Wednesday, February 27, 2013


We spent the past 6 months filming this web video in between injuries Alex had. We hope you enjoy this video and you can check out more info about his signature frame here..

Filmed and edited by Cooper Brownlee. Additional filming by Tim Storey.

Instagram: @colonybmxbrand @alexhiam

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Asia a year in my life

In late janaury early feb i travelled have way across the world to asia and had the time of my life, broke my nose, got bit by a monkey which ended in rabies vaccantion and to top it of i got severe food poisoning which ended me in hospital for a few days on a drip. All in all is was my best trip to date. THIS IS A YEAR IN MY LIFE

Credit: Jason Phelan

Asia a year in my life from jason phelan on Vimeo.

Bruno Hoffmann's Federal Bikes, Cinema Wheels Setup 2013, Alli Sports

Bruno Hoffmann has made his German presence known across the world of BMX and is still on the rise dropping new edits in interesting places. From his Federal Bike frame, to his Cinema Wheels, Bruno Hoffmann breaks down his entire bike in this Setup.

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Federal BMX - Bruno Hoffmann Tel Aviv-X-BCN

Bruno went away to war ridden Tel Aviv to film for this Federal edit, but with too many incoming missiles he decided to finish off in the less hostile Barcelona.

Filmed and edited by: Richard Forne
Music: 'At The Helm' by Del Tha Funky Homosapien


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Unit BMX Farm Jam 2013 Highlights

The Unit Farm Jam hosted it's annual BMX, FMX and MTB competitions last week, and, low and behold, the Dew Tour dirt Best Trick champ claimed a similar spot as the champ of the BMX Farm Jam. Kyle Baldock blew BMX minds with his giant double backflips and frontflip cliffhanger. Check out highlights of Baldock, Luke Parslow, Danny Cambell, Anthony Napolitan, Ryan Lloyd and more in this Best Of.

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The Nightmare in February - Kriss Kyle & Alex Donnachie unit23 BMX

Steeeeeeeezzzzaaaaayyy edit! Don't miss out on this, well worth watching.

BMX stunt riders alex donnachie and kriss kyle ride scotlands only indoor skatepark unit 23.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Dennis Enarson - Haro SD V.2 Frame Promo 2013

This frame promo edit it could almost be a video part for any rider but when it comes to Dennis we all know it's just the beginning of something special. He just kills everything, hope you guys like it!

Credit: Haro BMX

Haro UK are trying to get this frame in at a reasonable price but it's not looking good so far... However we have the V1 in stock at a SALE price : )

Friday, February 22, 2013

Tom Dugan's Signature Fit Bars Promo

Tom Dugan always makes me laugh and reminds me what BMX should be. Nothing but a good time!

After having a bunch of nightmares, Tom Dugan has decided he needs bigger bars! This is not your typical product promo video.


Andreu Lacondeguy & Kyle Baldock: Farm Jam 2013 Dirt Jump Session

We just wrapped up practice here at the 2013 Farm Jam. We were lucky enough to travel over to the New Zealand for the unique FMX / MTB / BMX event with former Dew Tour winner Kyle Baldock and MTB freeride legend Andreu Lacondeguy, who got a perfect session on the amazing dirt jump line after the rain cleared up today.

Stay tuned for more videos and updates from this weekends event at

Video Production: Allan Hardy

Instagram: @allanhardyvisual
Music: "Kinski" Clubfeet
Illusive Sounds

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Chad Kerley - Welcome to CINEMA

CINEMA is proud to welcome Chad Kerley to the team! This welcome edit was filmed on a 6 day trip around Los Angeles in Feb. 2013. This is going to be another big year for Chad and we're excited to have him join our crew.

Chad Kerley - Welcome to CINEMA from Cinema Wheel Co. on Vimeo.
Twitter/Instagram: @cinemabmx

Follow Chad on Instagram/Twitter: @chad_kerley

Filmed by Will Stroud, Dakota Roche and Joe Krolick

Edited by Will Stroud

Getting Awesome With Ryan Nyquist & Baby BMXer Nyquist: Ep. 10

With no contests or travel on the schedule, pro BMXer Ryan Nyquist looks forward to a little time with just himself and his bike, but daddy duty calls! Instead of canceling plans to hit up Santa Cruz park, Ryan brings Jameson along for the ride literally! It's "Baby On Board" with Jameson and Ryan riding the transitions together. Jameson gets his first real taste of BMX. Or does he?

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Cool Story Bro: Robbo

We are proud to release the first in our new series of videos called, Cool Story Bro. The idea behind this series is to show you a little insight into the guys on the team, on and off their bikes.

A few months ago, Robbo sent me a link to a few Monster Rally tracks. Just like Robbo, I was immediately a fan. That much so, I reached out to the band to see if they would be interested in working together on some sort of project. They are kindly going to be supplying the tunes for all these videos.

As Robbo introduced us to Monster Rally, it seems fitting that his Cool Story Bro is first.

Cool Story Bro: Robbo from Mutiny Bikes on Vimeo.


"Monster Rally is the brainchild of 23 year old Columbus (Ohio) resident and Cleveland native Ted Feighan. Producing music that is sampled-based tropical pop, Monster Rally began with the goal of assembling a bunch of old records into a completely different beast. Feighan began crafting tracks from his collection of records, combining his interests in Hip-hop, Exotica, Tropicalia, and Soul. Monster Rally creates tracks that manage to maintain a surprisingly organic sound, as if they were recorded by a full band on analog tape. There is something inherently nostalgic about the sound" - Gold Robot Records.

