Wednesday, April 30, 2008

502 - Mutiny, Lotek & People.

Streetphire have pulled another cool feature out of the bag, and this time it's a new look at the latest product line from Mutiny. It's up on their home-page, so go check it out.

Whilst lurking there, I also spotted the link to Lotek's site where they reveal the purpose of the white Coastals - DIY Colourschemes. This purple colour = all good:

Interesting Fact: I have the same size feet as Jason Enns. Check out the Lotek Blog for more info on how to dye your new shoes, assuming you manage to get some. I pretty much exclusively directed that last comment at Carlos. Nudge ;-)

Stephen Murray appears to have dropped out of the BMX Consciousness these days after the hype surrounding his support jams and the like, but he's got a great interview up on EXPN. Well worth a read.

Owain Clegg has a little bikecheck up on the Shadow website. Incl. vid!

In semi bike-related news, the ComeUpBoard informs me that both Garrett Reynolds and Eli Platt are now brakeless. Should make it iiiiiiinteresting. Speaking of Eli, his HD video part is available for free over at Micreation. Check out the out-takes to hear: Woman - "Who are you?" Eli - "Me? I'm... leaving."

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

501 - DISSRM

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, courtesy of StreetJoel, DISSRM is back with a bang, and one of the best edits I've seen Joel produce. More filming as soon as that new camera comes, eh?

Dissrm Oh'eight from joel nicholls on Vimeo.

Get out there.

Post 500!

Half a thou'. Nuts.

Anyway, the news. I was going to include a pun based on the fact I'm talking about Tomorrow We Work and the fact I've been in uni staring at a Flash CS3 timeline for 6 hours, but I'm too frazzled to do that.

Anyway, according to Joe Cox:

"Sorry everyone! the duplicators have messed me about so much the dvds should have been back agaes ago but they fucked up the packaging...they will be back this week wednesday im assured. again really sorry to everyone waiting, its just my luck that this kinda thing happens, same thing happened with voices. im sure you can all apreciate ive tryed my best to get it out but theres nothing i can do but wait. this is bmx though, if something can go wrong it probably will!

thanks again to everyone whos waited i really apreciate it lads!

also, if anyone wants a copy of Nang, ive got some in and you can buy it now on for only 8 quid with p and p. amazing vid if you havent seen it get it now!


Sunday, April 27, 2008


First up, Lotek have a new trailer up for their up-coming SF vid. Before you start getting uppity when you watch it, just remember the team they've got. There's nothing really to prove for them in a trailer, so yeah, there we are:

SF1 from Lotek on Vimeo.

Fit are also road-tripping, this time down the East Coast. No ECCD in site, so yeah, different crew this time. Check out their site for more photos, plus this image showing the new Chase Hawk graphics:

Apparently bigger is better for Fit?

Project5's Lynched In Leicester jam took place yesterday, and after a 12am invite, I got up at 6am and made my way to my meet-up point with H-Man. Jam was really amazing, put some top qual' mobile phone photos up on Style43 along with some word-age.

Don't think I've mentioned it yet, but yeah, Wiz is on Eastern, of all people. I'm sure there's a reason there somewhere. Head over to EasternBikes to check out a generic press release.

Talking about yet more ch-ch-ch-changes (Like the Bowie quote?) Leicester-destroying Niki Croft is now hooked up on Vans having been on Orchid for aaaaaages. Hint: Don't ever play Knuckles against Niki. I witnessed him reduce Daison and Waffle (Two Hastings shredders) almost to tears with his display of dominance yesterday. I'm pretty sure if Niki and Morgan Wade had a game of knuckles, the world would end, or it'd at least generate the Evil Twin of Chuck Norris or something...


Tate Roskelley had an amazing section in 50:50's "That's It" DVD (Buy a copy now, seriously - Mike Aitken's section. Wow.), and now he's got a vid up on Fit's site (Why didn't I put that earlier?). If you were wondering what his intro to That's It is like, it's basically this video...

Friday, April 25, 2008

Woah Standard!

Standard appear to be making a comeback according to Zeal. Check there attention to detail, and more here! I don't know wether i'm to sure on their fork dropouts though. I was scared about the Macneil ones as it was, but Standard has taken this to another level! Anyway, they seem to have made their new frame 4.19 lbs, which is probably just about light enough for Bikeguide, so it should be all good.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Did someone say "DISSRM"?


