Friday, September 28, 2007

Interbike - lots of shiny new stuff!

Las Vegas is where all the excitement is right now. It is the week of Interbike, the biggest bicycle trade show in North America and where all the big brands unveil the new stuff they've been working on. Rather than regurgitating the same stuff every year, it looks like some companies have actually invested time and money developing some really innovative products. Makes a change from just re-branding the same Taiwanese parts that currently litter the industry... :D

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Cell doors get slammed shut for the last time...

It's a sad day for British BMX. Padded Cell has announced that is will shut down its business after losing the distribution rights of Odyssey parts.

At Pijin, we have to deal with a lot of distribution companies and Padded Cell was definitely one of our favourites. Me, Carlos and Dave are all a bit sad. Carlos is probably the worst affected as he will no longer be getting his supply of sponsorship parts, which in the past has included the odd pedal, grip and even some loo roll. Yes, Padded Cell were the first (and only) company to send us loo roll along with our BMX parts...

Although Padded Cell are closing, James Hitchcox will be starting his own distribution company taking on the Padded Cell's other brands. We will bring you more details soon...

We wish the guys at Padded Cell the best of luck in the future!

Here is part of the official statement we received :

"Dear Customer

It is with the greatest of regret that I must announce the closure of Padded Cell Supplies Ltd.

This is due to the decision of Odyssey to stop supplying us with Odyssey, G Sport and Sunday products.

This loss of turnover makes it impossible for Padded Cell to continue, current Odyssey stock will be returned, other stock sold and the company wound up...

James Hitchcox, the Padded Cell sale rep plans to open his own distribution company to distribute the other brands that Padded Cell currently carry, I wish him every success in this endeavour.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our loyal customers for their support and custom. I also would like to acknowledge the huge contribution of all the Padded Cell staff, James Hitchcox, Aaron Bellerby and Neil Brand, our sponsored riders and all the other riders near and far for their support and encouragement.

It has been a great 4 years running Padded Cell, I guess all dreams have to end sometime.

With Best Regards to all our friends.
Mark Malone, James Hitchcox, Aaron Bellerby, Neil Brand"

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Brought to you with the word "That"

Mosh have boshed up their back-catalogue on online vids, so head over to the Videos section to check out that SF vid, that Ian Schwartz + Co August vid, that Eddie Cleveland and Wolfman September vid, and now that Lotek Ramp session video. Seriously, it's too good. Some amazing stuff in there, which I want to see replicated at Chandlers Ford and Hoglands A.S.A.P. Specifically, people popping that high in off icepicks, people stalling that long without a footjam in a nosepick, and people doing manuals to 180 that nicely.

That's not too much to ask, is it?

Oh - 'cos of that laptop situation I've got (everything's gone. That bad. No pics from SvT, major downer. I'm upset the world won't see that photo of Paul...), I may not have a connection to the net on the 1st October for when the Chase Dehart October Mosh vid drops.

I'll say it again:

1st October,

Chase Dehart has been doing all kinds of ridiculousness recently, expect big things. Set your mobiles, calendars, sundials - whatever you use to tell the time to remind you to go online on the 1st.

'nuff said.

Fly Tierra frame info.

The Tierra frames from Fly has had quite a lot of speculation thrown around the BMX world about it since the first snapshots of the ultra-low slung frame popped up a year or so ago. Now, the time has finally come for it to be released, so for your viewing pleasure, here is a massive splurge of info from the Fly website, which has been put up over the past few months:

One of the reason why this frame has took so long to finish was because of some features to make it lighter but keeping the same strength. And even increasing it on some points.
More than ever, we put the material where you need it, distributing the weight on some new ways.

As we told you, the weight is 2.115 kg ( 4.65lb.) witch is really good. But we are proud to have reach this weight not using thin tubing on the down tube and chainstays. We believe that you need thicker tubes there to avoid dents. So reducing the weight without that was not easy.

