Friday, May 30, 2008

Encyclopedia Generica

Nathan Williams has a "new" signature pivotal out. SL with hollow bolt. Considering how different their Balance pivotal was, it would've been cool if Primo had tweaked this a bit, but c'est la vie...

Thursday, May 29, 2008


You are all aware that there's a load of new Loteks in stock, right?

Coastals, Deltas, Nightwolf Slims and Nightwolf shoes, in assorted sizes and colours? The vulcanized sole ones are cheaper than regular shoes too, get involved...

To see what the shoes look like, there's a tonne of info up on BrightonAin'tReady - just click on the Shoes.

Oh yeah, and then buy some...

Fly update + Bas Keep's Bama

Fly have a new site up, along with some sneaky-peaks at new stuff. Liking the look of the new stems, their old ones were pretty much perfect. -100g and we're good! Lots of stuff to see on there, so get clicking.

Bas Keep also has a bikecheck up on Dig.


Sunday's New Wave 2 frames are now being sent off to distros. The frames appear to be pretty sweet, so when IMG eventually get them expect them to sell out pretty fast. Get pre-ordering noooooow.

Rinsed straight from the hallowed pages of Defgrip, Walter Pieringer has updated his/created his portfolio site. Go scope it aaaaahhht.

In a moment of clarity that rivals The Enlightenment, Mpora now actually works on my computer, meaning I got to watch this pretty sweet Vans Beer-Box Jam without it looking like a stop-frame animation.

More BMX Videos >>

In a "Behind the scenes" bit of news, you might also be interested to note that the embed code still doesn't work without some major tweaking. At 4:34am, this qualifies as "Way not cool".

Animal have some new shirts that you won't be able to buy unless you buy from America.

In other fascinating news, Infinity Bikes now distribute Fly in China. One for the Specialist Subject round of Mastermind, I guess.


Just saw this on TheComeUp. It's the "Youth Gone Wild" roadtrip from an early edition of Shook, containing some now-big-name riders who, at the time, were all under 18. Seriously, Karl Poynter looks like age-wise he was still in single figures...


MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bruce Crisman is God.

A title he'll hopefully find ironic.

But seriously, this video's really good. If you're after some really interesting, innovative riding, look no further:

Federal BMX - Bruce Crisman from Federal BMX on Vimeo.

This video is too good.

Tim told me about this video a few days ago, and I finally got to see it today.

Tony Malouf UGP spring street 08 from Miles Rogoish on Vimeo.

Tony Malouf is pure awesome.

Random News Update.

Ls6bmx edit from Ls6bmx on Vimeo.

Spotted this over on The 'Phire. Good stuff.

In case any of you, like me, were wondering if Ian Schwartz would ever release his ideas for his freecoaster having been part of the Mosh exodus, rejoice.

Also on Dig, X-Games Super Park course pics?

Not convinced.

Josh Bedford's got a bikecheck up on B.A.R.. Pretty unconventional setup, but always looks good? Speaking of, Tomorrow We Work is in stock at Pijin, £14 posted. Do it!

Props #69 (They'd better have a comedy box cover) is out in late June:
-Randy Taylor interview
-Terry Adams interview
-Mike Saavedra Riverside, CA trails spot check
-Hoffman Bikes road trip Denver/Albuquerque/OKC
-Matt Beringer's Backyard

Randy Taylor interview? Aw yeah! Unfortunately, Road Fools 16 (Which will be amazing) is out on the 25th of August. Downer.

Fat have some info on some new Felt forks and Duo grips with Felt logos on?

Aren't I a little sourpuss.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I'm Phelan this.

Ho ho ho.

But seriously, it's good, and Jason's sound as hell.

Untitled from jason phelan on Vimeo.

Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V



More BMX Videos >>

Flaming Sausages BMX from An Overdose Of Awesomeness on Vimeo.

United Megatour Edit from Channel 4Down on Vimeo.

More BMX Videos >>

And lastly, saw this Art-Fag piece up on Dig.


Fly have a new front hub out, click the link for more.

Brighton Ain't Ready have a picture update.

Micreation have a huge new news+photos update, as well as updated T's & C's for their account holders - you now lease videos for 6 months, as well as getting downloadable links. Bit of a bargain for $2 - get the Brad Simms vid now!

Lotek and Defgrip have some ltd edition colourways available soon, go here to see one of them.

IMG have some of the new Limited Edition colourway Odyssey Twisted PC pedals coming in really soon, keep checking back for news on when they drop.

Colony have a new update on their Hell Stallion frame:

Full Post Heat Treated Colonized CrMo
TT sizes - 20.85 or 21.25″
HT - 75.5 degrees
ST - 71 degrees
CS - 13.75″
ST height - 7″
Weight - 4.8lbs

Click here for a lot more photos, and details of the Hell Stallion forks.