Best rumour ever?

One of the best parts of the integration of the internet into the BMXing world is gossip (Which I got caught out with last post, cheers for the heads up Nuno!), and potentially the best rumour I've heard, courtesy of TheComeUpBoard, is that Federal/Lotek/Fremont (<-New site!)/Primo rider Dan Lacey is being tried for "Attempted murder" because "supposedly his little brother got battered and he went after them with a sword".

I laughed.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAnyway, NORA cup award for best opening line on a video ever? Potentially. Fulfilling that "One NORA cup reference per day" rule pretty successfully there.

Last time I dedicated a video post to Sam, expecting him never to read it, I got a "Cheers dude!" next time I saw him. Going for two in a row - Sam, check this video out, you'll dig it. No pun intended.

Sunday have released the pics of the production Ian Schwartz frames. If that head angle was a wee bit steeper, the back end a wee bit shorter, and that Macneil post a wee bit less integrated (New Wave 2 frames out soon after the Ian frame, so it won't be too much longer, hopefully!), I'd be all over that like a rash. Pics of it look sweet anyway, so I'll put a tempter up here then you can click over to the relevant page yoselves.


Rob Wise is a champ (And off Mirraco - incidentally: In case you're not Sam, and you didn't click that link earlier, head over to Ride UK's site to win a Mirraco Blend. How's that for editorial linkup? (Which is itself a quote from an old Ride. Double whammy!)): Proof here.

Speaking way earlier of both Nuno and Lotek, I just saw on Defgrip that the new Lotek Spring/Summer models are out now, specifically the Nightwolf Slims and the Coastals. More info up on the Lotek site, but yeah, I'm into the Coastals.

More long-term readers might remember me posting up this photo literally ages ago:

Well, the news about that new Van Homan Casual shoe has been confirmed. I can't even remember how I got hold of that photo back then in the first place, but it was like a weird sense of deja vu reading the Orchid news page about that shoe model. Creative writing at it's finest in that news page too. Trying to talk about Van's shoes in relation to Vans shoes = literary techery.

Big news I forgot to mention until now (That's how pro I am) is that the new PijinForum is up and indeed running. Fellow blogger, former freecoaster user, current shop worker and "Car Enthusiast" BoneDave hit me up with a link to the beta version a few days ago, and now, like the former kid's TV show staring pre-grey-haired Philip Schofield, the forum is literally Going Live. I'm sure if Dan's internet connection allows him to read this blog, he'll probably approve of that last bit. Anyway, get involved, tell everyone what you think about life, Pijin, this blog or anything you want, and we'll all pretend to be interested...

Lastly, Snafu have some new product out. Here's a link to the Fat BMX article about it, but knowing the majority of Southampton's riders to some extent, I'm guessing the chances of anyone running any of that stuff are probably about the same as Mike Escamilla's life being described as "Boring".

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The future?

Ever since the dawn of GoogleVideo, where large file-size videos could easily be uploaded and downloaded from the interwebs, there's been talk of the demise of the Great BMX Riding Video. Why would companies bother spending a load of money on sending riders all over the world to film for their parts, paying someone to film, edit and produce the video, then having it duplicated, hype-ing the video up - it ain't cheap. In every major interview with any BMX videographer, there's always been the obligatory "What next?" question that's been popped, usually with the answer of "Well, er, we've got something planned."

Micreation have always been pushing the web-vid envelope, with their Micreation Widget and smooth, high quality vids (Eli Platt's online section was talked about as deserving the NORA Cup award for best section, despite it being inelligible because it wasn't on a DVD/video), and now Dave Jacob's has shown his hand with the launch of the new MiNet videoservice.

The trailer for the new Brad Simms video part

Basically, what we now have are pay-per-view HD video slots from the different riders on their team, starting with Mr. Brad Simms. For your $2 (Favourable exchange rate, don't forget), you get access to the main video part itself, out-takes, extra clips, crashes and the chance to download the song from the video. However, for your $2, you only get 2 weeks access, and no chance to download the actual video itself.

Dave Jacobs is keen to stress though that this is for a full video part of DVD standard riding, filming and editing, just online.

Currently, on TCU, Defgrip and ESPN, there are coupons that you can use to view the Brad Simms slot for free, although you'll have to be quick because each code only works for the first 50 people (Meaning 150 people can check it out for free). Whether you think the video's worth the money for 2 weeks use is of course your opinion, personally I think it's pretty damn amazing. The riding's unbelievable, but only having access for 2 weeks seems a little short.