To achieve this, we included these features:

Tierra frame sizes.

While we finish the tierra section on the website, here are some details about the geometry.

For you to understand it better, we have compared it to a pantera 2 frame. Here are the three main details

1. the seat tube is offset 10mm. / 0.4” back. That´s made to make a stiffer rear end and to have more space on the front end. That also means that the 20.6” frame will feel like a regular 20.2” frame. The 21” will feel like a 20.6” frame

2. the rear end is 13mm. / 0.5” shorter than the pantera. That makes a really fun and quick bike

3. the seat tube is not as low as the first prototypes. They were too much… the final frame has a 10mm. / 0.4” lower seat tube.

I hope you like these details.

For the record, I really, really want one in 21"TT...

It's official...

IMG Distribution, Carlo Griggs' company, are now officially distributing Odyssey, and as a result they're also tagging along G-Sport and Sunday.

This whole story's been going on for a while now, the biggest surprise was 4-down not taking it, but there we go. Business for ya.

This now means that IMG are the official distro for:

Rack 'em up...

P.S. As a result of changing hands, and having to move stock around and so on, expect there to possibly be a bit of disruption with either ordering in new Ody/G-Sport/Sunday stuff, warrantying old bits, etc. Just bear with everyone and it'll all work out fine. Short-term loss for long-term gain, think about it!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Correction : One Quid Budget Jam is tomorrow! (Saturday)

Looks like I messed up on my last post about the One Quid Budget jam in Basingstoke. It's happening tomorrow (Saturday 22nd) and not on Sunday as previously posted!


Win a Federal coaster (still...), and watch some videos.

Federal went on a trip to Germany, and in the same vein as their Paris trip, they're putting up a webvid. Here's the trailer for it. (You can read about the trip in Ride 108)

Seventies have also extended the deadline for their Win a Coaster competition, full details over on their site. From one of the clips that got submitted that I've actually seen, the standard's pretty high...

Lastly, Sunday have a webvid up on their site.

That's about it from me - I've still not got a working computer so I don't know when the next update will be...

EDIT: Defgrip have got an Aaron Ross Remix on their site. Feebs to 540?

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

well castle is kooked and i guess is on metal UK team thru 4down.

here is the link

props on that one i guess. roll anotherrrr fat one.

thats all for today. its gettin cold out, which blows.

ill finish up witha few pics

my leg, castle's tattoo'ing. yeahhh he bought a tattoo gun on the bay........

he tattoo's himself to i guess

lucero at the chega II stop of the recent props roack 'n' roll tour which is out in early oct.

i heard castle has some clips in it, riding a pool in ohio with martinez and N.Williams

over n out

Monday, September 17, 2007

Basingstoke One Quid Budget Jam - Saturday 22nd Sept

If you're after some BMX madness, then Basingstoke is the place to be this Saturday. The builders are still working on the ramps... hopefully finishing before the weekend!

Contact the Bruza brothers if you'd like more info:

Saturday, September 15, 2007

New place to talk about how much everything sucks.

Internet forums are generally regarded as being the worst part about BMX and the internet, but the guys behind seem to know the score with how to run a good forum (they already run a forum about biketrials that's currently one of the largest in the world), so get registered and start spreading the hate?

Oh, and Demolition have all their 2008 parts up on their site. Gonna mean that Interbike's not gonna hold any real surprises (or will it...?) from the Demo point of view, but still, it's all good!

Scotty Cranmer & other video of interest.

Felt (You can do better, Scotty...) have put up another video of Scotty Cranmer. Not as long as the others by my reckoning, but he makes up for it.

And lastly, this little clip from Dogtown and Z-Boys:

Friday, September 14, 2007

Joel's new S3

It's been a hard summer for Joel. While most students probably spend their summer holidays relaxing, Joel has been hard at work in a tyre factory up in Trowbridge. Not just normal work either. While most people are tucked up in bed, Joel has been working through the night and into the early hours of the morning... only going to bed at times when normal people are getting up for breakfast. All in aid of getting his dream bike. Now thats dedication.

