Thursday, November 27, 2008

Superstar Mirror, RTG and Vinyl...

Superstar have a new frame coming out, the Mirror, which is Antony Lille's signature frame:

100 % Sanko cr-mo tubing, heat treated after welding
top tube : 21"
chainstays : 13.2"
head angle : 75.3°
seat angle : 69°
BB height : 11.5"
2.15 kg / 4.75 lbs

complete specs :
19 mm D-shape chain stays (dent free)
super small 4 mm dropouts for 14 mm axle (heat treated)
integrated chain tensioners inside dropouts
removable brake hardware
integrated seat post for seat with rails. Can be cut to put a seat clamp and a normal seat post

In case you've forgotten who he is or how he rides, here's a couple of reminders...

VANS Websode BMX Antony Lille from VANS on Vimeo.

Ride To Glory is almost done, so get voting one last time for your favourite vid by going to the Ride site Here to vote!


That's all I'm saying...

There seems to be a lot of love for Vinyl edits, so here's another one:

Vinylbmx Crew Remix from Vinylbmx on Vimeo.

WTP have long been using Salt parts on their completes - good, strong parts that don't cost a bomb are ideal, and are where Salt really excels. WTP have set up a dedicated mini-site for their Salt range now, so go here if you want to check out their stuff.

Monday, November 24, 2008

It's been a while...

A hectic lifestyle of being freezing cold in Leeds, doing uni work, playing poker and trying to ride has meant I've been pretty quiet, but there we are. To earn my keep:

(Another edit: Here's the full vid - click the different sections to watch. Has 3 cool On The Road features too...

Add Writing on The Wall to your page

Nike have their team video up (Click that link), and even the most ardent Nike Haters seem to be into it, which says a lot. Garrett Reynolds and Dennis Enarson are frighteningly good. To quote Dan, "Someone's been working on their manuals." Truth. But either way, go check out the video and you'll be able to see for yourself just how frighteningly good those two are. I haven't even watched the Spinner section yet as I literally have no interest in it, and the Nigel Sylvester part left me a little cold, but those other two more than make up for it.

(Mini Edit: Garrett's section is here if you're only in it for that. Dennis' section is up here.)

4down have some trip updates from their 3 Toms trip to Spain, feat. the three Toms on the FBM team in the UK - check out the 4down site and see Banners do a rail, amongst other things...

Lino G on WTP?

A Tierra frame with a 21" TT, lugs, and a really bad paintjob up for sale for £120 posted (E-mail me at Mark (at) Get involved!

A Brian Foster Flipbook?

Brighton Ain't Ready is officially OUT NOW!!!!11!1!11! so you should all go and buy a copy. It's well worth it, and as soon as I find money I'll be buying me a copy! Either way, new trailer up too:

Brighton Ain't Ready! - Out Now! from Seventies Distribution on Vimeo.

Aaaaaand I think that's pretty much it for now. Bikes to be ridden, people to see...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Oh, and...

Posted this ages ago, but it's still really good:

MikeMastroni & MattyLong Web from Mike Mastroni on Vimeo.

And also, why is Kye Forte looking cold? Click here to find out, which is also a major reason to go to Decoy again...

I remembered the tags this time too!

A break from the norm...

Generally, I find out product news from lurking a few sites (BMXFeed, TCU, and so on), so it was a bit of a break from the norm when I found out that the shop has the new Kink video, Safety First, in stock via a Myspazz bulletin from Carlos.

Either way, how I found that out is irrelevant - what is relevant is that that video's going to be awesome (Doyle, Tocco, Sexton, Badger, Dirty Dan - to name but 5 reasons why...), and it's available now. Trailer park:

Kink Bikes "Safety First" Trailer from Kink Bike Co. on Vimeo.

Second Kink "Safety First" Trailer from Kink Bike Co. on Vimeo.

Unused footage:

Kink "Safety First" UNUSED FOOTAGE from Kink Bike Co. on Vimeo.


Monday, November 17, 2008


Woozy have fully been on it today - first up was this Vans "Why Not?" tour vid (part 3!):

But then the video I've been waiting for popped up too, the tour vid part by Bruno Hoffmann. He's about 9 months old, and is this good: ridiculousness.

Bruno Hoffmann Vans BMX Video from on Vimeo.

GREAT NEWS! Knobjob and Rimjob tyres now come in FOLDABLE versions! It's like all our Christmasses coming at once ;-)

Lastly, there are also 3 cool web-vids of some lesser known Mutiny riders from Spain on their site.

Late night...

Mulville is rad:

No joke.

In other news: Eclat, who are also rad, have released a new Pivotal seat (Well, proto anyway), which is also rad. Observe:

How awesome does that look? Phrase you're looking for is "Pretty damn!"

