Saturday, December 24, 2011

Josh Betley and Devon Smillie Edit

I couldn't help to notice that in the past year Osiris Shoes have made a massive effort to get back into the BMX circle! Good on them, hopefully we'll get to see more edits like this one.
Devon Smillie pretty much took over this edit with some impressive moves but Josh Betley definitely delivered as always. Enjoy

Osiris Shoes - Josh Betley / Devon Smillie December Split from Osiris BMX on Vimeo.

Shadow Year End 2011

Another year has gone by so fast and yet The Shadow Conspiracy managed to get enough riding clips to through out awesome edits all the time to keep everyone entertained and also come out with this bad ass end of the year edit, hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did. Peace

The Shadow Conspiracy - Best of 2011 from Shadow Conspiracy on Vimeo.

RIP Ricky Bates

Herve - Better Than A BMX

Once again good old twitter lead me to yet another cool eye catching edit. This time featuring riders Benny Lewis, Paul Ryan, Kayley Ashworth and Lloyd Wright. Enjoy

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Harry Main Edit

This edit featuring Harry Main is just incredible! And it's good to see that he isn't just a contest rider he also comes up with very creative and stylish web edits.

CSG's Christmas Edit

Riders: Paul Ryan, Jason Phelan, Pete Sawyer, Farren Downes, Mike Curley, Phil Demattia, Jonny Devine, Weird Sam, Northern John

Happy Christmas from CSG UK from BMX.COM on Vimeo.

Vans Let It Ride Teaser

I actually can't wait until the full edits come out!

VANS Let it Ride 2011 - Teaser from Vans Europe on Vimeo.

Connor Lodes Park Edit

I must admit for a park edit it certainly contains a load of awesome street moves which is never a bad thing. Connor Lodes has definitely got loads bike control!

Connor Lodes Dec 2011 Premium Park Edit from Premium Products on Vimeo.

Dane Searls jumps the world's biggest BMX dirt jumps: Giants Of Dirt Part 3

It's really sad that someone like Dane Searls passed away. Such an inspiring person for many riders out there and to think that he was the same age as me when he died really makes you think how easy your life could end. BMX needs more people like Dane with a unique style and positive outlook. RIP

Monday, December 19, 2011

Dean Cueson and Ryan Taylor @ Creation

I'm not entirely sure when this edit by Chris Wilmshurst was released but I'm sure you'll be impressed and stoked to watch it again if you already have seen it!

Riders: Dean Cueson and Ryan Taylor

Dean Cueson & Ryan Taylor @ Creation Skatepark from Chris Wilmshurst on Vimeo.

Verde's Kevin Kiraly Video Part

Kevin Kiraly... Wow I've always said that this dude kills it but I was actually blown away by this edit. You just have to see it for your selfs and please, please watch the ender!

Verde BMX - Kevin Kiraly Video Part from Verde Bikes on Vimeo.

Vans Vault: Gary Young

Gary Young is still killing the BMX world! What a shredder.

Vans Video Vault: Gary Young - More BMX Videos

Odyssey at Slab City

Odyssey's San Diego boys Gary Young, Hoang Tran, Kyle Hart and Mr Dirt Ron "the dude with the killer moustache" on a sweet road trip.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Dennis Enarson Can-Jam How To

I know it's a Footjam how to and I'm normally really against footjams but I couldn't just ignore the fact that pretty much anything that "The Man" Dennis Enarson does is awesome!
So if you do manage to learn Can-Jams after watching this edit then COOL but please try not to do them when I'm around : )

Dennis Enarson Markit Edit

Dennis Enarson has done it again! Whilst we are all here sat complaining about the cold weather Dennis manages to come along with yet another AMAZING edit... As always I'm pretty much speechless.
Now the question is, what is Markit? And who is behind it?

Marv Duke Of Wellington Promo

Check out this promo video for Fit UK rider Marv‘s signature frame, The Duke Of Wellington. Once you’ve given that a watch, make sure you click MORE for some photos and further details on all the things you’d ever need to know about this awesome frame!