Micreation claim that the 'profit' goes to the riders, but the way it's distributed between the riders remains to be seen.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Albes, United & some old news...

Well, not in order:

United have the trailer for their free DVD (Out with Dig 64) up on their site. Should be cool! Expect plenty of half-naked portraits in Dig though. Downer.

Albes have been on a 10-day trip, here's the link to Day 2, but Day 1 is pretty rad too. They're all up on Go211, so cycle through 'em there. No pun intended.

Lastly, I'd forgotten how good this vid was 'til someone linked me to it again today. Dan Lacey, over a year ago. Too good.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thanks, Tim.

Another Tim Lewis inspired post - Tim kept going on about this vid when we were riding Kennington Bowl (good times) today, so I decided to check it out, and yeah, the JoMoPro Best Trick comp was riiiiidiculous.

New Retribution site up

Spotted this o'er on Defgrip - James Cox has launched the new Retribution site. Retribution 3 is gonna be raaaaad.

Check out all the interviews, vid 'n' pics - plenty of content!

Tomorrow We Work park edit.

Cheers to Joel Nicholls for the linkage:

Tomorrow We Work Park Edit from Joe Cox on Vimeo.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Hai guise!

4Down have a sweet new Lewis/Clegg/Ditchburn vid up, go check it, it's good!

What's not so good is the video of Eddie Cleveland "merking" his ankle on P2 of the Lotek Blog. Every time I see someone do that it makes me remember the feeling of snapping my ankle, way not cool.

You want it? You got it - Fit are now doing the DLD/DLR and S3 stems in flat purple. Anodising is nuts these days:

The S3 also comes in Nickel now too (Pictured), and is "Less machined out", apparently making it stronger. Can only be a good thing.

When I rode with *NAMEDROP*Derek Strickland*NAMEDROP* last, his bike looked exactly like it does now, according to his bikecheck on BrightonAintReadydotcom. EDIT: Just realised it's totally different, haha

Plans for the FISE comp have been released - interesting street course design, ever more interesting MTB/slopestyle design. The stuff that the RF crew did at Ray's in Rock And Roll Tour 2 was ridiculous, and dominated any of that nancy "North Shore" 25"-of-travel-massive-bike toss, so maybe they need to get involved with that too. It's all about the waterdrops, no doubt H&S will require them to have nets underneath and safety wires with harnesses over the top of the course. I guess maybe the totally anal nanny-state gig hasn't reached Europe yet.

"Always complaining", as someone said in the comments before ;)

Laaaastly, Ride are still doing daily RF16 updates, ch-ch-check 'em.


Well, this weekend was hectic. Blown freecoaster bearings, rain, Luc-E grinds, rain, X-ups, rain, tables, rain, bump-downsides, rain, etc.


But yeah, good times were had, expect the photographic results to pop up some time soon.

Tomorrow We Work is now officially so close. I really can't wait. I was a little 'upset' when I found out there's another premiere on at the Carhartt Store in London on the 27th, having spent a bit of money and a LOT of time going to Sheffield for the o.g. premiere. 8 hours on a bus is not for the faint-hearted.

Apparently, unbeknownst to me, Tuesday was BikecheckDay. Ashley Charles (Check that new Eclat setup...), Ryan Smith and... someone who I've forgotten have all had bikechecks posted up by their respective companies, and having had to set up a photoshoot of a plastic carrier bag in my room (no joke), I decided to follow suit:

And yes, I decided to rinse my student loan on that GLH-R on the back. After seeing Street Joel run foldables, I kinda felt a little safer doing it, so there we are.

RideUS have got some updates from Props RF16 up on their site. That video's going to be insane. RF14 and RF15 were, as the bird on my headtube says, "Awesome", and with a bigger + better crew, RF16 shouldn't disappoint.

Speaking of not disappointing - I haven't bought a Props issue since 50, and I'm not even sure I bought that, but either way - Props 68 is good. Defpaul does some ridiculousness, as does Cranmer and Nathan Williams, but the real highlight was the Kink roadtrip. I didn't really expect too much, and ended up being pleasantly surprised (Kinda led myself into that I guess). Sean Sexton is a treat in that section, some amazing riding. Well worth buying + watching! Club together and share custody with a friend or something, I don't care - just get it!

