Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Demolition Parts: NorCal Trip Video. By 180 Distribution

Demolition team riders, Gabe Brooks, Ryan "Biz" Jordan, Lil'-Stevie Churchill, Drew Hosselton and team manager Joey Cobbs take a trip up the Cali coast to ride new spots and visit some Demolition dealers along the way.

Filmed & Edited by Felipe Gonzalez
Music: The Rolling Stones - "Sympathy for the Devil" & Colossus- "The Tribute"

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Nigel Sylvester: Attainable - Get Sylvester

In the fourth episode of Get Sylvester, Nigel Sylvester visits the Gatorade Sport Science Institute, where he does multiple physical and mental tests to better understand how his body works; the results are impressive. Next, he heads to Times Square for a celebrity flag football game to celebrate the launch of the new NFL jerseys. The teams were comprised of NFL players, including Mark Sanchez, Justin Tuck, Matt Ryan, and legend Ronnie Lott, plus rappers Ace Hood, Jadakiss, and Vado, as well as Hot 97's Angie Martinez. Work hard, play hard.

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Mike Spinner And Austin Coleman Race To See "The Dark Knight Rises"

On this episode of "The Program," Mike Spinner manages to get a pair of tickets for "The Dark Knight Rises" and stages an in-house (literally!) bike derby to see who gets them. Who do you think wins?

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Stefan Lantschner & Sergio Layos - BMX Video

1 Day with Stefan Lantschner and Sergio Layos - let them know what you think in the comments! thanks! filmed and edited by Dominik Wrobel / woozybmx / blacktreefilms carhartt bmx team 2012

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Etnies Presents: Healing with Tom Dugan

The view and opinions expressed in this video are those of Tom Dugan and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of etnies &/or its affiliates or employees. This video is provided solely for informational purposes. The video does not constitute medical or legal advice, and is not intended for use in the diagnosis or treatment of individual patients or conditions, or as a substitute for consultation with a licensed medical professional. The mention of any company, product, service, or therapy mentioned in this video does not constitute an endorsement of any kind by etnies or Tom Dugan. etnies and Tom Dugan assume no responsibility for any injury or damage to persons or property arising out of or related to any use of this video or to any errors or omissions.

Dan Lacey Spring 2012 'Our House' Edit

Lacey is one of the main guys behind the Seventies' 'Our House' set up, so it's only right to show you what Dan gets up to there. He calls this place home and here's why...

Filmed by the homies, edited by Mike King.
Song: KG - Alborosie - Police Polizia
Credit: Federal

Monday, May 28, 2012

Fit Blade 2 Froks Promo Edit

When you've got guys like Van and Shawn riding the Blade II fork, you know it has to be able to taking a beating and come back for more.

Get you Fit Blade 2 Forks here

  • Familiar Blade Geometry 
  • Reinforced Steerer Tube 
  • Tapered Legs 
  • Non-Integrated Bearing Race 
  • Improved Dropout with backside reliefs 
  • Improved leg for increased grind clearance

Friday, May 25, 2012

Devon Smillie welcome to the team edit.

We are proud to introduce the first edit from Devon Smillie since joining the Flybikes team a few weeks ago. Mike caught up with Devon at Huntington Beach and threw out this edit. Filmed and edited - Mike Manzooi.

Song - "Feet On The Ground" The Soulphonics & Ruby Velle.

Credit: FlyBikes

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Highlights from the FISE Montpellier dirt contest. Riders include Pat Casey, Todd Meyn, Daniel Sandoval, Ryan Taylor, and more. Bonus footage of Brett Banasiewicz starting a celebration riot!

FISE Montpellier: DIRT HIGHLIGHTS - More BMX Videos

Credit: Chris Wilmshurst

Pijin @ Empire Of Dirt 2012

Nothing like a boyband photo! Featuring Greg Childs, my self and Jon (the tower) Root

Greg Eating the pizza that he later threw up!
And of course Matt Watson loving the doughnuts

One of my favourite riders (Corey Bohan) sending a Super-Man over the box

Stunt man Alistair Whitton and a Flip Turndown

3rd Place rider Drew B. with a super stylish 360 Lookback

And last but not least Mr Sergio Layos holding a big Tuck No-Hander

The whole weekend was awesome and we couldn't thanks 4down distribution enough for the hook up!
If you weren't there then the least you can do is get your butt to the next Red Bull event simply because no videos that you watch will do this course any justice. 

Catching up with Monster Energy's Scotty Cranmer

Scotty Cranmer is awesome!

We caught up with Scotty for a few days at his home in New Jersey. Scotty has a big year ahead of him and this is a glimpse into what he's been doing to prepare for X Games and Dew Tour.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

FISE Montpellier: Park Finals

Highlights from the Park finals at FISE Montpellier. Brett Banasiewicz took the win with some amazing moves (backflip opposite tailwhip!), Pat Casey nailed a flair double whip, Todd Meyn pulls a perfect 1080 no hander, and so much more. INSANE riding!

