Wednesday, September 30, 2009


You know when someone tells you a secret, and you're not allowed to tell anyone about it? You know how horrible that feeling is? Well, whoooooosh. There's a lot more to it as well, but I'm sure that'll come out eventually. Right now, I'm busy as hell at work so I can't really type any more.

Plenty of good stuff's happened at Interbike which I'm sure you'll have all read about elsewhere, but I'm pretty into the new S&M stuff. Pretty sweet. Again, super pushed for time and still no net at home, so no dice on other updates. Sorry everyone!

EDIT: This wins.

Channel 4Down BMX :: At Home With Cam Wood from Channel 4Down on Vimeo.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


No net connection = no updates. Normal service will be resumed in about a week or so? Maybe... Not ideal.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Monday, September 07, 2009


Holeshot rules. This is Holeshot's September video. Coleman Lopes also rules...

A new Barcode?

Head tube angle : 74.5 degrees
Seat tube angle : 71 degrees
Rear end length : 14"
BB height : 11 & 15/16 inches
Toptube : 21.25", 21" and maybe a 20.75" or a 20.6" version depending on demand
Stand over height : 20 & 7/16 inches
Gussets : top tube and down tube
With or without brake mounts (the production ones will have slightly lower brake mounts than the prototype shown)
Weight : 5.0 pounds flat
Price : TBA

I have received a lot of emails regarding the height of the BB on the Garrett frame being 12", and I'm probably going to have more coming regarding the BB height on this one as well. Our BB height has always been the same. They used to measure 11.75" from the ground, to the center of the crank spindle. And although the Garrett frame now has one at 12", and this one at 11 & 15/16, the frames have not changed one bit. This is due to running larger tires. I used to never run 2.25" tires. I think I used to run a Primo Dirt-Monster in the front that was 2.1" and a V-Monster in the back that was a 1.95". As the width of a tires increases, so does the outside diameter of it. Therefore, raising the BB as well. I hope this clears some of the questions up.

We are taking pre-orders for the first batch of these Barcodes. Send an email to : and put BARCODE in the subject space. First run of Barcodes will be done Flat Black.


Ought to keep everyone quiet for the next few days while I'm away in Preston...

Chris Lee

The Count is one of a kind. Nuts dude, friendly as hell, incredibly good at riding. He is fully not scared. I've seen some of his clips for the up-coming Make DVD, and he's dropped some nuts stuff up in Newcastle. This is his section from Dry Spell - I really hope that Newrick uploads Charlie Don't Surf some time soon (Seeing as he's sold out of copies of it anyway), purely 'cos the Count has some insane clips in there too. The world needs to know how good Chris Lee is.


Usually, the standard "WEED WEED WEED 4:20 BLAZE BLAZE BLAZE" kinda web-vids are pretty tedious, and seem to have to feature at least 15seconds of footage of people just smoking, but fortunately, this video doesn't. I went to the Bristol P5 street jam yesterday (Which, since you're asking, was awesome), and like after most jams, web-videos just bore me. They never really get that 'feel' of riding after seeing plenty of nuts stuff in the flesh, but this video broke through that and is really good. Good tune, awesome riding, good filming. Winners.

I've actually got a set of bolts heading across the Atlantic from this guy (I hate the imperial bolts on my Profile stem. They're getting dangerously tweaked out already. 6mm bolts on everything rule.), so it's good to hear a bit more about the man himself. Click here for an interview with the dude who runs BlueSix.

This is the Brighton Ain't Ready mix section, that has so many different people in it that I'm reasonably sure the only people who aren't in this video are you and me. No joke.

Plenty of deeecent stuff in here, straight from Dig.

Josh Betley has a frighteningly unpleasant looking bike. No joke.

Josh Betley @ Brown Skatepark - More BMX Videos

That's all for now. They tweaked the prescription for my lenses in my glasses, and I have a beast of a headache coming on...

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Vids, yo?

Not the first time I've used that title, that's for sure. But, videos is what we're dealing with here. First up, one from Dave King about 'Stoney's Wood'? Some guy's trails in any case - techidy tech.

Stay Fit is almost at an end. "Get Fat" soon?

Animal clothing.

Animal have put up their new winter clothing line. Some tasty garments in there!