Fit 'Duke Of Wellington' Promo from Channel 4Down on Vimeo.

Sizes: 20.5″, 20.75″, 21″, 21.3″
Rear end length: 13.1″-13.5″
Head tube angle: 75.5°
Seat tube angle: 71°
BB Height: 11.7″
Standover: 8.9″
Head tube: Integrated
Bottom Bracket: Mid
Brake mounts: Thread-On 990
Dropouts: 14mm, 4Q Baked
Gyro tabs: Optional
Limited edition, designed to support the UK Team
Double gusset with Script Logo embossing
Straight gauge Top & down tube
Butted seat tube
Double bend chain stays
Straight gauge tapered stays
2.3″ tyre clearance (even when slammed)
Available in matte black or light blue
5mm thick, 4Q baked dropouts
Extended dropout contact area with stays to increase stiffness
Dropout shape ideal for 34mm (1 3/8″) and larger pegs

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Eric Bahlman's Shadow Welcome Edit

Not really heard or seen much of this dude personally but he can sure enough use that coaster and those pegs! Congratulations on joining the Shadow Conspiracy.

Eric Bahlman - Welcome to the Family from Shadow Conspiracy on Vimeo.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Drew Bezanson's New Edit

Oh my god!!! I honestly can't get enough of Drew Bezanson recently. The guy it's an absolute machine, see for your selfs.

Drew Bezanson from Justen Soule on Vimeo.

Pijin Sharing The Love

Today its a happy day in Pijin we have finally decided to get our butts in gear and offer shipping to other countries please click here to check the list!
Thanks everyone for all your support!

Grant Castelluzzo edit

After months of banging out session after session before winter rolled in, Grant C. put together this new edit for us. Stoked on the feel, real stoked on the riding. There are some lines in here that took some serious time and effort.
Thanks for the support Grant. Enjoy this. (Words by Profile Racing)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

T'is the season...

It's that time of year. The motivation to go out and ride in cold weather is pretty hard to come by. However, at this time of year, there's also the inevitable "What would you like for Christmas?" question from friends/relatives. A solution for these two problems is at hand in the form of the BMX DVD. Although web edits are the most common form of video out there now, there's still nothing quite like getting a cool new DVD, getting it up on TV and chilling out and watching. The following are two videos that will definitely get you wanting to ride again...

Props Owned

I wasn't really too sure what to expect from Owned - I mean, Props videos are usually pretty awesome so I sort of assumed this one would be, but with a line-up of riders I wasn't particularly familiar with and no real idea of what the format was going to be like, I was a little apprehensive. Fortunately, Alex Magallan has the opening section and it is all kinds of awesome.

I've seen a few web-videos of him in the past and had him pegged as one of the 'alternative' riders, but this section just ruled. Weird setups, interesting lines, creative tricks and a large amount of pedalling make it a beast of a section, and sets the tone for the rest of the video pretty well.

Tom Villareal is another rider I hadn't really seen much of in the past, and his section has a bunch of different moves in there. There's a pretty big range of spots and lines in his section, which to me seems to be the by-product of filming for a DVD section - web-videos are cool and all, but when riders have to commit to a long-term project and go on a bunch of trips to film for it, the level of riding is going to get pushed, and the visual interest of seeing new spots throughout a section is only going to increase.

Jason Phelan needs no introduction, and his "Behind the scenes" edits show that he's taken more than a few brutal slams to film his section. Big, fast, trick-filled riding is what you'd expect and is also what you get.

Dan Foley follows up Jason's section, and rides a good mix of park and street. This mixture of riding is pretty consistent throughout the whole video - the emphasis is more on street overall, but there's still enough other forms of riding to keep everyone interested (although I guess you flatland and pure trails dudes might disagree...). His overall style is rad too, so definitely one to keep an eye out for!

