Friday, August 31, 2012

Nike BMX in Taipei

Garrett Reynolds, Chad Kerley, and Alex Kennedy sample the streets of Taipei, Taiwan, and ride with the locals in the Nike Summer Jam. "Tech" is in full-effect with this crew! Filmed and edited by Ryan Navazio.

Nike BMX in Taipei from Nike BMX on Vimeo.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Drew Bezanson Split Personality FOX BMX

If BMX had a mountain, Drew Bezanson would surely be lounging atop of it. He's won contests all over the globe, graced the cover of Transworld RideBMX with one of the wildest tricks of all time, his web edits have gotten more than two hundred thousand views in the first 24 hours, and he's won the most prestigious award in BMX, a NORA Cup. The best of all? Drew has done it all with the respect of his peers.

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Monster Energy BMX Team LA-SLC Part 2

The trip continues as the Monster BMX team jumps in the bus and hits the road from Los Angeles to Utah!

Credit: Monster Energy

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My new Easy Green Federal Lacey

Massive thanks to Stu at Seventies for the hook up!
And of course Mr Pang (Pijin's Owner) and Profile Europe for all the help.
Full bike check will be up on our Team page soon... Hope you enjoy the quick snaps for now!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Quit Looking At Me - etnies BMX in India

Etnies BMX goes to India with Nathan Williams, Aaron Ross & Tom Dugan. See what they get into while searching for spots and making their way through Mumbai & Bandra.

Take a look at the etnies Brake, designed specifically for BMX:

Quit Looking At Me - etnies BMX in India from etnies on Vimeo.

Bell: Ryan Nyquist at Woodward

yan Nyquist has been making frequent trips to Woodward East for many, many years and has been a part of the Bell team for nearly as long. Check out this video of the veteran throwing down some amazing dirt and park riding at arguably the best place to shred in the world.

Credit: Ryan Galvan

Bell: Ryan Nyquist at Woodward - More BMX Videos

Michael Beran's 34R Free For Ride BMX Bike, Setup Alli Sports

Michael Beran breaks down his BMX bike from frame to grips. Beran rocks Free For Ride, aka 34R, almost everything -- except for his grips those are ODI. Find out everything that comes together to complete Michael Beran's Setup.

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Music: Surfer Blood - "Anchorage"

1 session with Chris Courtenay

Watch in 720 HD

Chris come down an stayed at mine over the weekend so was stoked to get a good session in filming with him this is what we got!

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And my media page

Vans LXVI Invitaitonal Video Highlights

Pat Casey, Ryan Guettler, Daniel Sandoval, Todd Meyn, TJ Ellis, Austin Coleman, James Foster, and more throw down their best moves at the Vans LXVI Invitational. Has Virginia Beach ever seen so much shredding?

Credit: Justin Kosman

Vans LXVI Invitaitonal Video Highlights - More BMX Videos

Friday, August 24, 2012

Wizard of Aus : Road Trips and Big Tricks - Episode 9

Corey Bohan heads to Woodward West in Stallion Springs, California for a day of camp, riding with Brian Hunt and making some new friends in the process.

After that, it's off to Heath Pinters backyard for a quick sunset session before meeting up with Mike "Hucker" Clark, TJ Ellis, Paul Langlands and Corey Nastazio at Luke Parslow's "It Is What It Is Jam"- a fundraiser for Stephen Murray in Riverside, California.

In the next episode, Corey is surrounded by the madness of the US Open of Surf in Huntington Beach, and then whisked away to Nicaragua for an impromptu surf mission with Travis Rice and the Brothers on the Run- Eric and John Jackson. 

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Twitter: @Corey_Bohan!/Corey_Bohan

Grant Castelluzzo- Profile Racing 2012

Grant Castelluzzo's 2012 edit for Profile Racing

Filmed by: Alex Donnachie, Andrew Kuntz, Jeff Klugiewicz, Mike Hinkens, and Walter Pieringer

Motion Grpahics by: Chris Beers

Edited by: Grant Castelluzzo

Grant Castelluzzo- Profile Racing 2012 from Profile Racing on Vimeo.

Bexhill Skatepark Edit

Watch shredding moves from Jordan Aleppo, Charlie Ferguson and more.

skatepark edit a BMX video by southcoastbmx

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Monster Energy's Dakota Roche in The Golden State

Monster Energy BMX pro, Dakota Roche, hits the streets of SoCal and NorCal in search of the best spots in the Golden State.

Credit: Monster Energy

Felt Bikes: 24 Hours in Prague

Felt Bikes riders Josh Betley, Zak Earley, and Simon Moratz explore the depths of Prague, Czech Republic over the course of 24 hours. From getting lost, to riding, to getting rained out, to riding more, to enjoying an absinthe-filled night, this is their story.