I was greeted with a more than cheerful Joel in Pijin clutching his shiny new steed today. Was the sacrifice worth it? I've not asked him this directly but judging by the grin on his face, I'm sure the answer would be a most definite yes!

So just what did Mr Joel spend his hard earned pennies on? All parts are hung off a Fit S3 frame which has undergone some serious hacksaw surgery... mainly to remove all signs of brake mounts and brake stops. Lumberjacks have had some inches taken off and the rear hub axle has not been spared either.

Note the interesting choice of cranks. One Profile arm in black and the other in raw. Hmm... I wonder what happened there? I heard an interesting story involving a bunny hop...

FrameFit Aitken Series 3 - 20.75"
ForkFit Blade
HeadsetFSA Orbit CE
BarsOdyssey Lumberjack
GripsAnimal Edwin
SeatAnimal Cush Pivotal
Seat PostUnited Trinity Pivotal Stump
Seat ClampAnimal
Front WheelGSport Marmoset Hub 36H, Odyssey 7-KA rim
Back WheelMacNeil LHD Cassette, Odyssey 7K-A Rim
TyresFront - Animal GLH, Rear - Animal ASM
CranksProfile Race LHD with titanium axle
SprocketFit DLS
PedalsAnimal Hamilton
ModsCut down axle on cassette hub. Cut down bars. Cut off brake lugs and brake stops on frame! One Profile crank arm in black and the other in raw finish. Cut flanges off grips.
WeightLight! Light! Light!

New Shadow Conspiracy grips.

Apparently, with Interbike not being far away, Shadow Conspiracy have a bunch of new products waiting to be shown off to the public. To build the hype, they're releasing details bit by bit on their site first, and the first item to be shown is the Seth Kimbrough grip. Click on their site for more info, and check back here and there for other products as the days pass...


A while back I put up the list of people riding the Street comp at the Mexican X-Games - well, Vital go Leigh Ramsdell to film it all and slap a video together, and here it is. I don't get how T-Nez didn't place higher than he did, but there we go:


Oh, and one more thing...

This looks awesome.

It's looks even awesomer too if you go over to Defgrip and watch the higher qual version...

It's all kicking off + KHE 2008 goods.

If you want to check out the new KHE product for '08, you could do a lot worse than heading over to the Ride UK website. On a related note - new issue out 20th September.

Seeing as everyone else involved with the PijinBlog has had their say, I may as well add an outsider's view to the scene debate.

At the moment I'm back in sunny Wales, and have the following spot options open to me:
A rancid 3 set.
A 3ft long, 1 1/2ft high flatbank with bollards in the middle of it, and a curb at the top and bottom.
A long, low 6 set.
A tight, short 5 set.

And that's basically it. Oh, there is a 4ft metal mini ramp as well, but that's usually covered in kids/rain/pikies so it's unrideable.

Either way, there's not a hell of a lot. That list may make you think "doesn't sound too bad...", but you kinda need to see what we have to deal with here. As a result, cruising down to Southampton and having the option to just choose what to ride and where to ride it is pretty sweet. When we're out on rides, it's usually a case of just meeting up at Hoglands/MFI and just cruising and chilling for a bit, then seeing what mood people are in - banks, steps, etc. There are so many spots it's unreal in Southampton if you just open your eyes (and the sightings of multiple swimming pools and schools on GoogleEarth suggest there are a few there if you use some digital eyes too...) and think outside the box a bit. From the little ankle-killing banks by Aldi to the train station 7-set, to the brutal 5-set by the football ground to the random little bank to wall setup Joel spotted when we were breezing down some shady hill near St.Marys, there are loads of places to ride, to suit whatever mood you happen to be in.