The ender section goes to Drew Bezanson, who does all the ridiculous computer-game-style tricks you'd expect. His level of riding is pretty out of hand and it really helps bring the DVD to a good close. Some of the slams he takes for his section are insane too - there are a few things in there which you'd just sort of hope/assume would be done first try, but they took a couple of hits to get pulled.

Stew Johnson and the guys involved are all known for their top quality work, and that theme is continued through the whole video. The editing is super tight, there's a good selection of tracks (pretty nice to hear BMX set to something other than horrifically poor 'rap' - yes, I'm looking at you, the Internet), the filming's all really good and the level of riding is definitely way up there. There's a reasonable amount of Extras on there too (as well as a bunch of stuff online), so overall you get a pretty good chunk of rad video for your money. I have a feeling that this video's going to take over the mantle of 'Pre ride motivation video' for me from now on - there's not really much more of a higher recommendation than that that I can give. Get this video!

The Hunt

So - The Hunt. I'd heard a lot about this "project" online, but hadn't really checked it out too much until I saw the above trailer which piqued my interest. The overall premise of The Hunt was to hold a filming competition for some of the top riders and filmers around. A selection were chosen to feature in the final DVD, the sections were scored to see who was 'best', and a 'Best Line' prize was given out too. Ultimately, Chad Kerley - owner of the ender of the DVD - took away the prize for best section and for best line. Once you see his section this will all make sense - the only word that really comes close to describing his lines is relentless. They just keep going, and that's with super hard tricks throughout them rather than some filler tricks to lead up to a more tech combo.

His recent web-videos have show-cased some of this nuts c-c-c-combo riding that he's becoming more known for, but this video is the best example of it yet. That's not to say there's not a lot of massive riding in there too because there definitely is, but the difficulty and consistency throughout his riding is what really stands out. The other notable thing in his section is the fact that he usually seems to be smiling wherever he's riding. I'm aware that's a pretty weird comment to come out with, but he does seem to genuinely enjoy riding and that's something that you don't often see when most videos feature riders looking all serious business.

I'm aware that I've just spent a while talking about one rider's section, but worry ye not - the rest of the riders in this video help make it a well-rounded production overall. There's full-on park destruction from guys like Kyle Baldock, tech park stuff from Anthony Pearson, mental street combos from guys like Stevie Churchill, Dylan Stark and Dillon Lloyd, grind techery from Tony Neyer and Grant Castelluzzo, some big lines from Zack Warden, creative lines and tricks from Russel Wadlin, as well as a whole host of UK dudes riding a variety of lines in Mike King's mix section. Much like with Owned there's pretty much something there for everyone, and with how good a lot of the sections are in this DVD it's also another strong contender for your DVD collection.

Like I said before, DVDs are just fundamentally good, and now's a pretty ideal time of year to be getting hold of them. Get to it!

P.S. The Albion is also in stock at the shop, and not only is the magazine itself super good, but the United Downtime DVD that comes with it is a banger too. That's all free too, so go get one of those DVDs above and basically get another one for free too. You can't really lose...

Jack Watts & Declan Brooks @TheGhettoShed

This 2 kids get so much better every time I watch them! It really makes me feel old and rubbish! : (

Jack Watts & Declan Brooks @ The Ghetto Shed - More BMX Videos

Fit Bike Co Cristian Porras en Ecuador

Promo Cristian Porras en Ecuador 2011 from Afuera Entretenimiento on Vimeo.

Denis Pavlov Hellride x United

You might remember this dude pulling that really slow smith grind to bar-bar out or you may not but you'll for sure remember this edit.

Denis Pavlov Hellride x United from Nikita Lisovskiy on Vimeo.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Premium UK Anthony McGuirk

Haven't personally heard much about this dude in the past but he can sure ride a bike! And also it's good to see the the UK side of Premium is growing.

Premium UK - Anthony McGuirk, Scotland Weekender from Premium BMX UK on Vimeo.

