Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Jordan Aleppo in Southampton

Spent a day showing our team rider Jordan Aleppo a few riding spots in southampton. Hope you enjoy it!

Jordan Aleppo is a BADMAN

Empire Bad Idea Trailer

It's safe to say that this video is a must see! Specially when it's only £9.99
The video features full sections from riders, Chase Hawk, Tom Dugan, Kevin Porter, Aaron Ross, Sean Sexton and a massive mixed section with a large crew of riders. Click here to get your self a copy!

PSA Trails Marmalade 2012

So Saturday the 28th July I went down to PSA Trails down near Salisbury in Wiltshire for the first day of this years marmalade jam. The jumps were running smooth and were nice and dry even tho we have had so much rain recently, The local boys had really been working hard over the winter making new lines and big jumps being made massive.

It seemed as tho everyone there had a fun time and thankfully no one was seriously hurt altho a few minor crashes did happen.

So a big thank you to Tom (Bondo) Bond and the other locals for hoasting an awesome jam and hopefully to another next year!

Credit: Dean Teifel

PSA Trails Marmalade 2012 from Dean Teifel on Vimeo.

Monday, July 30, 2012

How To Invert with Ryan Taylor

English invert master Ryan Taylor runs through the trick and shows off some insane variations. The last one will blow your mind...

Credit: Chris Wilmshurst

How To Invert with Ryan Taylor - More BMX Videos

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


The DC BMX Team invaded Nashville, TN this year to put on a BMX demo for over 30,000 people. They guys had a great time meeting fans, and putting on an amazing demo.

Kevin Kiraly Australia Edit

Kevin Kiraly spent the month of February hanging out and riding in Australia. After long last we present you with his first solo edit from MacNeil. You could call this his late "Welcome to the Team Edit" his "Australia Edit" or whatever you want. The bottom line is that Kevin shreds and we are pysched to share his riding from just one month down under. Enjoy.

Filmed and edited by Cooper Brownlee
Credit: MacNeil BMX

Tuesday, July 24, 2012



Music: Refused - New Noise



Zack Gerber - Flair to Fakie off of Loading Dock

WOW, wtf to that boys and girls...

HD version of my flair to fakie off of a loading dock from my recent DigBMX edit.
See the full edit here http://mpora.com/videos/N5lJjATFS



Monday, July 23, 2012

Etnies - 6400 Miles With Ruben Alcantara

Celebrating the launch of Ruben's signature shoe from Etnies with this kick ass edit!

Get your Ruben Shoes here.

Dreams of a BMX Rider - Red Bull Berry Routines 2012

When BMX riding consumes your day-to-day life, I guess it's inevitable to have a crazy dream once in a while. World class freestyle BMX rider Michael "Berry" Beran reveals his toughest tricks through a high-quality visual concept. This creative scenario showcases some of the crazy ideas and maneuvers that Beran has up his sleeve.

Credit: RedBull

JJ Welcome to Lotek edit

JJ has been one of my favourite riders for a long time and this edit nearly shows you why!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Power Hour: Jack Clark

A lot of you may be thinking that the only blog that I follow is Vital BMX but they do have the best videos there that's for sure!

English barspin master Jack Clark throws down some insane riding at Motion Skatepark in Bristol, UK. Ever see a 180 triple barspin before? Prepare to be amazed...

Credit: Chris Wilmshurst

Power Hour: Jack Clark - More BMX Videos

Stunt Nation - Corey Bohan

For all Corey Bohan fans that aren't already jealous of his life... Get jealous!

N2T AJ Anaya in the UK

AJ's clips from his trip to the UK with Dustin Grice

Credit: matt nicklen

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Colony 10 Clips - Anthony McGuirk

Woodward Camp, Pennsylvania
Filmed and edited By Jorge Jovel - jorgejovel.com

Credit: Colony BMX

Monday, July 16, 2012

Ryan Nyquist's Quist Quest Fest

You sent in the tricks and Nyquist got a bunch of 'em done. Bangers. If you love BMX you're obligated to watch this video.

Credit: Vital BMX

Ryan Nyquist's Quist Quest Fest - More BMX Videos

Mark Love - Our House

After finally being reunited with his bike after knee surgery, Federal's Mark Love wasted no time in starting to film for his 'Our House' edit. Filmed over the winter and earlier this year by Oli and Chase. Additional filming and editing by Mike King

Song: Phantogram - When I'm Small

Credit: Seventies Distribution

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wizard of Aus : BMX and HARD knocks - PREMIERE

After getting a wicked wrist injury, Corey turns the tables and celebrates his birthday in style...twice! After being on the sidelines watching his BMX crew seriously handle their own, he is excited as ever to get back on the bike.

Follow Corey on Twitter @Corey_Bohan https://twitter.com/#!/Corey_Bohan and Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Corey-Bohan/158101100897995
Also follow @RedBull for more awesomeness https://twitter.com/#!/redbull

Subscribe to Red Bull: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=redbull


BMX Street VIDEO by carhartt - ED ZUNDA, ALEX VALENTINO & SERGIO LAYOS in SPAIN filmed & edited by blacktree films / dominik wrobel carhartt-wip.com

Carhartt bmx team 2012 Credit: woozybmx

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

NASS 2012 Park Finals

A well deserved win from Mark Webb he dominated the entire course! But I'm a bit gutted that there isn't more footage of Mr Ben Hennon killing all the big lines that nobody else even touched.

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Daniel Peñafiel " Naran " - Ismael Ibañez photographer

Refreshing edit from Mutant Bikes featuring one of their most recent riders.