All that'd still be pretty rubbish if you were just on your own, which is where the scene comes in handy. Again, relating it to where I am now, there is a scene here: me. There are no other riders who are actually in this town, and there are none for about 40 miles in each direction. In Southampton, I've ridden with people I've known for a while and people I've just met, and everyone's been super friendly, and up for a ride and a chill. It may seem like "just" having 10 riders to call up at random and go and ride with isn't "strong" enough for some people, but when you've come from nothing, having 10 people who are super cool to hang around with and ride with is pretty awesome.

Even comparing it to London, Soton's got a dece scene. The scene in London is pretty spread out, and although there are a load of people in each area, it's a bit of a 'mare trying to get everyone out riding at the same time. Equally, the spots tend to be relatively spread out, so it's even harder getting from spot to spot.

When I was last back in London, I had the pleasure of hanging out with the guys from 2-Hip (*cough*namedrop*cough*). Unfortunately, I happened to meet up with them at the tail end of a pretty long UK tour, and none of them were really into riding London or even being in the UK (in fact, they all left to head over to their hostel to try and arrange earlier flights home). Now - that's all fair enough. 3 weeks away in a foreign country having to live out of a bag can get a bit tiring at times when you're under pressure to get footage for a video and so on, but it still felt bad to me that people weren't really enjoying the scene London had to offer. I've only lived there a year but feel pretty connected to the part of the London scene that I'm involved in, and so hearing people saying they hated being there hurt (not really the word I'm looking for...). That got me thinking though, and the fact that the other locals and I weren't super happy at the fact that people didn't like our scene shows that at some level, everyone's still connected to each other, and that even though there aren't the all-night-every-night rides we used to have, the fire still burns pretty brightly.

Netley's blog appears to have upset quite a few people from people who've spoken to me directly, and from what I've seen elsewhere, so maybe the fact that people are sticking up for the scene in Southampton is ultimate proof-positive that it's still alive and kicking? Although you can't just drop in to a spot and expect people to be riding it (in part due to the fact there's so much stuff to ride in Southampton, spread out all over the city), if you've got a couple of numbers of the usual suspects from there you can still get put in touch with at least 3 or 4 people every night who are out riding. You can even just turn up at Pijin on any day of the week and find a good few locals who'll be up for a bit of a sesh somewhere in town in between Carlos-hassling sessions.

Either way, just make the most of what there is there, no matter how big or small you think it might be. Riding is almost certainly going to be better than sitting around in doors, so why not just give someone a buzz and go head out for a roll around? If I think back to all the good times I've had recently, the majority of them involve being out on my bike with other people, so the more you go out, it'd suggest the more good times you'll have. Give it a try. Even take out a camera (even if it's just a little point 'n' shoot jobbie - you don't have to be rolling around with £3K in a camera bag on your back to take a sweet photo of someone doing something) or videocamera if you've got one. Looking back on the archive of photos I've got from the early days when I was in London brings memories flooding back of good times I've had, and it's always pretty cool being able to look back at what you used to do, who you used to hang out with and stuff like that.

Like the DISSRM site says, you get out what you put in.

P.S. I'd also like to take this moment to thank John, on behalf of everyone. It's hard to imagine what the Soton scene would be like without Pijin around now, and bearing in mind how much effort John puts into Pijin, we all owe him a lot. That's not to mention the fact that, unlike a lot of the other people involved in The Industry, John's got the right idea with helping people out - from donating prizes to all the jams that are happening to sending Alex some DVDs and bits 'n' pieces to help pass the time while he's in his cast (get well soon dude!), it's always good to see people out to help other people and not just fill their own pockets. Thanks, John!

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Looks like any idiot can post on the Pijin blog now, look out for more rubbish from me soon (I think I promised to keep it BMX related)

Odyssey parts should hopefully be re-available...sometime, can't say too much but I will say me and a certain Gusset team rider are not happy about what's going on. Grr.

In other news Carlos is riding for Gusset now.

Here is a Volkswagen

Local events!