Lastly, Jared Chilko dropped a "full length video part" (Whatever that means...), and here it is.

Full length Video Part from Jared on Vimeo.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I really hate foxes.

Finally made it back to London to commence the 24-hour workathon leading up to the final hand-in and exam for uni, to be greeted by screaming foxes outside my flat. Shut up!

AAAAAAAAAnyway. Sounds like the Chandlers Ford bowl has drawn first blood - a few skaters have lost some skin in there already, Dan managed to give himself a concussion and Rob Castle got a flat. Play safe, dudes! It's a sweet bowl though so if you've not been yet, get on it and head down there.

Brighton Ain't Ready, apparently, but the Shadow Conspiracy Pivotal on the new Karl Poynter bikecheck looks like they pretty much are?

20Twenty held a jam oop north recently, we posted up the 4Down trip vid, but here's a vid of the comp itself. Niki drinks-loads-of-milk Croft is a destroyer.

2020 jam from Phil Clifton on Vimeo.

While we're talking Vimeo videos, Lotek have a Justin Inman trails vid up on their site. Sam, when you've finished your work, check it out.

Speaking of, these 2,000 words aren't gonna write themselves. Let work commence!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

five hundred odd

Just because - get on the Pijin forum.
It's friendlier than another forum.

535 - 4Down trip...

Channel 4Down :: On The Road With 001 from Channel 4Down on Vimeo.

Ctrl + C

Ctrl + V

534 - Aversion trip

Aversion went on a trip a while back along the South Coast, and now the write-up's appeared in Ride UK (116 out now...), the video's up online.

More BMX Videos >>

Ride Issue 117 Advert

Just managed to get this done. Now I can go to bed! Woohoo. :D

New Mutiny stuff should be in the shop next week!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

UKBikeCo Revolution

Dibly from UKBikeCo came down to visit on Saturday. Turned up at the door as soon as we opened clutching 3 frames. To be honest, I didn't really know who he was or what he was doing but I had vague recollections that JP mentioned he'd be visiting. I wasn't exactly sure how the meeting would turn out and didn't really want to waste too much time as it was a Saturday and there's always a mountain of stuff to do... but I have to say I was both surprised and impressed at the same time!

Top of the range is the heat treated Revolution frame which will retail at £269.99. This is the signature frame of whipmeister Kane Hennessy. We had a 20.6" prototype which we promptly put on the "scales of truth". This is the lightest steel frame we have ever had in the shop, weighing 3.5lbs! My first impression of the frame was that it's just too light and the tubing on the rear triangle looks way too skinny. But if a shredder like Kane can ride one of these frames without breaking then I'm pretty sure the average kid will get on fine. UKBikeCo are obviously very confident that the frame will hold up. They are putting a life time guarantee on the frame so it must be solid!

Hard to describe in words what I thought of the frames. Hmm... if the frame was a girl, then it would be that really hot girl you know, who is really really hot in real life, but for whatever reason doesn't have very good photos on her Facebook account (or if you're a younger reader, think MySpace instead). Basically what I'm trying to say is that the Revolution frame is super sexy but pictures don't do it justice at all. If you ask either me, Pirate Dan or JP, we would all give it the thumbs up on looks alone! (Pictures courtesy of JP's Nokia)

The frame itself looks very much like a Superstar New Deal except it has a much lower standover height, even lower than a Fly Tierra. Dropouts are already very small, but will be made even smaller on production models. They're gonna be shaved down so not so much sticks out when you have the wheel slammed. Another interesting point is the integrated seat clamp. It looks like the "Strawberry" system on the New Deal... not quite sure how they managed to copy it as I'm pretty sure the "Strawberry" has a patent on it.

First batch of frames will arrive in around 8 weeks time but quantities will be limited to only 100! So if you want one, you better let us know quick...

Also in the works are some 8 inch rise bars, and forks with life time guarantee that cost only £59.99!

Mark's previous post about Kane's prototye

Discuss on the Pijin forum!

531 - Macneil Training $e$$ion?

1. Ali Whitton does some cool stuff.
2. I want to ride that spot a whole load.
3. It's a sweet video.


Saturday, May 17, 2008

530 - The Bowl!

Chandlers Ford bowl opens this Tuesday. Be thar or be squaaaaaaaaargh.

529 - Chase Dehart's bike.

Straight from the man himself on TheComeUpBoard. I'll edit the spec list in when he puts it up, haha...

528 - Tim recommendation #294

No joke. Another one from Tim. Tried watching it a few days ago, but my computer wasn't having it, fortunately it was today. Really liked this vid, his style now he's brakeless is rad!

