have put up a cool edit of Timmy Theus:

ESPN have also put up a cool edit, but this one's of Trey Jones.

Think that's about it. 4 minute blog explosion!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


This is the video that got 4th place. Sort of reminds me of this kind of thing...


This came last in the Nike 6.0 Barcelona comp. How?! If this is the worst thing they received for that comp, first place has got to be mental...

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Friday, July 09, 2010

I am now tired.

Weekend, w00t.

In case you were unaware, Scotty Ditchburn is really good. Subrosa are, hence him now being on Pro. This is his 'Welcome to the Big Time™' edit:

They've also got some awesome photos from Tom Perry (doing the unusual thing of being 'known' as Tom Perry then sort of going to a nickname, unlike most people who go from being 'known' as a nickname to then using their proper name all the time) on their site.

Something about G-Sport begging for followers on Twitter doesn't really make too much sense in my head - but there we are. A new Dakota Roche video hangs in the balance.

Dakota also has an interview up on ESPN.

Everyone loves new stuff - so does Kink.

Speaking of new stuff, Bas Keep must be getting some new stuff these days in that he's riding for Cult, which is also where I saw this edit.

Lastly - Mutiny have a bunch of photos up of Robbo doing a new line, which happens to look pretty bueno.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Yeah yeah, I know a lot of you don't like football, but damn - from yesterday's semi between the Netherlands and Uruguay. Top corner? You betcha.

Speaking of "top corner", if the spots in this video had to be described in a footballing analogy, I'd classify them as pretty top corner too. Van Homan and Scotty Cranmer doing things for Duo, which I spotted on the G-Sport site (which still has that awesome edit up from yesterday).

In that I don't really think that entirely copying a block of text a writer has created and then poaching the video too (in much the same way that if I did a website purely devoted to scanning pages of Dig and putting them online I'd imagine it'd ruffle a few feathers), I'm just going to link to the ESPN site where you can check out Tunney's write-up and Larry Rhodes' video yourself. It's Big Daddy - why wouldn't you (Answer: Because it was up a few days ago and I didn't spot it first time round, but you've already seen it)?

Gary Young is rad, as are the Tuesdays with Miles videos. Combo.

Lastly - the 2011 Deluxe Tech 2 frames are now in the UK, in a warehouse not too far from the shop as it happens. Deluxe do some good stuff, and if you're after a shiny new trails frame then you'd have to be somewhat of a tool not to check the Tech 2 out.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

G-Sport Edit

G-Sport Welcome Edit.

That first link is about as functional and direct as G-Sport products and the G-Sport website. Link-up! Anyways, Randy Brown, Dave Thompson, Dakota Roche, Van Homan and Andrew Jackson - pretty much a "Favourite riders of mine" compilation video, and it's awesome.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Videos and the like.

Rapid fire style, got precisely 1 minute.

Ed Hawthorne does some interesting stuff in this video, but according to TheComeUp that's all over-shadowed by him wearing a Holister shirt. I don't really get the significance of that, but hey ho, that's me I guess.

Empire's previous videos have been awesome, I'd imagine their new one will be still. This is the latest 'trailer'. Worth watching for definite, even though it's only -0.3secs long.

If that doesn't work, you can also view it on Defgrip.

Oh, and get well soon, Beringer.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Acer laptop lunchtime edit.

This whole "Flipcam edit" thing that people keep doing has been mildly irritating me for a while, simply in terms of me not caring what people film it on, and it not mattering what they filmed it on (If someone puts a photo up online, they don't generally go "Here's a new Canon edit"...). You don't need to justify why your video's low quality. Regardless, Ride have stepped the pointless title game up a little bit by making an "iPhone 4 brakeless edit". I wonder how specific, in months to come, video titles are going to be? Maybe include temperature and humidity to really convey the difficult conditions both rider and filmer had to include? "Sony VX-1000, fisheye lens, brakeless, 24°C, 85% humidity, slightly dehydrated, partially hungry" edit, maybe? Who knows. Anyway, here's the video I initially mentioned.

Filmed on a shiny new iPhone, don'tchaknow.

In other news, Federal/FocalPoint rider Troy Jackson has an edit up. I don't really know what it was filmed with so you're going to have to sit through the video under the heavy cloud of mystery about what they used, but he is brakeless in case you couldn't work it out from simply watching the video and needed to be told in the title of it.

Jeff K has done some interesting things on his bike that were filmed somehow and edited using some editing programme then uploaded to the Etnies website to view with whatever you're looking at this on to be seen by your eyes.

Paul Ryan is really good and is currently being slowly cooked under the warm Spanish sun. This is him getting some lines in before the BCN Pro comp.

I was going to call the "Dove for men" pre-roll ad on this video flagrantly gay, but "fragrantly gay" would be a far better pun, so there we are. Once you get past the 'fragrantly' gay Dove pre-roll, there are good things to be seen.

This soup's not going to eat itself, so bye bye.