Credit: Chris Wilmshurst

FISE Montpellier: Park Finals - More BMX Videos

Scotty Cranmer Facebook Q&A

Scotty sits down and answers the top-five questions submitted to our Facebook page in this quick Q&A.

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Instagram: duobrand
Credit: DUO Brand

FISE Montpellier: Mini Ramp Highlights


FISE Montpellier: Mini Ramp Highlights - More BMX Videos

Highlights from the mini ramp contest at this years Fise event. So much amazing riding went down from the likes of Alex Coleborn, Mark Webb, Brett Banasiewicz, Pat Casey, Daniel Dhers, Daniel Sandoval, and many more. There are some incredible moves in here including a barspin flair to footjam by Alex Coleborn and a 180 triple bar spin from Jack Clark. Credit: Chris Wilmshurst

Monday, May 21, 2012

FISE Montpellier: Day One

360 to Fufanu to opposite whip in?! Mark Webb has that and many more IMPRESSIVE moves in this edit!

FISE Montpellier: Day One - More BMX Videos

Highlights from the dirt, park, and mini ramp contests at FISE in Montpellier, France from the first day of the event. AMAZING riding from Mark Webb, Alex Coleborn, Brett Banasiewicz, Pat Casey, Todd Meyn, AJ Anaya, and many more.

Credit: Chris Wilmshurst

Phil Demattia - Welcome to Kink

Kink are proud to introduce Phil DeMattia to the team. To coincide with his interview in “Ride UK “ here's his much anticipated new edit.

Filmed by Will Evans
Song: Stacey Q - Two of Hearts
Credit: Seventies Distribution

Bas Keep's Day At The Park

I really wish that I could afford to go to Austin : (

Rider: Sebastian Keep
Cut By: Attack & Release (
Aerials By: Avean Media (
Music: Little People - Moon (
Credit: Attack & Release

Heroes of Dirt Official Movie Trailer

Heroes of Dirt, originally titled Accelerate: The BMX Movie, is an action sports drama feature film by Eric Bugbee and produced by Blue Trail Entertainment. It's about a young man's passion to achieve greatness in the BMX sport as he realizes true significance by mentoring a troubled teen.

Brought to the screen by a core crew of filmmakers who have strong roots spanning three decades in BMX dirt jumping and street riding, Heroes of Dirt is a triumphant story of the human spirit, coupled with a strong dose of dirt and street riding by legendary champions, pros and hardcore locals.

Kink in the UK 2012

A week in England dodging the rain filming for an upcoming full length. Here are some of leftovers from the trip. Enjoy!

Filmed and edited by Darryl Tocco.

Graphics by Dave Fortman.

Artist-Cults Song-"Abducted"

Credit: Kink Bike Co

Ronnie Napolitan MARKIT Dirt Edit

Ronnie can shred anything he rides, especially a set of dirt jumps! So for this edit we brought the lights back out and lit up an awesome set of trails out in Souther California. If this doesn't make you wanna go ride some trails then I don't know what will. Sit back and enjoy Ronnie cruisin through the woods with a couple guest clips of Cody Mckenna! -Dennis

Filmed/Edited by: Christian Rigal

Music: Slow Club- If we we're still alive

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Instagram: @MARKITBMX
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Florent Soulas Edit

Fit Bike Co Welcomes Florent Soulas to the Team!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wizard of Aus : Doctor's orders - Episode 2

With the go ahead of one doctor, Corey Bohan joins up with the Red Bull Ride and Seek crew to Texas for the first stop of the road trip and Corey's first official session back on the bike at Empire's bike shop and Joe Rich's backyard set-up. It's nothing but great trail riding and barbeque from then on as the boys hang out with AJ - the most metal BMXer in Texas.

Last episode:
All episodes:

Red Bull Ride and Seek:

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Drew Bezanson BMX My Five

Drew Bezanson is a top BMX competitor with a three-peat victory in effect at Simple Session plus he has been honored with some of BMX's highest achievements, but he remains humble and continues to push his limits in BMX. Bezanson travels light with the bare minimum to stay connected and to stay on his bike. Hear from Bezanson what are his traveling vitals and greatest career highlights in this My Five.

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 Music: Groovy Star - "Fusion Rider"

Dylan Sparkman Welcome to Hoffman

Dylan is a Bama transplant living the west coast life in San Francisco. He has the raw street style that could only come from making the most out of very little. Dylan has been working hard on this edit for some time and it shows. We are please to present Dylan Sparkman to our team.

Filmed and Edited by Filipe Gonzalez

Song: Three 6 Mafia-Who Run It

Monday, May 14, 2012

GoPro2 test...