1,300th post? How?! Probably 'cos it's been around for a reasonably long time. Speaking of Long, Matty Long (Most tenuous intro out of any of the other 1,299...):

Forgot to pop this up yesterday (and I don't think I've done it before?), but Subrosa have got a new stem coming out that kinda looks like a revised Attack stem?

Oh, and about stuff I did yesterday - put up that David Grant (well, partially David Grant) video, he's got an interview up on BMXUnion now.

Wiz, 2x4. The trick-to-sunglasses-drop-to-ride-over is the ultimate highlight. Bonus - check out how far his shoe flies when he falls off that jersey barrier. Physics defiance.

Defgrip posted up that James Wade has put a new photobook up - click here, then go to August.

Good day cont'd

Well, aside from taking one to the hip the moment I got riding, today was good.

Other people have been doing stuff today, too.

Colony posted up some pics of Liam Fahy Hampton's signature grip. "They are extra long to... look more in proportion on today’s wider handlebars." Right...

Orchid posted up the new colourway of Beringer's shoe, the Cobra:

Superstar released some info on their new stem, the Edge 9. Looks like an updated Elect stem to me, which is all good. 49mm reach, 258g, an "assymetric" style bar clamp (Think: Fit DL-series stems) where you tighten the front up flush then the rear to clamp - and it comes in red, black or grey.

Dig did a bikecheck with Robbo so you can see, once and for all, what his seat's actually like. Clickity.

Oh, and if you like watching David Grant ride with his weird rubbery arms, you'll like watching this. Because it contains David Grant. Which is what I was getting at.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Today is a good day?

Woke up feeling nice and refreshed. Played with the kitten a bit. Sunny outside. My sister's making me some food. In an hour, I'm gonna get on a train to Trowbridge to ride with the shop team rider Joel Nicholls. I fire up my computer to just check some e-mails. Friend I haven't heard from in a while had sent me a message. Check out some other sites, then spot this. When I first started riding, this was the first DVD I had. I bought it off Dan for a fiver 'cos he didn't like it (blasphemy!), and I watched this section pretty much every time I went out riding. Steven Hamilton, in Federal's Trafaelio (Which, incidentally, is a kinda phonic way of saying 'travelling' in Welsh).

Ah well...

One less Killorado in the world.

Oh noes?

Not again...

Well, it looks like Mutiny are making another frame I want? Second time it's been a Josh Bedford signature frame too...

Due out in October, by which time I'll hopefully have a job again and be able to afford such luxuries. Tempter.

In other "NEW PRODUCT" news, a 30 second video about bolts?


To be honest, speaking as a generally pegless rider, I'd rather have a bit more bolt to aim for for grinds 'n' stuff, but then again I do 'em weird.

And... uh... well, that's it. Dave Gorman, incidentally, is ridiculously good live, as I had the luck to find out tonight. Too good. I imagine the tickets have all sold out, but if you're near one of the venues for his latest tour, beg, borrow or steal to get there. It even involves bikes!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

One sec...

Just spotted this edit by Joe Gould up on Ride. All I could think about was how awesome that spot looks! I mean, look at it!


Putting the 'dink' in 'coincallydink'?

I mentioned Stefan Lantschner in that last post, and as I did so I remembered that his Carhartt video was supposed to be out a while back. Didn't really tihnk much of it 'til I happened to open an old e-mail account up that was on the Woozy mailing list, and lo and behold - there it was.

Une vidéo de bicyclette.

Seriously, give Ryan Elcock a beret and that's some proper French steez.

Consider that as one for all you park dudes out there too. Blog equality and all that.

If you want to hear a really elaborate way of saying "I used to ride Orchid, but now ride for Duffs", then click here.

At 0:30 in this video by Will Evans, why is Stefan Lantschner shooting photos?!

This is a video of a street jam:

If you're thinking to yourself "Hot damn, that looks sweet!" - you have the chance to get involved in one. THIS SUNDAY at 12pm meeting at mini Lloyds (aka Norwich Union hip) at Bristol, P5 are holding a jam. Seriously - this isn't even a case of "Be there or be square", it's a case of "Be there and have an awesome time or be... well, don't." Not quite as catchy, but it gets the point across.

Another day, another Dry Spell section - Pete Greaves this time, in a section of the video he edited himself. Big 'n' tall!