I think I might be going senile or something - I have no idea whether I posted this up before, but there's a United X Defgrip collab up on Defgrip's homepage that's worth a watch.

Equally, Demolition have a new Rob Wise edit up that's not really new any more, but yeah, Rob Wise > Rain so you may as well watch it, right?

If you were at Backyard Sheffield, you'll have probably spotted this dude there destroying the volcano. Luke Towey is, as they say, dialled. Unfortunately, Mpora really isn't, but yeah, watch the vid:

More BMX Videos >>

Literally blistering quality.

Best web-vid title ever? Gnarwhale spring edit.

Will it work? Who knows - Vital have got a new Johnny Stevens vid up as the Levis C.o.t.W.:

Fingers crossed...

Friday, April 11, 2008


This is dedication. In 12 hours, I'll probably be leaving Pijin with everyone to go ride Hoglands, if it's dry, and in between now and then, I have to fit in sleep and a 2 hour train ride.


Anyway, decided to lurk a few sites before bed, and lo, I found success.

Even since hearing that Animal were doing foldable GLH tyres, it was pretty much expected they'd do ASM-R's too, and yes, they have. Go to the Animal site for all the details, or just look at this pretty picture:

And also, in HELL YES pre-bed news, Ian Schwartz has a web-vid up on Defgrip. I haven't even watched it yet, that's how strict I am with updating this thing.

See y'all tomorrow...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

"You shouldn't touch kids."

Title courtesy of a skater in Kennington Bowl today.

Anyway, BMX shoe companies appear to have tapped directly into my brain to work out what shoes I want them to make next. Step up to the plate (no pun intended) Orchid - even more like Vans than the Lotek spring line (B.A.R. -> Enter -> Shoes on the floor for a preview), especially the sole. These are the Van Homan's signature shoe, so maybe they're just doing some punning tie in? Van's Vans? Meh, I'm tired.

Genuinely loads of stuff!

Right, in order:

Defgrip and Shook have released a Garrett Reynolds "Like Totally" remix. His section in Like Totally, even though it had sucky music, was still rawrsome, so go here, read the interview, then begin downloading the video.

While you're waiting for that to come through, rejoice in the fact that yet another company is trying to reinvent the wheel, in BB form. This time, it's those German dudes KHE. To quote their press release type thing:

AFFIX® bush system

At the moment we are testing a new kind of BB-cup which features the „patent pending” AFFIX® bush system and the proven quality of igus® bush bearings. These bush bearings are principally used in the industry, primarily on permanently running applications at high temperatures. Each of them can sustain more than 3 tons.

Their advantages are obvious: They are unbelievable compact and weigh next to nothing. They have the highest wear resistance and the lowest friction. They feature excellent resistance against extreme conditions like high temperature, humidity, chemicals. They're maintenance-free, lubricant-free, corrosion resistant and extremely insensitive to dirt.

The AFFIX® bush system features strong alloy cups to get the most resistant end-product. One alloy cup including the iglidur® bush bearing weighs only 36g/0.079lbs. Compared to a regular Mid B/B (including spacers), the AFFIX bush system saves 120g/ 0.265lbs, while it's more durable and maintanance-effortless.

Quite. Anyway, they look cool, observe!


Mutiny have put up their new online catalogue - for the record, I'm all about companies making more information available online. It's not that hard, but it helps everyone out. Just think - fewer e-mails in your inbox asking boring product info questions? Too. Easy.

Seth Kimbrough has a bikecheck up on BAR, and Brad Simms, Seth and Bruce Crisman have been keeping the Clip of the Day feature ticking over nicely. It really is worth checking back there regularly...

Lastly, if you ever see me running a pair of bars this big, shoot me. Solid Roseanne bars: 9" x 31"

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Errrr. Eastern!?

Woah, haven't done one of these blog things for a while, ha. Anyway, Eastern are trying to make a bottom bracket, from plastic. I'm not thinking it'll work some how, but they recon other people use such bearings in other industries, so I guess we'll have to wait and see... To find out more, click here not that you'll really want to. Ha.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Loadsa stuff.

Technically a lie, but whatever.

Scott Ditchburn's excellence has been recognised by Orchid, so he's now rocking their shoes. Here's the intro vid Owain Clegg made:

More BMX Videos >>

Zeal have popped up a new edit of two of their UK riders:

More BMX Videos >>

WTP also have a new vid out, this time featuring Bjoern Elvering.

wethepeople : Bjoern Elvering from wethepeople on Vimeo.