Here's a very short video that local rider Matt Watson made using the new GoPro2... testing out the slo mo! Shop rider Slosh makes a short appearance too...

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Streetfest Demo

This edit features Paul Jeffries, Louie Smith and Phil Aller. Enjoy


BMXing from the street to the woods - Red Bull Ride and Seek - Ep 2

Follow the Ride and Seek crew from Houston to Dallas as they destroy everything in their path, from the streets to the trails and even the wakeboard park. Corey Martinez and Tony Neyer seek out street spots along the way, while Aaron Ross, Corey Bohan and Drew Bezanson hit the trails in Houston. The crew even meets up with pro wakeboarder JD Webb in Dallas for a wakeboard session. This heavy crew takes care of business no matter where they end up. Expect the unexpected!


Kye Forte talks ‘Red Bull Empire of Dirt’

Oh my good I'm soooo excited about Empire Of Dirt this year!!! Alexandra Palace Way, London, N227AY.  May 19th at 11:30am until May 20th at 5:00pm BE THERE

More BMX Videos

Chad Kerley BMX Alli Show

Chad Kerley is a BMX rider through and through. From his start on the race track, Kerley knew he was built to ride and that was all he wanted to do from the earliest of days -- he started when he was four! Eventually, Kerley found his way into a skatepark and started riding ramps -- the race track was officially left in the dirt. With the help of fellow former racer, Dennis Enarson was able to help Kerley transition into the world of freestyle BMX. Kerley is pro for Nike and considers himself a street rider that can seek out spots in the "outside world" without being stuck inside a skatepark, and with his technical skills it makes perfect sense. Get know your favorite BMX pro with the help of the Alli Show!


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Terry Adams BMX Flatland My Five

Terry Adams gets tricky in the tiniest of spaces with his flatland BMX skills. Watch Adams rip technical circles in a small room while he tells his guiltiest of pleasures, his most memorable contest more in this My Five.


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Instagram: @allisports

Music: Barrows -- "Lost In The Woods"

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Kyle Baldock BMX Dirt Jump Session: Gorge Rd New Zealand

The Unit BMX team recently had the incredible opportunity to session the famous Gorge Rd. dirt jumps in Queenstown, New Zealand, and the results were epic to say the least!

Featuring Kyle Baldock, Andrew Ahumada, David Girsch, Cam Pianta and a few special guests, it doesn't get much better than this. Amazing location and amazing jumps.

Special thanks to the Queenstown locals who have created the incredible set.

Executive Producer: Unit Clothing Produce & Edit: Allan Hardy Filming: Allan Hardy, Jase Hancox, Jordan Powell


Relentless Energy Pro Tips: Manual 360 Footplant with Matt Priest.

Another how-to with Relentless's style cat Matt Preist

Nike - AK and Simone

Usually edits that are longer than 2 or 3 minutes make me sleepy but this edit it's just great! 2 young talented riders with style. Take a look

Two of the most progressive and stylish street riders in the game, Alex Kennedy (UK) and Simone Barraco (Italy), spent twelve days on the streets in and around Tel Aviv, Israel with the ever-creative filmmaker Richard Forne behind the lens. All that's left for you to do is press play…. Credit: Nike BMX

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Alfredo Mancuso at Volume's Ramps

Volume pro Alfredo Mancuso throws down some top-notch riding on the ramps behind his bike sponsor's headquarters. Credit: Miles Rogoish

Alfredo Mancuso at Volume's Ramps - More BMX Videos

RedBull Moon Session

RedBull got together with Anthony Napolitan to throw a jam under the full moon at Nick Tuttle's backyard trails. A ton of riders showed up including Mike "Hucker" Clark, Kris Fox, Danny Josa, Cody Mckenna, Alex Landeros, Justin Spriet, Heath Pinter, Chris Hughes, Pat Laughlin, Dan Norvell, Fernando Sabat, Jared Eberwein, Victor Salazar and many more.

Failure Jeremiah Smith & Kevin Spanier Edit

Failures Jeremiah Smith and Kevin Spanier split edit. Filmed April, 18, 2012 in Woodward, PA.


Dig-Nitty Camps & Bike Hall Contest 2012. By Michal Jasinski

Czech Republic is coming boys and girls! Talented riders that's for sure

Music: The Dirty Feathers - Midnight Snakes

Filming & editing: ASF Studio -

Dig-Nitty Summper Camps!
Zapisz si? ju? dzi?! Ilo?c miejsc ograniczona!
Pytania i zapisy: lub
606 252 363


Kyle Baldock BMX Trick Tip

Kyle Baldock just made wall slaps a whole lot easier with his breakdown in this Step By Step. Kyle says you need to find a big enough wall near your quarterpipe and when you air out toward it to hold your back brake and really plant your back tire on the wall to absorb all of you weight and push into the wall.