Ah, what am I saying - long live the blog!

Yet another of the most consistently awesome series of web-vids ever, Tuesdays With Miles. Seriously - so good! This time, in Salt Lake City. Winners.

Go to BNQT for more videos.

I never really feel qualified to say whether a trails video is good or not. They mostly seem to be the same series of kick-outs, just that some of them aren't in the trees. You do get some occasional stand-outs though (e.g. anything with Mulville, Dropsy, Aitken, Chase Hawk, etc.), so I'll leave this up to the public opinion as to how good this is:


Wednesday, September 02, 2009


I think I may be taking a hiatus from here for a while. I don't want to stop posting here, but it seems like it may be the best course of action. We'll see.

Anyway, lastly, as it amused me, here's a pretty funny post on Dig about the Man O War trails.

Oh, and before I go, if anyone particularly wishes to speak to me about something I've posted on here, my e-mail address is markwestlake1986[at]gmail[dot]com.

Cause and effect.

Here's a video of George French riding Sheffield (Spotted on Ride.

Here's a video of Joe Cox riding (Amongst other places) Sheffield. Cause and effect?

Heard a few mixed reviews of Joe's section on TWW, but I'm fully keen. Bangers, bangers and more bangers. The dude's too good, and - as with everything on TWW - the sound track is awesome.

Entirely different kinda video now, ODI's team headed over to 'frisco for a session. Hefty. Ender.

Totally different, yet again, is this video from the Oakley Trails Championships thing. The unofficially kick-out comp still going on?

Yet more 2010 completes, this time it's Eastern.

Seeing as everyone else is doing it, Lotek have put the Mike Hoder web-video up for embedability (WORD UP) everywhere now, rather than just their own site (And Streetphire thanks to H-Man's 1337 skillz).

Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Like bikes, but the freedom, individuality, maneouvrability and ability to turn right quickly annoys you? Sidehacks™.

Only joking...


Poached good 'n' proper from both the Streetphire board and main site is this video of some dudes from Leeds riding both Leeds and Paris. Good stuff!

While I was grabbing the loot from SP, I also spotted that the next section from Brighton Ain't Ready is up - featuring Darryl Tocco, Davey Watson and Mat Roe. Jon Taylor (Namedrop) told me that he thought that Mat Roe hitting that sign thing like a spine (Hammerdrop) was the best thing in B.A.R. Bold claim, but at the same time it's pretty true. I mean, you really need to see that thing, but I have no idea how you'd ever think of doing that, nor be capable of doing it. Just another reason that that dude's so good - incredible control, something a lot of people seem to neglect as they try and +1 their whip or bars count...

Shiny shiny.

For just $30.00, you can now upgrade your plastic pedals to sealed bearing, with an option of a titanium spindle too. Apparently this guy makes kits for different pedals, but this is the one for Twisted PCs:

Custom modified sealed bearing plastic pedals.

Available Options for most Pc Pedals on the market:

Titanium or quality machined steel spindles.
Sealed cartridge outer ball bearings (Ceramic available on request)
Needle roller inner bearings
Proprietary multipurpose polyurethane rings.

Item description:

Odyssey Twisted PC Pedals (high impact nylon body)
Titanium Nitride coated Solid Titanium axles. x 2 "Maximum rider weight is not too exceed 185lbs"
Shielded cartridge ball bearings x 2
Needle roller bearings x 2
Polyurethane rings x 6 (Purpose: Seal, thrust and shock absorption)

All parts available separately, with Kits starting @ $30.00USD

Click here - but you'll need a Global-Flat account to view it.


Few more hits on search engines with that title?


T-Nez has taken his Etnies-clad feet out for a pedal around, and here are the results - courtesy of Jeff K:

This Staff video has some cool stuff, but Big Daddy shuts it down.

Nathan Williams is smoother than you:

Levi's® Clip of the Week - Nathan Williams Mix - More BMX Videos

If you saw Carlos's bike a while back, you may have noticed his kink-cross-barred bars - from a company called Country Bikes. They've been around for a while now, and they've got a bunch of new stuff coming out (Including this frame and seat/post combo). BMXUnion did an interview with Country's main dude Torsten Pullich. Click here to read it.