One of the first things I do when I get home is to switch on the PC and have a look at the Pijin blog... Mark has been putting the effort in on the blog entries so I've been putting my feet up and enjoying the read. :D

Last few posts between Netley and Joel (on Dissrm blog) have kept me amused...

Is BMX on the decline? Maybe. For as long as I remember, I've been making my yearly trip up to Clapham Common for the Sprite Urban Games. Not this year though, the event organisers Haymarket Exhibitions decided they'd had enough and closed the event. The Bike Show earlier this year had a pretty poor turn out compared to recent years... and whatever happened to King of Concrete and the Backyard Jam? The BMX calendar is looking remarkably slim at a national level. So are things really going downhill?

What about the local scene? I guess it depends on what your definition of "scene" is? And what is "street" and what is "trails", "park" etc. My definitions are pretty simple. Trails = tight tees + even tighter jeans. Street = baggy jeans, big tees + new era flat cap. Trust me, my definition will hold true for 99.7% of the time.

Seriously though, what is important is if you enjoy riding your bike, and if you can actually find like minded people who share the same passion about riding as you do, then you have a "scene". On this note, I think the Southampton street scene is pretty strong right now. Just look what happened back in August. Fellow Bargate Centre resident Dave from Shakeaway had an idea to have a little organised street session with a few mates. I think in like 2 weeks, it had grown way beyond expectation to the "Street vs Tweak" jam and surprised everybody! Good times all round. Lets look forward to next year, which should be even better!

Street Vs Tweak pics

Yep, the local scene is strong. A week after "street vs tweak", a load of committed locals turned out for the annual Shirley Warren Jam on a wet Sunday afternoon.

Shirley Warren Jam pics

I also have 2 other dates penned for my diary, still local, but not strictly Southampton. One quid budget jam in Basingstoke on the 22nd September. Barend trails jam, 30th September - a more chilled out Sunday session than previous years. No prizes to compete for, just riding for fun, BBQ and beer!

So at the end of the day, does it matter if there is a "scene" or not? As long as you have fun riding your bike, and your riding can make you a few new friends along the way, that's all that really matters. Scene or no scene.

For all the locals (and not so locals too), thanks for riding, and keeping Pijin in business!

Local scene :
(Sorry if i left you off the list, but these are the ones that come to mind at time of writing)

* Thanks to Dearsy for the pictures.
* Thanks to Alex Zardis for the video.
seems as if i've pissed one or two people off? fuck it. just my opinion.
2-3 times a week from oct till maybe mid to late april we'd hit soton street, shirley, the uni etc etc and never once saw a sole apart from some dude riding flatland near the statue at the top of town.
now call me crazy, but i dont think that under those above mentioned circumstances that it was wrong of me to say the scene isnt the greatest. what you guys got? secret spots no one but you're selves no about?! come on.
pretty sure ive ridden in southampton for a strong 7/8 years. since back in the mayflower park days which im pretty sure very few of the people who read this no about, if any.
probs not correct to say "where ya been" or whatev....

hell this is bent, i aint out to cause shit. maybe soton's street scene is OK, im 100% sure the trails scene is dead (but i guess trails are dead in general) the park scene aint to hot, unless you like you're front wheel sliding out each time you go up a tranny........ hell, maybe the dissrm blog was talking about the flatland scene when it mentioned how "strong as fuck" southampton was. im guessing it must of since the only dude i saw riding all winter was the flatland dude.

apology's to anyone i offended........

on a lighter note
here's a pic i shot of wisconsins jeff klugeiwicz sliding a curved rail in pittsburgh Pa.


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Mutiny Vid and Demolition Colours?

New Mutiny web-vid, Guv'nor?

Oh, and while we're at it - Demolition are doing their awesome hubset (and brake pads?) in purple now. Just slightly off the colour purple that Profile do, so that bike JP kitted out on the weekend won't have any use for them...

