Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Remember my post a day or two ago about light frames? Well, Mankind have a new frame called the 'Mellow'. From TCU...

This is Björn “Bommel” Mager`s new signature Mankind Frame. The Mellow Frame is a tribute to
Mellowpark in Berlin, where Björn started and grew up riding. The frame is full heat treated and
weights 2,05kg/4,48lbs (21,0tt). Further it features removable u-brake mounts and brake guides,
integrated seat clamp, new MK bridges on chain & seat stays and CNCed MK logo on the head tube.
The Mellow frame comes in 20,5tt, 20,8tt, 21,0tt and in five colours.
Material: Full heat treated 4130 chromoly Sanko Japanese tubing
Lengths: 20,5tt, 20,8tt, 21,0tt
TT: ø 34.9mm x 1.1t*0.8t*1.1t. DT: ø 34.0mm x 1.2t*0.9t*1.2t
SS: ø19.0mm x 1.0t*0.7t*1.0t. CS: ø 19.0mm x 1.0t.
CS-Length: 13,75” slammed, to 14,25“.
Seat tube: fluted single butt (1.5t*1.1t). 71°. Length: 225mm
Head tube: Full Heat treated. 74.5°. Int. Headset. Rem. gyro tabs.
BB: Full Heat treated Mid Size BB. Height: 35mm/1,38” above axel line.
Dropouts: Heat treated lasercut, 5mm, 4130 chromoly, 14mm slots.
Sink cuts on inside. Angled end caps with vent holes.
U-Brake: Removable U-Brake mounts and cable stopper / holder.
Weight: 2.05 kg / 4.48 lbs for 21.0tt
Colors: Translucent green, pearl blue, matt, black, white, purple

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