Friday, July 17, 2009

Wethepeople 2010 Bikes

It's another 5 months and 14 days before we reach the year 2010, right?

Anyways, here's some pre-production pictures of the 2010 range of Wethepeople bikes. I've seen specs/pictures of other 2010 bikes but Wethepeople seem to be just that little bit better than the rest of the field.

So what's new compared to last year? This time round we see the inclusion of half link chains, splatterings of Eclat parts on the higher up models. Also the use of a nylon bottom bracket! So rather than having heavy bearings, you get a nylon bush instead? Not sure how well that will hold up but this is something Diamondback and KHE will be speccing on their 2010 bikes too.

The Zodiac model gets a pivotal seat post built into the frame... kinda like the Sunday Ian Schwartz or Mutiny Cosmotron frames...

The top of the range Envy gets a "polymer cassette" - whatever that is?

Well... these should be arriving in Pijin around middle of August early September 2009! You have a month to start saving those pennies...

Seed 16" £259.99
Wethepeople 2010 Seed 16inch BMX Wethepeople 2010 Seed 16inch BMX

Arcade 18" £279.99
Wethepeople 2010 Arcade 18inch BMX Wethepeople 2010 Arcade 18inch BMX

Arcade £279.99
Wethepeople 2010 Arcade BMX Wethepeople 2010 Arcade BMX

Justice £319.99
Wethepeople 2010 Justice BMX Wethepeople 2010 Justice BMX

Reason £329.99
Wethepeople 2010 Reason BMX Wethepeople 2010 Reason BMX

Crysis £379.99
Wethepeople 2010 Crysis BMX Wethepeople 2010 Crysis BMX

Versus £399.99
Wethepeople 2010 Versus BMX Wethepeople 2010 Versus BMX

Trust £439.99
Wethepeople 2010 Trust BMX Wethepeople 2010 Trust BMX

Zodiac £499.00
Wethepeople 2010 Zodiac BMX Wethepeople 2010 Zodiac BMX

Volta £599.99
Wethepeople 2010 Volta BMX Wethepeople 2010 Volta BMX

Envy £749.99
Wethepeople 2010 Envy BMX

Avenue £439.99
Wethepeople 2010 Avenue Cruiser

Note: The 4Seasons is nowhere to be seen... :(


Anonymous said...

yes thank god, completes are now looking good now all the kids might not buy haro and GT !!!

Anonymous said...

The 2010 we the people are looking nice, you can actually buy them now online instead of waiting for stores to get them. I want the Versus.

Anonymous said...

ive already pre-ordered a wethepeople justice,
ive taken a look at the range of the gt's for 2010 and i dont like the kinda d.i.y spraypaint look to them
some of the mongooses are looking good though.

Anonymous said...

yea im a get that versus n still have money left in stead of gettin that verday i was gonna get

Anonymous said...

Where online can u purchase these?

Anonymous said...

yes i want the wethepeople trust in black/red but i want to know if u can get one with a brake?

Unknown said...

Bad news I'm afraid. Spoke to the distributor today (Hotwheels) and the shipment of Wethepeople bikes have been delayed until September!

Anonymous said...

when in september will they be in ausralia
Im getting the versus off

Anonymous said...

wer can i buy 1 of these???

Anonymous said...

the black wethepeople trust does come with brakes, it has removable brake lugs and hangers

Anonymous said...

hello if got the wethepeople versus:)

a lush bike to ride
very smooth but the anodised paint does come off quite quick

Unknown said...

Can't decide, Trust or Crysis, I really like the look of the trust, not so keen on the colors of the crysis, but it is cheaper and lighter by one pound :/

Anonymous said...

which one of these would be best for a very active 10 year old. he is very short at 135cm but very strong, only doing small tricks at the moment. hes had a bit of a rough trott with his diabetes lately and i want to treat him to his favourite bikes. mummy from essex

Anonymous said...

I'm ethier getting wethepeople zodiac with no brakes or the wethepeople justice with blue rims :D

Anonymous said...

wethepeople 2011 bikes look nicer than some of the 2010 bikes im getting the wethepeople zodiac 2011 which is one of the nicer 2011 bikes the wethepeople crysis 2011 and 2010 r nice bikes the same with the versus and zodiac but the 2010 trust is lush