Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Rainy Mondays...

Rain rain go away! Bank holiday Monday, lot's of frustrated riders not being able to ride in the bad weather... oh well, might as well come and visit Pijin!

Slosh dropped by to cheer up the house. At least James was excited to see him! After checking out Carlos last week, he's managed to get his hands on Mr Slosh! Hmm... not too sure Slosh's girl fans will appreciate the picture.

Slosh is preggers!Slosh and James
Always good to see 'Wykeham Will' and his mates. He hasn't forgotten us now that he's famous and even took the time to sign his article [page 158] in the shop copy of Ride! (The signed copy of Ride is up for sale to the highest bidder.) He's also the first guy to get his finger stuck in a stem! Had to undo the allen bolts to let his swollen finger out. Better stick a warning on the stems in future - 'Caution - don't put your finger in the hole, it might get stuck!'.

Will signing the shop copy of RideWill gets his finger stuck!
Finally managed to get some pics of James bike. It's the shiniest bike in England! Lot's of time spent polishing...

Shiny shiny bikeShiny shiny shiny bike!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

New paint jobs & girls jeans

A little update on what the Pijin kids are riding...

Carlos now has a new bright green Mankind Kingdom frame. He absolutely loves it right now, but no doubt he will get bored in 2 months and ride something else. Just like his girlfriends...

Jake's TVR purple SputnicCarlos' new Mankind Kingdom Frame
Meanwhile, Pretty Joe has stripped the paint off his Sputnic, and Jake and Dan A have both had the bikes sprayed at a BMW garage. Jake's bike is now TVR purple, and Dan's is Lamborghini yellow!

Talking of Dan A, he's a bit of a strange boy. Went round sweeping the floor and cleaning the glass on the counter after we shut the shop. Nothing wrong with that except he's not a Pijin employee and nobody asked him to do it! Normally, I have to bully Carlos or Dave into doing the cleaning...

Wot no flowers? Joe's raw SputnicDan A's Lambo yellow WTP Frenzy
And finally, we have a picture of Dave wearing a pair of jeans belonging to Flo's younger sister! [I think I need to have a few words with Dave about the Pijin dress code...]

Flo's sister's jeans!

Questions & Answers

Hello all. It's been a long time since the last blog! Been a combination of laziness and absence from the shop...

First off, let's clear a few questions which I've been asked over and over and over and over and over again in the last few weeks. Hopefully I won't have to answer them again!

Question : Have you left Pijin?
Answer : No, I have not. Why would I ever do that?! For now, I just don't work during week days anymore, only on weekends. Week days are spent working on a new website for THQ (who make video games). Once that is done, I will be back!

Question : Who's that girl who's always in the shop?
Answer : Her name is Flo. She helped out for a few hours one day when we were short staffed (and became Pijin's first female member of staff!). Since then, she's become a bit of a squatter and now we can't get rid of her – she scares me!

Question : When are you going to post another blog entry?
Answer : I'm writing it now...

Question : Can I have a job?
Answer : Yes, but only if you're prettier than Joe, can drink more beer than J.P, wear tighter T-shirts than Carlos, are more meticulous at tidying than James, not ask for loans like Dave and be a bigger MySpace addict than Flo. [Translation – pretty unlikely!]

Question : Can I be on the team?
Answer : Yes, but only if you're more annoying than Jake, have a bigger afro than Carlos and have more girly fans than Slosh. And being able to ride a bike helps too... [Translation – it’s possible!]

[Definition - Squatter - Person illegally occupying someone else's property; for example, some of the urban homeless in contemporary Britain making use of vacant houses. Squatters commit a criminal offence if they take over property where there is a 'residential occupier'; for example, by moving in while the owner is on holiday.]