Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Down at Exi yesterday, Dino was talking about a guy called Fathead, who apparently also won a pair of Lotek shoes at the last P5 jam up in Newcastle. I hadn't really heard of him before, but upon checking out Streetphire, I noticed Tom Kirkby had switched out the no longer working RTRBTN "Hitler" video for this new edit by Cleggy. It's rad, watch it!

No meat = bad back!

John put up some pics of the new WTP completes last week, but apparently they were a little premature. To set the record straight, Klaus over in Cologne has popped up a flipbook with more photos and plenty of details about the new line. Seriously dialled bikes, and I don't use that horrendously over-used word lightly. Click it to view full-screen, which is obviously recommended unless you're a Borrower or something.

I'd happily ride pretty much any one of the top end ones. Gone are the days of rubbish 1 piece cranks and 44t sprockets on all the completes around!

Dig have put up an edit of the NASS weekend by Sam Barrow. Click the NASS tag down below to scope out other edits from the weekend.

Dig had also put up this video of DK doing a Euro trip. Wasn't really that into the video, but Kachinsky footage is Kachinsky footage.

ESPN had posted up this 'exclusive' video of Kirk Shearer. First spotted Kirk's riding on TheComeUpBoard trying to twist El Toro. "Status set", apparently? Anyways, this edit's pretty fun, although after the "NAVY!" pre-roll ad, all I could think about was the Family Guy Navy song...

Random bit of other info - Kink's newest conquer-all rider Lloyd has now learnt flairs, meaning he's pretty much there on his quest to become one with Sean Sexitime. No idea if this'll work, but check the HD video here. Take it to the streets next!

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