Credit: Mutant

Monday, July 09, 2012

Pijin at NASS 2012

So NASS was a rain fest filled with gypsies and underage girls doing stuff that they shouldn't be doing... But Sum 41 were playing and my main man Jon Root was riding so of course I wasn't going to miss out! NASS is always 

Big Daddy sent a Flip out of the pole-jam 

Ginge was getting his filming done! Ha ha 

Issac Lesser sending a foot jam tailwhip  

Jon Root with a big 360 old school no-hander  

Jon Root getting ready for his run 

360 table over the box 

Of course he did a footjam! 

Cruising with a flair straight to 26th place!

 Matt Preist, style for milles

Sum 41 were awesome! 

Home Turf: Scott Hamlin / Motion Skatepark

In addition to shreddin' the hell out of Motion Skatepark in Bristol, UK, Scott Hamlin also manages the place! Learn about his history with the park and enjoy some wild new footage!

Home Turf: Scott Hamlin / Motion Skatepark - More BMX Videos

Credit: Chris Wilmshurst

Harry Main VX2

www.facebook.com/harrymainfanpage Harry main VX 2 video! tell your friends!

Credit: SBM

Day With Colony BMX Team in California, Alli Sports

Colony BMX teammates Clint Millar, Ryan Guettler, Alex Hiam, Chris Courtenay, Tom Stretton, Bobbie Altiser, Peta Shepherd and Jourdan Barba bring us along to spend the day with them as they hit up two parks and a street spot. Eight outstanding BMXers all riding together always makes for a progressive session, and this session proved to be just that. Ride along with some of Colony BMX's best in this Day With.

Subscribe to Alli Sports on Youtube for new videos daily: http://youtube.com/AlliSports
Visit our BMX channel for related videos: http://youtube.com/AlliBMX

Facebook: http://facebook.com/allisports
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Instagram: @allisports

Music: Battle Flags - "Evergreens"
Credit: AlliSports

Ryan Nyquist - Austin, Texas

After bouncing back from a gnarly hand injury (watch this for more info - vitalbmx.com/videos/features/Nyquist-Injury,39146/kylecarlson,363), Osiris pro Ryan Nyquist headed out to Austin, Texas with a few friends to get back in the swing of things. Ryan wasn't quite 100% at the time this was shot, but you'd never know it by the insane riding he threw down. Also, he is only running a front brake on his bike in this whole video to switch things up.

Film/Edit - Terrell Gordy

Credit: Osiris Shoes

Game of BIKE with Kyle Baldock vs Logan Martin

Two of the best ramp riders in the world go head to head in an epic game of BIKE.

Kyle Baldock vs Logan Martin - More BMX Videos
Credit: Bret Trigg

Friday, July 06, 2012

Press List: Drew Bezanson

Drew answers questions from Vital BMX members alongside some brand new riding footage from Joyride 150. Prepare to be amazed!

Press List: Drew Bezanson - More BMX Videos

Credit: Justen Soule

Denis Pavlov | Holiday in Orel

Holiday edit from Denis Pavlov.
Video was shot in Orel trip.

Filmed and edited by grindcompany grindcompany.tumblr.com
Hellride.ru - крупнейший российский BMX магазин
Credit: Hellride.ru

WeThePeople: Andrew Jackson, en México.

WeThePeople PRO rider Andrew Jackson just got back from Mexico. In his own unique style he cruised the streets and covered a lot of ground. Meeting up with friends and avoiding turning up on the evening news.

Credit: wemakethings

2012 National BMX Hall of Fame - Mat Hoffman

Matt Hoffman is a living legend! FACT.

Credit: USA BMX

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Atlanta vacation!

We took a much needed vacation in Atlanta to ride amazing street spots, skateparks and even take in a Braves baseball game. This video features riding from Aaron Ross, Gary Young, Garrett Reeves, Eric Lichtenberger, Alex Magallan, Lee Dennis, Jake Seeley, Jim Cielencki and Chris Burden. Filmed by Francis Delapena and Jim Cielencki. Edited by Francis Delapena. Thanks to Ipath Footwear and Kind Snacks for help making this video.

Credit: Sunday Bikes

Éclat: The Free & Sleazy tour: Part II

At the start of this year we chose three diverse destinations around the world to go visit and for no other purpose than riding our bikes, hanging out and seeing the world in all its weird and wonderful glory. In April of this year we hit up our second destination.
Shanghai was ours for 12 days and 11 nights and we had over 2,448 square miles to cover, 16 districts, 210 towns and sub districts to explore and ride.
12 days really wasn’t quite enough, but we battled the smog, heat waves and traffic and came away with a positive feeling about China and its riding community.
The following video explores our time spent in China, our first and last impressions. Filmed and edited by Will Evans.
Special thanks to Kane, Kenji (iBMX) George Jackson and the CNBMX collective. Without them we would have been lost in the depths of China forever.
Full feature out in DIG Issue 89. 
In celebration of our time in China we updated our microsite featuring the photography of Andrew White. Check it out at eclatbmx.com/freeandsleazy

Éclat: The Free & Sleazy tour: Part II from wemakethings on Vimeo.

X Games 2012: Super Park Highlights

Scotty Cranmer, Ryan Nyquist, Pat Casey, Daniel Dhers, Drew Bezanson, Gary Young, Ben Hennon, and more give the giant concrete monster all they have to offer.

 Credit: Vital BMX

X Games 2012: Super Park Highlights - More BMX Videos