Carlos Gomez Bike Check 2013

It feels weird talking about my self in third person so I'll just copy and past what I said on youtube!

Got my sweet new bike thanks to Pijin BMX Shop, Profile Racing Europe and Seventies Distribution.

Hope you guys like it!

Also a massive thanks to Leroy for putting this edit together!
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Instagram: @pijinbmx

Devotion Daniel Sandoval 2013

Devotion Daniel Sandoval 2013

Filmed&Edited by Adam Sims

Song: Data Romance - The Deep

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Just For Fun Road Trip Edit 2

Join Drew Bezanson, Mike "Hucker" Clark, Zak Earley, Ronnie Napolitan, Chase Hawk, and Josh Clemens as they tour around Oregon and Washington hitting a bunch of concrete parks along the way. 

Filmed and Edited: Justen Soule

Producer: Become Co

Friday, February 15, 2013

BMX Pro Chad Kerley: Day In The Life On Crooked World

Step into Chad Kerley's BMW and take a ride to the Premium BMX headquarters for a little shopping spree and brand new CK frame build up! Next up follow Chad for some insanely tech shredding at Rancho Penasquitos and Poway parks in San Diego! Filmed by Steve Croteau. Beats by Christian Backe.

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Mike Aitken Signature Series

Damn it’s good to see Mike Aitken slowly gettting back into the game.Check this quick and cruisy edit of him hitting a few street spots, trails and even 360ing a big skate park volcano!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

#midweekweekend Edit

This edit is short and sweet featuring Pijin Team riders Jon Root and Jordan Aleppo.

Thanks again to Seventies and 4down distro for letting us film at their parks!

Hope you guys like it,

#midweekweekend Edit from Carlos Gomez on Vimeo.

Frank Albino Welcome to the Team FADE FOOTWEAR

Frank Albino, style and agility are unique features of this Colombian rider who arrives FADE FOOTWEAR team for contribute with experience and his potential for our brand. This video was recorded the end of 2012 and January 2013 in two spots representative of Bogotá.

MUSIC BY: Dr john - Locked down

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tabes for the Babes - Episode 1

Riders: Ryan Guettler, Eric Lichtenberger, Ryan Taylor, Zak Earley, Victor Salazar, Codey Levesque, Alex Landeros.

Filmed: Casey McPerry, Dylan Pfohl
Edited: Dylan Pfohl

Sponsors: Vans, Monster, Ethika, Colony, Epic Bike Shop, Hook it

Tabes for the Babes - Episode 1 from Ryan Guettler on Vimeo.

Music: Led Zeppelin - When the Levee Breaks

Metric - Youth without Youth

Blackbird Blackbird - All

Monday, February 11, 2013

Phil Demattia in Alicante

Kink's UK crankflip king is back. He recently spent some time in Alicante with filmer Will Evans putting in work for his Albion interview. As you'd expect from this pair it is packed with creativity on both sides of the lens. Phil proves he can crankflip in and out of anything.

"Phil Demattia recently hit up the streets of Alicante to film this edit and shoot his interview in issue 12 of The Albion. Filmed and Edited by Will Evans" Credit: CSG / Will Evans

Bring back 2003 man!!!

Nike's August 2013 Drop

I managed to scape the office for a couple of days early last week to do the rounds. Saw the some cool stuff from Nike, Fox, United, Fit, Federal, Cult and Vans. 
All I got to say that 2013 is going to be another good year for BMX but for now I took a few quick snaps to tease you guys.


Josh Perry Winter 2013

Leave it to Perry to bounce back from radiation therapy for a brain tumor with his best video ever... This is amazing!

Credit: Dan Foley, additional filming: Leigh Ramsdell

Josh Perry Winter 2013 - More BMX Videos


Monster Energy rider Harry Main throwing it down in this brand new 2013 web video. Filmed and edited by Matty Lambert.


BMX pro Kriss Kyle invites you to a one-time-only, all-night lock-in at his home skatepark, the infamous Unit 23. You will be given free rein across the whole park and Kriss will be on hand to help you nail the next level tricks you've dreamed of pulling off.

Take part and go beyond your limit!

Scotty Cranmer Hyper Behind Scenes

Ah... So Scotty Cranmer is HUMAN after all! Well that's good to hear : )

Scotty Cranmer Hyper Behind Scenes from bryancarter on Vimeo.

Behind the scenes shooting with Scotty Cranmer for His Welcoming to Hyper Bike Co.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Ryan Nyquist & Rob Darden BMX How To Toboggan

Ryan Nyquist and Rob Darden break down how to BMX Toboggan on this week's episode of Getting Awesome! Rob shows off some mean Toboggan's over just about everything Roosevelt Park has to offer. Remember to grab the seat, crank those bars and watch out for the dreaded Ring Sting!

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Just For Fun Roadtrip Edit

Join Mike “Hucker” Clark, Drew Bezanson, Zak Earley, and Ronnie Napolitan as they hit the road for no other reason except to have a good time in the Northwest. Chase Hawk even makes a brief appearance as well.

Dan Foley – Welcome to G-Sport

GSport is proud to welcome Dan Foley to the team. Dan is one multi-talented individual – aside from his creative, unique, and insanely dialed bike riding abilities, he’s also a skilled filmer / editor and even a college graduate – he just recently finished up his communications degree with a concentration in media production, all while maintaining a career as a pro bike rider. Not too shabby.

Credit: G-Sport

Tony Hamlin-Day in the Life

This is how Tony lives his life everyday when he is back home in Rochester,NY filmed and edit: Dan Coller

Tony Hamlin-Day in the Life from Dan Coller on Vimeo.