527 - Armaaaaaaada!

Eli Platt's (Go to Micreation's site and check out the HD web vid of him. Almost a year old, still awesome) signature frame, the Armada, is now out from Subrosa. Click here for details!

526 - Dig - Farren Downes clip

From Dig:

Our new TIMECODE feature takes a closer look into a single clip amongst the steady stream of BMX footage that flashes past us every day. Timecode 001 focuses on We The People's Farren Downes and a barspin rail hop filmed in Southampton UK...
Name?Farren Downes
Where is the spot? In Southampton,not too sure where
Did you one time it? Technically i didn't one time it, wanted to sling them the first time but just did a twitch instead
Psyched? Or just an everyday thing?A bit happy i guess, I'm pretty rubbish sometimes at throwing bars over stuff, I don't know why, I think i freak out a bit. I suppose it's not an every day thing for me - I prefer to just kick back in my pants most days....
Film anything else that day?Not really - Couple of whoppers to the frame, if i remember correctly?
Fisheye or long lens?Long lens, can't see sh*t with the fisheye
Photos or filming?Photos are cool cause they make you look better than you are, camcorders tend not to lie so much.

More BMX Videos >>

525 - FBM completes?!

Hell yes you heard me right! Be interesting to see some RRPs for these bad-boys. Plenty of options on them anyway, and some sweet colours.

Cool to see them branching out a bit, but at the same time, seems a bit weird...

Friday, May 16, 2008

524 - Deluxe Bike Co.

Ooooh, new. If you're a trails rider, then feel free to check out Deluxe and get on the looking-down-on-street-riders bandwagon.

They've got frames, bars and sprockets at the mo, time will tell what else they're planning on releasing.

523 - The Make Ben Lewis ad... maybe?

More BMX Videos >>

It might be a Ben Lewis vid, but the usually godawful Mpora "High quality" (I still can't believe they put that in their advertising hype/mission statement and actually went live with the quality rapage that it produces. Their call I guess, long live Vimeo!), and some weirdness on my computer that means that whole video plays like a stop-frame animation it could be pretty much anything. According to Ride, the last trick is an oppo, pegless uprail, and I think the first trick was possibly a double pegs to hard 180 off, but I only caught about two frames of the entire line. He does some other riding, then I got a frame of his sitting in a Carhartt top, and that was about it...


In other news, Red Bull have boshed up some Empire of Dirt pics - can't wait to see how that one turns out!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

519 - Rob Castle

4down have an "At home with :" video up of local shredder, and metal rider Rob Castle. Here is a short interview with Rob about himself, and the video itself. The one time I met Rob, he seemed to be a pretty safe guy. Watch this video, and you wouldn't think that he's from our area, and using our area to its potential. Haha.

Channel 4Down :: At Home With Rob Castle from Channel 4Down on Vimeo.

Monday, May 12, 2008

516 - BlackBMX

WWS - LILTOM AND JORDAN - B. PARK from blackbmx on Vimeo.

Shamelessly ripped from TCU, but it is really nice...

P.S. Elevation photos...

515 - Roe

Ride have a sorta Mat Roe bikecheck up, including a decent look at Mutiny's new products such as their Lifted stem, and all sorts of other stuff. Check the proto frame out...

Sunday, May 11, 2008

514 - UKBikeCo

Just spotted this whilst "Doing my uni work" - new company floating about called UK Bike Co.. Seen here is one of the bikes they've built up, feat. their own frame, bars and fork. New Tierra/Midnite Moonlite/Black-Eye-Bikes Killorado? Kane Hennessy's proto frame:

That frame weighs in at a nutso 3.4lbs, but they also do this taller version (With longer back end) that weighs in at 3.7lbs:

Intriguing. Apparently this is gonna feature in the next Ride, so keep your eyes on there/here/wherever.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

513 - Eilken/Hawk/Ross


512 - Street/Versus/Tweak

Street Vs. Tweak is around the corner. Altogether now:

Hell yeah!

See you at the high hop comp dudes. Time to get yo A games on! BMX is serious business.

511 - Eddie Cleveland/Epidermolysis Bullosa Simplex

Eddie Cleveland is basically the Footjam whip King. Officially. Anyway, you can now make your bike look exactly like his (And therefore bask in his reflected glory) by buying an entirely olive/army green bike. Ideal.

In unrelated news, Epidermolysis Bullosa Simplex is rubbish. Riding in the summer, however, fully isn't. Unfortunately, I now have virtually no actual skin left on my feet, just pure blisters. Probably means I'll actually do some work this weekend though, which is for the best ultimately.

