Friday, March 30, 2012

Simple Session: Devon Smillie & Sean Ricany

I think it's safe to say that it's all about Devon Smillie this morning!

Simple Session: Devon Smillie & Sean Ricany from Osiris BMX on Vimeo.

Devon Smillie now on Osiris Pro

Another amazing web edit featuring Devon Smillie who is now part of the PRO Osiris team. Check out what Osiris had to say about it all bellow

Devon Smillie = Pro. from Osiris BMX on Vimeo.

We’re very excited to announce that Devon Smillie is now officially a part of the Osiris Shoes pro team. Devon has been a part of the Osiris family for quite some time now and we’re stoked to be moving forward with our relationship.

The amount of bike control Devon posses is completely unfathomable and we’re confident he has a long, bright future ahead of him in the BMX world.

Devon joins Sean Burns, Darryl Tocco, Ryan Nyquist, Josh Betley, Miles Rogoish, and Drew York on the Osiris Shoes pro team.

Thanks for all of your hard work, Devon. Welcome to the pro team!

2012 Simple Session: Day 1 Practice

I think a load of us will be on the good old Freecaster watching this whole amazing contest happen

2012 Simple Session: Day 1 Practice - More BMX Videos


Scott Ditchburn has looked up to Owain Clegg since he was a young ripper. The two got together to produce two distinct at edits from the very same park and had us release them at the same time. Check em out!

Scott Ditchburn - Master & Apprentice from Shadow Conspiracy on Vimeo.

Owain Clegg's 'Master & Apprentice' edit - The Shadow Conspiracy from Seventies Distribution on Vimeo.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Our House Invitational - by Ben Hennon / VANS

A few weeks ago EMEA BMX rider Ben Hennon held an invite BMX jam at the Seventies Our House unit. His vision was to invite the UK´s and some of the best EU´s riders and jam together for a full day. In the end the judges decided to honor the three most outstanding riders with top 3 places.
Needless to say that everyone had a blast!!

Well done Ben - BMX needs more events like this!!

Filmed and edited by GREENFILMS

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My New Lady Luck

One of the greatest things about working in a bike shop! Hope you guys like my new set-up.
I won't bother putting up a full check as I've only changed my rims and chain... Oh and my frame colour : )

Sergio Layos Red Bull Metro Pipe Insight

Whilst in Madrid I caught up with Sergio Layos, to get a quick insight about his Red Bull Metro Pipe event, during practice.

RedBull Metro Pipe

Check out one of the most recent Red Bull events.

Not the official video for the RedBull Metro Pipe, but worth taking a look. Check out what went down at the Metro Pipe in the video below.

Ginch Bros. Trail remix

The FBM wonder twins are smooth!

This is some re- edited footage from the FBM DVD "Thousand Yard Stare". Its not a full section, rather, just some highlights from both Adam and Garrett Guilliams, to celebrate the new trail season, and how awesome the Ginch Bros. are! Credit: FBM BMX

The Seventies 'Our House' Jam edit

I know we have seen some footage over on the Ride UK site but we all know that when it comes to filming Charlie Jobling is your boy!

Here's the Seventies Mix of the 'Our House' jam. Filmed by Charlie Jobling. Song: Naked & Famous - Frayed Credit: Seventies

Profile Splattered Hubs now in!

You'll have to be quick if you like these hubs. If you snooze you loose!!!
There are only 72 hub sets that have been made and we are lucky to have 2 sets in. Click here to check them out

Greg Illingworth UK/SA

Oh my god! I can't swear on here but it's probably ok to say that Greg Illingworth is flipping AWESOME!

Logan Martin - 2012 Melbourne Edit.

I don't know what this guy is on but I can tell you that he isn't human!
I'm normally not too interested or impressed with burly moves but Logan Martin is something else really... Unreal

Monday, March 26, 2012

Chilled session with Jordan Aleppo

Jordan Aleppo is coming boys and girls. This dude is number one!!!