Vans Rebel Jam

I probably posted a few too many edits of this years Rebel Jam but I couldn't miss this one out. Hope you guys enjoy it

2011 Vans Rebel Jam Highlights - More BMX Videos

Monday, December 05, 2011

Rebel Jam Park Finals

More BMX Videos

If you want to check the results head over to the RideBMX site.

Rebel Jam Street Finals Video

More BMX Videos

Rebel Jam Qualifying Highlights

So according to good old twitter it rained pretty much the whole weekend at this years Vans Rebel Jam and yet I couldn't help to noticed Chunky's weight loss and tan! I'm very impress with Amsterdam.
Chunky way before Rebel Jam

Chunky during Rebel Jam

Now on a serious note, I thought it was obvious that the new chunky wasn't chunky at all it was Street Killer CHAD KERLEY

Rebel Jam Qualifying Highlights

More BMX Videos

Rebel Jam 2012 Practice

Things that I missed out on this weekend:
REBEL JAM!!! Why did I do that.

More BMX Videos

Friday, December 02, 2011

Aitken & Dougan Edit

I personally can't stop watching this incredible edit and I'm sure we all feel the same way. I mean it has comical value, cool factors and some amazing riding.
Also it's so good to see that Mr Mike Aitken has come through a LONG way since his crash! Congratulations Mike you are very inspiring to many of us.


Daniel Tunte & Philip Baum Roof Session

Sergio Layos @ Rebel Jam 2011

Many of us are asking our selfs "Why didn't I go to Rebel Jam this weekend?!" and now this makes me even more gutted for not being there. Sad times but on a brighter note Sergio sure looks like he is enjoying the course.

Bike Swing Power Hour

This is AWESOME! This guys are mental

Dan Lacey Edit

I know it's chain reaction and its a rival shop and all that rubbish but I could not miss posting this Dan Lacey edit up! He is the man.

Dan Lacey - ChainReactionBmx - Team Edit from chainreactioncycles on Vimeo.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Cinema & Fiend In Tulsa Edit

CINEMA x FIEND in Tulsa from Cinema Wheel Co. on Vimeo.

Ondra Slez Edit

For the ones out there that haven't heard much from Ondra Slez I'm telling you he is awesome!

Ondra Slez from Robert Roszbeck on Vimeo.

3 Years Of Flatmatters

Our homie Effraim Catlow posted this sweet edit earlier today and had some words to say about the 3 years of Flatmatters. Congrats man!

It’s crazy how time flies, three years of flatmatters today! A lot has changed for me in those three years, back when I started flatmatters, the site was attempt to keep up with the daily goings on in flatland, to provide motivation to all the riders out there worldwide. I remember thinking one day, theres not much online flatland wise on a day to day basis, it’s time to do something rather than bitch about it!
Nowadays I’m proud to say I feel I have contributed in some way towards modern day flatland, and give people somewhere they know they can visit and see daily updates, some times when your so close to something, it doesn’t seem great, but what is great is that there a new videos, and news about flatland almost daily, I guess it comes down to aesthetics, you like some things, you dislike others. But I try to present them in the hope they motivate someone out there.

Hope you enjoy the special anniversary edit!


Friday, November 25, 2011

Chad Kerley S.D Park Edit

Wow once again Chad Kerley killed it! Only last week I couldn't stop going on about how good his video part on The Hunt was and now this?! This guy is unstoppable. Chad Kerley is your boy!

Chad Kerley Premium S.D Park 2011 from Premium Products on Vimeo.

RIP Dane Searls

I was lucky enough to watch this dude kill Empire Of Dirt in Devon years ago and I can tell you that BMX lost a flipping good rider and a nice guy. Such a shame! RIP.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Props Owned Trailer

I previously posted a couple of teasers for this video and I'm telling you guys now this is the last one. Because hopefully Props Owned "fingers crossed" will be here sometime next week!
I'm personally very excited to watch Ireland's Pride Jason Phelan, all around smiling killer Drew Bazanson, Premium's styler Dan Foley, Madera's Tom Villareal and Alex Mallagan.