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Instagram: @allisports

Music: Jondi -- "Much Oblice"

Joris Coulomb BSH Edit.

Putting the ever so strong Proper BSH frame to the test!

Joris just picked up a new BSH in Gun Metal Grey and celebrated by laying down a few moves in his hometown of Strasbourg.

Friday, May 04, 2012

Jordan Aleppo April 2012 Edit

Jordan is a Badman!!!

Jordan Aleppo teamed up with fellow Seventies Distro warehouse packer Daniel Bungay to bring you this hammer of an edit! Filmed in and around Jordan's hometown of Bexhill aswell as Lille, France.

Jordan is reppin' Federal bikes and Seventies Distribution!


Tom Stretton's welcome edit for LUXBMX.

Filmed by Troy Charlesworth and edited by Mitch Wood.

Ryan Guettler and Friends BMX On The Road to Woodward

Ryan Guettler, Victor Salazar and Danny Josa piled into the truck, with bikes in back, and hit the road for an adventure at Woodward West. Guettler is always down to hit the road for a break from the hometown park, and bringing old and new friends is key to a great trip. In this Alli Sports On The Road, Guettler and the guys spend a few days out of town so they can fully explore Woodward West's indoor park, outdoor park and dirt jumps.

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Instagram: @allisports

Music: Makari - "Lapse" Prime Element - "Do I Belong"

Kelly Bolton / Josh Perry Edit

Two of the best all around riders in the game throw down for this split edit. This video has it all - big tricks, getting tech, and even a flip combo that you've never seen before.

Kelly Bolton / Josh Perry Edit - More BMX Videos

Credit: Terrell Gordy

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Ben Hucke's Diamondback Night Seeker

Consider this video your first look at Ben Hucke's brand new signature frame from Diamondback, the Night Seeker.

Introducing Ben Hucke's Diamondback Night Seeker - More BMX Videos

Credit: Vital BMX

BMX and boo boo's - PREMIERE - Wizard of Aus

After getting a wicked wrist injury, Corey turns the tables and celebrates his birthday in style...twice! After being on the sidelines watching his BMX crew seriously handle their own, he is excited as ever to get back on the bike.

Follow Corey on Twitter @Corey_Bohan!/Corey_Bohan and Facebook: 

Also follow @RedBull for more awesomeness!/redbull 

Subscribe to Red Bull:

Credit: redbull

DK Bicycles - Ohio to Austin

Any trip involving Drew Bezanson is more than good enough for me!

Join DK Bicycles' Brain Hunt, Chris Childs, Drew Bezanson and Anthony Watkinson on a two week trip from Ohio down to the BMX Mecca of Austin, Texas.
Follow the team for a week on the road exploring Ohio, Arkansas, Kentucky and Texas, before meeting up with Drew in Austin and spending a week there.

Hit play and take a look at some awesome riding that went down... When the guys weren't battling a fierce stomach bug.

This video is in association with our 'When Shit Hits The Pan' article in Ride UK Magazine, issue 163. With an awesome article and amazing photos by Walter Peringer.

Check this out! Filmed on a Canon 550D and Panasonic HMC-40.
Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 by Mike King for DK Bicycles

Music: Florence And The Machine - What The Water Gave Me Available on iTunes -

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Austin's BMX Scene - Red Bull Ride and Seek 2012

Check out the first episode of 2012!

Check out the first stop of the 2012 Red Bull Ride and Seek BMX tour. All of our top athletes are out to hit the road and rip some parks. Dont miss a second of it. 


Category: Sport Tags: Corey Martinez Tony Neyer Mike Ciark Hucker Matt Beringer Aaron Ross Corey Bohan Drew Bezanson Baz Keep BMX Bike Park Ride and Seek Red Bull

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Trying to escape from the rain

My self and a few of the locals riders went out for a ride last night and we filmed a few clips messing around avoiding this horrible weather, hope you guys enjoy it!
And remember that BMX is just for fun!!!

Keep an eye out for the Jon Root edit! He is going to blow your mind.

MARKIT Crew Edit

Possibly the latest blog to be posting this edit but a wise man once said "Better late than never"

In this months MARKIT edit we decided to do something a little different then we have in previous months. Here's most of the crew plus a couple of MARKIT homies shredding some cement parks in Austin TX, and San Diego CA. Featuring Rob Wise, Chad Kerley, Mike Jonas, Dennis Enarson, Christian Rigal, Connor Lodes, Ronnie Napolitan, and Geoff Slattery. Enjoy!

Filmed/Edited by: Christian Rigal

Music: Electric Guest- This head I hold Okkervil River- Wake and be Fine

Check us out online: Follow us on Twitter: LIKE us on Facebook: Credit: MARKIT