Felt Bikes: Scotty Cranmer in Las Vegas

Scotty Cranmer there is really not much more to say really

Felt Bikes: Scotty Cranmer in Las Vegas - More BMX Videos

Greenville Giant Jump Session

Front flip double bar-spin?! What a mentalist! You can't miss out this edit

Greenville Giant Jump Session - More BMX Videos

X Fest 2012 - Santa Pod Raceway - 5th-7th May

Will this festival be the new better NASS?... More than likely!!!

XFest, a new extreme sports event held at Santa Pod Raceway for BMX's Mountain Bikes, Skateboard, Inline Skate and Scooters. Also featuring Monster Trucks, RWYB Drag Racing, Jet Car and loads more. Video features Mark Webb, Ben Wallace, Jacques Honour, Angus Gough, Lewis Williams and more all attended the teaser day featured in the video. Competitions feature Scoot Mag, Lords of Dirt, King of Dirt, Dollar Jam, Razor Domination Tour, and the Laced Series. Please visit for further details.

Wild Night Contest by EC/DC

This contest looked wild al-right! Check it out

ItsTheSouth.Com Presents Jack Marchant at Unit 6

Once again Jack M. repping the south coast!!!

Getting Jack to do anything is a struggle, so this was a surprise last night when i was talking to him, being bored as shit i suggested to make an edit & he was up for it, so we went to Unit 6 & he got wild as you'll see.
If you liked his Lucky 7's on Ride you'll enjoy this.

Filmed & Edited By Adam Frame

Song : Kanye West & Jay-Z - N****s In Paris (Instrumental)

Smoking The Bowl

Celebrating the completion of Empire BMX's new bowl with a little party, featuring riders from Mutiny Bikes, Terrible One, Etnies, and Empire BMX. filmed by Ryan Navazio and Joe Simon. edited by Joe Simon. thanks Corrigan and crew! Must watch : )

Credit: Empire BMX

Friday, March 23, 2012

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bell: Mike Spinner Edit

Mike Spinner is back!

Bell: Mike Spinner @ Piccolo - More BMX Videos

Osiris Shoes - Farewell, Marcus Tooker

Marcus Tooker truly is an amazing person. At the young age of 25, he's already graduated college, gotten married, bought two houses, podiumed multiple Dew Tour contests, and traveled around the world with his bike - significantly more than the average person does in a lifetime. Marcus has changed things up a bit recently and began to explore career options. Although he'll still be on a BMX bike for many, many more years, he's going to do so on his own terms and not those regulated by contests, sponsors, or paychecks.

Marcus is stepping down from his pro team spot on Osiris, but he'll be a part of the family forever. He knows very well that when he can fit it in, he's more than welcome on any of our future adventures.

Thanks for everything, Marcus. Godspeed!
Credit: Osiris BMX

Little Sean Video

I spotted this video over on Vital and I could not believe how young and good he is.

Yet another young shredder blowing minds in Toms River, New Jersey. Credit: Jamaican

Little Sean Video - More BMX Videos

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Frenchys in England

Frenchys Distro riders, Maxime Charveron, Ben Gea, Nico Badet, John Garcia, Adrien Lecomte and Georgy Doremus from France head to England for 4 days. Check out what they got up to on their trip…

FRENCHYS IN ENGLAND from frenchys on Vimeo.

4 days in ENGLAND with Maxime Charveron (WTP / ECLAT), Ben Gea (CULT / ALMOND), Nico Badet (FIT / ODYSSEY), John Garcia (S&M, ODYSSEY, ALMOND), Adrien Lecomte (MUTINY / SHADOW), Georgy Doremus (SUBROSA / SHADOW).

Relentless Energy Pro Tips – The Decade with Mark Webb

Shot at his very own Ghetto Shed, Relentless Energy Drink’s Mark Webb talks us through one of the hardest tricks to learn and land on a BMX, the Decade. Keep an eye out for the latest from Relentless Energy’s Pro Tips series, right here on MPORA.

More BMX Videos

A Guide For Scooter Kids

Ha ha this video is funny! And of course very amusing to all scooter haters.

