Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Called it.

***Things I can't say.***

From a company like that to a company I have a lot of time for (Who happen to produce pretty much the best sprockets you'll ever need) - Tree. Posted their new straight-pull front hub before, and TheComeUp have posted up some shots of their new cassette. Techidy tech.

Hell of a lot of pretty cool stuff going on in that hub, no lie!

In "Company" news, been posting a couple of things about Mutant recently, and this is one of their team riders (Spotted on Dig):

Not testing the peg-guard out there!

Other news...

Chris Noble has put Level up online. Plenty of content by people who are pretty much the best at what they do. Check it out.

Posting this almost exclusively down to the way this guy (Poland's Colony's rider) looks exactly like Boiski?

Lastly, head over to RideUK for Ride To Glory updates. Tip of the hat to Tim for his gap-to-tooth. Progression session.

Oh, and I've got a pretty bad cold coming on, and there's been someone staying at my house who had swine flu. Drama.

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