Thursday, September 30, 2010

So yeah...

Spotted the "Defgrip Studio" bit at the top of the freshly-Converse-branded Defgrip site, and in between then and now (not long at all), a sweet Chase Hawk feature dropped. Sweet timing by me... Anyways, it's over here, so check that out then hit up the Studio section for some other cool related and unrelated stuff.

Linky linky...

Two people who I've both seen do awesome things in person as a result of P5.

Firstly, if you've ever been to a P5 jam you will have seen Mole do something outrageous. The guy's too good.

Secondly, Bertie Buck is a guy I've known as a friend-of-a-friend for a while, although I did get to ride with him for a couple of P5 jams too. Another guy doing things his own way, but with a totally different style.

Didn't realise he was on Stolen either, but that's cool!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Often get accused of being too biased towards street on here, so here's a purely indoor park video. It's not just a token thing either, this video's awesome! So much good stuff in here - it's cool seeing the synthesis (went there) of a rad skatepark and a creative rider. All good.

Go out and buy a BSD frame while you're at it...

Some things.

Kink have some new stuff coming out, incl. a signature Tony Hamlin frame, a sig. Sean Sexton Pivotal seat and some new other bits 'n' bobs. Go here to see them.

Couple of bits from Interbike, firstly Clicked's "Top 3's":

Secondly, Tunney's opinion of things - speaking of, should be interesting seeing how all the millions of smaller, distributor-with-a-different-name brands work out. I didn't really think there was enough money around to do that kinda thing, but we'll see...

Hideout have a new video out that makes the current rainy autumn/winter action seem even worse...

Scott Marceau took some sequences of the guys riding for the new OSS video, so if you want to watch a sort of jittery, silent version of some of the lines in the video, here you are:

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Gotta be an amazing feeling doing the last combo...


Do I really need to tell you how good this Cult Interbike promo is? Didn't think so...

Ben Green has more fingers in more pies than the entire workforce of Greggs. Latest project from him is spelling-nazi-hated Purpl. Bit different to everything else out there which is pretty much the aim of the game. There's a Boiski edit up on there too to lure you in...

Amity had a pretty fun-looking trip to Portugal that'll make you resent the on-coming winter just that little bit more:

...and I now need to do some work.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


I'm typing this seated on a brand new office chair, sitting at a desk with my laptop, a proper mouse and mouse-mat, a digital typewriter, an external hard-drive, a massive dead moth that's staring at me and some turbo strength cold/flu medicine. Just thought I'd set that scene for you. Feels pretty pro...

Speaking of pro - the Rail Jam at Interbike is potentially the only real thing I'm going to post from Interbike in so much as it was the only thing that actually involved riding, and I'm very much more interested in that rather than more unimaginative parts. Some of the lines people do in this are about a million % more original and innovative than almost every part shown at Interbike this year. Vital had this video up - I don't want to put any spoilers, but damn... I really want to say how awesome it was to see some of the moves in there.

Speaking of things that are awesome - any Erik Elstran footage is good, and this video for The Set is no different. I'm keen on anything that's pretty much done purely to wind up people who deserve to be wound up, so if you find yourself recoiling in horror and heading over to TheComeUp to cry about the double 'giver' in this video, then you and I probably wouldn't get along.

In total contrast to that, most Etnies edits seem to be produced to try and appeal to as many people as possible and offend as few people as possible, and this video's not really much of an exception. That being said, there's some cool stuff in there.

Cult apparently had a promo they made to play at Interbike, so it should be cool seeing that when it drops for us 'normies' who didn't go to the Worst Place In The World just to look at some bicycle parts and watch Garrett Reynolds do a fakie nozzer down a ledge (Spoiler!), but The Trip have already put their promo video up. Pretty much a remix of their sweet 35min long 'promo' video from before, but still, worth watching:

Speaking of promos, I can't remember if I put this up before, and checking requires extensive clicking and looking so I'm not going to do that, but hopefully I didn't... Eclat's team is "Stacked" as they'd probably say on ESPN, and for good reason.