P.S I'm kind of sorry if this offends anyone : )

Power Hour - Paul Ryan

UK represent!!! Paul Ryan is the boss

Power Hour: Paul Ryan - More BMX Videos


Bloody Germans and their riding facilities! I'm so jealous : (

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Gabe Brooks OSS Edit

Gabe Brooks has some mental moves!

Gabe Brooks OSS Edit from On Some Shit on Vimeo.

Help Prevent Breaking Your Pivotal Seat?

Not entirely sure if this will actually work but Zack Gerber seems to be pretty convinced. Go ahead and give it a go!

Help Prevent Breaking Your Pivotal Seat from Zack Gerber on Vimeo.

Call of Duty Junkie Rob Armour - BMX My Five - 5 Tricks + 5 Questions - Alli Sports

Driving his Nissan 240 and playing Call of Duty are what takes up most of BMX pro Rob Armour's time when he's not riding his bike. Hear why in his own words, and find out what happened when he blew the engine of his biggest purchase to date. Learn his favorite BMX video of all time, and check Rob out riding the Kitchen Skatepark in Indiana in this Alli Sports My Five.

Rob Wise - Last Chance Section

Rob Wise is possibly the most underrated rider I know, after seeing this part you’ll see what I’m talking about. The bandana/ quiet kid from Utah came out swinging for his Last Chance part. So many amazing tricks were dropped. If you haven’t seen it yet, watch it NOW!

Demolition Parts: Last Chance Rob Wise's Part from 180 Distribution on Vimeo.

Monster Energy - Ryan Guettler 2012 Winter Edit

Over the US winter Ryan moved back to Cali instead of going back to Australia like most years. So here are some new spots he hit up over the winter. Credit: Monster

2012 Dub Jam - Rampworxs

Sorry for slacking boys and girls! I have alot to post but It'll all come out randomly through the day. For now hope you enjoy this!

Jordan OKane: In At The Deep End

16 year old Jordan hits this bowl like nobody else, and goes to the moon on some parts that most people are afraid to even air out of, so we just had to get down there and document him doing his thing!

Fiend / Deadline @ Serenity Rideshop

This edit features Miles Rogoish, Garret Reynolds and Ty Morrow

Fiend / Deadline @ Serenity Rideshop - More BMX Videos

Friday, March 16, 2012

Nike BMX: How to Tailwhip

Step by step guide on how to tail-whip with the one and only Nike Team.

Connor Lodes MARKIT Edit

Markit keep popping up with some awesome edits I honestly can't describe how good this edit is so you'll just have to sit down and enjoy it.

Connor Lodes MARKIT Edit from MARKITBMX on Vimeo.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ben Basford 2012 Edit

Kink's UK shredder Ben Basford has a new edit out. Check it out

Mark Mulville's New Bike

The radest guy in the world (Mark Mulville) has a really nice new set-up featuring his signature frame the Subrosa Silva.
For more info head over the Subrosa site.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bruza in Barcelona

To celebrate the launch of the new Nokia Lumia 900 at Mobile World Congress 2012, Nokia challenged BMXer, James Ivett of to try out the Lumia 900 in and around the city of Barcelona.

Brad Simms- Albuquerque Trippin

Double peg to over 270?! Brad Simms kills it

Brad Simms- Albuquerque Trippin. from Nate Richter on Vimeo.

Sean Ricany Edit

This little kid is for sure the up and coming Garret Reynolds but by saying that I'm not trying to make him look bad at all if anything it's a massive complement.

Group Home Bikes - Sean Ricany from Chris Hordis on Vimeo.

Cobra 2 Sneak Peek

I was over the Orchid site today and I spoted the newer version of the current Cobra shoe. This is what Orchid had to say

2012 samples are here. Shoe photos are happening now, here’s the first off the line. This is Matt Beringer’s new shoe, The Cobra 2. The color is called “blue groove” which is also the name for the hard packed line that forms in a dirt jump after it’s been ridden a lot. Beringer knows a little something about that since his backyard is a giant dirt playground. I got a chance to watch Killjoy recently and it’s apparent that Matt’s creative style of riding has rubbed off on the entire Utah scene. Every one of those dudes does kooky stuff, which is entirely entertaining and inspiring at the same time. Keep bmx weird!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dave Dillewaard In OZ

Dave Dillewaard is awesome!