A Day In The Life Of Ruben Alcantara

Ruben will always be No1. I hope to have half of that bike control that only Ruben has when I get to his age!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Flat & Street Rev. Soul BMX Edit

This is just incredible, well worth watching!

SOUL VID’ / FLAT & STREET REVOLUTION from Soul Bmx Magazine on Vimeo.

“It was inevitable, using the same environment, flat and street would connect one day and create a new evolution (a revolution ?) of bmx riding. After legends like Dave Voelker, Paul Osicka, Chad De Groot, Akira Okamura or even Steve Hamilton for his nosemanual, the world best flatlander Matthias Dandois wanted to explore new horizons and transfer his incredible skills to the streets, creating a new style of riding. Close witness of this, we (soulbmxmag) wanted to associate the other french bmx genius Florent Soulas, and Guillaume Le Goff (aka libellule) a super tech back wheel street rider from paris to make an article in soul #72 where the guys explain this new thing and also in this beautiful (i think) video from our unique Hadrien Picard who is showing the hard working and talented french connection in some incredible and never seen moves.”

Daniel Juchatz Edit

55DSL DANIEL JUCHATZ "my sport my love my town" from Bommel on Vimeo.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Shadow Welcomes Daniel Wedemeijer To The Team

Shadow is happy to welcome Daniel Wedemeijer to the family. Daniel is hooked up through Soul Cycle in Amsterdam and we couldn't be more stoked. This edit was filmed in between traveling Europe winning every contest he enters. Enjoy! Filmed and Edited by Tom Lammerse

Telekom Playgrounds Berlin 2011

Harry Main killed it and got a well deserved 1st place! Congrats man.

Brett took the 2nd place.

More BMX Videos

And 3rd place went to Mark Webb.


Jared is the man!

2011 Etnies King Of The Skatepark

Got to love that little kid on the Vans T-Shirt ha ha ha. He should of won the contest!

The Etnies King of the Skatepark contest happened this weekend and we are very psyched to announce that Broc Raiford took home the win for Street Open and Tom Dugan blasted over everyone in the High Air portion. Watch the video above from Ride BMX for all the action.

Tony and the Kink Pillar Cranks

Good enough for Tony, good enough for anyone! Get your Kink Pillar Cranks

United Downtime DVD Trailer

Here is the trailer for our new Dvd ‘Downtime’ which will be available free with The Albion BMX Magazine Issue 5 on Dec 1st.

As well as this it will posted online for free on Dec 25th and available from our iTunes podcast at the same time (yep, that’s right Christmas Day, think of it as our gift to everyone)

Here is some more info about this project, and who you can expect to see in this video:

‘Between mid January and the end of June 2011, following the release of our most recent full length DVD ‘This Is United’, we rented a small vacation apartment in Huntington Beach.

During this time, team riders from our pro, am and world teams flew out to visit, ride, relax, film some clips and soak up some of that Californian lifestyle.’

Nathan Williams, Ryan Lloyd, Corey Martinez, Alex Valentino, Ashley Charles, Ryan Metro, Luke Peeters, Geoff Slattery, Roy Van Kempen, Dan Boiski, Jimmy Rushmore, Christian Rigal, Kye Forte, Leo Forte, Dean Hearne.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Cult Tyres

We have them in stock right now. Come on in and get your set in black/black or black with tan walls!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Corey Martinez Welcome To Etnies Edit

United and Etnies's badman Corey Martinez killing it!

Untitled from Carlos Gomez on Vimeo.

Susuki Nine Knights 2011

I know this isn't BMX but credit should be given to these guys! This edit really did impress me and I really don't know when Mountain Bikers learnt to loosen up but it sure looks like they have been watching us BMXERS more recently.
Now the question is why are Red Bull investing so much more money into everything else other than BMX?