Credit: Vital BMX

Felt Bikes: 24 Hours in Prague - More BMX Videos

Monday, August 20, 2012

Haro BMX - Dennis Enarson / Steve Woodward mix

I saw this over on TCU and I couldn't resist posting it, Dennis is soooo good!

Get Enarson's signature frame here.

Ocean City Dew Tour Vert + Park Prelims

Insane park and vert shredding at the Dew Tour in Ocean City, Maryland featuring Garrett Reynolds, Drew Bezanson, Ryan Nyquist, Jamie Bestwick, Simon Tabron, Chad Kerley, Harry Main, Brett Banasiewicz, and many more.

Credit: Vital BMX

Ocean City Dew Tour Vert + Park Prelims - More BMX Videos

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Chad Kerley MARKIT Left Over's on Left Over's Edit

Chad has been putting in some serious work for his MARKIT ZERO part! This kid is one of the most productive riders you could ever go on a trip with and here's proof for ya. We're nearing the half way point on our DVD and after going through the footage, Chad's already got way too many clips to fit into a section. So, we sat down with him and picked a few minutes of his lesser amazing clips for this edit. Even though Chad was willing to release these early for you, they will still blow your mind! Watch and enjoy!

Filmed/Edited by: Christian Rigal

Music: Rick Ross- So Sophisticated

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wizard of Aus : Dirt, Metal and BMX in the Czech Republic - Episode 8

After riding the local trails, Corey Bohan heads to the Vans Dirt and Roll contest in Jincin, just outside of Prague. There is no doubt that the Czech Republic knows how to throw a contest, and make it a party. This is Corey's first contest since having reconstructive wrist surgery, and he is stoked to finally be able to ride at almost 100%. The Dirt and Roll course is fun, and the locals give the massive crowd a show, with Germany's Simon Moratz and Corey battling for the podium.

I want Corey's life so bad!!!

Chris Courtenay video

One word... Dialled!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Stevie Churchill and Dylan Stark Call The Shots On Crooked World BMX

720 out of a silly little bank? What... ever!

The Hunt team members re-unite -- Stevie Churchill and Dylan Stark show the Long Beach MLK Park some new moves in this episode of Calling the Shots. Dylan manhandles the up rail and gaps out of the skatepark, while Stevie blows minds with more tech than Terry Adams. Big shout out to Stew Johnson adding background prop star power.

Monday, August 13, 2012


Rob Wise is known for going big, and this 30 foot roof to roof gap (with a 1.5 foot step-up) is no exception. DC met up with Rob in Utah to film this insane gap, and talk to Rob about his new DC Pro Model Tactic shoe.

For more info on Rob and his shoe, go to

Kye Forte, Breakfree (World Record BMX High Jump)

Samsung teams up with world champion BMX rider Kye Forte in the third film of the Breakfree series. Watch as Kye attempts to break the BMX high jump world record.

Kye and his brother Leo collaborate using the Samsung Galaxy Note sketching and mapping out the jump, building the ramp and ultimately smashing the BMX high jump world record.


Chris Doyle Homecoming

Chris Doyle came back to his hometown of Raleigh, NC to visit family, friends, and film this little homecoming edit for DUO Brand during the hottest part of the summer.
Twitter: @duobrand
Instagram: @duobrand
Music Courtesy of: Black Swan Runners
Song: FF FF Fire

Credit: DUO Brand

Monday, August 06, 2012

Home Turf: Tom Justice / Radcliffe Skatepark

Take a tour of Tom's local park in Nottingham, UK and experience some of the ridiculous blasting that you'd have to be a local to deliver. So good!

Credit: Chris Wilmshurst

Home Turf: Tom Justice / Radcliffe Skatepark - More BMX Videos


Here is the trailer for the upcoming Etnies Club Med tour video to be seen exclusively in soul dvd #6 attached to issue #76 out on august 7th around french newstands. Featuring the amazing lilou hahaha.

Filmed and edited by Joe Cox for Etnies

Credit: Soul

Ryan Nyquist and Devon Smillie at The Kitchen

You have to watch the final clip, you won't be disappointed : )

Osiris pros Ryan Nyquist and Devon Smillie put in a full day of shredding at The Kitchen in South Bend, Indiana. Big thanks to Brett Banasiewicz and his family for their hospitality!

Credit: Osiris BMX

Tom Dugan x Signature Series

Tom Dugan doing what Dugan does at home in Austin.
Tom Dugan's Signature Series Bikes:

Filmed and Edited by Walter Pieringer

Artist: Peter Bjorn and John

Song: Nothing to Worry About


RedBull Riders at Adrenalin Games 2012 Summer

Garret Reynolds is just a machine! Fact.

Credit: kaunet roxx