Main benefit is that the Pivotal guts are moved nearer the nose, with a refined webbing section for the rear of the seat, meaning no more Gonzo seats, and - at long last - Pivotals that look normal. The way the normal SL Pivotals sit super far forwards (Near the back of the rails, if they were regular seats) has been the reason I haven't run them for any length of time before, so it's cool to see Eclat have covered that area. Winners!

More pics on their site...

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Assorted things...

I have a new frame: Yeeeeah! A2B, courtesy of Hot-Wheels, those excellent people!

Go here for detail pics 'n' stuff.

In other news:

Lakai have one of the best ads ever on their site - on the main video player on their site, click on the little black and white "LUCAS" logo and watch that vid. Radness.

In more important news, Mike Aitken is continuing to improve. He actually left hospital yesterday, and there's a video from a local news show up.

It seemed weird how on the one hand, that video was pretty sad seeing how he is now compared to how he was in the 50:50 video, but then you realise just how far he's come since he was in a coma and it seems amazing that he's fought back that far. There's still obviously a long, long way to go, but here's hoping he pulls through 100%.

Vinyl have both a new site and a new video:

Vinyl Summer 08 from Vinylbmx on Vimeo.

Similarly, Seventies have a new site up (And a new catalogue which you can see in the shop), and a new video of Niki Croft being awesome:

Niki Croft - Seventies ramp session from Seventies Distribution on Vimeo.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Legit online version of the Levis video. From Levis, not some sketchy guy who's ripped the DVD...

Places to go, people to see...

For the record: Awesome street rides are awesome. For the first time in living memory (fact) it wasn't raining, and I'm pretty sure all around the country everyone was getting some pedalling done. Good times. So, it's with tired arms I'm writing this...

The internationally known Dave Potato features in this weeks/months Videorama from those awesome dudes at WTP (It's Rob Harrison from WTP in the video too). Some techidy tech tricks in this:

wethepeople : Dave Osato : videorama from wethepeoplebikeco on Vimeo.

In complete contrast, here's a Fit web-video of the relatively under the radar Justin Inman:

Justin Inman from Fitbikeco. on Vimeo.

And in complete contrast yet again, here's the new Mutiny "What the F" video. I guess you had to be there...

Monday, November 10, 2008


No, it's not a half-bolt stem or a Nev-lar bead tyre - it's just a lack of real interesting stuff to post, so it's VIDEOBLOGFRENZYTASTIC time.

Another "Why Not?" tour trailer. Bruno's section > The World.

Bengo 2007 from nonstopvid on Vimeo.

Bengo by Non-Stop in a video that maade my computer spontaneously mute itself.

A sweet JJ Palmere vid from Orchid.

Second part of the Cory Nastazio interview up on Defgrip. Interesting vid.

Sleepy time...

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Bits 'n' bobs.

Segment have a few new designs up on their site, including this hoody which looks pretty rad:

In other "New Product News" - Odyssey are capitalising on the keen interest in Chase Hawk's bikecheck (Oh wait, that was 8 months ago...) and have released the hard anodised red Hazard Lites to the general public. Head over to their site to check 'em out, their new Flash widgets kill this blog. Might want to put the kettle on to boil and make a tea/coffee while you're waiting for their site to load, too...

Apparently, the Duffs 4130 shoe is "Iconic", or so I'm told. Personally, the only recollection of it I have was thinking they weren't all that nice, and that was it, but hey - that's me. Regardless, the new 4130 Low is out in plenty of Nike 6.0 biting colourways, so check out TK Maxx in about 3 months and grab yourself a bargain in their shoe section.

How awesome does this place look to ride?

Just ask Ruben.

Mike Aitken continues to progress, this time literally in leaps and bounds, jumping up onto an 8" high ledge with both feet. Considering the trouble he was/is having with movement on his right side, that's pretty amazing. Plenty of other updates on Mike too.

If I could embed audio on this blog, I'd probably get Hman to say "Subrosa" just 'cos it cracks me up, and also fits in to this next piece: Subrosa's new grips, frames and forks are now in the UK, according to an e-mail I got earlier. The Alameda, Rich Hirsch's signature frame, looks pretty damn sweet, although the seat-tube doesn't look as kinked as it used to? Might just be my eyes. Head over to their site and check out the pics on their - you can zoom in and pan around them to your heart's content, which is pretty cool, and certainly beats squinting at tiny 'detail' photos...

According to this video, Joel made it up to London and it wasn't raining, which suggest to me Joel's CGI skills are pretty godly. When did that happen?!

Reflex from joel nicholls on Vimeo.

