Friday, February 26, 2010

Pre-weekend blog?

I don't know if I just totally missed it or if this is relatively new (I believe it may be the latter?), but there's a pretty rad website called BMXMDB, inspired by IMDB. It's got some pretty interesting info on it, and might help remind you of some cool videos you've seen in the past.

Speaking of 'cool things', Ricky Adam has a pretty snazzy interview up on Defgrip that's well worth reading. He's a pretty interesting person and shoots amazing photos - all good.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Continuing on from last post's "Awesome things to see in a video" trend - Greg Smee hopping a swan was a personal highlight for me in Banned 3.

All the other riding's good too.


Ever wanted to see a dog on a conveyor belt? Get in there... From Seventies.

They've also been gradually putting all (but one, eh Ollie?) One More Brew sections up online - Joel's Southampton edit all up in herrrr:

If any of you dudes at the shop happen to read this, cheers for the quick postage, awesome picture, and comedy address. You're all winners.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Long been a fan of Tom Perry, and he's got a new edit up on Defgrip that's well worth watching, and would've been blogged yesterday had everything after work not been massively rushed...

In other 'videos I can't put here' news, Dig have the new Partners In Crime video up - this time it's with Bengo and Alex Kennedy, riding some awesome spots and doing some amazing things. Go and check that piece out here.

New Dig, you dig?

Lunchtime's pretty much up, so I've gotta do one. Trying to get a more even keel on the blog from now on, been a bit all over the place recently.

I believe I may have said that before...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Charlie Don't Surf

Here's the last two sections from it. Such a good video... From Streetphire.

As an additional bonus, here's the T2S ad too!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

This rules.

I used to watch this video all the time - it came free with a different Etnies DVD with Dig years ago, and has now been uploaded by Joe Rich. Awesome video, super inspiring!

”Six weeks, 1 regluar sized back pack for each of the 2 of us, 1 super 8mm camera, 1 DV video camera, 1 35mm film photo camera, 2 bmx bikes, $400 in train tickets each = 1 amazing adventure. We had the most basic of plans . . . Leave Malaga, Spain by train, and arrive in Prague (Czech Republic) six weeks later. No day was ever mapped out before hand. We’d take a train to a new city, leave the station upon arrival, and see what we could get into. Some cities we stayed for days, others just over night. “Chance” and “Wonder” were our co-pilots. Exploration and adventure go hand in hand, add in our loose schedule and we had ourselves one amazing journey . . . .

This trip was taken by myself and Ruben Alcantara almost 5 years ago. It was put out along with an Etnies Road Trip video that came with Dig issue number 52. Because it was being burned on a hard copy, I had to use different music for the second half of the Train Trip. This was the music I originally edited it with. This played all last year on the Bicycle Film Festival Tour around the world. I’ve gotten a number of requests to put this up online. So here it is, Freaky Friday February 19th, 2010. Enjoy !” - Joe Rich/Terrible One

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I was thinking a night or two ago how I hadn't seen Charlie Don't Surf for ages, and contemplated banging it in my DVD player until I decided that I didn't really want to watch it at that particularly point purely because of how much I want to move back to Newcastle every time I see it... Anyways, here's the first couple of sections from it. The video builds up really well, so stay tuned for the last couple of sections. Most definitely worth it.

Mentioned the Berrics inspired 'text in' thing that Ride are running - I haven't watched these because I'm in a bit of a rush and really have better things to do right now, but they might be entertaining. The Berrics version usually is, mainly due to the editing of them, so I guess these might be...

I would very much like to ride the spot in the first section of this video.

Lastly, Chicken rules. Anyone who's been to a P5 jam will know this, but still - he's amazing.

Actually, that wasn't lastly - I mentioned last week (I think?) about Mutiny getting Rich Wilson to do an edit for them. Turns out that edit was of Safe Nath, who appears to not be scared of going fast, and have a good rollback and toboggan. All good!

Friday, February 12, 2010

The quest continues...

In the battle to try and find a new, proprietary media player that refuses to work on the most platforms, and also have the worst interface, another player has stepped up to take on the might of BNQT and Ride US.

Seriously, Vimeo works really, really well already. On the plus side, at least there's not a 4-hour long intro and outro ad like on Freedom or Mpora?

Speaking of Ride US, this is on their style player - Garrett Reynolds at Simpel.

Gotta go, toodle pip!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ben Lewis tribute post?

Someone had put up a couple of links to Ben Lewis videos on BikeGuide, and they were too good not to repost. Found some other stuff too.

Man alive, check out the new Partners In Crime edit over on Freedom - those spots are amazing! Pretty rad video too, but hot damn, I wanna ride Spain/Italy now! Linkage.

Don't know whether it's 'cos they've got some holes to fill in their range now, or just that 4Down have been working on this for a while, but Ben Lewis is getting a signature frame according to Ride.

20″ – 21″ TT, 13″ rear end, 75.5 HT and 69 degree ST - interesting.

Apparently Seventies have a bit of room in their warehouses after Xmas, as they've managed to build a pretty nuts looking indoor setup there. Fair bit more to that than there was last time I was there!

