Thursday, January 25, 2007

Attila Hit The Switch DVD Premiere

Ok, you might have heard about this already (probably on MySpace?)... but it's the Attila Bikes Hit The Switch DVD premiere tomorrow!

Atilla Hit the Switch

Where? Zeb Bar, 53-56 St Mary's Street, Southampton
When? Friday 26th January 2007, between 8pm - 2am.

See ya there!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Small Carlos

If you ever come into Pijin at lunch times, chances are you'll see us with a burger in one hand, and fries in the other. But not today! Today was a healthy day at Pijin. No MacDonalds, KFC or Burger King for a change. Nearly persuaded Carlos to have a chicken salad sandwich... but it was not to be - too much green stuff. So he nicked my chicken and sweet corn one instead! Let's see if we can keep this up for another few days maybe. I'll feed Carlos and Bone Dave half a burger if the withdrawal symptoms get too bad...

Is 25-9 too small? Some people think so. Carlos has been riding around on 25-9 since Christmas 2005 with no problems. Here's his bike kitted out with 22-8 gearing! Looks neat, don't ya think?

Somebody is gonna be riding around on a similar bike to Angry Scott. I know which one I'd rather have...

Enough blogging for now... have to get our advert for Dig done by tomorrow! Anybody with amazing Photoshop/Illustrator skills wanna help me out here? I hate deadlines...

Sunday, January 14, 2007

A girl on a BMX?!

How many girl riders do you know? How many girl riders do you see down your local skate park? Hmm... do they even exist? It was quite a surprise when we had one pop into the shop today!

I can still remember when Debs came in to get a bike from us last year... She came in with James (Bruza) and I got the impression that she got bullied into buying a bike. I thought she'd just get it, ride it around for a little bit, then get bored, then regret having spent so much money on it. I guess I should eat my words!

You get a lot of perks when you're a girl on a bike. Most of the parts she had were given to her for free! I bet that would never happen if she was of the opposite sex. She even had a set of Fly Ruben pedals given to her by some Australian rider!

The Basingstoke boys look on as they bully Debs into buying new bars, stem, cable, seat clamp and frame for her bike. She only wanted a stem!

Debs on her new beast!

And finally, Debs, please remember :
Don't let the Bruzas near your new bike!

Slosh is broken

No riding for Mr Slosh for 7-8 weeks due to an incident involving a foot jam and some brake cable, resulting in a broken wrist! At least that's what Slosh tells us. We all suspect it was an accident that happened in his bedroom at home...

Get well soon Slosh!

Angry Scott Bike Check

What's the nicest bike I've seen? A few spring to mind... there's the Pijin custom builds we've been doing... and Carlos' bike which is forever changing (22-8 gearing soon!) and there's Angry Scott's bike. Just how does he keep his bike in such pristine condition?

FrameMacNeil BiBi
ForkMacNeil ID
HeadsetFSA Orbit CE
BarsMacNeil Silencer Tall
Bar EndsFly
StemCoalition Povah
GripsOdyssey Team
Brake LeverOdyssey Small Chrome
GyroOdyssey GTX-R
Seat PostAlone Titanium
Front WheelProfile mini hub with ti bolts, Proper blue rim
Back WheelProfile mini cassette 9T ti driver & axle, Odyssey 7KA chrome rim
Mutiny double butted
TyresFront - KHE Premium Mac2 Park, Rear - KHE Premium Mac1.5 Park
Inner TubesKHE Twiggy flatland
CranksProfile Race with titanium axle & titanium bolts
SprocketProfile Imperial 25T
ChainKMC Kool SL
Bottom BracketFly Spanish
PedalsDMR V12 with ti axles
PegsProfile Alutanium
WeightProbably the lightest park bike I've seen!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Tip One Out - Barend DVD

New Barend Tip One Out DVD arrived on my doorstep today... came in a very plain white uninteresting jiffy bag which would explain why I didn't open it sooner...

Watched it over an hour ago and still feeling the good vibes! £10 well spent methinks. I've probably enjoyed this DVD more than anything else I've seen over the last couple of months. :D

Buy it now from

Doing things The Padded Cell way...

Sneek peek at what goes on in the warehouse of one of our biggest suppliers. If only we were as efficient as the guys from The Padded Cell!? Gotta get one of those fork lift truck things!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Miller Tyres

Mike Miller
Can u believe it? Proper have some Mike Miller signature tyres in the works... This guy is everywhere right now!