The weather in Southampton is going to be pure awesomeness in meteorological form for the weekend, so while you're all out riding and having fun, think of me, getting hideously distraught (Distraut?) at being unable to work Flash CS3, writing exhaustive production analyses, and taking more "Surveillance Photographs". To quote the internet:

Hopefully that'll be relevant strictly to how I manage to make use of the sun this weekend, rather than my final mark...

Friday, May 09, 2008

510 - Gnarly/Sick/Psyched

Nike 6.0 have some totally bodacious info about their killer new super gnarly shoes.

They really don't have a clue. I wonder how many goes it took for them to spell BMX right...

Thursday, May 08, 2008

509 - Mutiny/Big Daddy/Mirra?

Mutiny have aaaaaaall the details for their new products and frames up on their site now, plenty of stuff to look 'n' see. All about the new Mystic...

In much the same way Tim informs me of rad vids, today, J/Jay/Jhey informed me of the new Big Daddy vid. Bearing in mind I haven't really liked these before, I actually liked this one:

Southbank? What?

508 - WTP

James has been running these tyres for quite a while now, and they seem really nice, but finally the WTP tyres are out! Get on it...

Foldable and regular steel bead, as well as the two different tread patterns and two different widths, everything's covered.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

507 - Wolfman

Wolfman has a sweet bikecheck up on Brighton Ain't Ready - go into the flat, then click on the bike. They've got all the old checks up too, so scope them out too if they tickle your fancy...

506 - MJ

Not really BMX-related, but it is in a way, I guess? Anyway, Michael Jordan:

505 - A&E/Nathan Williams/S3.5

So yeah. A&E. Busiest hospital in London. Saturday night. In at 10:30pm, out at 3am. No break though, apparently, just beat the hell out of my hand. It's all about the all-over-palm-and-down-wrist bruising in 2008! Not being able to move your thumb fully isn't. Tim having to zip up my hoody for me in the middle of Waterloo station wasn't a highlight. I can ride again now though, and I celebrated by blowing up my freecoaster again.

*Shakes fist in anger*

/\ This video of Nathan Williams and "That dude who whipped up that stairset" is pretty rad. Nathan Williams does something I've only ever seen Liam Fahy-Hampton do before, but he does it with a chain, so it's effectively a +1? Either way, nutso!

Fit have a cool webvid up that features Mike Aitken talking about his new S3.5 frame, plus some riding footage. Whip!

Lastly, there are a fair few FISE webvids around. There's one full of adverts and annoying music over on Fat, and 3 that aren't over on RideUK...

Saturday, May 03, 2008

504 - Magnesium Trailmixes/Boneyard/SvT08

Odyssey's Way-better-than-Jim-C-Jim-C-pedals the Trailmixes are now available in light 'n' pimpin' magnesium flavour. 17.2oz for sealed, 17 flat for unsealed. So yeah, in short: Silence > Weight = Sealed. Silence < Weight = Unsealed. Simple! The other picture is obviously of the Twisted PC pedals in purple and fluoro red, 2 of 4 ltd. edition colours that are about to drop. My Twisteds are pretty old now, and still work fine, so yeah - a pretty good investment.

The Boneyard, a fun park up near Chester (Oh-so relevant to Southampton, but you never know...), has been given a bit of a face-lift - check it!

In other skatepark news, Newport was being given a facelift last time I was there to change the pyramid hip setup into a more diverse strizzeet section (For all the fruitbooters to sit on, instead of the funbox, no doubt...). Although that was an immense downer to me as all I wanted to ride was the bank->wall and aforementioned pyramid hip setup, it's still all good 'cos it'll be better in the long run. At least that's what I kept telling myself. £10 to get snaked a lot and ride a pair of pallets in some glass infested wasteland was probably not the best value for money ever, but there we are. Win some you lose some. Anyway, yeah, it's a bit more fun to ride than Motion (In so much as it's more than just a set of minis with a comp-fest going on into the foam), so if you've got enough people in the car to make the Severn Bridge Toll viable, head over into Welshland and get involved. It's a fun park, and the lights are re-done so you can see where you've going without night vision goggles.

Laaaaaaaaaastly, Street Vs. Tweak 2008 is pencilled in for 7th June. I don't think I can really express how important it is for you to go if you're from Southampton. I mean I'm going there, and I live some distance away, so if you're a 10 minute roll away, you should probably man up and get down there. It was a good time last year, and with the combined might of Street Dave and Project5 (Who's Lynched in Leicester jam ruled, so they know how to put on jams...), it's gonna be unstoppable*.

*Assuming it doesn't rain**.

**But even then it'd probably still be good.

Friday, May 02, 2008