Chris Courtney's 10 Clips

Chris Courtney woooo! This guy is soooo good

Tony Neyer's Welcome To Verde

Influenced by Twitter once again I really felt like I had to post this and I must admit Tony Neyer did a pretty good job!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Demolition Northwest Roadtrip Edit

This edit was out on the Demolition site yesterday but I just couldn't resist to post it. You just can't mess with the team that in my opinion is one of the best out there!

Demolition Parts: Northwest Roadtrip from 180 Distribution on Vimeo.

Red Bull Most Wanted 2011

MENTAL! Worth watching for sure, good to see Britain's Talent Sebastian Keep.

United & Etnies Colab Products Edit

Keep your eyes peeled boys and girls, all the United & Etnies goodies will be here with us soon!

etnies x United from etnies on Vimeo.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Luke Towey On Stereo Bikes


StereoBikes Welcome To The Team Luke Towey from SAM BARROW on Vimeo.

Premium's Sean Ricany

Holly crap!!! This little kid is mentally good... Damn kids!!!

Sean Ricany Premium Bio from Premium Products on Vimeo.

This video was filmed over two days on the recent Premium mid west road trip. Sean may be just 16 years of age but he can ride a bike likes he’s been Pro for years. Sean can be a little turd at times, but we still love him! Welcome to Premium Pro Sean.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

DC UK Team in Pennsylvania

These trails look so good!
Filmed and edited by our home slice Cal, sweet job man!

Harry Main's Monster Edit (Old)

I know this is old but I'm still am far more impressed with this than the recent Coleborn edit and I just can't work out why?!
Thanks Broken Back Christian for reminding me how good Harry Main is!

Jon Root @ Corby

Jon Root, yes he may be a bit of a tool and yes he may loose a debit card a day but you just don't understand how much bike control this 8 foot giant has! See for your self.

Monday, November 07, 2011

Ecalt Lab Roll

This kid ain't scared! Watch the ender and you'll be more than impressed.

Iz Eclat from Veesh on Vimeo.

So IZ sent through this edit he has been working on now for a week or two, dialled as ever and riding some pretty amazing spots. Cali is a dream. Big thanks to Veesh who filmed it.

Dave Dillaward at CX-Games


Demolition Parts: Dave Dillewaard At CX-Games from 180 Distribution on Vimeo.

Friday, November 04, 2011

Mutiny Batle Los Angeles

Mutiny just released an edit of a 10 day trip to the L.A area with Brandon Hoerres, George Boyd, Andy Martinez, Matt Roe and Justin Simpson. This is so good; Mutiny and Joe Simon doing what they do best!

Battle Los Angeles from Mutiny Bikes on Vimeo.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Colony's Alex Hiam

Before someone else comes to the shop today and asks me if I've seen this I'll just post it and tell you it's MENTAL! God damn kids.

Josh Betley Shoe Promo Edit

Nearly didn't post this as it's a few days old but Oh My God this is so funny! Josh Betley is my HERO. FACT!

Friday, October 28, 2011

My Bike Check

A massive thanks to Pijin, Profile Europe and Seventies Distro.

Colony's Adjustable Headset Spacer

A new little product that Colony have for 2012 is the new Adjustable Headset Spacer. It is made from hi-impact plastic & will enable various stack heights of 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm & 15mm. Just rotate the spacer around to rest on it’s various steps to get the different stack heights. I think this is such a good useful idea! Keep your eyes pealed on our site.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Denis Stepanov's Subrosa Edit

Saw this all over Twitter last night and I though it just would be rude not to post it! Enjoy

Check out our newest recruit to the Subrosa Skeleton Crew. Russia’s Denis Stepanov AKA Techoden, combines very original moves, super smooth style and and attitude for fun. This edit is as rad as Technoden is! Enjoy, and welcome to the family! Thanks to Technoden, Kaunet Roxx, and Hellride!

