Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Speaking of...

Speaking of the whole 'light bikes' thing, "Impurity Bikes" have taken the mantle for "The scariest stem I've ever seen":

"Designed to be the lightest BMX stem out there at 180g"

I'd just like you, the reader, to take the time to check out the video of Shaun Hadlington taking one for the team. Now, although that's the front end entirely coming off, it's a fairly accurate representation of what would happen if you snapped a stem. That classic no time to think, "Oh dear" style of crash where one minute you're fine and the next you're really not.

I really hope this whole thing is a massive joke - the way they've done the descriptions on their site would suggest it is, but there is a lot of work going into this hoax if it is one. Riding videos, team bios ("Favourite trick: Footjam whips and barspins"), product shots, etc. I still sincerely hope it is a joke though.

Go here to check out all their products (Including a 3.9lb steel frame. No mention of butted tubing. Frightening.). I hoped with UKBikeCo seemingly not being around any more (if rumours are to be believed) we could achieve some sort of equilibrium with companies where product quality and strength became integral to design, but apparently that's still not on the cards.

Russ, I hope you're reading this somewhere...

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KT Waits said...

That Shaun Hadlington video is rough, rough, rough. Ouch.