In some ways I was glad I missed the NCSL prem so I didn't have to watch myself ride. Unfortunately for Sean Sexton and Darryl Tocco, this video got made. I guess on the flipside, they're actually amazingly good so it shouldn't be quite so much of a hardship...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Monday, February 08, 2010


Fair bit of Simpel Session coverage this weekend - as you'd imagine - so here are three videos. Firstly, two vids from Ride UK of the Finals and then the Best Trick (Dan Lacey, oh my), then a quick video of Kevin Kiraly that I saw over on Defgrip. Next level...

Lastly, a quick link to a cool gallery over on Dig by Fred Murray - some rad photos in there, definitely worth a look. Well, actually, just tried looking for that gallery and it's totally disappeared? Not entirely sure why, but hey ho. There's these from the Finals, but it's not really the same...

Anyways, two Kink vids to finish up - one from Cookie and one from Darryl Tocco ft. Sean Sexton. Compare and contrast!

Friday, February 05, 2010

"That's what she said."

This is going to be a long one.

Top billing today most definitely goes to one of the best BMX photographers out there, Mr. Rob Dolecki. His new site is up now and is super good. Go check it out here and have a good nose around, plenty of awesome content!

In other creative type stuff, Mutiny have re-posted Rich Wilson's Media Apprentice video, with a cryptic 'Expect more soon' kinda thing. Should be interesting to see what that's all about, but in the mean time, an awesome video:

New video from RideTheSky that's worth a watch:

Dig have a bike-check with "So hot back then" Erik Elstran - click here to see a not-your-average bike check.

S&M have both a new website and a new webvideo:

Very much unrelated, apart from the it has the name 'moon' in the title, but the sequel to the absolutely awesome Lotek Mixtape is out later this year, according to their site. Can't wait for that, big guns!

It was pretty big news a while back, but Brad Simms has an interview out with some cool photos of rad (and sorta un-pulled stuff) trickery that talks a bit about his dropping from the Snafu team. Go to Ride US to check that out.

Last but not least, here's a Howies web-video for you to feast your eyes on.

...and with that, I'm gonna eat some soup, shoot some pool, then take some photos of shiny coloured aluminium stuff.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Man, the flat-out best part of this video is seeing Chris McArdle in "On a trip" mode. So good. Edit by Phelan featuring loads of different riders.

I heard the music on this video described as "Porn music", which seems like a kinda weird - if accurate - description. Anyways, Vans riders at Vans:

(Mpora ads need to get out of my life)

Very much lastly, a little edit from Matty Long:

Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Oh, and Albert Mercado has what seems like his millionth web edit over the past few weeks up:

There's also a bunch of "Odd Couple" videos on TheComeUp, but most of them seemed so bad I can't really be bothered Ctrl C + Ctrl V'ing those embed codes. As a result, here's the winner's edit and you can work out the rest from there I suppose. Should probably re-iterate that if you want to watch MTBers not really ride that well, then it's an edit series you may enjoy. If you don't, you won't.

I think I posted this video, but I can barely remember what I did 2 days ago let alone 2 months ago - regardless, here's both parts of a Profile trip. It contains Mulville which, on it's own, makes them worth a watch, but there's some good stuff to be seen so just click play...

In other news, RideUK have a new 'TXT' feature that I've never seen before.

Ying and yang?

Well, bit of ying and yang for you - first up, grind-heavy edit with the now freecoasterless (I'm assuming from the backpedalling?) Jake Seeley, then a park-heavy edit with Anthony Watkinson at Rampworx:

Wwwin some shoes?

Monday, February 01, 2010

90's pop culture reference imminent

This is a bit Del Amitri, but now it's dropped on Streetphire it's officialy official - Carlos has got all-round rad dude and awesome rider Niki Croft to join the might Pijin shop team. Trooper. Here's a photo of a redonkulous wallride to flat taken by Lloyd Wright too:

In related Niki, Lloyd and Seventies news, a raw-footage edit of some of the out-takes of the catalogue shoots. Notice at around 0:50 when H takes a photo of Niki no handering, his shutter sounds exactly like someone standing on a twig...

Ricky Adam = Winner

No joke. From Dig*.

*And Defgrip.


Man, nothing has really happened in the BMX world. Ben Green is now TM for Coalition, but that doesn't really change much and... well... aside from the start of this sentence doesn't really constitute 'content'. Drew Bezanson has an edit up, but after re-watching the WTP "Partners In Crime" part it's just... I don't know, not the same I guess.

While we're talking indoor parks, because they often do rad stuff, I decided to watch Profile's park edit with Jeff Klugiewicz and Grant Castelluzo. It's a lot better than nothing:

I've posted these up before, and here's the latest - the newest Photobook from James D. Wade, which I saw over on Defgrip originally.

Next up, an edit from Focalpoint of Jase Bannan that features a lot of weather I'd be pretty into right now. This weekend was blue skies and sunny, but when it's sub-zero it's still got a fair way to go...

One word: Mute.

One letter, one symbol and one number: T-1.