Subrosa - Denis Stepanov from Subrosa Brand on Vimeo.

Felt Bikes East Coast Trip

Devon Smillie, Zak Earley, and Josh Betley ride spots in Virginia and North Carolina and try to stay clear of the brewing heat lightning.

Felt Bikes East Coast Trip #1: Escape the Heat Lightning - More BMX Videos

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Villij - Summer/Autumn 2011 Edit

Check out this Summer / Autumn edit featuring the like of Cambridge, Matt, Ross head, Kyle, Lewis, Alex Boyd, Wildhair, Roey, Robbo, Frog, Blue, Max Bimar, Meerkat, Ted, Joe, Chief, Dollar, Tim, Shaky, JD and Leon. Sit back and enjoy.

villij summer autumn 2011 from Anthony de Ville on Vimeo.

Travelling With Style

Mikey and Tom Dugan are currently headed up North, on a road trip in the Trans-Am. This time they're doing it for Odyssey, with Joe Rich behind the lens. Make sure to check the odyssey site for updates!
I couldn't be more jealous right now...

Trey Jones Edit

Cult Crew's Trey Jones is so good!!! Fact.

CULTCREW/ treyjones02 from Cult Crew on Vimeo.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bad Man Slosh

Team rider Slosh has a new sweet edit filmed down his local park, check it!

Monday, October 24, 2011


This is a nice edit that just shows commitment to BMX, instead of complaining about spots that aren't floodlight James got himself a generator and put this edit together with his brother Tom. Nice job guys!

Lights Out - Newbury - James Ivett from B'Stoked on Vimeo.

Friday, October 21, 2011

One Wallpaper that should be everybody's!

Tommy D's Wallpaper OH MY GOD!!! Get it! Now!

Mark Monea Front Flip 360!!!

Wow this guy sure aint scared! This is just incredible... How long till is done on a BMX contest? Who knows.

Carlos Vasquez Edit

I watched this edit and I thought it was pretty cool but it really makes me want to go back home...

Isaac and Bommel in Berlin

This edit its sweeeeeet!

ISAAC MEETS BOMMEL from Mankind Bike Company on Vimeo.

Fedral & Cult Summer Tour

Check out a 22 minute look into a 10 day tour of the UK with the CULT and FEDERAL crews...This trip had it all and we can't thank SEVENTIES, all the shops and riders, the CULT and FEDERAL crews enough for making this one for the history books...Thanks for watching, hopefully this motivates you to get out on the road and experience new scenes, spots and friends.. - Cult

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Case Issue 7

Get your FREE copy from the shop now!

The Next Level

This dude is making history boys and girls, I know he is wearing TN shoes and trackie bottoms and this video has been posted everywhere but I still feel the need to post it! Makes me smile every time.

Ride the bowl with a Vespa from JC Pieri on Vimeo.

Diamonds Are Forever

Ride UK Put this video up last night featuring some UK riders, check it out.

More BMX Videos

Shadow Soviet Tour Edit

Shadow Conspiracy Soviet Tour from Shadow Conspiracy on Vimeo.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kink Bike Co's Lil Dan

Dan puts it down in mostly 2 weeks of filming from Austin to Long Beach. Few clips from the East Coast as well. Dan has come a long way already, at only 17…he has a lot more to do!

Lil Dan for Kink from Kink Bike Co. on Vimeo.

Aitken's New Bike

Mike's new Copper-colored S4 frames just came back from paint and will be on their way to a shop near you soon. Fox has an ad of Aitken riding his new colorway in the current issue of Ride.
And he is also repping the Clasic Lotek Shoe! Take a look

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Macneil UK Team

Macneil have appointed Ben Green as their new UK Team Manger, joining Ben to represent the brand will be Vinnie Mayne, Billy Cooper and Mike King. The team will be taking a trip to Madrid in November which will be covered in a future issue of Ride UK along with a web video. They will also be working closely with Macneil in Canada to give input for future product developments. Expect to see a lot more from Macneil in the coming months…

Monday, October 17, 2011

My new frame, bars, forks and pedals since my last bike check ha ha

Once again I have a new few bits and I would write a massive bike check but to be honest there is no need. But I thought I better at least post a picture of it!