And lastly, Animal are also doing their new Hamilton Plastics in green and purple translucent colourways:

New Orchid site + Van Homan vid

Orchid have a new site up, featuring a brand new web-vid of the man, the mystery, Van Homan...

Monday, April 07, 2008

Big tings.

Aversion have banged a new vid of the temporarily brakeless Mark Love up, click on that link to hit up their site and scope it out.

Ride UK have been putting up the odd photo from their 2008 Photo Issue (On sale now!) up on their site, and the new Leo Forte one is pretty fly...

Friday, April 04, 2008

Bunch o' stuff...

My legs hurt. So much riding. If you weren't making the most out of the early summer we had today, sucks to be you!

AAAAAAAAAAAnyway, Josh Eilken has delivered another pretty sweet web-vid for laredeF:

Jeff Koscis, who I mentioned earlier, has a new video up too. Head over to the Madera site, go to Video (Which is weirdly seperated from the "Media" section? What?), then wait for it to load, I guess. Yep, I'd like to just embed it here too instead of giving you the web-vid equivalent of an AA routemap from Pijin to John O'Groats, but hey, there we are.

The ever innovative Mutiny have released the info on some of their new products, so here is the Hemi frame and the Lifted stem. All the details - along with a Randy Taylor bike check - are up on their site.

They also have all the new details on the Burlish frame - refined doesn't even begin to describe it.

Speaking of - United have got some new specs on their frames/products, as well as a pretty sweet deal whenever you buy any of their new Frames/Bars/Forks - head over to Defgrip for more.

Lastly, Standard have a new web-video out. Unfortunately, I'm still too traumatised from the toss that was Whatever-their-DVD-was-called (No really, I've actually stricken it from my memory), so you'll have to scout that one out for yourself.

Mike Spinner lands this trick so easily that I don't really understand why they didn't just film him doing it over a real jumpbox to make it a fully valid trick?


As I said aaaaages ago, vert is out of the X-Games - here's the proof.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Random Pijin Post...

Why does JP look so slim in this picture? Cos in real life, he seems a lot bigger. Picture taken just before Dan's spine imploded under the 15 stone man mountain...

New Pijin congestion charge?

Slosh tweak! [pic by Pies]

Mark, that's pretty boring.

Here's the AM:PM mixtape that features on the pretty good (Jeff Koscis dominates, as does some random dude who's name I've forgotten) DQYDJ2 video.

The first track is by pre-Joy Division Joy Division, known as Warsaw. You may recognise them as being the people who did the song on Josh Bedford's section on Voices (Speaking of TWW is so close I can feel it...). Anyway, long story short, I bought the self-titled Warsaw album and it was kinda disappointing. There are some really good songs on there that feature in their later albums, but the recordings are super rough, so if you like to hear 'raw' music, go nuts.

The end.

Oh yeah, the video:


Generally, my friend Tim hates the online BMX world. That's why, when he spends all day remembering bits of a new video he loves, it's generally pretty decent. Such was the case with this video of Tammy - it's pretty much literally all Tim's been talking about, unless he was ordering katsu curry from Wagamamas or telling annoying drunk tools what he thought of them.

So yeah, with that in mind, enjoy:

One of the videos that Tim didn't really like today, but I liked purely for one line Dakota Roche does in it, was this video from Levis. Tim's "It's kinda boring" summary was largely accurate, but yeah, that Dakota line. Wow.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Mike Mastroni webvid

Shamelessly ripped from TCU, but there we are:

WebEdit3 from Mike Mastroni on Vimeo.

All good.

Bone's '05 Pantera

Pictures 'cause you can't read:

Maybe I'll keep you posted

Shola and BAR...

Bruce Crisman has set up a new company, seemingly like a phoenix rising from the ashes of Facad (Nice imagery, right?), and they have a promo video up. Check out their Site for more info.

There's a cool new web-vid up on Brighton Ain't Ready of Tony Neyer, Dakota Roche, Dan Lacey and... someone else riding the mini. I watched it earlier today, and I've already forgotten who. Ah, yeah, Niki Croft, pre foot death. It's a good watch anyway, so get involved.

Speaking of "Good watches" - Electronical: pretty damn fine.