Thursday, July 16, 2009


Looks like Ride have some fairly justifiable issues to talk about on their site. From my own experiences of being in Cologne during the Masters last year, there were plenty of drunk people being fully annoying, making tools of themselves and getting BMXers kicked out of shops and bars, and - you guessed it - they were all from the UK too (Not that they were any of the people involved in that video, or the "Blame List" in the comments).

Ride have also put up the teams for next week's Ride To Glory, which are:

Shadow Conspiracy

TM: Darryl Charles
Niki Croft, Owain Clegg, Paul Ryan, Scott Ditchburn
Guest: Ricky Bates (USA)
Video: Carlie Jobling
Photog: Hman


TM: Jim Celinski (USA)
Joe Cox, Fraggle, Mike Taylor, Warren Daniel
Guest: Aaron Ross (USA)
Video: Tonash Goodyear
Photog: Walter Pieringer (USA)


TM: Jon Taylor
Bas Keep, Ben Hennon, Matt Priest, Scott Edgworth
Guest: Ty Morrow (USA)
Video: Matty Lambert
Photog: Daniel Benson


TM: Craig Stevens
Liam Eltham, Leo Forte, Phil Aller, Martyn Tambling
Guest: Jeff Klugiewicz (USA)
Video: James Harrison
Photog: Steve Bancroft


TM: Chris McArdle
Jason Phelan, Farren Downs, Will Jackson, Teddy Lewis
Guest: Bruno Hoffman (Germany)
Video: James Smith
Photo: Nathan Beddows

I'd put my money on it either being Shadow or Sunday, but last year's winners WTP might be in with a shout? Who knows. Speaking of, here is their video from last year's comp, and here's the rest. Just as a health warning, you're probably going to have to watch in the region of just under 2 minutes of pre-rolls if you watch all those videos, so you might want to have a pillow nearby that you can punch/stab to relieve the rage that'll build up...

I wonder what people think they get out of the deal when they remove the 'embed' tag from Vimeo videos? Really upping the chances of distributing their videos, which is the whole point of web-videos? If people are messing around with letting people watch their videos, I'm going to mess around with directing people to their sites. This video was apparently for 1664.


ollie said...

volume won last year man

Unknown said...

They got top points, but WTP's vid was voted #1 hence they're in this year's comp.