Local Edit

Here is a nice edit from little Jon Manzi killing it as usual! Filmed by local camera guru Leroy. Enjoy

Dan Foley's Frame Promo

Now this guy has tones of bike control! Refreshing edit boys and girls.

Dan Foley - Aurora Frame Promo from Premium Products on Vimeo.

Scotty Cranmer Wins Las Vegas Dew Tour Park

Scotty killed it!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Welcome to Bone Death

Yeah yeah I know this edit has been all over the internet for the last few days and I felt the need to post it. This edit is brutal at times but mentally good, enjoy.
Waffle is your boy!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ahahaha sweet!

Couldn't really miss the chance of posting this!

Sorry man but I'm sure you see the funny side of this now.

Duo Brand - Doyle in Iraq

Earlier this year Chris Doyle made it over to Iraq to do some demos for the troops. We sent a camera with him and this is what he came back with.. Filmed by Chris Doyle Edited by Will Stroud​duobrand​duobrand

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

POC Bike Excursion Video

You may like this web edit or not, I guess it really depends on how much of a proud BMX rider you are. Some of you may think that the third dude on this video (I'm not even trying to spell his name) should get a BMX and others will just get over it and enjoy some great riding and filming. I tell you what though you can sure appreciate Danny MacAskill's bike control! That dude is Number 1!

Cycle Show 2011

Cycle Show Highlights everyone. Enjoy Mr Ben Hennon who has only just come out of a serious injury and still killed it only the way he can! Stoked on him.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Dennis Enarson

You'll be speechless after watching this edit! I know that even I want to ride some trails now : )

A Day in Riverside with Dennis Enarson - More BMX Videos

Friday, October 07, 2011

John Pang's Birthday!

It's Mr John Pang's Birthday today!!! We all like to say happy birthday and thanks for keeping Pijin alive!

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Daniel Juchatz on Mankind

Met this little quite dude a few years ago at the BMX Masters and I'm telling you he can ride anything, he is super stylish and awesome to watch! Congrats buddy


We are very proud to welcome Daniel “Ralle” Juchatz, one true style cat from Berlin, on board the Mankind Bike Company team. Ralle has made his mark on the international BMX scene via video parts and contest appearances with his amazing style and humble layback attitude. He introduced himself to the BMX world with his talent at the Rebel Jam 2010, placing first place in the dirt style award. The Berlin local is happy to join the Mankind crew and to push his passion to the next level. WELCOME TO THE TEAM!!!

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Pijin T-Shirts

Come and get your NEW Pijin T-Shirt thanks to PrintAhoy!
Shame that PrinAhoy didn't iron them though...

Decoy Jam

Our homies BS, Cal and Case Mag's Mike Netley were over at the Decoy Jam this Sunday and Cal managed to film this sweet web edit for you guys.

The Albion Issue 4

We are probably the last shop in the country to get this but better late than never right?

Issue 4: Tanner-models, money and plumbing.
Hell on Wheels 2 with Jeff Stewart, on the road with his dog and a hippie from New Milton.
Andy Jenkins and Windy Osborn art and Photography and “those” magazines.
Jamie Bestwick Interview- Life without Cloughie and Taylor in PA and his Dad being wrong. Don’t worry things could be worse.
Tom Blyth interview By Olly-Fbm, the Jad connection and the “Heavy Metal Lounge…”
Jambul by Christopher Robin-Loved up, stabbed up and coming up.
Castillo-the quiet man cometh… with words.
Edwin DLR by Benson in NYC – why do i need an agent?
And all the usual stuff you come to expect that we fail to deliver