That's it. Apologies for the lack of external linking, but I'm very much not in the mood to type a href = "" target="_blank" and all that jazz over and over again. I hope that I'm not about to find that writing that in the middle of this paragraph explodes the Blog when I click "Publish Post" after I write the labels in for this post. If I didn't, woo. If I did, fffuuuuuuu-

Friday, September 24, 2010


Man, I forgot how balls being ill is. As a result, looking at not-very-interesting videos from Interbike hasn't been too appealing. Seems most people are just bringing out new colourways of old products, "new to them" catalogue products or just a range of bangin' completes. Once it's all died down a little I'll try and put up some highlights rather than going for the total media saturation that everyone else is keen on.

In total contrast, I've been pretty into this after seeing them on the Case Facebook page - the raw footage from Clint Reynolds' coast to coast trip. Here's part one - click through their channel for others. After being totally blown away by This Is United, most other vids seemed pretty tame but the pure awesomeness and simplicity of this video really got me. It's always cool seeing people having fun doing what they enjoy, and when 'what they enjoy' happens to be blasting rad tables, super smooth gaps and boosting airs like Clint Reynolds, it's even better.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Me when I was watching the new United video:

Call the shop and buy a copy now. It's that good.

This Is In-Store...

This Is United premiere at the shop: 20th September! Can't wait to see the video - if you can make it, do so...

Friday, September 17, 2010


Word - post 1500!

RebelJam best trick looked pretty hectic. Alex Kennedy is serious business now. I mean, he was good before, but that progression's nuts. Corey is also ridiculous (as we knew), and Nathan Williams is putting that third peg to good use.

Couldn't handle the idea of the 6 minute version yet, so I'm posting it here so I remember to watch it at a later date...

In WTP news, their new video has a new trailer, and they've also been getting amongst it in the Soulatour (the ambient footage:riding footage is slightly off in that...), and also with Tenpack and Macneil. Video evidence to follow.

BSD also went on the Soulatour too, here's their video...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Everything else is irrelevant

I was going to post a bunch of other stuff but there's no point because this video's so good you don't need to see anything else.

That's basically it.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Here and there.

Some old, some new, mostly cool.

Speaking of - an old part from your new favourite rider, which happens to be pretty cool. Definitely one of my favourite Safety First parts - Albert Mercado. Seeing as it's also up, Lil Jon and Landon Anderson's split part, although I was never really as keen on it. The banger for that part is bangin' though!

While we're talking Kink - Darryl Tocco has been someone I've always looked out for footage of since I first saw Insight. He's been riding for Osiris for a while now, and this is an edit he put together for them.

Another guy on Osiris is the ever-changing Josh Betley. Rad dude and pretty handy on a bike too, no matter how many pegs he's got or how high his seat happens to be...

Cologne is also good, and as a bonus fact that spot with the double set with the weird raised sections was the place where I did the best thing I've ever done on a BMX. A fairly odd statement to make, but I was genuinely surprised I pulled it, and it capped off an awesome trip. Taliban has the footage, or used to, but I somehow doubt it'll ever see the light of day. Still, that's life.

And on that slightly odd, awkward note, I'm off. Tatty bye bye.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mind games...

You have no idea how confused I was then. Dig posted this video by Woozy of Stefan and Bruno. I was almost certain I'd seen it, so clicked onto the Youtube page to view it. Said it was uploaded today, which confused me even more. I was even able to remember which tricks were going to appear in it, so I did a bit more digging and was incredibly relieved when I found the original and realised it was almost 2 years old.

Still, it's pretty good!

iPod cable.

Yep, named this post after the first thing I saw.

I'm pretty sure when all the 2011 completes come out from all the different companies involved in BMX, once at least one of all the different models of bike on the market get sold the current amount of bikes in the world will double, if not treble. I mean seriously, millions of bikes. Stepping up to the "Whoa there, that's enough" plate are Sunday and Diamondback. Sunday made a little embedded player, Diamondback didn't, so you can view the Sundays here but have to go to DB's site to view their's.

In "New stuff" news, Clicked have an exclusive...

Also in "New" news, the next issue of Cult is apparently out soon, although it seems to be going more down the 'corporate' (for want of a better word) route rather than the previous route (e.g. more photos of bike parts, less porn photos with "Grab ur pads, blow ur load" written over them).