In Southampton news: Myspace Dan is rolling on the Profile cassette after I maimed my Reverse (go to Pijin for evidence).

Street Joel is back and so happy he could cry that his new bike's almost put together. It makes a mean hang five bike so far...

Alex is in pretty good spirits after the car incident, due to go to hospital for some inspection and X-rays soon, so everyone needs to go over to his place/his Myspace and wish him well!

The Paddling Pool is drained! I unfortunately destroyed my ankle thus my chance of having finally ridden the mythical spot. If you haven't ridden it yet, why not?

P.S. The Street comp at the Mex-Games went down in Mexico this week, Garrett Reynolds took gold, Aaron Ross and Van Homan got silver and bronze respectively. Go to (Or somewhere like that...) to check out some interviews filmed with them with some Mexican woman with poor English. "Oh my God, you rode almost perfect. How do you feel about that?"

Monday, September 10, 2007

erhh i cant update properly, my laptop died so im on some wierd computer that has no pics on or owt!
if anyone knows of any good laptop repairers then let me know. basically it wont charge or run of the mains no more, the charger is fine, so im guessin its a loose connection in the socket where the ac adapter plugs into?! anyone?????
im just gonna give ya some news...... there you go, thats all you need to go on if you want bmx news. adam22 will tell you everything i was about to......
pijin has a thingy in the new dig that i did, dunno if its bought business in or not?!?!?!?!
i guess its new frame season, carlos, castle and barclay all seem to have one. anyone else?
im holding out for a verde, just wait till you see the new frames. site aint proper yet but in a month or so it shud be. basically its a new company by steve buddendeck and cory muth, gonna be kick ass! how can it not be kick ass with a team consisting of ryan barrett, brian yeagle (who has the raddest pic ever in new dig), plus kris bennett who quit long time sponser volume bikes to join the team!!!

loads of megatour europe stuff going on at the mo, check, and for the best updates. ash chalres pics on the union page are good as fuck!

thecomeupbmx forum is a good place to hang out and to post shit...........

southamptons bmx scene is weak.

joel nichols will be in the november issue of ride..... i might need a portrait shot though.... joel!

ermmm, eggs and beans is rad

there is a jam at bar end on the 30th. not really a jam, more if a bbq. same deal as the past 3 years, probs not as many people there, less prises, if any, and just general chillness. go to it if u wanna hang and watch rad dude get sick on big dubs. todd lyons and fids will be there.........?

i dunnnnnno.

autumn is awesome for trails.
better update soon, with pics and what not.

Sunday, September 09, 2007


Well, it seems the Fit X LRG collaboration bike is apparently selling to the target audience nicely...

Friday, September 07, 2007

Premium and Mirraco: New pedals!

Grips are probably the thing on my bike I'm most anal about. Too thick makes my bike feel sluggish, too squishy (Yes, I mean Longnecks and Edwins...) makes it just feel weird, but 3-week-old Federal Thins are pretty much perfect. Second to grips in the "Stuff Mark cares too much about" stakes though are pedals. Fortunately, Mirraco and Premium appear to be stepping up to the plate as far as they're concerned.

Premium's new pedals are ultra thin - so thin we're talking 17mm at the thickest, and 14mm at the thinnest. As they're so thin, no bulky sealed bearings here - oh no - just a dinky sealed bearing, then a DU bushing to help keep things smooth. The idea's worked almost flawlessly for Atomlab for quite a while, so they should be fine too (Hopefully!). Can't see 'em being cheap, but good sealed pedals will generally last for way longer than those "PC" pedals everyone's rocking these days, and will generally feel 110% nicer and be 4.2x quieter too. Fact.

MirraCo have their Mike Spinner inspired, Ti axle M3 Gas pedals on show too. Yes, Profile have "Gas" pedals too, but there we go. Let the courts decide...

Gash UK Edition Sunday Frames, forks and bars anyone?