Mike Spinner And Austin Coleman Present: "The Program"

Coming soon to Network A, a new show about two BMX pros, one dog, and the baddest backyard in the greater Miami area. Mike Spinner's and Austin Coleman's "Program" is part lifestyles of the ripping famously and part ridiculous antics that could only happen in a house inhabited by a bunch ofguys with a large indoor pool.

Rob Darden Edit

Rob Darden edit for Rogue Fitness
Credit: Rogue Fitness


We followed everyone's favourite German, Bruno Hoffmann from his hometown to Malaga, Spain for his 'Too Much Too Young" interview and video. Needless to say, Bruno delivered in a big way... Credit: Dig BMX

More BMX Videos

Monday, March 12, 2012

Home Turf: Dean Cueson / Creation Skatepark

Creation Skatepark in Birmingham UK is pro rider Dean Cueson's local spot. Here, Dean talks a bit about the park and throws down some amazing riding. Only a local could blast that high! Credit: Chris Wilmshurst

Home Turf: Dean Cueson / Creation Skatepark - More BMX Videos

Friday, March 09, 2012

Ryan Taylor and Pat Casey Break The BMX Combo Machine

England's Ryan Taylor spent a month shredding with Pat Casey in Southern California and the two knocked out a Twitter-enabled episode of "Calling The Shots" for Crooked World BMX. Filmed on Casey's own mini ramp, it features flair whips, whip to barspins, and a few combos from Casey that have to be seen to be believed. Thanks to all who participated on Twitter, and be sure to follow @PatCaseyBMX and @RyanTaylorBMX. These guys are always getting into trouble. Credit: Network A

Rob Wise In OZ

Rob Wise and I had been kicking around the idea of going to Australia for a couple of weeks because it's snowing at home. We bounced the idea off the guys over at GT Bicycles and they told us they would pick up the tab and to go have some fun. Rob's GT Team mate Dave Dillewaard said he would show us around if we came over so we were off. A huge thanks to Dave & his amazing family for putting us up. Also big thanks to Stewart, Yonny, Big Salad & all the boys that showed us around. A huge shout out to GT Bicycles for sending us over, it was a hell of a trip. This is Rob Wise In Oz! Credit: Sunset & Sodas

Rob Wise In OZ from Sunsets & Sodas on Vimeo.

Day At The Farm

Tight T-Shirt lover Kane Hennessy has been busy filming this year. Yeah Boy!!!

Team riders Kane Hennessy, Gareth Wilson & Ryan Mester spent a day riding with the locals at 'The Farm' in a secret location in Lincolnshire. Filmed & edited by Leo Baron. Music : Mike Snow - Animal Credit: Fatality

Nike BMX: How to Barspin

Garret Reynolds does the best Bar-Spins. FACT

Nike BMX: How to Barspin from Nike BMX on Vimeo.

Kenzo De Witte: United Video March 2012 Edit

Never heard of this dude but he is doing it for United

Kenzo De Witte reps United in Belgium through Grounded BMX & SC Distribution. A recent weekend trip to Amsterdam finished up this new edit that is chock full of sweet spots and smooth lines.

Tom Dugan in Space

Ha ha ha SWEET!

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Fit's TD350 out in US

I'm impressed with the results on the Tom Dugan Frame and I can't wait to have it here in the shop.

Tom wanted a stiff, strong frame he could count on every time he took it into orbit. From the double gussets at the head tube, to the low profile wishbone in the back, this frame is built to go fast and blast off.

“It feels perfect and I’m most stoked on the stickers.” - Tom Dugan
Double Gusset with Embossed Script Logo
Engraved TD350F head tube
Investment Cast Seat Clamp
Butted Top tube
Straight Gauge Down Tube
Tapered Seat tube
Straight Gauge Tapered Seat & Chain stays
Low Profile Chain stay Wishbone
Reinforced head tube & mid bb vents
Available in Matte Black, Red or Gloss Clear
American Made
3/16" Thick
4Q Baked
Extended contact area with stays to increase stiffness
Dropout shape ideal for 34mm (1 3/8") and larger pegs

Fit even give you a gearing guide!