In video news, Tom Davis is now on Sunday's UK team, and this is his obligatory 'welcome' video. S.Wales gets rinsed!

Another person in team switching news is Lil Jon, who's now on Kink Pro. Think I might've put this before, but smooth bowl riding = repeatable with no regrets on my side.

In complete contrast to these past two 'team business' videos is this BluntedAtheltics video.

I swear Tammy is actually Butlin's American brother...

Lastly, I've been sorta wanting to get a motorbike to mess around on for a while, and this video isn't helping that. Pretty artfag, but still, do want.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

I mean, really?

No posts for a few days then one about skate videos? Best believe!

Saw this on Vimeo's homepage today, which also led me to the Etnies video for the Skate And Create competition too. In short - skate companies get given a few days in a warehouse to make a 3-5min edit. That's pretty much it...

And just 'cos it's awesome, Fully Flared's intro too.

Just for a bit of BMX content, some riding from Hoang Tran, Tom Perry, Kyle Hart and Lahsaan Kobza, which I've probably spelt wrong.

Go to for more videos.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Late addition

Used to ride with a bunch of these dudes back in London, where they'd generally make me feel old by riding non-stop for hours on end on some kind of Chicken Cottage and sweets diet and learn new tricks incredibly quickly. Cool to see how they've all improved now, next generation coming through. Some rad stuff in here. If you've ever wondered what it'd sound like if Richard Ayoade would sound like MCing a BMX jam, here's your chance...


LAPTOP SMAAAASH! Pretty close to it then after getting stuck in some kind of infinite "Log in!" loop. Fury.

Anyways - it's NEW PRODUCT TUESDAY! A freshly invented title for the 7th September simply because there's new product ahoy. Interbike around the corner = show off your goods time.

First up, some 'fruity' gloves from Odyssey. They all laughed when Edison recorded sound, and they all laughed at the engineer hats that became mad popular, but ho ho ho - who's got the last laugh now? Well, probably Odyssey.

"That looks like their old sprocket!" I hear you cry - correct, that's because they made it that way for Chase Hawk's new sprocket.

I could type some kind of witty spiel for the new Aaron Ross tyre, but essentially the only thing anyone's really going to care about is the fact that it comes in 2.35", which is about this big:

Superstar (no, not that straight-out-the-catalogue UK company, the original rad French dudes) also have a load of new stuff coming out - click over to Ride US for more.

If, when watching this video, you start clapping your hands like a demented seal and making strange barking noises because this Vans edit has riding in a skatepark with DC logos in it: No-one cares. Just thought I'd clarify that. If you're watching someone ride street and they ride past a McDonalds, do you instantly start complaining that that's not an "[Insert sponsor name here]" video, that's a McDonalds video? Yeah yeah, competing companies, whatever - no-one cares. No, really. No-one.

Dude's got a nice style though regardless.

Speaking of "Nice style", Steven Hamilton used to have one, but now makes interesting blog posts. "Drama drama" rather than "Disguise disguise"?

Saturday, September 04, 2010


Russia have their own Adidas team?

Why are Mumford & Sons so popular despite all their songs being totally identical and frighteningly bland? It's the musical equivalent of every frame coming out exclusively in beige... Anyway, Joris Coulomb is really good, although the auto-refresh that page seems to do meant I had to watch that video twice to see it all. Not cool.

How is David Grant physically possible?

What does Josh Shaw say at the beginning of this Mix section from Safety First?

Is Nathan Williams suicidal?

How awesomely well made do these ramps look? Compare that to any indoor in the UK...

Friday, September 03, 2010

For the sake of the blog?

This is George Boyd's section from For The Sake Of The Video. Looks pretty good, eh?

In related good video news, Nathan Williams had this video out today too.

Ben Hucke has a new frame out, you can hear about it here:

Lotek have some new shoes out. Fruity colours...

And with that, I'm off. Hungry hungry hippo.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010


This is awesome, for some fairly obvious reasons.

Mutiny are working on a top-loader.

Scott Ditchburn has lost some pegs (pretty sure he used to always run 4?) but still does some ridiculous lines.

Akin Hercules-Walker rides some fun spots from inside the M25.

Lastly - S&M went there. Oh dear...