Lastly, gonna try out these post labels and see if it makes finding stuff on here any easier. We'll see...

Friday, November 07, 2008


I was going to post the two pics of Jim C getting all rail tech on the new Sunday Model-C, but along with the photos was a reference to him not being able to "run them without getting into trouble, but now I don't have to worry about that anymore". I was a little curious, although the big Nike swooshes gave away that there might be a change of sponsor on the cards.

Unfortunately, it turns out that Beloe are out of business, after an issue with the big backers of Beloe not fulfilling their promises. To quote Brian:

"Yes, Beloe is over. I wanted to keep it quiet because I wanted retailers to be able to sale what is left of their shoes. The team has known. Long story short, the company that was backing Beloe, never fulfilled the commitments they made to us. We all got the short end of the stick. There's more, but no point in going into it right now. I wanted to issue something publicly a little later, but I guess I had to respond before everyone else comes to their own conclusions.


Disappointing, as their shoes looked really good. C'est la vie...

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Online Ride US subs...

RideUS are now apparently offering online subs (Click that link), and are cutting back to 9 issues a year (Like the better Ride and Dig used to do. Apparently this is where I'm supposed to say "Print is dead", but I don't believe that any more than I did when people started saying it years ago. While there's still the prestige of having your work published in an actual magazine instead of just some rubbish little 'team update' feature on a company website, comps/jams to have write-ups for (because some people don't like just watching a 30sec web-edit of a comp), roadtrips that are taking place (because some people don't like just watching a 30-sec web-edit of a trip), there are 'big' riders around (because some people like reading decent interviews with interesting people, rather than a 10-question "Did you do any research for that interview at all?" online 'interview'), new products that deserve an actual explaination/review (not just Ctrl C + Ctrl V from a companies website) and companies still see that it's a good form of advertising (A full page spread ad is slightly more attention grabbing than having your 120px x 20px banner in competition with 400 others on the same page), I doubt magazines are really going to be going anywhere any time soon. I think Mark Noble's intro to an older issue of Ride (100, maybe?) - there's another benefit, archiving ;-) - summed it up way better than I could, but there really isn't going to be the 'death of print' that a lot of people are claiming will happen.


Pompom@Deluxe from jemsbmx on Vimeo.

New edit of Pompom from Deluxe. Nice No Front Teeth style intro, all good. In related news: Louis from Aversion was lurking around certain London street spots, camera in hand, with his new Deluxe set-up - pretty damn nice. Really nice looking frames, good quality. If you're looking for a trailsy frame, it'd probably be worth holding on for.


From the comments:

wow nice very good your tricks


Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Take two...

The Levis video is re-uploaded in higher quality on, so I suppose they've bitten the bullet and put it up online. Bit of a downer they did it so soon after Dig came out, but I guess it being uploaded badly onto Googlevideo forced their hand. Equally, here's Will Stroud's take on Caribougate, aka the age-old "Re-using songs" debate:

To everyone who's saying I bit songs from Tomorrow We Work: I did not do this on purpose. We started working on music clearance for the Levi's video earlier this summer and it took months for us to clear all of the songs - yes, Levi's paid for all of the music in this video. I didn't see TWW until just recently and it's unfortunate that the song is repeated, but this was not done on purpose. I hope everyone can still enjoy this free video Levi's and the riders have spent so much time, effort, and money on. Will Stroud

And finally, here's the vid:

Apparently Blogger's not cool with that embed code, so click here to open in a new window...


Blogging and putting a tyre on simultaneously: Technique.

This is largely an "Awesome videos" related post. First up, Subrosa have a new site, and also put their bonus section from Brighton Ain't Ready up online. B.A.R. is a rad vid, can't wait to see it again when I'm not tired and in Wolverhampton. Features Chandlers Ford, Southampton and Pijin! Cameo from Carlos too, there's fancy...

Subrosa Cheers Brother! (Brighton Ain't Ready Bonus Section) from Subrosa Brand on Vimeo.

In other "Trip video" news, FBM have put up this cool webvid by Devin Feil of a roadtrip some of their newer riders went on. Plenty of trails and park - click here.

Also, here's a link to the Levis video now it's online somewhat illegally - gonna end up online on the Levis site in full qual soon so I'll post that link up, but here's a low quality version for now.

I need food.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Buy the new Dig, now.

The Levis DVD is jaw-droppingly amazing.

Buy Dig and watch it.


No, really...

Fly UK trip video

Happy halloween. I'm tired. Good night, but watch this. Some really, really good lines in the Saffron Walden section, and some sunny trails footage. Yeah, sunny trails footage. Calling BS on the "UK" tour part of that if it was dry...

Linky linky liiiiiiiiinky!