31/10: 13.625 W/ Half Link
31/10: 13.875 W/Out Half Link
30/10: 13.50 W/Out Half Link
30/10: 13.75 W/ Half Link
30/10: 14.00 W/Out Half Link
28/10: 13.50 W/ Half Link
28/10: 13.75 W/Out Half Link
28/10: 14.00 W/ Half Link
27/10: 13.625 W/ Half Link
27/10: 13.875 W/Out Half Link
30/9: 13.625 W/Out Half Link
30/9: 13.875 W/ Half Link
28/9: 13.625 W/ Half Link
28/9: 13.875 W/Out Half Link
27/9: 13.50 W/Out Half Link
27/9: 13.75 W/ Half Link
27/9: 14.00 W/Out Half Link
25/9: 13.50 W/ Half Link
25/9: 13.75 W/Out Half Link
25/9: 14.00 W/ Half Link
23/8: 13.625 W/Out Half Link
23/8: 13.875 W/ Half Link
25/8: 13.625 W/ Half Link
25/8: 13.875 W/Out Half Link
26/8: 13.50 W/ Half Link
26/8: 13.75 W/Out Half Link
26/8: 14.00 W/ Half Link

Harry Main - First Day Resi Test

Harry Main Gives you a quick Tester on his new resi ramp he just built. check it out.
follow Harry over at or

What mental stunts will come out of this ramp? Only time will tell.

Broc Raiford off Colony

It was leaked a couple times last week for those that were savy on their website news but it is official, Broc Raiford is moving on from us here at Colony.

It’s sad to see him go but it’s all on the very best of terms. Like all things in life, things do change. I personally would like to publicly thank Broc for his efforts over the past few years. We were his first sponsor & helped build his reputation & image out there in the BMX world to what it is today. It’s been amazing to have watched Broc turn into the amazing bike rider he is & I wish him all the best in his future endeavours.

As Broc’s last rep for Colony, he went to the Toronto BMX Jam on the weekend & placed an impressive 8th in pro park. Congrats.

We have also done up a little farewell edit for Broc using clips he collected for his section in The Colony DVD from last year. Thanks for the good times mate. (Words by Colony)

Broc Raiford - Thanks for the good times from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

Nathan Williams on Monster

Monster Energy proudly welcomes BMX pro Nathan Williams to the family!

Monday, March 05, 2012

Friday, March 02, 2012

Orchid Footwork

“Footwork”, a bmx video presented by Orchid Footwear. Filmed by Ryan Navazio, edited by Derek Adams, visual fx by Josh Clancy. Starring Brian Hunt, Wiz, Brian Histand, Dave Krone, Micky Marshall, Dan Conway, Randy Brown, Van Homan, Niki Croft, and friends. Filmed around eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Originally released on DVD in April 2011. Running time 20 minutes.

Footwork full length from Orchid Footwear on Vimeo.

Nike San Antonio Edit

It's always to watch Garret Reynolds, Nigel Silvester, Dennis Enarson and Chad Kerley ride. I couldn't help to notice that to be cool you need to be running 3 pegs at the moment : ) Enjoy


Fit Bike Co in Ecuador

This edit features riders: Tom Dugan, Justin Inman, Shawn McIntosh and Cristian Porras trippin' in Ecuador.
Worth watching but it's a big shame that Van Homan doesn't have that many clips : ( but the rest of the team does kill it!

Fit - Trippin Ecuador from FITBIKECO. on Vimeo.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Lucky 7s - Jack Marchant

The first ever Ride UK ‘Lucky7s’ is here. It’s a pretty simple concept, we ask your favourite riders to do 7 tricks or lines that they enjoy doing and we film it. First up for a Lucky7s is United Bike Co rider, Jack Marchant riding Unit 6 down in Bournemouth. Check it out below…

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Zack Warden Edit

As requested by Mr J. Root here is Zack Warden doing it for Hoffman Bikes.

Cinema in Barcelona

Cinema Wheels has the best street team around and in Barcelona it's all about street!