Best news ever though - Sunday have finally realised that 20.75" TT frames are awesome and have decided to Get involved and so I have a frame I can buy when my Burlish dies...

Last, but by no means least, the newest company to jump on the Slam Bar Bandwagon (*>8" height, *>28" width, 12deg back, 1deg up, the usual...) is, funnily enough, S&M themselves, with the Grand Slam bars:

29" wide, 8.25" tall. Huge!

Lastly, whilst we're talking bandwagons, following Simple's take-oever of Eject after the world realised just how good the Option hub was, a couple of companies have started to, as Eject's owner said "rip off" the design. Newest ones are those dudes from Germany, WTP. Their word's not mine. Unlike a lot of people, I'm not really upset about the prospect of having a wider range of good product to buy?

Flangeless, helicoiled female axle - boxes: ticked!

New Attila, WTP and Lotek stuff!

New, slimmer Loteks? Due in Lotek's spring line next year, so the rumours go...

If you aren't already aware, consider yourself told: Attila make the best pedals ever. Or rather, did. Unfortunately the O.G. Attila pedals ended a while back, but now Cleggy & Co. have started the job of updating the design. Check out the WahWah pedals (see what they did there?), as well as some other new product, in the flier:


And lastly, head over to for some 2008 catalogue clickable fun...

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Colony Hell Stallion?

We all know it would've been cooler if it'd been called the Wild Stallion, but there we go. No details yet, sorry! From the looks of things though, like the rest of Colony's range it's gonna be dialled, to use 2005's most popular BMX term. Liam Fahy-Hampton is the man who designed it as his signature frame, and he's just beginning to test this prototype now. Check back for some complete bike photos of it!

MKA vs. BU?

This Mary-Kate and Ashley duo can hold a dog, however, they probably couldn't hold up to a 9-set 360 to flat.

This Mary-Kate and Ashley duo probably can.

Yes, Demolition's new versions of the Anorexia and Bullimia ("You can read minds?" Person who can correctly identify the film that quote comes from wins...) hubs are looking better every day, unlike their namesakes who appear to now be twin coke-head tweakers.

Knock knock, lawyers!

Bicycle Union have also decided to get into the cassette hub market with this cashing-in-on-the-popular-colour fluoro-yellow hub (it also comes in white and black...):

The Union blogs/news articles appear to be moving in line with the EU directives on salt content and seem to be generally positive these days, so keep your eyes peeled on their pages...

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Demolition Mary-Kate hub

Demolition have released photos of their new front hub, the Mary-Kate. It's another female axle hub (Think: G-Sport, Odyssey Vandero2, etc...), so that means peg friendly, and the built-in guard ought to save you some spokes too. Prime!

Saturday, September 01, 2007


After a lot of hype, Odyssey (Or "ODSY" if you're a degenerate on Bikeguide...) have released a little more info on the Plegs to try and retain interest until they eventually get released. Go to The Daily Word to hear just how much one company can blow their own trumpet...

Monthly Mosh Vid #2

Now, anyone who really knows me knows that I really like Eddie Cleveland's style. No, that doesn't really put me in the minority I know, but still - I like his stuff.

So that gives you some idea of the level of dedication I went to when I tell you that the first thing I did when I saw the link to the Mosh Vid Pt 2 (which has the main section from Eddie Cleveland in it) was fire up to sign in to the PijinBlog to post it up online.

Right click and save as or Left click and stream.

This. Will. Be. Mental.

There's been talk in the BMX world about whether being in the Olympics is a good or bad thing, how BMX will be represented, and so on. Well, even though people frantically spinning along, clipped in with their SPDs, keeping as low as possible isn't the BMX most of us know, it's still kinda cool to watch, and if you spy out some clips on Youtube of BMX racing it should lend itself pretty well to the TV format of most big track and field events.

The problem with BMX racing is that the racing, and the overall look of the event, is only good as the track.

That shouldn't be a problem in this case: